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Edward Higgins White
White was born on November 14, 1930, in San-AntonioSan Antonio, Texas, to parents Edward H. White, SrSr. (1901–1978), who became a major general in the U.S. Air Force
Apr 8th 2017

Edward H. Sussenguth
Edward-HEdward H. (Ed) Sussenguth Jr. (October 10, 1932 – November 22, 2015) was an American engineer and former IBM employee, known best for his work on IBM Systems
Nov 14th 2016

Edward H. Griffith
Edward-HEdward-HEdward H. Griffith (August 23, 1888 – March 3, 1975) (Also Known As: E H Griffith, Lieut. Edward-HEdward-HEdward H. Griffith, Edward Griffith, E. H. Griffith) was an American
Feb 22nd 2017

Edward H. Schafer
interactions with new cultures and regions during the Tang dynasty. Edward H. Schafer was born on 23 August 1913 in Seattle, Washington. After completing
Feb 20th 2017

Edward Henry Palmer
Edward-Henry-PalmerEdward Henry Palmer (7 August 1840August 1882) — known as E.H. Palmer — was an English orientalist and explorer. Palmer was born in Green Street
Apr 17th 2017

USS Edward H. Allen (DE-531)
US-Edward-HUS Edward H. Allen (DE-531) was a John C. Butler-class destroyer escort acquired by the U.S. Navy during World War II. The primary purpose of the destroyer
Oct 8th 2016

Edward H. Tarrant
Edward H. Tarrant (1799 – August 1858), for whom Tarrant County was named, served the Republic of Texas and the State of Texas by fighting hostile Indians
Oct 12th 2016

Edward H. Milligan
for Edward H. Milligan, edited by David Blamires, Jeremy Greenwood and Alex-KerrAlex Kerr (1985). This includes: "A bibliography of the writings of Edward H Milligan
Feb 10th 2017

E. H. Harriman
Harriman-Dispatch-Center">Union Pacific Harriman Dispatch Center in Omaha, Nebraska is named for Edward H. Harriman. Harriman Glacier in Alaska's Chugach National Forest, located
Feb 7th 2017

Edward H. Gillette
(Xlibris Corporation, 2011), pp. 63-64. Edward H. Gillette at Find a Grave United States Congress. "Edward H. Gillette (id: G000203)". Biographical Directory
Jan 27th 2017

Edward H. Funston
States Congress. "Edward H. Funston (id: F000429)". Biographical Directory of the United States CongressRetrieved on 2008-10-10 Edward H. Funston at Find
Mar 8th 2017

Edward Harrison Taylor
and George R. Pisani. Taylor, Edward H.; Leonard, A. Byron; Smith, Hobart M.; Pisani, George R. (1975). "Edward H. Taylor: Recollections of an Herpetologist"
Mar 26th 2017

Edward Henry Durell
4 April 2013. Durell, Edward H, United States. Rules, orders and regulations in bankruptcy : adopted by the Hon. Edward H. Durell, Judge of the District
Feb 24th 2017

Edward VII
For other uses, see Edward VII (disambiguation). Edward VII (Albert Edward; 9 November 1841 – 6 May 1910) was King of the United Kingdom and the British
Apr 25th 2017

Edward Linfoot
Edward Hubert Linfoot was a British mathematician, primarily known for his work on optics, but also noted for his work in pure mathematics. Edward Linfoot
Apr 23rd 2017

Edward Chamberlin
<https://racef.es/es/academicos/correspondiente-extranjero/ilmo-sr-prof-edward-h-chamberlin> Brue, Stanley L.; Randy R. Grant (2008). The evolution of
Mar 24th 2017

Edward H. Krebs (Pennsylvania politician)
article is about Pennsylvania politician. For photographer, see Krebs Ed Krebs. Edward H. Krebs is a former Republican member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Nov 11th 2016

Edward H. Kruse
Edward H. Kruse (October 22, 1918 – January 4, 2000) was a U.S. Representative from Indiana. Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Kruse attended South Side High
Feb 26th 2017

Edward H. Levi
his appointment as Attorney General with a ceremony and creation of the Edward H. Levi Award for Outstanding Professionalism and Exemplary Integrity. The
Feb 28th 2017

Edward H. Rollins
Congress. "Edward H. Rollins (id: R000411)". Biographical Directory of the United States CongressRetrieved on 2009-03-18 Biography portal "Edward H. Rollins"
Nov 21st 2016

Edward Balliol
Edward Balliol (c. 1283 – 1367) was a claimant to the Scottish throne (1314–1356). With English help, he briefly ruled parts of the country in three periods
Feb 7th 2017

Augustus Edward Hough Love
Augustus-Edward-Hough-Love-FRSAugustus Edward Hough Love FRS (17 April-1863April 1863, Weston-super-Mare – 5 June 1940, Oxford), often known as A. E. H. Love, was a mathematician famous for his
Feb 7th 2016

Edward Flannery
Edward H. Flannery (August 20, 1912 – October 19, 1998) was a priest in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence, and the author of The Anguish of the
Mar 16th 2017

Edward H. East
of Tennessee Special Collections Online. Retrieved: 17 October 2012. Edward H. East at Find a Grave William Speer, Sketches of Prominent Tennesseans
Jan 21st 2017

Edward H. Ahrens
Not to be confused with Edward H. Ahrens, Jr. (1915-2000), member of the National Academy of Sciences and a co-founder of the scholarly biochemistry publication
Mar 18th 2017

Edward Carson
Mr. Edward H. Carson (as he then was) addresses Parliament. From Vanity Fair, 1893.
Apr 20th 2017

Edward H. Haskell Home for Nurses
The Edward H. Haskell Home for Nurses, also known as the New England Baptist Hospital Training School For Nurses, is an historic academic complex at 220
Apr 17th 2017

Edward Teller
The native form of this personal name is Teller-EdeTeller Ede. This article uses Western name order when mentioning individuals. Teller Edward Teller (Hungarian: Teller Ede;
Apr 14th 2017

Court of Appeal of Prince Edward Island
The Court of Appeal of Prince Edward Island (also known as the Prince Edward Island Court of Appeal, and as PECA in legal abbreviation) is the appellate
Dec 23rd 2015

Edward H. Smith (politician)
States Congress. "Edward H. Smith (id: S000529)". Biographical Directory of the United States CongressRetrieved on 2009-04-11 Edward H. Smith at Find
Aug 1st 2016

Edward H. Simpson
Edward Hugh Simpson CB (born 10 December 1922) is a retired British civil servant and former statistician best known for describing Simpson's paradox along
Mar 1st 2016

Edward H. Kim
Edward H. Kim is an American markets analyst. He has held executive and senior advisory positions with companies including Prudential Securities, PurchasePro
Apr 28th 2016

Edward H. Deets
Edward H. "Ned" Deets-IIIDeets III is a Rear Admiral (upper half) in the United States Navy. A cryptology and information warfare specialist, Deets is the senior
Mar 3rd 2016

Edward H. Bennett
gifts and bequests from his architect son, Edward H. Bennett, Jr., over the following two decades. The Edward H. Bennett Collection is currently held by
Oct 17th 2016

Edward VIII
Edward VIII (Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David; 23 June 1894 – 28 May 1972) was King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British
Apr 26th 2017

Edward H. Jenison
Paris, Illinois. "Edward H. Jenison". Chicago Tribune. 1996-06-28. Retrieved 2011-10-22.  United States Congress. "Edward H. Jenison (id: J000080)"
Feb 18th 2017

E. H. D. Sewell
married Violetta Anna Burn in Singapore May 1860, they had seven sons. Edward H D was the youngest son, born in Lingsugur, India, where his father served
Apr 27th 2017

E. H. Sothern
Zenda' New Film Version To Be Made", The Times, January 16, 1952, p. 7 "Edward H. Sothern-MarriedSothern Married; Virginia Harned Is Mrs. SothernCeremony in Philadelphia"
Feb 7th 2017

Edward Norton
This article is about the actor. For the television fictional character, see Ed Norton (Honeymooners). For other uses, see Edward Norton (disambiguation)
Apr 17th 2017

Edward Henry Strobel
advisers" who shared roles in the affairs of this small Asian country.  "EDWARD H. STROBEL DEAD.; Had Been General Adviser of the Government of Siam Since
Feb 15th 2017

Edward H. Plummer
Language Institute's Foreign Language Center Archives. Edward H. Plummer at Find a Grave "Gen. Edward H. Plummer, Veteran of Spanish-American and World Wars
Feb 7th 2017

Edward Tarr
Penguin-DictionaryPenguin Dictionary of Musical Performers. Penguin, 1990. OLoughlin, NiallTarr, Edward H(ankins) in Oxford Music Online. Edward H. Tarr official site
Mar 22nd 2017

Edward H. Plumb
"Plumb Ed Plumb - IMDB".  Biography portal "Edward H. Plumb". Find a Grave. Retrieved September 3, 2010.  Edward H. Plumb at the Internet Movie Database
Aug 3rd 2016

Edward Tilley
Edward Tilley (c.1588-c. winter of 1620/1621) traveled in 1620 on the historic voyage of the ship Mayflower as a Separatist member of the Leiden, Holland
Jun 17th 2016

Edward II of England
"Edward-IIEdward-IIEdward-IIEdward II" redirects here. For other uses, see Edward-IIEdward-IIEdward-IIEdward II (disambiguation). Edward-IIEdward-IIEdward-IIEdward II (25 April 1284 – 21 September 1327), also called Edward of Caernarfon
Apr 25th 2017

Edward H. Cooper
(2011). Faculty Biography - Edward H. Cooper. University of Michigan Law School. Sheila Pursglove, Profile in Brief: Edward H. Cooper, Civil Society, Legal
Oct 9th 2016

Edward Thompson
Edward Thompson may refer to: Edward Thompson (of Sheriff Hutton) (c. 1639–1701), English landowner and politician Edward Thompson (1697–1742), British
Jan 19th 2016

Edward III of England
"Edward-IIIEdward III" and "Edward of Windsor" redirect here. For other uses, see Edward-IIIEdward III (disambiguation) and Edward Windsor (disambiguation). Edward-IIIEdward III (13
Apr 4th 2017

J. E. H. MacDonald
James-Edward-Hervey-MacDonaldJames Edward Hervey MacDonald (May 12, 1873 – November 26, 1932), known as J. E. H. MacDonald, was a Canadian artist and one of the founders of the Group
Mar 8th 2017

Edward Harrison Compton
Compton Edward Harrison Compton (11 October 1881 – 6 March 1960) was a German landscape painter and illustrator of English descent. Compton was born in Feldafing
Apr 3rd 2017

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