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Downtown music
Academy of Music has also shown a predilection for composers from the Downtown scene. Downtown music is not distinguished by any particular principle, but
Apr 7th 2017

Scene (from Greek σκηνή skēnḗ) may refer to: Scene (drama), an element of a larger fictional work such as a play Scene (filmmaking), a part of action
Apr 20th 2017

(SCENE) Metrospace
Coordinates: 42°43′55″N 84°28′56″W / 42.731981°N 84.482153°W / 42.731981; -84.482153 (Scene) Metrospace is an alternative arts space located in downtown
Dec 16th 2016

Downtown Los Angeles
Downtown Los Angeles is the central business district of Los Angeles, California, as well as a diverse residential neighborhood of some 58,000 people.
Apr 27th 2017

Downtown Las Vegas
Downtown Las Vegas (commonly abbreviated as DTLV) is the central business district and historic center of Las Vegas, Nevada. It is the original townsite
Apr 25th 2017

Downtown Phoenix
Phoenix Downtown Phoenix is the central business district (CBD) of the City of Phoenix, Arizona, United States. It is located in the heart of the Phoenix metropolitan
May 23rd 2017

Los Angeles Downtown News
Downtown News Publisher Looking for Buyer", Los Angeles Business Journal, September 30, 2016. Official site Downtown Marketplace Downtown LA Scene
Sep 30th 2016

Downtown San Diego
Downtown San Diego, also referred to as Centre City, is the city center of San Diego, California, the eighth largest city in the United States. In 2010
May 6th 2017

Downtown Houston
Downtown Houston is Houston's central business district, containing the headquarters of many prominent companies. There is an extensive network of pedestrian
Mar 22nd 2017

Downtown Berkeley station
Berkeley Downtown Berkeley is a Bay Area Rapid Transit station located in Berkeley, California, United States, one of three stations in Berkeley along with Ashby
Apr 30th 2017

Downtown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Downtown Harrisburg, is the central core business and government center which surrounds the focal point of Market Square, and serves as the regional center
May 22nd 2017

Nashville Scene
Nashville-SceneNashville Scene is an alternative newsweekly in Nashville, Tennessee. It was founded in 1989, became a part of Village Voice Media in 1999, and later joined
May 18th 2017

Downtown Omaha
Omaha Downtown Omaha is the central business, government and social core of the Omaha-Council Bluffs metropolitan area, and is located in Omaha, Nebraska. The
Jan 31st 2017

Downtown Eastside
The-Downtown-EastsideThe Downtown Eastside (DTES) is a neighbourhood in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The area, one of the city's oldest, is notorious for its open-air
May 17th 2017

Downtown Bakersfield
Downtown is the central business district for Bakersfield, California. Located in the heart of the city, Downtown Bakersfield is easily accessible from
Mar 16th 2017

Downtown Cleveland
Cleveland Downtown Cleveland is the central business district of the City of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, United States. It is the economic and symbolic center
Apr 18th 2017

Downtown Atlanta
Downtown-Atlanta Downtown Atlanta is the central business district of Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The largest of the city's three commercial districts, Downtown is
May 17th 2017

Downtown Presbyterian Church (Nashville)
The-Downtown-Presbyterian-ChurchThe Downtown Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee, a part of the Presbyterian Church (USA), was formerly known as First Presbyterian Church. The
Mar 19th 2017

Nativity scene
A nativity scene (also known as a manger scene, crib, creche (/krɛʃ/or /kreɪʃ/, or in Italian presepio or presepe) is the special exhibition, particularly
Mar 21st 2017

Downtown Orlando
Orlando Downtown Orlando is the historic core and central business district of Orlando, Florida, United States. It is bordered by Marks Street in the north, Mills
Mar 5th 2017

Downtown Stamford
Stamford Downtown Stamford is the central business district of the city of Stamford, Connecticut, United States. Also known as "Stamford Downtown." It is an economically
Feb 7th 2017

Downtown (film)
Downtown is a 1990 American police action comedy film directed by Richard Benjamin. Police Officer Alex Kearney (Edwards) is a patrolman in Bryn Mawr
Mar 15th 2017

Downtown Santa Ana Historic Districts
Historic-Districts">The Downtown Santa Ana Historic Districts is a combination of local historic districts that have been listed as one entry in the National Register of Historic
Nov 25th 2016

St. Paul Downtown Airport
St. Paul Downtown Airport (IATA: STPICAO: KSTPFAA LID: STP), also known as Holman Field, is an airport just across the Mississippi River from downtown
Mar 21st 2017

Bay Area Improv Scene
improvisational approach. This scene is comparable to the New York Downtown Scene (which is most often associated with John Zorn) and historically both
Mar 5th 2017

Indie music scene
An independent music scene is a localized independent music-oriented (or, more specifically, indie rock/indie pop-oriented) community of bands and their
May 25th 2017

Street Scene (San Diego music festival)
Street Scene was a music festival that was held each summer in San Diego, California from 1984 to 2009. Street Scene was one of America's largest annual
Oct 10th 2016

Downtown El Paso
Downtown El Paso is the central business district of El Paso, Texas. Dr. James Day, an El Paso historian, said that downtown's main business area
May 10th 2017

Downtown Hayward
Coordinates: 37°40′24.66″N 122°4′52.72″W / 37.6735167°N 122.0813111°W / 37.6735167; -122.0813111 Downtown Hayward is the original and current central
Dec 16th 2016

Downtown Triangle (Jerusalem)
The Downtown Triangle (Hebrew: המשולש‎‎, Ha-Meshulash, lit. "The Triangle") is a central commercial and entertainment district in Jerusalem, Israel. Measuring
Mar 23rd 2017

Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival D-CAF
مهرجان وسط البلد للفنون المعاصرة- Downtown-Contemporary-Arts-FestivalDowntown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF) is currently Cairo’s only and largest international multi-disciplinary contemporary
Apr 11th 2017

Lower Manhattan
Manhattan Lower Manhattan, also known as Manhattan Downtown Manhattan, is the southernmost part of Manhattan, the central borough for business, culture, and government in
May 10th 2017

Jacobs Pavilion
Jacobs Pavilion (originally Nautica Stage, later Scene Pavilion, The Plain Dealer Pavilion and Nautica Pavilion) is an open-air amphitheater located on
Oct 9th 2016

Carlo McCormick
Scene, 1974–1984", Princeton University Press, 2006 Grace Glueck, "The Downtown Scene", When It Was Still Dirty", New York Times, January 13, 2006 Joao Ribas
May 15th 2017

Downtown Recorders
Downtown Recorders is a recording studio in Boston, Massachusetts. Located in the city's Cyclorama building in the South End, it has been a focal point
Nov 7th 2016

Downtown (Lady Antebellum song)
"Downtown" is a song recorded by American country music group Lady Antebellum. It was released on January 22, 2013, as the first single from their fifth
Mar 16th 2017

Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!
Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! (ダウンタウンのガキの使いやあらへんで!!, Dauntaun no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!?, lit. "Downtown's This Is No Task for Kids!")
Apr 10th 2017

Disney Springs
Disney Springs (previously known as Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village in 1975, Walt Disney World Village in 1977, Disney Village Marketplace in 1989, and
Apr 19th 2017

Downtown Charles Town Historic District
The-Downtown-Charles-Town-Historic-DistrictThe Downtown Charles Town Historic District comprises the commercial center of Charles Town, West Virginia. The district centers on Washington Street and
Nov 26th 2016

House of Downtown
House of Downtown were a New Zealand-based electronic music act consisting of DJs / producers Christiaan Ercolano and Emerson Todd, active between 1999
Mar 27th 2017

Downtown 81
Downtown 81 (a.k.a. New York Beat Movie) is a film that was shot in 1980-1981 and released in 2000. The film, directed by Edo Bertoglio and written and
May 24th 2017

18b The Las Vegas Arts District
The-Las-Vegas-Arts-DistrictThe Las Vegas Arts District, or the 18b in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada was created in 1998 as an 18 block zone set aside to encourage art and artists. The
Apr 24th 2017

S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival
S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival (sometimes shortened to SCENE Fest) is a music festival founded by Chris "Cashmere" Wojtowicz, singer/songwriter of Revenge Of
Feb 23rd 2017

No wave
Lawrence, Tim (2009). Hold On to Your Dreams: Arthur Russell and the Downtown Music Scene, 1973–1992. Duke University Press. p. 344. ISBN 0-8223-9085-X
Apr 25th 2017

Pearl Street Mall
The-Pearl-Street-MallThe Pearl Street Mall (also referred to as Pearl Street, or Boulder Downtown Boulder) is a four block pedestrian mall in Boulder, Colorado. The pedestrian area
Dec 16th 2016

New York Film Festival Downtown
New York Film Festival Downtown was a New York based film festival founded by Tessa Hughes-Freeland and Ela Troyano in 1984. Known for its independent
Aug 17th 2016

Pittsburgh City-County Building
Pittsburgh-City The Pittsburgh City-County Building is the seat of government for the City of Pittsburgh and houses both Pittsburgh and Allegheny County offices. It is
Apr 10th 2017

Music of Alaska
"Make-a-Scene!" redirects here. For the 2011 fourth studio album of Sophie Ellis-Bextor, see Make a Scene. The music of Alaska is a broad artistic field
Apr 13th 2017

Music of Athens, Georgia
The music of Athens, Georgia, includes a wide variety of popular music and was an important part of the early evolution of alternative rock and new wave
May 20th 2017

Plaza Hotel & Casino
The Plaza Hotel & Casino is a casino–hotel located in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada owned by the Tamares Group, and PlayLV is the leaseholder and operator
Apr 12th 2017

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