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Eveready or Ever Ready may refer to: In companies and organizations: Eveready Battery Company, a U.S. battery manufacturer which became Energizer Holdings
Dec 30th 2015

Eveready Inc.
about the Canadian energy company. For other uses, see Eveready. Eveready Inc., formerly the Eveready Income Fund, was a company headquartered in Edmonton
Jun 7th 2015

Eveready Battery Company
Eveready-Battery-CompanyEveready Battery Company, Inc. is an American manufacturer of battery brands. Eveready and Energizer, owned by Energizer Holdings. Its headquarters are
Mar 12th 2017

The Eveready Hour
The Eveready Hour was the first commercially sponsored variety program in the history of broadcasting. It premiered December 4, 1923 (or, according to
Nov 30th 2016

Eveready Industries India
Eveready Industries India Ltd. (EIIL), formerly Union Carbide India Limited, is the flagship company of the B.M. Khaitan Group. The Eveready brand has
Feb 12th 2017

Eveready Harton in Buried Treasure
Play media Eveready-HartonEveready-HartonEveready Harton in Buried Treasure, also known as Eveready-HartonEveready-HartonEveready Harton, Eveready, Buried Treasure, or Pecker Island, is an adult animated cartoon
Dec 11th 2016

Eveready East Africa
Eveready East Africa is an affiliate of the American Eveready Battery Company. In addition to manufacturing and marketing batteries. Eveready East
Feb 3rd 2017

foundation in the Eveready Battery Company, which in 1980 changed the name of its Eveready Alkaline Power Cell to Energizer. In 1986, Eveready Battery Company
Apr 23rd 2017

Drago (wrestler)
the enmascarado Drago. Soto is best known by his previous ring name Gato Eveready or simply El Gato, under which he was an unofficial member of the wrestling
Apr 17th 2017

may refer to: A brand of battery by Eveready Battery Company Eveready Industries India India Ltd. subsidiary Eveready East Africa licensee battery manufacturer
Nov 5th 2015

J.C. Anand
Pakistan. One of the largest distributors within the country, he founded Eveready Pictures in Karachi. Anand was born in 1922 in Bhera, Sargodha District
Feb 21st 2017

Lantern battery
(PDF). Retrieved 2010-01-15.  Eveready Battery Company. "EVR-1209 Engineering-DataEngineering Data" (PDF). Retrieved 2010-01-15.  Eveready Battery Company. "EVR-528 Engineering
Mar 14th 2016

Snehasish Chakraborty
year 2004-05, he moved to Eveready where he played under the coaching of Aloke Mukherjee. After staying 1 year in Eveready, he played 2 years for East
Apr 8th 2017

Bashir Ramathan
since the age of 17. Bashir is the subject of two short documentary films: Eveready directed by Paul Szynol and Bashir's Vision directed by Daniel Roher.
Mar 7th 2017

United S.C.
I-League 2nd Division. United SC was originally established in 1927 as Eveready Association. In 2006, it was renamed as United Sports Club to attract title
Apr 8th 2017

Lewis Urry
invented both the alkaline battery and lithium battery while working for the Eveready Battery company. Urry was born January 29, 1927 in Pontypool, Ontario
Jan 29th 2017

British Ever Ready Electrical Company
British electrical firm formed in 1906 as the export branch of the American-Eveready-Battery-CompanyAmerican Eveready Battery Company. In 1914 it became independent of its American parent company
Mar 27th 2017

W. H. Lawrence
(news personality) (1916—1972), American journalist Washington H. Lawrence (1840-1900), founder of National Carbon Company and Eveready Battery Company
Jul 17th 2015

Sony Energy Devices Corporation
Sony-Energy-Devices-CorporationSony Energy Devices Corporation started in February, 1975 as Sony-Eveready a joint venture between Sony Corp and Union Carbide Corp of United States
Mar 12th 2017

Nestlé Nido Young Stars
approach. The show was directed by Kamran Qureshi and Iram Qureshi and it was Eveready picture's production. Nestle Nido Young Stars Show (Nido Ye Taare Hamare)
Dec 29th 2016

acquired by Saft Groupe S.A. and is now headquartered in France. Flashlight Eveready East Africa Ucar batteries Ready-Electrical-Company-P">British Ever Ready Electrical Company P. R.
Jan 24th 2017

All of Us in Our Night
"Chokehold" "Radio Breaks" "Yugo" "Face Down" "Conversational" "Astronaut" "Eveready" "Motorcade" "Mrs." "Like Lunatics" MetroMix Hearya Athens Music Paste
Jun 21st 2013

Ekala, Sri Lanka
Pradeshiya Sabha. There are many factories in Ekala such as Rhino Industries, Eveready, Polytex Garments, etc.. SLAF Ekala is the Sri Lanka Air Force station
Mar 17th 2017

AA battery
Classic (LR6) datasheet from energizer.com http://www.eveready.com/about-us/Pages/about-eveready.aspx "Energizer Alkaline AA Battery Specification" (PDF)
Apr 9th 2017

Charles W. Harrison
recording artist. They performed together as members of the Eveready Mixed Quartet on The Eveready Hour. Beginning in 1930, Harrison performed on the Broadway
Dec 30th 2016

Parody advertisement
drink, was parodied as "Hawaiian Punks. Beats you to a fruit-juicy pulp." Eveready Batteries, with its image of a cat having 9 lives, was parodied as "NeveReady
Sep 12th 2016

New Washermenpet
an industrial area where many large corporations are located, such as Eveready Batteries, Savorit, Metal Box and many heavy metal industries. It comes
Mar 13th 2017

National Carbon Company
American Ever Ready Company and the trademark was shortened to one word - Eveready. In 1914, The American Ever Ready Company became part of National Carbon
Oct 9th 2016

Goodness (Goodness album)
For Lover's Sake - 2:16 Goodbye - 3:01 Runaround - 3:07 Labor Day - 3:59 Eveready - 3:34 Viva le High - 4:11 Sincerely Yours - 3:53 Between You and I - 7:41
May 31st 2016

Union Carbide India Limited
interest in UCIL to McLeod Russel of Calcutta. UCIL was subsequently renamed India Eveready Industries India. In February 1989, the Supreme Court of India directed
Mar 14th 2017

Kelvin Keech
the announcer for several popular old-time radio programs including The Eveready Hour, Bill and Betty, Popeye the Sailor and Terry and the Pirates. Keech
Sep 4th 2016

Nine Lives
Leppard song), 2008 "Nine Lives", by Edguy from Tinnitus Sanctus (2008) 9Lives, pet food brand The 9 lives line of Eveready batteries 9 (disambiguation)
Apr 17th 2017

Hijrat (film)
affected by the Afghan War. The film was distributed by Hum Films and Eveready Pictures on April 22, 2016 in cinemas across Pakistan. Its premier held
Apr 9th 2017

Manohar Mahajan
Ke Saath” for Mysore Agarbatti Works, Jalgaon in Hindi. “Eveready Ke Hum Safar” for Eveready Batteries in Hindi (Drama Format) which won the RAPA Award
Dec 23rd 2016

P. R. Mallory and Co Inc
and had a close relationship with Mallory by the late 1960s. In the US, "Eveready" batteries were a trademark of Union Carbide, which had no relationship
Aug 29th 2015

Kabhi Pyar Na Karna
made her Pakistani film debut. Kabhi Pyar Na Karna was distributed by Eveready Pictures and was released on April 18, 2008. Zara Sheikh Moammar Rana
Nov 16th 2016

E. Thomas Wood
companion documentary Indelible: The Case Against Jeffrey Womack), Nashville: Eveready-PressEveready Press, 2012. ISBN 0-9858365-04. "Wood, E. Thomas". Contemporary Authors
Apr 26th 2017

Taranaki rugby league team
going to be called the Taranaki Energisers but this name was vetoed by Eveready Batteries who owned the name in New Zealand. In 1997 the Taranaki Rugby
May 9th 2013

Alas de Oro
and Teddy Hart competed alongside Ultimo Gladiador, El Angel and Gato Eveready. Extreme Tigre was eliminated second to last, just before Aero Star pinned
Apr 26th 2017

(Mexican singer), Mexican boy band singer Alan (wrestler), a.k.a. Gato Eveready, who wrestles in Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion Alan I, King of Brittany
Mar 23rd 2017

Buried treasure (disambiguation)
1954–59 British archaeological TV series hosted by Sir Mortimer Wheeler Eveready Harton in Buried Treasure, 1929 pornographic animated cartoon "History's
Apr 27th 2017

Gato (given name)
that may refer to Given name Gato Dumas (1938–2004), Argentine chef Gato Eveready (Victor Manuel Soto Flores, born 1975), Mexican professional wrestler,
Sep 27th 2015

Lalkamal Bhowmick
Football Academy in Bokaro and was there for four years, before joining Eveready (Chirag United). Following that he joined Mohun Bagan. He spent four seasons
Apr 8th 2017

Raja Farah
become a model in many commercial TV advertising such as Vanilla Coke, Eveready, Johnson & Johnson, Celcom and F&N Orange. She began to become involved
Mar 29th 2017

Wendell Hall
In January, 1924 he signed with the National Carbon Company to host the Eveready Hour a pioneer commercially sponsored variety program on WEAF in New York
Oct 29th 2016

to December 6, 1990 J.C. Anand film producer and distributor, founded Eveready Pictures Maulvi Sher Ali was an Ahmadi missionary, known for his English
Apr 24th 2017

Broadcast network
via telephone lines. In 1924, the Eveready Hour was broadcast over 12 stations, many of them owned by T AT&T. Eveready Hour was the first commercially sponsored
Dec 26th 2016

The Good Old Naughty Days
collection also includes a pornographic animation from the United States, Eveready Harton in Buried Treasure, made by unknown artists in or around 1928 and
Jun 30th 2016

James Parmelee
Historic Places, and after some controversy remains fairly intact. Eveready Battery Company Records Collection at Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential
May 3rd 2016

Canon FTb
35 volt 625-type mercury cell, specifically the Mallory PX-625 and the Eveready EPX-625. While these batteries are obsolete, modern replacements include
Jul 24th 2016

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