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Felix may refer to: Felix (name), people and fictional characters with the name Felix, Spain, a municipality of the province Almeria, in the autonomous
Apr 8th 2017

Felix the Cat
article is about the cartoon character. For other uses, see Felix the Cat (disambiguation). Felix the Cat is a funny-animal cartoon character created in the
Apr 21st 2017

María Félix
first or paternal family name is Felix and the second or maternal family name is Güerena. Maria de los Angeles Felix Güerena (Spanish: [maˈɾia ˈfeliks]
Apr 22nd 2017

Felix (name)
about people named "Felix". For other uses, see Felix (disambiguation). Felix is a male given name that stems from Latin (fēlix, felicis) and means "happy"
Apr 24th 2017

Allyson Felix
Allyson Michelle Felix (born November 18, 1985) is an American track and field sprinter who competes in the 100 meters, 200 meters, and 400 meters. At
Apr 22nd 2017

Félix Award
article is about music award "Felix". For other uses, see Felilx. The Felix Award (French: Trophee Felix or Prix Felix) is an award, given by the Association
Feb 27th 2017

Felix Yusupov
Prince Felix Felixovich Yusupov, Sumarokov">Count Sumarokov-Elston (Russian: Князь Фе́ликс Фе́ликсович Юсу́пов, Граф Сумаро́ков-Эльстон; 23 March [O.S. 11 March] 1887
Mar 24th 2017

Antonius Felix
Felix (Felix, in Greek: ὁ Φῆλιξ, born between 5/10-?) was the Roman procurator of Iudaea Province 52–58, in succession to Ventidius Cumanus. Felix was
Apr 11th 2017

Hurricane Felix
2007. For other storms of the same name, see Hurricane Felix (disambiguation). Hurricane Felix was the southernmost landfalling Category 5 hurricane in
Apr 18th 2017

Felix Baumgartner
Felix Baumgartner (German: [ˈfeː.lɪks ˈba͡ʊ̯mˌɡaɐ̯t.nɐ]; born 20 April 1969) is an Austrian skydiver, daredevil and BASE jumper. He is best known for
Mar 26th 2017

Felix da Housecat
Felix da Housecat (born Felix Stallings Jr., August 25, 1971, Chicago, Illinois) is an American DJ and record producer, mostly known for house music and
Apr 3rd 2017

Félix Sánchez
the track and field athlete. For the baseball player, see Felix Sanchez (baseball). Felix Sanchez, (born August 30, 1977) is a retired American track
Feb 18th 2017

The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat
The-Twisted-TalesThe Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat is an animated series starring the character Felix the Cat, produced for television by Film Roman. The series first
Apr 14th 2017

Felix Mendelssohn
same surname, see Mendelssohn (surname) and Bartholdy. Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (German: [ˈjaːkɔp ˈluːtvɪc ˈfeːlɪks ˈmɛndl̩szoːn baʁˈtɔldi];
Apr 3rd 2017

Ramón Arellano Félix
Ramon Arellano Felix (August 31, 1964 – February 10, 2002) was a Mexican drug trafficker whom authorities linked to the Tijuana drug cartel (a.k.a. the
Jan 2nd 2017

Félix Hernández
Venezuelan football player, see Felix Jose Hernandez. Felix Abraham Hernandez Garcia (born April 8, 1986), nicknamed "King Felix", is a Venezuelan professional
Apr 28th 2017

Félix Faure
Felix Francois Faure (30 January 1841 – 16 February 1899) was President of France from 1895 until his death in 1899. Felix Francois Faure was born in
Mar 11th 2017

Felix of Burgundy
For other people named Felix, see Felix (name). Felix of Burgundy, also known as Felix of Dunwich (died 8 March 647 or 648), was a saint and the first
Jun 19th 2016

Felix Klein
is about the German mathematician. For the French priest, see Felix Klein. Christian Felix Klein (German: [klaɪn]; 25 April 1849 – 22 June 1925) was a German
Apr 26th 2017

Felix Manalo
family name is Manalo. Felix Ysagun Manalo (born Felix Ysagun y Manalo, May 10, 1886 – April 12, 1963), also known as Ka Felix, was the first Executive
Apr 5th 2017

Saint-Felix-Lauragais is a commune in the Haute-Garonne department in southwestern France. The village was previously called Saint-Felix-de-Caraman or
Jan 29th 2017

Archduke Felix of Austria
Archduke Felix of Austria (given names: Felix Friedrich August Maria vom Siege Franz Joseph Peter Karl Anton Robert Otto Pius Michael Benedikt Sebastian
Apr 5th 2017

Pope Felix III
Pope-Felix-IIIPope Felix III (died 1 March 492) was Pope from 13 March 483 to his death in 492. His repudiation of the Henoticon is considered the beginning of the
Jan 21st 2017

Eduardo Arellano Félix
name is Arellano and the second or maternal family name is Felix. Eduardo Arellano Felix (born October 11, 1956) is a Mexican drug trafficker, brother
Feb 3rd 2017

Felix of Cantalice
For other people named FelixFelix, see FelixFelix (name). FelixFelix of Cantalice, O.F.M. Cap. (Italian: Felice da Cantalice), was born on 18 May 1515 to peasant parents
Feb 23rd 2017

Félix Cárdenas
family name is Cardenas and the second or maternal family name is Ravalo. Felix Rafael Cardenas Ravalo (born November 24, 1973 in Encino, Santander) is
Oct 18th 2016

Félix González-Torres
footballer (soccer player), see Torres Felix Ricardo Torres. For the American/Puerto Rico baseball player, see Torres Felix Torres. Felix Gonzalez-Torres (November 26
Apr 24th 2017

José Manuel Mourinho Félix
name is Mourinho and the second or paternal family name is Felix. Jose Manuel Mourinho Felix (born 17 June 1938 in Ferragudo, Faro, Algarve) is a retired
Apr 27th 2017

Nabor and Felix
Nabor and Felix (d. c. ADAD 303) were Christian martyrs thought to have been killed during the Great Persecution under the Roman emperor Diocletian. A tomb
Jan 24th 2017

Antipope Felix II
Antipope Felix II, an archdeacon of Rome, was installed as Pope in 355 AD after the Emperor Constantius II banished the reigning Pope, Liberius, for refusing
Jan 20th 2017

Félix Miélli Venerando
Felix-Mielli-VenerandoFelix Mielli Venerando (24 December 1937 – 24 August 2012) was a football player from Brazil, more commonly known as Felix. Felix was born in Sao Paulo
Jan 6th 2017

Felix and Meira
Felix and Meira (French: Felix et Meira) is a 2014 Canadian drama film directed by Maxime Giroux and starring Martin Dubreuil, Hadas Yaron and Luzer Twersky
Apr 5th 2017

Felix the Cat: The Movie
This article is about the 1989 film. For other uses, see Felix the Cat (disambiguation). Felix the Cat: The Movie is a 1988 Hungarian-American animated
Apr 27th 2017

Nicholas Felix
Nicholas "Felix" Wanostrocht (born 5 October 1804 at Camberwell, London; died 3 September 1876 at Wimborne Minster, Dorset) was a noted English amateur
Feb 26th 2017

Felipe Félix
Felix Felipe Almeida Felix (born 20 April 1985), known as Felix, is a Brazilian footballer. Born in Itanhaem, Sao Paulo, Felix finished his formation with Clube
Apr 16th 2017

Pope Felix IV
Pope-Felix-IVPope Felix IV (III) (died 22 September 530) served as the Pope of the Catholic Church from 12 July 526 to his death in 530. He came from Samnium, the
Aug 1st 2016

Pope Felix I
Pope-Felix-IPope Felix I (died 30 December 274) was the Bishop of Rome or Pope from 5 January 269 to his death in 274. A Roman by birth, Felix was chosen as Pope
Dec 22nd 2016

Felix and Adauctus
Not to be confused with Felix St Felix, the bishop of Thibiuca who was martyred in 303 along with a man named Audactus. Felix and Adauctus (d. 303) were legendary
Mar 1st 2016

Felix Weingartner
Weingartner Paul Felix Weingartner, Edler von Münzberg (2 June 1863 – 7 May 1942) was an Austrian conductor, composer and pianist. Weingartner was born in Zara
Dec 30th 2016

Felix, Spain
For other uses, see Felilx. Felix (Spanish: [feˈli(k)s], locally: [fɛˈlɪʰ]) is a municipality of Almeria province, in the autonomous community of Andalusia
Mar 17th 2017

Confessions of Felix Krull
Confessions of Felix Krull is an unfinished 1954 novel by the German author Thomas Mann. It is a parody of Goethe's autobiography Poetry and Truth, particularly
Oct 14th 2016

Arellano Félix
Felix (born 1952), Mexican drug lord, now imprisoned Carlos Arellano Felix (born 1955), Surgeon by training, Mexican drug lord Eduardo Arellano Felix
Aug 23rd 2015

Félix Candela
Felix Candela Outerino (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈfeliks kanˈdela outeˈɾiɲo]; January 27, 1910 – December 7, 1997) was a Spanish architect who, at the
Mar 3rd 2017

Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo
the first or paternal family name is Felix and the second or maternal family name is Gallardo. Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo (born on January 8, 1946), commonly
Apr 12th 2017

Felix the Cat filmography
Felix the Cat-TVCat TV episodes, see Felix the Cat (TV series) § Episodes. This is a complete list of animated films released theatrically starring Felix the
Feb 2nd 2017

Félix Rodríguez
Felix Rodriguez may refer to: Felix Rodriguez (baseball) (born 1972), Major League Baseball pitcher Felix Rodriguez (soldier) (born 1941), former CIA
Jul 16th 2016

Félix Enríquez Alcalá
Felix Enriquez Alcala (sometimes credited as Felix Alcala) (born March 7, 1951 in Bakersfield, California) is an American film and television director
Jan 18th 2017

Felix Dzerzhinsky
For other uses, see Dzerzhinsky (disambiguation). Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky (Russian: Фе́ликс Эдму́ндович Дзержи́нский; Polish: Feliks Dzierżyński
Apr 25th 2017

Sylviane Félix
Sylviane Felix (born 31 October 1977 in Creteil, France) is a track and field sprint athlete, competing internationally for France, who won the bronze
Apr 23rd 2017

Estadio Félix Capriles
The-Estadio-Sudamericano-Felix-CaprilesThe Estadio Sudamericano Felix Capriles is a multi-purpose stadium in Cochabamba, Bolivia. It is currently used mostly for football matches. The stadium
Oct 2nd 2016

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