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Flex or FLEX may refer to: Bending, also known as flexure, as used in mechanics Power cord, or flex, a flexible electrical cable Flex, a flexible cable
Dec 21st 2016

Apache Flex
Apache Flex, formerly Adobe Flex, is a software development kit (SDK) for the development and deployment of cross-platform rich Internet applications
Mar 6th 2017

Flex (singer)
Felix Danilo Gomez Bosquez (born August 31, 1980), known by his stage names Flex and Nigga, is a Panamanian reggaeton artist. He adopted the name Nigga after
Feb 24th 2017

Flex Linhas Aéreas
Flex Linhas Aereas, styled as FLEX, was a Brazilian non-regular charter airline based at Rio de Janeiro-Galeao International Airport. It is the brand name
Mar 9th 2016

Flex (lexical analyser generator)
2015-12-26.  Is flex GNU or not?, flex FAQ--WhenFAQ When was flex born?, flex FAQ "Performance - Flex Lexical Analysis With Flex, for Flex-2Flex 2.5.37". Flex.sourceforge.net
Feb 22nd 2017

Flex (magazine)
Flex is an American bodybuilding magazine, published by American Media, Inc. The magazine is based in New York City. Founded in 1983 by Joe Weider, local
Feb 19th 2016

Ford Flex
vehicle. The Ford Flex is a full-size crossover utility vehicle manufactured by the Ford Motor Company since the 2009 model year. The Flex supersedes the
Apr 20th 2017

Funkmaster Flex
Aston George Taylor, Jr. (born August 5, 1968) better known as DJ-Funkmaster-FlexDJ Funkmaster Flex is an American hip hop DJ, rapper, musician and producer on New York City's
Mar 4th 2017

Flex nib
A Flex nib (or flexible nib) is a type of fountain pen nib that can create different line widths. Due to its non-rigid structure, a flex nib allows a writer
Feb 15th 2017

Flex Alexander
Alexander-Knox">Mark Alexander Knox (born April 15, 1970), better known as Flex-AlexanderFlex Alexander or Flex, is an American actor, comedian and dancer. Born in Harlem, Alexander
Apr 16th 2017

FLEX (satellite)
For other uses, see Flex (disambiguation). The FLuorescence EXplorer (FLEX) is a planned mission by the European Space Agency to launch a satellite to
Nov 24th 2015

FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH is a German producer of high end power tools with headquarters in Steinheim. After producing flexible shaft grinders since 1922
Dec 22nd 2016

LG G Flex
LG-G-Flex">The LG G Flex is an Android phablet developed and manufactured by LG. First unveiled by the company on October 27, 2013 for a release in South Korea, and
Mar 22nd 2017

Flex dollar
Flex dollars are a form of payment used at large institutions, especially Universities. University James Madison University, University of Toronto, Saint Mary's University
Apr 7th 2017

Ride with Funkmaster Flex
Ride with Funkmaster Flex (Sometimes referred to as FMF) is a TV show that was produced by MTV Networks. The show aired from 2003–2004, lasting approximately
Apr 5th 2017

FLEX (operating system)
FLEX-Microsoft-BASICFLEX Microsoft BASIC-69 for FLEX----HistoryFLEX History, FLEX-User-Group--FAQsFLEX User Group FAQs, FLEX-User-Group---FLEX-User-Group-FLEX-User-Group-SWTPC-6800FLEX User Group FLEX User Group FLEX User Group SWTPC 6800 FLEX-2FLEX 2 and 6809 FLEX
Aug 11th 2016

FLEX (protocol)
For other uses, see Flex (disambiguation). FLEX is a communications protocol developed by Motorola and used in many pagers. FLEX provides one-way communication
Jul 2nd 2014

Flex (EP)
Flex is an EP released in 2003 by New Zealand electronica duo, Pitch Black. Flex Ape To Angel Flex (Re Automatic Re-Dub) Flex (son.sine Re-Dub) Protect
Aug 12th 2016

Flex links
Flex links is a network switch feature in Cisco equipment which enables redundancy and load balancing at the layer 2 level. The feature serves as an alternative
Nov 18th 2015

Flex (comics)
Flex (Adrian Corbo) is a fictional character, a superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is a former member of the superhero
Jan 21st 2017

Flexor carpi ulnaris muscle
The flexor carpi ulnaris muscle (or FCU) is a muscle of the human forearm that acts to flex and adduct (medial deviation) the hand. Flexor carpi ulnaris
Jan 19th 2017

Flexor carpi radialis muscle
In anatomy, flexor carpi radialis is a muscle of the human forearm that acts to flex and (radial) abduct the hand. The Latin carpus means wrist, and carpi
Jun 23rd 2016

Ruffneck (Full Flex)
"Ruffneck (Full Flex)" was released as the second single from Skrillex's third EP, More Monsters and Sprites. It is featured in the corresponding video
Mar 17th 2017

All in My Head (Flex)
"All in My Head (Flex)" is a song recorded by American group Fifth Harmony featuring vocals by rapper Fetty Wap for their second studio album, 7/27, which
Apr 13th 2017

Flex & Shanice
Flex & Shanice is an American reality television series starring Flex Alexander and Shanice Wilson. It premiered on November 1, 2014 on the Oprah Winfrey
Oct 21st 2016

Flex-Deon Blake
Flex-Deon Blake (born April 25, 1962 in Miami, Florida) is the stage name of an African-American gay pornographic actor who has appeared in gay pornographic
Feb 9th 2017

Flex & Hated
Flex & Hated is an American pop music production team consisting of members Flex and Hated, both born in Wilmington, Delaware. The duo, who are also brothers
Apr 7th 2017

Flex space
Flex space is a term used for lightly zoned buildings. It is mainly used when referring to industrial or office space. Flex space evolved from light industrial
Apr 9th 2016

List of Flex frameworks
Flex frameworks are software libraries that assist developers in building rich internet applications on the Apache Flex platform. Tide, part of the
Jan 11th 2016

Flex D'Paper
by his stage name Flex D'Paper, is a Ugandan rapper and songwriter born and raised in Kampala. Starting off his music career, Flex D'Paper was part of
Mar 5th 2017

Gold Flex
Gold Flex is a non-woven fabric manufactured by Honeywell from Kevlar and often used in ballistic vests and body armor. Gold Flex is lighter than woven
Apr 4th 2017

Flex-Able is an album by Steve Vai. This was his first as a solo artist, and was created in Stucco Blue, a shed converted into a studio in Vai's old back
Feb 2nd 2016

For the ship, see MV Flexity. Bombardier Flexity is a family of modern trams/streetcars and light rail vehicles manufactured by Bombardier Transportation
Apr 8th 2017

David Flex
is an American professional wrestler, who wrestles under the name David Flex on the west coast independent wrestling scene. Originally from Philadelphia
Jan 5th 2017

Comparison of Adobe Flex charts
The following comparison of Flex Adobe Flex charts provides charts classification, compares Flex chart products for different chart type availability and for
Sep 10th 2016

DJ Flex (DJ)
DJ Flex is a French electronic music artist born March 22, 1976. DJ Flex made a name from himself from 1999 on the NRJ radio’s “Extravadance” show.
May 28th 2016

Flexor digitorum profundus muscle
human anatomy, the flexor digitorum profundus (FDP, Latin for "deep bender of the fingers") is a muscle in the forearm that flexes the fingers (also known
Jan 2nd 2017

Flexing (dance)
gliding. Flex dancers, referred to as flexers, often perform shirtless and incorporate hat tricks in their performance for showmanship. Before flexing gained
Feb 26th 2017

No Flex Zone
"No Flex Zone" is the debut single by American hip hop duo Rae Sremmurd. It was released on May 18, 2014 by EarDrummers Entertainment and Interscope Records
Apr 7th 2017

The Politics of Dancing (Re-Flex album)
The Politics of Dancing is the debut album by British band Re-Flex, recorded in late 1982 and released in 1983 through EMI, and was, until September 2010
Oct 18th 2015

Flex (club)
Flex is a nightclub in Vienna. It is located between underground station Schottenring and Augartenbrücke. Many international and Austrian music acts and
Jul 5th 2016

Flexor digitorum longus muscle
The flexor digitorum longus is situated on the tibial side of the leg. At its origin it is thin and pointed, but it gradually increases in size as it descends
Apr 2nd 2017

Flex Mentallo
Flex-MentalloFlex Mentallo is a comic book character created by Grant Morrison in 1990, during his run on Doom Patrol. Flex is in part a parody of Charles Atlas' long-running
Feb 7th 2017

Flexor hallucis longus muscle
The Flexor hallucis longus muscle (FHL) is one of the three deep muscles of the posterior compartment of the leg that distally attaches to the plantar
Mar 21st 2017

Flex-Able Leftovers (album)
Flex The Flex-Able-LeftoversAble Leftovers album, released on November 10, 1998 on Sony Records, contains five bonus tracks and is quite different from the original Flex-Able
Oct 24th 2014

Adobe Flash Builder
Adobe Flash Builder (previously known as Adobe Flex Builder) is an integrated development environment (IDE) built on the Eclipse platform that speeds development
Mar 29th 2017

Flexible electronics
Flexible electronics, also known as flex circuits, is a technology for assembling electronic circuits by mounting electronic devices on flexible plastic
Apr 3rd 2017

StanFlex (also known as STANFLEX or Standard Flex) is a modular mission payload system used by the Kongelige Danske Marine (Royal Danish Navy, KDM). Originally
Oct 27th 2016

List of flexors of the human body
elbow joint flexes when you bring your hand closer to the shoulder. Flexion is typically instigated by muscle contraction. A muscle that flexes a joint is
Mar 31st 2017

LG G Flex 2
LG G Flex 2 is an Android phablet developed and manufactured by LG Electronics. First unveiled by the company on January 5, 2015, it is a successor to
Mar 29th 2017

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