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Elizabeth Cavendish
Elizabeth Cavendish may refer to: Elizabeth Cavendish, later Elizabeth Stuart, Countess of Lennox Bess of Hardwick (1527–1608), Elizabethan courtier,
Mar 3rd 2013

Elizabeth Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire
Elizabeth Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire (13 May 1759 – 30 March 1824), was an English novelist and duchess. She is best known as Lady Elizabeth Foster
Mar 4th 2017

House of Cavendish
Cavendish (/ˈkavəndɪʃ/) is the surname of a British noble family, also known as the House of Cavendish. This Cavendish family has been one of the richest
Mar 12th 2017

Charlotte Cavendish, Marchioness of Hartington
Charlotte Elizabeth Cavendish, Marchioness of Hartington, 6th Baroness Clifford (nee Boyle; 27 October 1731 – 8 December 1754) was the daughter of Richard
Apr 9th 2017

Charles Cavendish, 7th Baron Chesham
Oliver Nicholas Bruce Cavendish (b. 15 February 2007) Hon. Ophelia Elizabeth Nicola Cavendish (b. 30 September 2010) Succession confirmation for 7th Baron
Apr 9th 2017

Louisa Cavendish-Bentinck
Caroline Louisa Cavendish-Bentinck (nee Burnaby; died 6 July 1918) was the maternal grandmother of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother and the great-grandmother
May 8th 2017

Jane Cavendish
2007). Wynne-Davies, Marion, ed. “JaneJane and Elizabeth Cavendish”; “JaneJane Cavendish”; and “Elizabeth Cavendish.” Women Poets of the Renaissance. London: J
Apr 29th 2017

George Cavendish, 1st Earl of Burlington
Henry Compton Cavendish (14 October 1784 – 22 January 1809) Elizabeth Dorothy Cavendish (12 June 1786 – 17 September 1786) Lady Anne Cavendish (11 November
Dec 27th 2016

Lord Richard Cavendish (1871–1946)
Lord Richard Frederick Cavendish, CB, CMG, DL, JP (31 January 1871 – 7 January 1946), known as Richard Cavendish until 1908, was a British aristocrat,
May 23rd 2017

Thomas Cavendish
Sir Thomas Cavendish (19 September 1560May 1592) was an English explorer and a privateer known as "The Navigator" because he was the first who deliberately
Apr 8th 2017

Henry Cavendish (British Army officer)
Henry-Frederick-Compton-Cavendish">General Henry Frederick Compton Cavendish (5 November 1789 – 5 April 1873) was a British Army officer, politician and courtier. He was the third son
Oct 15th 2016

James Cavendish (MP for Derby)
Chandler, no issue; his widow married secondly John Fitzwilliam Elizabeth Cavendish, married Richard Chandler in February 1722 As his only son predeceased
Feb 10th 2017

See also: Earl of Portland------CavendishPortland Cavendish-Bentinck is a surname associated with the Dukes of Portland and their descendants. Bentinck is a Dutch surname
Mar 12th 2017

Charles Cavendish-Bentinck (priest)
The Reverend Charles William Cavendish Bentinck (8 November 1817 – 17 August 1865) was a clergyman of the Church of England, holding livings in Bedfordshire
Dec 25th 2016

Elizabeth Livingston Cavendish-Bentinck
Livingston-Cavendish">Elizabeth Livingston Cavendish-Bentinck (August 12, 1855 – November 4, 1943), was an American born member of the Livingston family who married a British
May 24th 2017

William Cavendish, 1st Duke of Devonshire
Elizabeth Preston, on 26 October 1662. They had four children: Lady Elizabeth Cavendish (1670–1741), married Sir John Wentworth, 1st Baronet and had issue
Jan 20th 2017

Lady Elizabeth Cavendish
Armstrong-Jones in 1951 and although she herself never married, Elizabeth Cavendish did form a close relationship with the writer and future Poet Laureate
Feb 27th 2016

Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Margaret Lucas Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1623 – 15 December 1673) was an English aristocrat, philosopher, poet, scientist, fiction-writer
May 18th 2017

George Cavendish-Bentinck
The Right Honourable George Augustus Frederick Cavendish-Bentinck PC JP (9 July 1821 – 9 April 1891), known as George Bentinck and scored in cricket as
May 11th 2017

William Cavendish, 1st Earl of Devonshire
William Cavendish, 1st Earl of Devonshire (27 December 1552 – 3 March 1626) was an English nobleman, politician, and courtier. The second son of Sir William
Mar 5th 2017

William Cavendish-Bentinck
William Cavendish-Bentinck may refer to: Charles William Frederick Cavendish-Bentinck (1817–1865), Church of England clergyman Lord William Charles Augustus
Mar 17th 2017

William Cavendish, 1st Duke of Newcastle
Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1694. The 1st Duke's daughters included Lady Elizabeth Cavendish (c. 1627 – 14 June 1663), who married John Egerton, 2nd Earl of Bridgewater
May 6th 2017

Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire
successful pregnancy resulted in another daughter: Lady Harriet Elizabeth Cavendish, called "Harryo", who would become Countess Granville and also have
May 27th 2017

Jonathan Cavendish
Jonathan Stewart Cavendish (born 2 April 1959) is an independent film producer. He is notable for his work on Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007) and the
Apr 26th 2017

Henry Cavendish, 2nd Duke of Newcastle
d. 23 September 1695 in London) and they had six children: Lady Elizabeth Cavendish (1654–1734), known as the 'Mad Duchess', who married firstly Christopher
Feb 21st 2016

Camilla Cavendish, Baroness Cavendish of Little Venice
Hilary Camilla Cavendish, Baroness Cavendish of Little Venice (born 20 August 1968) is a British journalist and former policy adviser to David Cameron
Apr 30th 2017

Charles Cavendish, 1st Baron Chesham
Cavendish Charles Compton Cavendish, 1st Baron Chesham (28 August 1793 – 12 November 1863) was a British Liberal politician. Cavendish was the fourth son of George
Dec 28th 2016

Ferdinand Cavendish-Bentinck, 8th Duke of Portland
Ferdinand William Cavendish-Bentinck, 8th Duke of Portland KCB CMG MC (4 July 1889 – 13 December 1980) was a British peer and grandson of George Cavendish-Bentinck
Apr 3rd 2017

Lord Charles Bentinck
Lieutenant-Colonel Lord William Charles Augustus Cavendish-Bentinck (3 October 1780 – 28 April 1826), known as Lord Charles Bentinck, was a British soldier
Feb 15th 2017

William Cavendish-Bentinck, 3rd Duke of Portland
William Henry Cavendish Cavendish-Bentinck, 3rd Duke of Portland, KG, PC, FRS (14 April 1738 – 30 October 1809) was a British Whig and Tory statesman,
May 28th 2017

William Cavendish, 7th Duke of Devonshire
Duke of Devonshire (= 16)               15. Lady Elizabeth Cavendish                       31. Catherine Hoskins
Jan 28th 2017

Descent of Elizabeth II from William the Conqueror
This list shows the most senior line of descent of Elizabeth II, the current British Sovereign, from William I. Each person on the list is the son or daughter
May 25th 2017

Lord Richard Cavendish (1794–1876)
Lord Richard Cavendish (23 December 1794 – 18 March 1876) was an English nobleman, politician, Member of Parliament, and a member of the Canterbury Association
Feb 9th 2017

William Cavendish-Bentinck, 6th Duke of Portland
William John Arthur Charles James Cavendish-Bentinck, 6th Duke of Portland KG GCVO TD PC DL (28 December 1857 – 26 April 1943), known as William Cavendish-Bentinck
May 15th 2017

Lord Frederick Cavendish
Frances Ponsonby                       23. Elizabeth Cavendish               1. Frederick Cavendish      
May 22nd 2017

Ancestry of Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II, present sovereign of the Commonwealth realms, is the daughter of King George VI, the second son of King George V and Queen Mary; and
Apr 28th 2017

Deborah Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire
Deborah Vivien Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire, DCVO (born Freeman-Mitford; 31 March 1920 – 24 September 2014) was an English aristocrat, writer, memoirist
Apr 21st 2017

Lord Henry Cavendish-Bentinck
Cavendish Lord Cavendish Henry Cavendish-Bentinck (28 May 1863 – 6 October 1931), known as Cavendish Henry Cavendish-Bentinck until 1880, was a British Conservative politician. Cavendish-Bentinck
Apr 4th 2017

Peregrine Cavendish, 12th Duke of Devonshire
Peregrine Andrew Morny Cavendish, 12th Duke of Devonshire KCVO CBE DL (called "Stoker"; born 27 April 1944) is a British peer. He is the only surviving
May 5th 2017

William Cavendish (courtier)
Sir William Cavendish (c. 1505 – 25 October 1557) was an English nobleman, politician, knight, and courtier. He was MP for Thirsk in 1547. He was the
Feb 15th 2017

Victor Cavendish-Bentinck, 9th Duke of Portland
Victor Frederick William Cavendish-Bentinck, 9th Duke of Portland KCMG (18 June 1897 – 30 July 1990), known as Victor Cavendish-Bentinck until 1980, was
May 21st 2017

Elizabeth Egerton
seventeenth-century woman." Cheyne, Jane, Lady, 1621–1669 and Egerton, Elizabeth Cavendish, 1626–1663. The Concealed Fansyes: A Play by Lady Jane Cavendish
Sep 28th 2016

William George Cavendish-Bentinck
William George Cavendish-Bentinck (6 March 1854 – 22 August 1909), was a Member of Parliament for Penryn and Falmouth between 1886 and 1895, who married
May 24th 2017

Lord George Cavendish (1810–1880)
3rd Duke of Devonshire (= 16)               15. Elizabeth Cavendish                       31. Catherine Hoskins
Apr 4th 2017

Elizabeth Stuart, Countess of Lennox
Elizabeth Cavendish Stuart, Countess of Lennox (31 March 1555January 1582) was the wife of Charles Stuart, 1st Earl of Lennox. She was the mother of
May 3rd 2017

Lord Edward Cavendish
Frances Ponsonby                       23. Elizabeth Cavendish               1. Edward Cavendish        
May 21st 2017

Elizabeth Cavendish (lawyer)
Elizabeth (Betsy) Cavendish is the president of the Appleseed Foundation, a position she began in March 2007, a year after serving as interim president
Feb 6th 2016

William Cavendish, 5th Duke of Devonshire
William Cavendish, 5th Duke of Devonshire, KG (14 December 1748 – 29 July 1811), was a British nobleman, aristocrat, and politician. He was the eldest
Jan 30th 2017

Victor Cavendish, 9th Duke of Devonshire
Victor Christian William Cavendish, 9th Duke of Devonshire KG GCMG GCVO TD KStJ PC JP FRS (31 May 1868 – 6 May 1938), known as Victor Cavendish until 1908
May 19th 2017

William Cavendish-Bentinck, 7th Duke of Portland
William Arthur Henry Cavendish-Bentinck, 7th Duke of Portland KG (16 March 1893 – 21 March 1977), styled Marquess of Titchfield until 1943, was a British
Apr 3rd 2017

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