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Elizabeth Blount
Elizabeth Blount (c. 1498/c. 1500/c. 1502 – 1539/1540), commonly known during her lifetime as Bessie Blount, was a mistress of Henry VIII of England.
Mar 10th 2017

Christopher Blount
Sir Christopher Blount (1555/1556 – 18 March 1601) was an English soldier, secret agent, and rebel. He served as a leading household officer of Robert
Feb 23rd 2017

Blount baronets
January 1680 for Thomas Pope Blount (b. 1649). In the 16th century Elizabeth Blount, daughter of Sir Walter Blount of Blount Hall, Staffordshire (a descendant
Oct 27th 2016

Bessie Blount
Bessie Blount may refer to: Elizabeth Blount (c. 1498 or c. 1500 or c.  1502–1539/1540), mistress of Henry-VIIIHenry VIII of England and mother of his son, Henry
Sep 4th 2016

Charles Blount, 8th Baron Mountjoy
were as follows: Mountjoy-BlountMountjoy Blount, 1st Earl of Newport (1597–1663) Elizabeth Blount John Blount Blount died on 3 April 1606. Mountjoy left no legitimate
Mar 5th 2017

Charles Hubert Boulby Blount
Air Vice Marshal Charles Hubert Boulby Blount, CB, OBE, MC (26 October 1893 – 23 October 1940) was an English soldier, airman and first-class cricketer
Mar 4th 2017

Penelope Blount, Countess of Devonshire
Blount were: Mountjoy Blount (1597–1663), later 1st Earl of Newport Elizabeth Blount John Blount Ruth Blount Hammer, p. 22. Hammer cites M. Margetts:
Jan 23rd 2017

Walter Blount, 1st Baron Mountjoy
second son. James Blount, third son. Edward Blount. Anne-BlountAnne Blount. Elizabeth Blount. By November 1467 Mountjoy married secondly Anne (nee Neville), widow
Feb 12th 2017

Elizabeth Tailboys, 4th Baroness Tailboys of Kyme
Baroness Tailboys of Kyme (c. 1520 – c. April 1563) was the daughter of Elizabeth Blount and Gilbert Tailboys, 1st Baron Tailboys of Kyme, and the second wife
Apr 2nd 2016

Gertrude Blount, Marchioness of Exeter
Gertrude Courtenay, Marchioness of Exeter, nee Gertrude Blount (born before 1504, died 1558), was an English Marchioness, married to Henry Courtenay, 1st
Mar 9th 2017

Thomas Blount (lexicographer)
Thomas Blount (1618–1679) was an English antiquarian and lexicographer. He was the son of Myles Blount of Orleton in Herefordshire and was born at Bordesley
Jan 26th 2017

Elizabeth Clinton
Elizabeth Clinton may refer to: Elizabeth Blount, married name Elizabeth Clinton, mistress of Henry VIII, first wife of Edward Clinton, 1st Earl of Lincoln
May 26th 2009

Michael Blount
Sir Michael Blount (c. 1530–1610) was a Tudor and Jacobean royal official and politician. He was born in Mapledurham House, Oxfordshire to Sir Richard
Jun 29th 2016

Blount (surname)
publishing partner for the First Folio of the works of Shakespeare Elizabeth Blount (1502–1540), mistress of Henry VIII and the mother of his illegitimate
Jan 24th 2017

Elizabeth Tailboys
Elizabeth Tailboys may refer to: Elizabeth Blount, married name Elizabeth Tailboys, Henry VIII's mistress Elizabeth Tailboys, 4th Baroness Tailboys of
Dec 24th 2015

John Blount (died 1531)
John Blount (by 1471-1531) was an English politician. He was born the eldest son of Sir Thomas Blount of Kinlet, Shropshire. He succeeded his father c
Sep 10th 2016

Elizabeth Boleyn, Countess of Wiltshire
rumour began by confusing Elizabeth with Henry's more famous mistress Elizabeth Blount, or from the growing unpopularity of the Boleyn family after 1527.
Apr 12th 2017

Elizabeth Carew
For the Norwegian singer-songwriter, see Elisabeth Carew. Elizabeth Carew nee Bryan (c. 1500 – 1546) was an English courtier and reputed mistress of King
Mar 13th 2017

William Blount, 4th Baron Mountjoy
William Blount, 4th Baron Mountjoy (c.1478 – 8 November 1534), KG, of Barton Blount, Derbyshire, was an extremely influential English courtier, scholar
Apr 25th 2017

Robert Tailboys, 3rd Baron Tailboys of Kyme
Robert Tailboys (c. 1528 - c. 26 June 1542) the younger son of Elizabeth Blount and Gilbert Tailboys, 1st Baron Tailboys of Kyme. Through his mother he
Apr 2nd 2016

Sir Walter Blount, 1st Baronet
Sir Walter Blount, 1st Baronet (1594 – 27 August 1654) was an English politician who sat in the House of Commons in 1624. He supported the Royalist cause
Feb 17th 2017

John Blount, 3rd Baron Mountjoy
John Blount, 3rd Baron Mountjoy (c. 1450 – 12 October 1485) was an English peer and soldier. John Blount was born circa 1450 in Rock, Worcestershire
Apr 28th 2016

Gilbert Tailboys, 1st Baron Tailboys of Kyme
as the eldest son born around 1497 or 1498. In 1520 when he married Elizabeth Blount he was therefore around twenty three. George Talboys was keeper of
Nov 2nd 2016

Bessie Blount Griffin
Bessie Virginia Blount (November 24, 1914 – December 30, 2009) was a physical therapist, inventor, and forensic scientist also known by her married name
Apr 6th 2017

Elizabeth I of England
"Elizabeth-IElizabeth I", "Elizabeth of England", and "Elizabeth Tudor" redirect here. For other uses, see Elizabeth-IElizabeth I (disambiguation), Elizabeth of England (disambiguation)
Apr 26th 2017

George Tailboys, 2nd Baron Tailboys of Kyme
George Tailboys (c. 1523 - c. 6 September 1540'.) was the eldest son of Elizabeth Blount and Gilbert Tailboys, 1st Baron Tailboys of Kyme. Through his mother
Oct 17th 2016

Elizabeth Punsalan
Elizabeth Punsalan or SwallowSwallow (January 9, 1971) is an American ice dancer. With her partner and husband Jerod SwallowSwallow, she is a five-time U.S. national
Feb 15th 2017

Tyttenhanger House
Tyttenhanger-HouseTyttenhanger House is a 17th-century country mansion, now converted into commercial offices, at Tyttenhanger, near St Albans, Hertfordshire. It is a Grade
Apr 7th 2017

Elizabeth Norton
Elizabeth Norton is a British historian specialising in the queens of England and the Tudor period. She obtained a Master of Arts in Archaeology and Anthropology
May 7th 2016

Elizabeth A. Mannix
Elizabeth A. Mannix is the professor of Management and Organizations at Cornell University's Johnson Graduate School of Management, and the Director of
Mar 21st 2016

Elizabeth Fiennes
Henry VIII's mistress, whose married name was Elizabeth Fiennes, see Elizabeth Blount. Elizabeth Fiennes, Lady Clinton (b. c.1455), was the only daughter
Nov 22nd 2016

Baron Mountjoy
became extinct with the death of the 3rd Earl of Newport in 1681. Elizabeth Blount, sister of the 2nd Baron Mountjoy of the 1465 creation, had married
Jan 31st 2017

Edward Howard, 9th Duke of Norfolk
Edward Howard, 9th Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal (5 June 1686 – 20 September 1777) was a British peer and politician. He was the son of Lord Thomas Howard
Apr 2nd 2017

Elizabeth Danvers
Elizabeth Danvers nee Neville, later Elizabeth Carey by remarriage (1545/50–1630), was an English noblewoman. She was the mother of Sir Charles Danvers
Jul 29th 2016

Elizabeth R
Not to be confused with Elizabeth R: A Year in the Life of the Queen. Elizabeth R is a BBC television drama serial of six 85-minute plays starring Glenda
Apr 15th 2017

name of American silent-film and stage actress Elizabeth Barry Scale Elizabeth Blount (c. 1498 or c. 1500 or c.  1502–1539/1540), mistress of Henry VIII
Mar 29th 2017

Robert Willoughby, 2nd Baron Willoughby de Broke
Robert-WilloughbyRobert Willoughby, 2nd Baron Willoughby de Broke and de jure 10th Baron Latimer, KB (1472 – 10 November, 1521) was an English nobleman and soldier. Robert
Aug 29th 2016

Samuel Carrick
Samuel Czar Carrick (July 17, 1760 – August 17, 1809) was an American Presbyterian minister who was the first president of Blount College, the educational
May 5th 2016

Doug Overbey
Doug Overbey (born December 11, 1954) is a State Senator in Tennessee representing District 2. Senator Overbey and wife, Kay currently reside in Maryville
Feb 19th 2017

Elizabeth Keckley
Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley (sometimes spelled Keckly; February 1818 – May 1907) was a former slave who became a successful seamstress, civil activist, and
Apr 2nd 2017

Henry Tudor
Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond and Somerset, son of Henry VIII and his mistress Elizabeth Blount Henry Hugh Tudor (died 1965), British army Major General
Nov 9th 2013

Kinlet is a small village and civil parish in the south-east of the county of Shropshire, England. The parish is on the northern edge of the Wyre Forest
Apr 2nd 2017

Lincolnshire and sheriff. Brian Talboys (1921–2012), New Zealand politician Elizabeth Blount, also known as Bessie Blount, who became Baroness Tailboys on her marriage
Mar 30th 2016

Elizabeth Ashburn Duke
For other people named Elizabeth Duke, see Elizabeth Duke (disambiguation). Elizabeth Ashburn Duke (born July 23, 1952) is an American bank executive
Mar 6th 2017

Elizabeth Fremantle
Elizabeth Fremantle (born 1962) is an English novelist, whose published works include The Girl in the Glass Tower (2016) and Watch the Lady (2015). Elizabeth's
Jan 4th 2017

Charles Willoughby, 2nd Baron Willoughby of Parham
first wife, Elizabeth Blount, the eldest daughter of Sir John Blount of Kinlet, Shropshire. Before marrying the Earl of Lincoln, Elizabeth Blount had been
Sep 12th 2016

Henry FitzRoy, 1st Duke of Richmond and Somerset
1536), was the son of King Henry VIII of England and his mistress, Elizabeth Blount, and the only illegitimate offspring whom Henry VIII acknowledged.
Apr 21st 2017

Humphrey de Bohun, 7th Earl of Hereford
Humphrey de Bohun, 7th Earl of Hereford, 6th Earl of Essex, 2nd Earl of Northampton, KG (25 March 1341 – 16 January 1373) was the son of William de Bohun
Apr 2nd 2017

Lettice Knollys
Lettice Knollys (/ˈnoʊlz/ NOHLZ, sometimes latinized as Laetitia, alias Lettice Devereux or Lettice Dudley), Countess of Essex and Countess of Leicester
Apr 9th 2017

Baron Tailboys of Kyme
Tailboys, 1st Baron Tailboys of Kyme (c. 1497 – 1530), the husband of Elizabeth Blount, Henry VIII's former mistress; George Tailboys, 2nd Baron Tailboys
Aug 20th 2016

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