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Elizabeth Cooke, Lady Russell
Elizabeth Russell, Lady Russell, nee Elizabeth Cooke, Elizabeth Hoby in her first marriage, (1528 – 1609) was an English noblewoman. She was an influential
Nov 6th 2016

Elisha Cooke Sr.
Not to be confused with Elisha Cooke Jr. or Elisha Cook Jr.. Elisha Cooke (September 16, 1637 – October 31, 1715) was a wealthy Massachusetts physician
Oct 8th 2016

Robert Cooke
Robert Cooke may refer to: Robert Cooke (politician) (1930–1987), British Conservative Party politician Robert Cooke (Parliamentarian) (1598–1643), English
Feb 22nd 2016

Anthony Cooke
Catherine Cooke (c. 1530 – 1583), who married Sir Henry Killigrew. Elizabeth Cooke (1527–1609), who married firstly Sir Thomas Hoby and secondly John
Jul 11th 2016

Francis Cooke
For other people named Francis Cooke, see Francis Cooke (disambiguation). Francis Cooke (c.1583 – April 7, 1663, Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay Colony)
Jan 9th 2017

Thomas Cooke (author)
Cooke Thomas Cooke (1703 – 29 December 1756), often called "Hesiod" Cooke, was a very active English translator and author who ran afoul of Alexander Pope and
Mar 22nd 2016

Alistair Cooke
For the peer, see Alistair Cooke, Baron Lexden. For the English cricketer, see Alastair Cook. Alistair Cooke KBE (20 November 1908 – 30 March 2004) was
Apr 22nd 2017

Elizabeth Kekaaniau
Elizabeth Kekaʻaniau Laʻanui Pratt, full name Elizabeth Kekaikuihala Kekaʻaniauokalani Kalaninuiohilaukapu Laʻanui Pratt (12 September 1834 – 20 December
Apr 2nd 2017

Jack Kent Cooke
Jack Kent Cooke (October 25, 1912 – April 6, 1997) was a Canadian entrepreneur and former owner of the Washington Redskins (NFL), the Los Angeles Lakers
Apr 11th 2017

Rose Terry Cooke
Rose Terry Cooke (February 17, 1827 – July 18, 1892) was an American author and poet. Rose Terry was born in West Hartford, Connecticut to Henry Wadsworth
Dec 23rd 2016

William Cooke (Provost of King's College)
William Cooke (1711–1797) was an English cleric and academic, Provost of King's College, Cambridge from 1772 and Dean of Ely from 1780. He was born in
Jan 13th 2017

Morris Llewellyn Cooke
Morris Llewellyn Cooke (May 11, 1872 – March 5, 1960) was an American engineer, best known for his work on Scientific Management and Rural Electrification
Apr 11th 2017

Joseph Platt Cooke
This article is about the Continental Congressman. For the British minister, see Joseph Cooke. Joseph Platt Cooke (January 4, 1730 – February 3, 1816)
Sep 9th 2016

Marvel Cooke
Marvel Jackson Cooke (April 4, 1903 – November 29, 2000) was a pioneering American journalist, writer, and civil rights activist. She was the first African-American
Mar 23rd 2017

Elizabeth City Daily Advance
Elizabeth City Daily Advance is a daily newspaper based in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. The newspaper is owned by Cooke Communications. Cox Enterprises
Mar 7th 2016

Ebenezer Cooke (politician)
Cooke Ebenezer Cooke (14 May 1832 – 7 May 1907) was a South Australian accountant, Member of Parliament and Commissioner of Audit. Cooke was born in London,
Apr 23rd 2017

Elizabeth Russell
Elizabeth-RussellElizabeth Russell may refer to: Elizabeth-HobyElizabeth Hoby (1528–1609), (nee Cooke and later Lady Elizabeth-RussellElizabeth Russell in her second marriage), associate of Elizabeth
Dec 30th 2012

Mildred Cooke
Nicholas Bacon; Katherine Cooke, who married Sir Henry Killigrew; Elizabeth Cooke, who married firstly Sir Thomas Hoby and secondly John, Lord Russell
Aug 24th 2016

Anne Bacon
Anne Bacon (nee Cooke; 1527 or 1528 – 27 August 1610) was an English lady and scholar. She made a lasting contribution to English religious literature
Feb 4th 2017

Sam Cooke
Samuel Cook (January 22, 1931 – December 11, 1964), known professionally as Sam Cooke, was an American singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. Influential
Apr 7th 2017

William Ernest Cooke
William-Ernest-CookeWilliam Ernest Cooke (25 July 1863 – 7 November 1947), generally referred to as "W. Ernest Cooke" or informally "Ernest Cooke", was an Australian astronomer
Aug 19th 2016

Jennifer Cooke
Jennifer Cooke (born September 19, 1964) is an American actress. She is perhaps best known for her role as the "Star Child", Elizabeth, who is half Human/half
Sep 25th 2016

Elizabeth City State University
Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) is a public, historically black college located in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, in the United States. ECSU, which
Apr 20th 2017

John Cooke (RAF officer)
of the British Empire Commander of the Order of St John Spouse(s) Elizabeth Cooke Relations Air Marshal Sir Cyril Cooke (father) Other work Medical advisor
Aug 24th 2016

Thomas Cooke (VC)
For other uses of "Thomas Cooke", see Thomas Cooke (disambiguation). Thomas Cooke, VC (5 July 1881 – 25 July 1916) was a New Zealand-born soldier who served
Jan 21st 2017

Ronnie Cooke
their only victory of the season by beating the Pumas 26–25 in Port Elizabeth. Cooke featured in five of the Eastern Province Kings' seven matches in the
Jan 4th 2017

Elizabeth Woodville
Elizabeth Woodville (also spelled Wydville, Wydeville, or Widvile; c. 1437 – 8 June 1492) was Queen consort of England as the spouse of King Edward IV
Apr 24th 2017

Robert Cooke (officer of arms)
Cooke">Robert Cooke (or Cook) (born c. 1535, died 1592–3) was an English Officer of Arms in the reign of Elizabeth I. In the College of Arms, he rose to the rank
Sep 24th 2016

Elizabeth Leyburne
Elizabeth Leyburne, Duchess of Norfolk (1536 – 4 September 1567), was a member of the English nobility. She first married Thomas Dacre, 4th Baron Dacre;
Aug 16th 2016

David O. Cooke
Fairfax. He also had two grandchildren at the time of his death. Elizabeth M. Cooke, who was born in 2000, and David B. Cooke who was born in 2002 a week
Mar 13th 2016

Charles Montague Cooke
Charles-Montague-CookeCharles Montague Cooke (May 6, 1849 – August 27, 1909) was a businessman during the Kingdom of Hawaii, Republic of Hawaii, and Territory of Hawaii. Charles
Feb 14th 2017

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church
For other churches with similar names, see St. Elizabeth's-ChurchElizabeth's Church. The Church of St. Elizabeth of Hungary is a Roman-CatholicRoman Catholic parish church in the Roman
Feb 28th 2017

Sarah Palfrey Cooke
Palfrey-Danzig">Sarah Hammond Palfrey Danzig (nee Palfrey; September 18, 1912 – February 27, 1996) was a female tennis player from the United States whose career spanned
Mar 17th 2017

Antony Cooke
Antony Cooke (born 3 August 1948, in Sydney, Australia), is an American cellist, recording artist, former university professor, composer, and author of
Nov 14th 2016

Elizabeth City, North Carolina
For the incorporation of the Virginia Colony, see Elizabeth City (Virginia Company). Elizabeth City is a city in Pasquotank County, North Carolina, in
Apr 10th 2017

Olivia Cooke
Olivia Kate Cooke (born 27 December 1993) is an EnglishEnglish actress. Since 2013, she has co-starred as Emma-DecodyEmma Decody in the A&E drama-thriller television series
Apr 24th 2017

Elizabeth Cook (disambiguation)
Cruises, Elizabeth-Coke">Australia Elizabeth Coke (pronounced Cook), English courtier Elizabeth Cooke (1528 – 1609), English noblewoman Eliza Cook, English writer Eliza
Oct 9th 2016

Thomas F. Cooke
Thomas F. Cooke (c.1863–1941) was an American banker and a City Council member in Los Angeles, California, between 1929 and 1931. Cooke was born in Center
Sep 16th 2016

Kaz Cooke
Kaz Cooke (born Karen Cooke; 17 December 1962) is an Australian author, cartoonist and broadcaster. She has written several bestselling advice books for
Nov 19th 2016

Thomas Cooke (mayor)
Sir Thomas Cooke (died 1478) was an English merchant and Lord Mayor of London. He was born the son of Robert Cooke of Lavenham in Suffolk and moved to
Dec 15th 2016

Nelson M. Cooke
Nelson Magor Cooke (28 November 1903 – 30 November 1965) was a leader in developing electronic schools of the United States Navy, the recipient of the
Feb 17th 2017

Elizabeth Hopkins
Elizabeth Hopkins (born likely circa 1585 in England, died between 1638 and 1644 at Plymouth) was a passenger on the Mayflower. The first Thanksgiving
Dec 22nd 2016

John Cook (regicide)
John Cook (1608 – 16 October 1660) was the first Solicitor General of the English-CommonwealthEnglish Commonwealth and led the prosecution of Charles I. Following the English
Feb 24th 2017

Thomas Simpson Cooke
Thomas Simpson Cooke ("Tom Cooke") (July 1782 – 26 February 1848) was an Irish composer, conductor, singer, theatre musician and music director – an influential
Jul 3rd 2015

Clarence H. Cooke House
The Clarence H. Cooke House, later known as the Marks Estate, at 3860 Old Pali Road, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi, was built for Clarence Hyde Cooke, the second son
Nov 27th 2016

Peter Cooke (politician)
For the Kenyan sailor, see Peter Cooke (sailor). Peter Stryker Cooke (born March 7, 1949) is an American businessman, politician and retired Army Reservist
Jan 31st 2017

Elizabeth (BioShock)
Elizabeth is a fictional character in BioShock-Infinite">Irrational Games' BioShock Infinite, the third title in the BioShock series. The game is set in 1912 on a floating
Apr 12th 2017

William Cooke Taylor
For other people named William Taylor, see William Taylor (disambiguation). William Cooke Taylor (1800–1849) was an Irish writer, known as a journalist
Jul 17th 2016

Elizabeth Karlsen
Elizabeth Karlsen (born 1960) is a British film producer. She co-founded Number 9 Films in 2002 with partner Stephen Woolley. Karlsen's producing credits
Apr 19th 2017

Elizabeth Craven
Elizabeth Craven (nee Lady Elizabeth Berkeley) (17 December 1750 – 13 January 1828), Princess Berkeley (though often styled "Margravine of Brandenburg-Ansbach")
Mar 8th 2017

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