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Everett McGill
Everett McGill (born Charles Everett McGill III, October 21, 1945) is an American actor, best known for mostly playing supporting roles in films like
Mar 3rd 2017

Bruce McGill
Babylon 5 producer J. Michael Straczynski originally intended for Everett McGill to play the role. However he did not know McGill's first name, so when
May 13th 2017

McGill (surname)
Elsie MacGill (1905–80), aeronautical engineer and aircraft designer Everett McGill, American actor Frances Gertrude McGill (1877–1959), Canadian forensic
May 8th 2017

C. Douglas Everett
Charles Douglas Everett (June 14, 1902 – June 12, 1982) was an insurance agent and political figure in New Brunswick, Canada. He represented Charlotte
Apr 10th 2016

George Everett Chalmers
George Everett Chalmers (June 5, 1905 – April 26, 1993) was a doctor, surgeon and political figure in New Brunswick, Canada. He represented the ridings
Oct 29th 2016

James Everett
For other people named James Everett, see James Everett (disambiguation). James Everett (1 May 1894 – 18 December 1967) was an Irish politician. On leaving
Oct 31st 2015

Charles Everett Graham
Charles Everett Graham (1844) was a physician and politician in Quebec. He was born November 2, 1844 in Kingston, Ontario and died January 13, 1921 in
Jun 10th 2016

Iguana (film)
is a 1988 international film directed by Monte Hellman and starring Everett McGill in the main role. The movie is based on the titular novel by Spanish
Mar 21st 2017

Everett Hughes (sociologist)
Everett Cherrington Hughes (November 30, 1897, Beaver, OhioJanuary 4, 1983, Cambridge, Massachusetts) was an American sociologist best known for his
Feb 15th 2017

Everett Parker
Everett Carlton Parker (January 17, 1913 – September 17, 2015) was an American media activist and ordained minister of the United Church of Christ. Born
Mar 31st 2017

Against All Odds (TV series)
Against All Odds is an NBC reality series hosted by Lindsay Wagner and Everett McGill. Using interviews, video footage and re-creations, the series showcased
May 24th 2017

Edward Everett
Everett Edward Everett (April 11, 1794 – January 15, 1865) was an American politician, pastor, educator, diplomat, and orator from Massachusetts. Everett, a Whig
Apr 20th 2017

Working Girl (TV series)
Working Girl is an American sitcom that aired on NBC from April to July 1990. Loosely based on the 1988 film of the same name starring Melanie Griffith
Jan 11th 2017

The People Under the Stairs
film written and directed by Wes Craven and starring Brandon Adams, Everett McGill, Wendy Robie, A. J. Langer, Ving Rhames and Sean Whalen. Poindexter
Mar 11th 2017

Everett M.
Everett M. Arnold (May 20, 1899 – December 1974), also known as Busy Arnold, was an American publisher and an early comic-book entrepreneur whose company
Apr 23rd 2017

Hiram Gill
Hiram C. Gill (August 23, 1866 – January 7, 1919) was an American lawyer and two-time Mayor of Seattle, Washington, identified with the "open city" politics
Apr 25th 2017

Union City (film)
American crime mystery film starring Dennis Lipscomb, Deborah Harry and Everett McGill. It was based on the short story Union City: The Corpse Next Door by
Mar 9th 2017

The Quest for Fire
the same name in 1981. The film stars Ron Perlman, Rae Dawn Chong and Everett McGill. According to the dust jacket of a 1967 edition [1] it was the older
Nov 21st 2016

O Brother, Where Art Thou?
concert tour which was filmed for TV and DVD. Three convicts, Ulysses Everett McGill, Pete Hogwallop, and Delmar O'Donnell, escape from a chain gang and
May 22nd 2017

A Thousand Heroes
A Thousand Heroes (also known as Crash Landing: The Rescue of Flight 232) is a made-for-television movie about the crash landing of Flight 232 at Sioux
Apr 8th 2017

John Everett Robbins
John Everett Robbins (9 October 1903 – 7 March 1995) was a Canadian educator and encyclopedia editor. He served as the director of the Dominion Bureau
Dec 28th 2016

Kate McGarrigle
Kate McGarrigle, CM (February 6, 1946 – January 18, 2010) was a Canadian folk music singer-songwriter, who wrote and performed as a duo with her sister
Apr 28th 2017

Quest for Fire (film)
directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, written by Gerard Brach and starring Everett McGill, Ron Perlman, Nameer El-Kadi and Rae Dawn Chong. It is a film adaptation
May 25th 2017

McGill Arctic Research Station
McGill Arctic Research Station (Expedition Fiord) (MARS) is a small research station operated by McGill University located near the centre of Axel Heiberg
Feb 16th 2017

John Lancelot Todd
John Lancelot Todd (10 September 1876 – 27 August 1949) was a Canadian physician and parasitologist. John Lancelot Todd was born on 10 September 1876
Oct 11th 2016

Joyce Marshall
Joyce Marshall (November 28, 1913 – September 2005) was a Canadian writer and translator. The daughter of William Marshall and Joyce Chambers, she was
Mar 28th 2017

Slats Gill
Amory Tingle "Slats" Gill (May 1, 1901 – April 5, 1966) was an American college basketball coach, the head coach at Oregon State University in Corvallis
Sep 25th 2016

Silver Bullet (film)
the Stephen King novella Cycle of the Werewolf. It stars Gary Busey, Everett McGill, Megan Follows, Corey Haim, Terry O'Quinn, Lawrence Tierney, Bill Smitrovich
May 2nd 2017

Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Kate McGarrigle (February 6, 1946 – January 18, 2010) and Anna McGarrigle (born December 4, 1944) were a duo of Canadian singer-songwriters from Quebec
May 15th 2017

Field of Honor (1986 film)
is shell shocked. This changes the sergeant's outlook on the war. Everett McGillSergeant 'Sire' De Koning Ron BrandstederTiny Bart RomerLieutenant
Jul 4th 2015

The Guard (2011 film)
The Guard is a 2011 Irish buddy cop comedy film written and directed by John Michael McDonagh, starring Brendan Gleeson, Don Cheadle, Mark Strong and Liam
Apr 20th 2017

My Fellow Americans
Olympia, he begins his own investigation. NSA agent Colonel Paul Tanner (Everett McGill) has Reynolds assassinated when he attempts to tell Douglas the truth
Apr 5th 2017

Play the white man
Art Thou? (2000), Delmar says "that's mighty white of you" to Ulysses Everett McGill as thanks. Angry white man Speak white White Man's Burden Smitherman
Apr 4th 2017

Funnies Inc.
Funnies, Inc. is an American comic book packager of the 1930s to 1940s period collectors and historians call the Golden Age of Comic Books. Founded by
Feb 27th 2017

The Siege (Stargate Atlantis)
"The Siege" is the season finale for season one and season premiere for season two of the military science fiction television series Stargate Atlantis
Mar 14th 2017

National Labour Party (Ireland)
The National Labour Party (Irish: Pairti Naisiunta an Lucht Oibre) was an Irish political party active between 1944 and 1950. It was founded in 1944 from
Jan 10th 2017

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory
Milchan and Steve Perry. The film's cast also included Eric Bogosian, Everett McGill, Morris Chestnut, Peter Greene, Kurtwood Smith and Katherine Heigl.
Apr 17th 2017

The Retreat (David Bergen novel)
The Retreat is a 2008 English novel of Canadian author David Bergen. It was published by McClelland & Stewart and won the McNally Robinson Book of the
May 19th 2017

Murray-HamiltonMurray Hamilton, David Keith, McIntire">Tim McIntire, Matt-ClarkMatt Clark, M. Emmet Walsh, Everett McGill, and an early appearance by Morgan Freeman. It was nominated for Best
Mar 5th 2017

A Texas Trilogy
LeMassena, John Marriott, Josh Mostel, Diane Ladd, Graham Beckel, and Everett McGill. Although the show received mixed reviews in New York, A Texas Trilogy
Mar 23rd 2016

Bibliography of Nova Scotia
This is a bibliography of major works on Nova Scotia. Beck, J. Murray. The Government of Nova Scotia University of Toronto Press, 1957, the standard
Nov 17th 2015

Ricky Skaggs
Rickie Lee "Ricky" Skaggs (born July 18, 1954), is an American country and bluegrass singer, musician, producer, and composer. He primarily plays mandolin;
May 14th 2017

Lester Lowe
into a deceased Reverend Lowe before their eyes. He was portrayed by McGill Everett McGill. McGill was paid for a dual role, as he was officially credited as both
Dec 18th 2016

Belgo Building
The Belgo Building (French: Edifice Belgo is a six storey building in the Quartier des spectacles district of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It houses 27 art
Apr 20th 2016

Anne McGihon
McGihon Anne McGihon (born June 1, 1957) is a former Colorado legislator. Appointed to the Colorado House of Representatives as a Democrat in 2003, McGihon represented
Jan 29th 2017

The Terror (1928 film)
The Terror is a 1928 early American slasher film written by Harvey Gates and directed by Roy Del Ruth, based on the play of the same name by Edgar Wallace
May 22nd 2017

Rex Chapman
Chapman Rex Everett Chapman (born October 5, 1967) is a retired American professional basketball player. Chapman was a college standout at the University of Kentucky
Apr 1st 2017

Heartbreak Ridge
the film. The film also co-stars Mario Van Peebles, Marsha Mason, and Everett McGill. The film was released in the United States on December 5, 1986. The
Apr 21st 2017

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is the eighth studio album by English rock band the Beatles. Released on 26 May 1967 in the United Kingdom and 2
May 26th 2017

Old Ways
Old Ways is the fourteenth studio album by Canadian musician and singer-songwriter Young Neil Young, released on August 12, 1985 on Geffen Records. Young has
Feb 12th 2017

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