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Don Siegel
producer. His name variously appeared in the credits of his films as both Don Siegel and Donald Siegel. He is best known for the original sci-fi film Invasion
May 2nd 2017

Bugsy Siegel
Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel (February 28, 1906 – June 20, 1947) was a Jewish American mobster. Siegel was known as one of the most "infamous and feared gangsters
May 1st 2017

The Siegel–Schwall Reunion Concert
The-Siegel The SiegelSchwall Reunion Concert is an album by the SiegelSchwall Band. It was recorded live in 1987, and released by Alligator Records in 1988. The
Nov 1st 2016

Sol C. Siegel
Sol C. Siegel (March 30, 1903 in New York CityDecember 29, 1982 in Los Angeles) was an American reporter and film producer. Sol C. Siegel was born on
Feb 26th 2017

Say Siegel–Schwall
Siegel Say SiegelSchwall is an album by the blues-rock group the SiegelSchwall Band. Their second album, it was released in 1967 by Vanguard Records as a vinyl
Oct 18th 2015

Siegel–Schwall '70
SiegelSchwall '70 is an album by the blues-rock group the SiegelSchwall Band. Released in 1970, it was their fourth album, and their last one for Vanguard
Jan 17th 2015

Edge of Eternity (film)
Edge of Eternity is a 1959 CinemaScope Eastman color film directed by Don Siegel shot on location in the Grand Canyon. The film begins with an attempted
Jan 3rd 2017

Ralph Siegel
Ralph Siegel (born 30 September 1945 in Munich) is a German record producer and songwriter. He is married to the opera singer Kriemhild Jahn. He has three
May 15th 2017

Jeremy Siegel
Jeremy James Siegel (born November 14, 1945) is the Russell E. Palmer Professor of Finance at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia
Jul 3rd 2016

Seth M. Siegel
Seth Mitchell Siegel (born December 14, 1953) is an American businessman, activist and writer. He co-founded numerous companies, including Beanstalk, Sixpoint
Mar 14th 2017

Leah Siegel
Siegel Leah Siegel, is an American musician, singer, songwriter. She is the daughter of NPR broadcaster Siegel Robert Siegel and Siegel Jane Siegel. Siegel wrote a song for
Apr 6th 2017

Norman Siegel
Norman Siegel (born 1943) was the director of the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU), New York's leading civil rights organization, under the umbrella
Feb 27th 2017

R.I.P. Siegel/Schwall
R.I.P. Siegel/Schwall is an album by the blues-rock group the SiegelSchwall Band. It was recorded at Paragon Recording Studios in Chicago. It was released
Dec 20th 2016

Don Juan Pond
Don Juan Pond, also called Don Juan, is a small and very shallow hypersaline lake in the west end of Wright Valley (South Fork), Victoria Land, Antarctica
May 15th 2017

Jackie Siegel
Jacqueline "Jackie" Siegel (nee Mallery; born January 19, 1966) is an American socialite, model, actress, beauty pageant director and computer engineer
May 21st 2017

Riley family
This article is about a fictional family. For surname disambiguation, see Riley (surname). For related performers, see List of One Life to Live characters
Feb 22nd 2017

Cohen crime family
The Cohen crime family, or the Siegel crime syndicate, was an Italian-American Mafia / Jewish Mafia crime family created by New York Jewish American mobster
Apr 2nd 2017

Adam Siegel
Adam Siegel (born March 9, 1969) is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, bassist, producer, actor and graphic designer (he has provided artwork and
Apr 6th 2017

Ethan Siegel
Ethan R. Siegel (August 3, 1978, Bronx) is an American theoretical astrophysicist and science writer, who studies Big Bang theory. He is a professor at
Apr 13th 2017

No Time for Flowers
No Time for Flowers is a 1952 film directed by Don Siegel. A young girl's loyalty to the Communist Party is tested in Prague when she falls in love with
Feb 26th 2017

Kristoffer Tabori
Tabori was born in Malibu, California, the son of American film director Don Siegel and Swedish-American actress Viveca Lindfors. He appeared in one of his
May 10th 2017

Let It Roll (Don Johnson album)
Let It Roll is an album released in 1989 by Don Johnson on the Epic/CBS Records label. Barbra Streisand contributed background vocals on "What If It Takes
Apr 16th 2017

Don Devlin
Don Devlin (February 26, 1930 – December 11, 2000), born Donald R. Siegel, was an actor and screenwriter-producer, originally from The Bronx borough of
Oct 9th 2016

(disambiguation). Madigan is a 1968 American dramatic thriller film directed by Don Siegel and starring Richard Widmark and Henry Fonda. The screenplay—originally
Feb 22nd 2017

Don't Go Near the Water (novel)
Don't Go Near the Water is a 1956 novel by William Brinkley. The book parodies aspects of the wartime Navy United States Navy, particularly Navy public relations
Aug 20th 2016

Jules Siegel
Jules Siegel (October 21, 1935 – November 17, 2012) was a writer and graphic designer whose work has appeared over the years in Playboy, Best American
Feb 14th 2016

An Annapolis Story
and Gold and Navy Air Patrol) is a 1955 AmericanAmerican drama film directed by Don Siegel and starring John Derek, Diana Lynn and Kevin McCarthy.A product of the
Oct 11th 2016

Escape from Alcatraz (film)
Escape from Alcatraz is a 1979 American prison thriller film directed by Don Siegel. It is an adaptation of the 1963 non-fiction book of the same name by
May 21st 2017

Jinxed! (1982 film)
comedy film starring Bette Midler, Rip Torn and Ken Wahl. Directed by Don Siegel, the veteran filmmaker would suffer a heart attack during the troubled
Feb 6th 2017

Coogan's Bluff (film)
Coogan's Bluff is a 1968 American action film directed by Don Siegel, and starring Clint Eastwood, Lee J. Cobb, Don Stroud and Susan Clark. The film marks
Apr 20th 2017

Charley Varrick
Independents and Kill Charley Varrick) is a 1973 crime film directed by Don Siegel and starring Walter Matthau, Andrew Robinson, Joe Don Baker and John Vernon
May 17th 2017

Hound-Dog Man
Hound-Dog Man is a 1959 film directed by Don Siegel, based on the 1947 novel by Fred Gipson. In 1912, Clint McKinney and his younger brother Spud talk
May 8th 2017

Don Brown (voice actor)
For other people named DonaldDonald-BrownDonaldDonald-BrownDonaldDonald Brown, see DonaldDonald-BrownDonaldDonald-BrownDonaldDonald Brown (disambiguation). DonaldDonald "Don" Brown, also known as Tony Valdez, is a Canadian voice actor who works
Jan 22nd 2017

Count the Hours
Count the Hours is a 1953 crime film noir directed by Don Siegel, featuring Macdonald Carey, Teresa Wright, John Craven and Jack Elam. The bodies of
Jan 31st 2017

Riot in Cell Block 11
Riot in Cell Block 11 is a 1954 film noir crime film directed by Don Siegel and starring Neville Brand, Emile Meyer, Frank Faylen, Leo Gordon and Robert
Feb 11th 2017

Don't Go Near the Water (film)
Don't Go Near the Water is a 1957 comedy film about a U.S. Navy public relations unit stationed on an island in the Pacific Ocean during World War II.
Jan 24th 2016

Invasion of the Body Snatchers
in the film noir style. It was produced by Walter Wanger, directed by Don Siegel, and stars Kevin McCarthy and Dana Wynter. Daniel Mainwaring adapted the
Apr 12th 2017

The Beguiled (1971 film)
The-BeguiledThe Beguiled is a 1971 American drama film directed by Don Siegel, starring Clint Eastwood and Geraldine Page. The script was written by Albert Maltz and
May 21st 2017

Star in the Night
Star in the Night is a 1945 American short drama film directed by Don Siegel. The film was Siegel's directorial debut, and won an Academy Award in 1946
Feb 13th 2017

Sleepy Hollow (album)
Sleepy Hollow is an album by the SiegelSchwall Band. Their second album on the Wooden Nickel Records label, and their sixth album overall, it was recorded
Oct 13th 2016

The Gun Runners
Gun Runners. The Gun Runners is a 1958 film noir crime film directed by Don Siegel, is the third adaptation of Ernest Hemingway's novel Have To Have and Have
Apr 21st 2017

China Venture
China Venture is a 1953 film directed by Don Siegel. The plot concerns an American patrol sent into South China during World War II to rescue an important
Nov 7th 2016

Telefon (film)
Telefon is a 1977 spy film directed by Don Siegel and starring Charles Bronson, Donald Pleasence and Lee Remick. It was based on a 1975 novel about mind
Mar 27th 2017

Live: The Last Summer
Live: The Last Summer is an album by the blues-rock group the SiegelSchwall Band. Their ninth album, it was recorded live in the summer of 1973 at the
Oct 19th 2012

Hitler Lives
Hitler Lives?) is a 1945 American short documentary film directed by Don Siegel, who was uncredited. The film won an Academy-AwardAcademy Award at the 18th Academy
Feb 8th 2017

Two Mules for Sister Sara
intervention in Mexico. The film was released in 1970 and directed by Don Siegel. It was to have been the first in a five-year exclusive association between
Apr 20th 2017

The Offbeat of Avenues
The Offbeat Of Avenues was the twelfth album released by The Manhattan Transfer on August 13, 1991, on the Columbia Records label. This album is the first
Mar 12th 2017

Superboy (Kal-El)
Superboy is a fictional superhero that appears in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by Jerry Siegel and Don Cameron
Apr 13th 2017

The Big Steal
the Past stars Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer. The film was directed by Don Siegel, based on the short story "The Road to Carmichael's" by Richard Wormser
Apr 15th 2017

Night Unto Night
Night Unto Night is a 1949 Film Noir drama film directed by Don Siegel and written by Kathryn Scola. It is based on the 1944 novel by Philip Wylie. The
Mar 2nd 2017

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