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Liz Cheney
"Elizabeth Cheney" redirects here. For the English aristocrat, see Elizabeth Cheney (1422–1473). Elizabeth Lynne "Liz" Cheney Perry /ˈtʃeɪni/ (born July
Apr 20th 2017

Elizabeth Cheney (1422–1473)
Elizabeth Cheney (April 1422 – 25 September 1473) was an English aristocrat, who, by dint of her two marriages, was the great-grandmother of Anne Boleyn
Apr 26th 2017

Lynne Cheney
They have two daughters and seven grandchildren. Their daughters are Elizabeth-CheneyElizabeth Cheney and Mary Cheney. Elizabeth, also known as Liz, was born July 28, 1966
Mar 7th 2017

Dick Cheney
the American Enterprise Institute. The couple have two children, Elizabeth "Liz" Cheney and Mary Cheney, and seven grandchildren. Liz is married to Philip
Apr 25th 2017

Mary Cheney
Daughter's Chronicle of Political Life, 2006 (ISBN 1-4165-2049-X) Elizabeth Cheney (sister) Lynne Cheney (mother) Dick Cheney (father) Maguire, Robert
Apr 27th 2017

Cheney Clow
Cheney Clow (1734–1788) was a loyalist from Delaware during the American Revolution who staged a rebellion against the colonial government that was advocating
Feb 27th 2017

Benjamin Pierce Cheney
Jr. and Charles P., and three daughters, Alice Steele, Mary and Elizabeth. Cheney was a member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society. He
Feb 29th 2016

Elliott Ward Cheney, Jr.
Elliott Ward Cheney, Jr., (1929-2016) was an American mathematician and an Emeritus Professor at The University of Texas at Austin. Known to his friends
Feb 1st 2017

Elizabeth Perry
Perry (born 1948), American scholar of Chinese politics and history Elizabeth Cheney Perry, American attorney and political commentator Elizabeth Perry
May 1st 2016

Guy W. Cheney
(1862–1921) and Elizabeth (Southwick) Cheney (died 1886). Warren Cheney was at the time a school principal in Fort Covington, and Elizabeth Cheney died a few
Feb 8th 2017

Cheney (surname)
examples and may refer to: C. R. Cheney (1906-1987), medieval historian Elizabeth Cheney, Lady Say (1422–1473), English aristocrat Thomas Cheney (c. 1485-1558)
Mar 17th 2017

Benjamin Pierce Cheney, Jr.
Benjamin Pierce Cheney, Jr. (April 8, 1866 – June 5, 1942), was an American business executive. He had extensive investments in railroad securities and
Oct 8th 2016

Thomas Cheney
For other people named Thomas Cheney, see Thomas Cheney (disambiguation). Sir Thomas Cheney (or Cheyne) KG (c. 1485 – 16 December 1558) was an
Dec 2nd 2016

Elizabeth Jane Weston
Elizabeth Jane Weston (Latin: Elisabetha Ioanna Westonia; Czech: Alzběta Johana Vestonie) (November 2, 1582 in LondonNovember 23, 1612 in Prague) was
Oct 21st 2016

Elizabeth Tilney, Countess of Surrey
Frederick Tilney, of Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk, and Boston, Lincolnshire, and Elizabeth Cheney (1422–1473) of Fen Ditton, Cambridgeshire. Sir Frederick Tilney died
Oct 8th 2016

Elizabeth I of England
Frederick Tilney               15. Elizabeth Tilney                       31. Elizabeth Cheney            
Apr 26th 2017

Mamah Borthwick
Martha "Mamah" Borthwick (June 19, 1869 – August 15, 1914) was a translator and a cultural operator primarily noted for her relationship with Frank Lloyd
Mar 3rd 2017

Elizabeth Martínez
Elizabeth "Betita" Martinez (born 1925) is a Chicana feminist and a long-time community organizer, activist, author, and educator. She has written numerous
Mar 9th 2017

Elizabeth Danvers
Elizabeth Danvers nee Neville, later Elizabeth Carey by remarriage (1545/50–1630), was an English noblewoman. She was the mother of Sir Charles Danvers
Jul 29th 2016

Elizabeth FitzHugh
Elizabeth FitzHugh (1455/65 - before 10 July 1507) was an English noblewoman. She is best known for being the grandmother of Catherine Parr, sixth queen
Apr 18th 2017

Elizabeth Dole
Mary Elizabeth Alexander Hanford "Liddy" Dole (born July 29, 1936) is an American politician who served in both the Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush
Mar 26th 2017

Eastern Washington University
Washington-University">Eastern Washington University (EWU) is a regional, comprehensive public university located in Cheney, Washington, with programs offered at campuses in
Apr 18th 2017

St. Augustine's Cathedral, Port Elizabeth
St. Augustine's Cathedral, also called the Catholic Cathedral of Port Elizabeth, is a Roman Catholic cathedral located on Prospect Hill in the city of
Feb 18th 2017

Elizabeth Boleyn, Countess of Wiltshire
      29. Catherine Pabenham               7. Elizabeth Cheney                             30. John Cockayne
Apr 12th 2017

The Circle (1925 film)
Catherine and lover Lord Porteous are coming to visit. Eleanor BoardmanElizabeth Cheney Malcolm McGregorEdward "Teddy" Lutton Alec B. FrancisLord Clive
Apr 4th 2017

In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir
written by former Vice President of the United States Dick Cheney with Elizabeth Cheney. The book was released on August 30, 2011 and outlines Cheney's version
Dec 4th 2016

Elizabeth Esty
Elizabeth Henderson Esty (born August 25, 1959) is the U.S. Representative for Connecticut's 5th congressional district, having been elected on November
Apr 20th 2017

Anna Cheney Edwards
Anna Cheney Edwards (31 July 1835 - 1930) was a 19th-century American educator from the U.S. state of Massachusetts. She served as Associate Principal
Apr 9th 2017

Archbishop of Birmingham
The Archbishop of Birmingham heads the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham in England. As such he is the Metropolitan Archbishop of the Province of
Nov 12th 2016

Elizabeth Seymour, Lady Cromwell
    30. Sir Lawrence Cheyne               15. Elizabeth Cheney                       31. Elizabeth Cokayne
Mar 3rd 2017

Frederick Tilney
Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk, and Boston, Lincolnshire, England, was the husband of Elizabeth Cheney, Lady Say and father of Elizabeth Tilney, Countess of Surrey. He is
Oct 8th 2016

One More Spring
King. In New York City, Jaret Oktar's antiques shop fails. Actress Elizabeth Cheney attends the auction of his stock, just to pass the time and sit down
Mar 2nd 2017

Bishop of Salford
The Bishop of Salford is the Ordinary of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Salford in the Province of Liverpool, England. With the gradual abolition of the
Mar 14th 2017

Apostolic Vicariate of the Northern District (England)
For other uses, see Vicar Apostolic of the Northern District. The Vicar Apostolic of the Northern District was the title given to the Bishop who, between
Nov 20th 2016

Alfred Cowles, Jr.
University, from 1888 to 1889. The following year he was married to Elizabeth Cheney of the Manchester, Connecticut Cheney family, with whom he had four
Mar 11th 2016

2000 Republican National Convention
The 2000 National Convention of the Republican Party of the United States convened at the First Union Center (now the Wells Fargo Center) in Philadelphia
Oct 10th 2016

Anne Bourchier, Baroness Dacre
maternal grandparents were Sir Frederick Tilney and Elizabeth Cheney, Lady Say. Elizabeth Cheney was the great-grandmother of Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour
Apr 27th 2016

Thomas Vaux, 2nd Baron Vaux of Harrowden
the maternal aunt of queen consort Catherine Parr, while his wife, Elizabeth Cheney, was a first cousin of the sixth and final wife of King Henry VIII
Nov 1st 2016

Philip Perry
2008 guide. Perry is married to Elizabeth Cheney, an alumna of Colorado College. They have five children. Elizabeth Cheney is the daughter of former Vice
Mar 5th 2017

John Cheyne, Baron Cheyne
John Cheyne (or Cheney), Baron Cheyne KG KB (ca. 1442 – 1499) was Master of the Horse to King Edward IV and personal bodyguard to King Henry VII of England
Mar 18th 2016

Apostolic Vicariate of the Western District (England and Wales)
For other uses, see Vicar Apostolic of the Western District. The Apostolic Vicar (or Vicar Apostolic) of the Western District was the title given to the
Nov 20th 2016

Jack (chacma baboon)
Jack (died 1890) was a chacma baboon, who attained a measure of fame for acting as an assistant to a disabled railway signalman in South Africa.
Oct 18th 2016

Betty Ford
Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Ford (nee Bloomer; April 8, 1918 – July 8, 2011) was First Lady of the United States from 1974 to 1977, as the wife of the 38th President
Apr 13th 2017

Strictly Unconventional
Strictly Unconventional is a 1930 American drama film directed by David Burton and written by Sylvia Thalberg and Frank Butler. The film stars Catherine
Nov 1st 2016

Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle
For the Saxon bishopric at Hexham, see Bishop of Hexham. The Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle is the Ordinary of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hexham and
Dec 22nd 2016

Alfred Cowles
from 1898 to 1901 and the American Radiator Company. His mother was Elizabeth Cheney (1865–1898). His parents lived at 1130 N. Lake Shore Drive in Chicago
Feb 4th 2017

Brook, Heywood
died without male progeny, leaving two daughters and co-heiresses: Elizabeth Cheney (1424–c.1492), eldest daughter, wife of Sir John Coleshill, of Duloe
Apr 12th 2017

Elizabeth Cook-Lynn
Elizabeth Cook-Lynn (born "Elizabeth Irving" in 1930 at Government Hospital) is an editor, essayist, poet, novelist, and member of the Crow Creek Sioux
Mar 19th 2017

Robert Cornthwaite (bishop)
Robert Cornthwaite (9 May 1818 – 16 June 1890) was an English prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. He was last Bishop of Beverley and the first Bishop
Nov 12th 2016

Alfred Cowles, Sr.
Alfred Cowles, Sr. (1832–1889) was an American businessperson and newspaper publisher. During the 1860s to 1880s he was bookkeeper, treasurer and business
Mar 15th 2017

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