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Elizabeth Fry
Elizabeth Fry (nee Gurney, often referred to as Betsy; 21 May 1780 – 12 October 1845) was an English prison reformer, social reformer and, as a Quaker
Apr 19th 2017

Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies
The Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies (CAEFS) is an association of groups operating under the Elizabeth Fry Society banner, similar in many
Apr 23rd 2015

Fry family (chocolate)
prison reformer Elizabeth Fry nee Gurney (1780–1845). William Storrs Fry (1806–1844) was one of the 11 children of Joseph and Elizabeth Fry; he married Sally
Jan 6th 2017

Elliott & Fry
Barnet) the son of John and Mary Elliott, he married Clarence's sister, Elizabeth Lucy Fry (24 June 1844 Plymouth – 23 February 1931), in Brighton on 20 August
Nov 30th 2016

J. S. Fry & Sons
J. S. Fry & Sons, Ltd. was a British chocolate company owned by Joseph Storrs Fry and his family. The business went through several changes of name and
Apr 20th 2017

Joseph Fry
Joseph Fry (tea merchant) (1777–1861), tea dealer and banker, husband of Elizabeth Fry, the prison reformer, cousin of Joseph Storrs Fry Joseph Fry (type-founder)
Jul 27th 2015

L. Fry
daughter of John Arthur Chandor (1850-1909) and Elizabeth (Red) Fry-RalstonFry Ralston (1837-1929). Elizabeth (Red) Fry married William Chapman Ralston (1826-1875) on
Apr 24th 2017

Maxwell Fry
Edwin Maxwell Fry, CBE, RA, FRIBA, FRTPI, known as Maxwell Fry (2 August 1899 – 3 September 1987), was an English modernist architect, writer and painter
Feb 16th 2017

Joseph Fry (tea merchant)
and an unsuccessful banker. He was the husband of the prison reformer Elizabeth Fry. Joseph Fry's father was William Storrs Fry (1736–1808) who moved
Apr 27th 2017

Varian Fry
Fry Varian Mackey Fry (October 15, 1907 – September 13, 1967) was an American journalist. Fry ran a rescue network in Vichy France that helped approximately
Apr 10th 2017

Lucy Fry
Lucy Elizabeth Fry (born 13 March 1992) is an Australian actress. She is known for portraying Zoey in Lightning Point, Lyla in Mako: Island of Secrets
Feb 27th 2017

Elizabeth F. Ellet
Elizabeth Fries Lummis Ellet (October 18, 1818 – June 3, 1877) was an American writer, historian and poet. She was the first writer to record the lives
Mar 27th 2017

William Fry (Victorian politician)
Sir William Gordon Fry (12 June 1909 – 29 September 2000) was an Australian politician. He was born in Ballarat to engineer Alfred Gordon Fry and Edith
Sep 4th 2016

Lewis Fry
This article is about the British politician and philanthropist. For the American labor activist, see Fry's Army. Lewis Fry PC DL, (16 April 1832
Mar 4th 2017

Laura Anne Fry
Laura Anne Fry (January 22, 1857 – 1943) was an American artist who specialized in wood carving, ceramics, and china painting. She worked at both the Rookwood
Mar 31st 2017

Elizabeth Fry Ashmead Schaeffer
Elizabeth-Fry-Ashmead-SchaefferElizabeth Fry Ashmead Schaeffer (E.F.A. Schaeffer) (born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February 16, 1812 and died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November
Mar 11th 2017

Colin Fry
Colin Fry (19 May 1962 – 25 August 2015) was an English television personality, entertainer and self-proclaimed medium. His illusions of paranormal capabilities
Dec 7th 2016

Plantagenet Somerset Fry
Plantagenet Somerset Fry, born Peter George Robin Fry, sometimes used the names 'Peter George Robin Somerset Fry' and 'Peter George Robin Plantagenet Somerset
Mar 16th 2017

Stephen Fry (rugby player)
kept his place for the remaining two games, wins at Durban and Port Elizabeth. Fry played his final matches for the Springboks when he captained the team
May 13th 2016

Jeremy Fry
Fry Jeremy Joseph Fry (19 May 1924 – 18 July 2005) was a British inventor, engineer, entrepreneur, adventurer and arts patron. Born into the Fry family in
Apr 21st 2017

Christopher Fry
be related to the 19th-century Quaker prison reformer Elizabeth Fry. He adopted Elizabeth Fry's faith, and became a Quaker. After attending Bedford Modern
Apr 12th 2017

Henry Fry (merchant)
Henry-FryHenry Fry (1826-1896) was a ship-broker, ship owner and commission merchant based in Quebec City. He was Lloyd's of London agent for the St Lawrence River
Mar 31st 2017

Elizabeth Cooke, Lady Russell
Elizabeth Russell, Lady Russell, nee Elizabeth Cooke, Elizabeth Hoby in her first marriage, (1528 – 1609) was an English noblewoman. She was an influential
Nov 6th 2016

Elizabeth Berrington
Elizabeth Ann Berrington (born 3 August 1970 in Wallasey on the Wirral in Cheshire) is an English actress, she is best known for her roles as Ruby Fry
Jan 19th 2017

Fry family
The Fry family is not one unitary genealogical entity, but rather many separate (often prominent) families with distinct genetic profiles and geographic
Apr 8th 2017

Sarah McCarthy-Fry
Sarah McCarthy-Fry (born 4 February 1955) is a British Labour Co-operative politician, who was the Member of Parliament for Portsmouth North from 2005
Dec 26th 2016

Fry (surname)
British judge Ella Fry (1916–1997), Australian artist and musician Elizabeth Fry (1780–1845), British prison reformer, social reformer and philanthropist
Feb 14th 2017

Elizabeth Hanbury
1793 – 31 October 1901) was a British philanthropist who worked with Elizabeth Fry. She is thought to have been Queen Victoria's "oldest subject"; she
Apr 23rd 2017

Full breakfast
"Full English" redirects here. For the television series, see Full English (TV series). For other options, see The Full English. "Eggs and bacon" redirects
Apr 28th 2017

Nora Fry Lavrin
Nora Lavrin, nee Fry (1897 – 30 August 1985), was an English engraver, book illustrator and painter. She illustrated twenty editions of children’s books
Mar 9th 2017

Caroline Fry
Caroline Fry (December 31, 1787 – September 17, 1846), a British Christian writer, later Mrs Caroline Wilson, was born and died at Tunbridge Wells in Kent
Nov 15th 2016

Queen Elizabeth College, Mauritius
Queen Elizabeth College (QEC) is the top-ranked girls secondary school in Mauritius. It accommodates girls of 11 to 18 years based on their outstanding
Apr 1st 2017

Peter Wickens Fry
Peter Wickens Fry (1795 – 29 August 1860) was a pioneering English amateur photographer, although professionally he was a London solicitor. In the early
Nov 27th 2016

Elizabeth (given name)
think tank Global Thinkers Forum Elizabeth Fraser, a Scottish singer Elizabeth Fry, an English jail worker Elizabeth Gaskell, British novelist and short
Apr 20th 2017

Joshua Fry Speed
Speed Joshua Fry Speed (November 14, 1814 – May 29, 1882) was a close friend of Abraham Lincoln from his days in Springfield, Illinois, where Speed was a partner
Apr 27th 2017

Thomas Fry (priest)
Thomas Fry (1775–1860) was an English cleric and academic. His father was Peter Fry, of Compton Bassett, Somerset. He matriculated at Oriel College,
Apr 1st 2017

Joshua Bullitt
Bullitt Joshua Fry Bullitt (February 22, 1821 – February 16, 1898) was a justice on the Kentucky Court of Appeals. Bullitt was born to William Christian Bullitt
Jun 13th 2016

A Queen Is Crowned
A Queen Is Crowned is a 1953 British Technicolor documentary film written by Christopher Fry. The film documents the 1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth
Feb 4th 2017

Sophia Elizabeth De Morgan
but later withdrew because of bad health. The De Morgans came to know Elizabeth Fry, who was under a misapprehension that Augustus was William Morgan the
Oct 16th 2016

United States lightship Frying Pan (LV-115)
Frying Pan (LV-115) is a lightvessel moored at Pier 66a in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City. It served at Frying Pan Shoals, off
Feb 20th 2017

Daniel Fried
Daniel Fried is a former senior career diplomat of the United States who carried the rank of Ambassador and last served as Coordinator for Sanctions Policy
Mar 9th 2017

Kimchi fried rice
Kimchi fried rice or kimchi-bokkeum-bap (김치볶음밥) is a variety of bokkeum-bap ("fried rice"), a popular dish in Korea. Kimchi fried rice is made primarily
Apr 28th 2017

Gaols Act 1823
The idea of prison reform was promoted in the early 19th century by Fry Elizabeth Fry and her brother Joseph John Gurney. In particular, Fry was appalled
Feb 4th 2017

Elizabeth May
For other people named MayMay Elizabeth May, see MayMay Elizabeth May (disambiguation). May-OC-MP">Elizabeth Evans May OC MP (born June 9, 1954) is a Canadian politician. May is
Apr 1st 2017

Elizabeth McBride
Elizabeth McBride (May 17, 1955 – June 16, 1997) was an American costume designer. She was nominated for Best Costumes for the film Driving Miss Daisy
Aug 30th 2016

Elizabeth Goodfellow
Goodfellow Elizabeth Goodfellow (c1767-1851), generally called Mrs. Goodfellow, started one of the first cooking schools in America. She taught classes for thirty
Jan 5th 2017

Morton Fried
Morton Herbert Fried (March 21, 1923 in Bronx, New YorkDecember 18, 1986 in Leonia, New Jersey), was a distinguished Professor of Anthropology at Columbia
Feb 10th 2017

Elizabeth Denby
Denby Elizabeth Denby (1894 – 3 November 1965), was an English social housing expert and consultant. Denby was from Bradford, Yorkshire, the daughter of a doctor
Dec 18th 2016

John Gurney (1749–1809)
in Gurney's bank he is notable as the father of the social reformers Elizabeth Fry and Joseph John Gurney, the writer Louisa Hoare and the banker Samuel
Feb 1st 2017

Liz Sagal
Elizabeth "Liz" Sagal (born October 9, 1961) is an American television professional, active as an actress, screenwriter and film editor. In the 1980s,
Feb 19th 2017

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