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FOF may refer to: Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, an American television series Fear of falling Fight or Flight (disambiguation) Finnish Orienteering
Oct 18th 2016

Not to be confused with F0F0 (disambiguation) (F followed by zero). Fo or FO may refer to: Fallout (video game) Finger Offensive, in the game Ragnarok
Nov 13th 2016

FO (complexity)
equal to PTIME, it is also another way to write FO(LFP). F O [
Dec 16th 2016

Fo Tan Station
Fo-TanFo Tan (Chinese: 火炭; Cantonese Yale: Fo taan) is a station on the East Rail Line of the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) system in Hong Kong. It is located in
Apr 4th 2017

Folies Bergère de Paris
Folies Bergere de Paris is a 1935 American musical comedy that won at the 8th Academy Awards for the short lived Best Dance Direction category, along with
Nov 26th 2016

ATP synthase
duplication as a means for altering H+/ATP ratios during the evolution of FoF1 ATPases and synthases". FEBS Letters. 259 (2): 227–9. doi:10.1016/0014-5793(90)80014-a
Apr 15th 2017

FO Vrilissia
Vrilissia FO Vrilissia, full name Vrilissia Filathlitikos Omilos Vrilissia (Greek: Φιλαθλητικός Όμιλος Βριλησσίων) is Greek volleyball club based in Vrilissia, Athens. It
Jul 4th 2016

.fo is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the Faroe Islands. The .fo domain was operated by UNI-C, the Danish University Network organisation
Jan 1st 2017

Take Fo' Records
Take Fo' Records is an independent record label from New Orleans which specializes in Bounce music. The label was founded in 1992 by Earl J. Mackie, Eldon
Feb 19th 2017

Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files
Educational Foundation". 2010-10-07. Retrieved 2011-03-23.  FOF review at Fact or Faked: Faked! Written by Karen Stollznow, Thursday
Mar 14th 2017

peripheral (on the side of the membrane that the protons are moving into). Fo-F1 particles are mainly formed of polypeptides. The F1-particle contains 5
Aug 6th 2016

Théâtre des Folies-Marigny
For the later theatre on this site, see Marigny Theatre Marigny. The Theatre des Folies-Marigny, a former Parisian theatre with a capacity of only 300 spectators
Jan 9th 2017

This article is about the structure of a ship. For the annual music festival, see Forecastle-FestivalForecastle Festival. Forecastle (pron. fowk-sul; commonly abbreviated
Apr 27th 2017

Dario Fo
Dario Fo (Italian pronunciation: [ˈdaːrjo ˈfɔ]; 24 March 1926 – 13 October 2016) was an Italian actor–playwright, comedian, singer, theatre director, stage
Apr 25th 2017

A.S.D. Lerici Castle
Lerici-Castle">Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Lerici Castle is an ItalianItalian association football club located in Lerici, Liguria. It currently plays in Promozione
Jul 22nd 2016

Utah Venture Capital Enhancement Act
Fund of Funds (Utah FoF). After legislative tweaks, validating lawsuit, RFP's, financing and more, Mr. Neilson launched the Utah FoF on January 26, 2006
Apr 18th 2017

FO Aquarii
FO Aquarii is an intermediate polar in the constellation Aquarius. The white dwarf and companion star orbit each other with a period of approximately 4
Jan 20th 2017

Folland Gnat
The Folland Gnat is a British compact swept-wing subsonic fighter aircraft developed and produced by Folland Aircraft. Envisioned as an affordable light
Mar 12th 2017

Frets on Fire
Frets on Fire (FoF) was a free, open-source Finnish music video game created by Unreal Voodoo. Players use the keyboard to play along with markers which
Nov 28th 2016

Instituto de Astronomía Teórica y Experimental
(CONAE) I FoF Meeting (2011) II FoF Meeting (2012) III FoF Meeting (2013) IV FoF Meeting (2014) V FoF Meeting (2015) VI FoF Meeting (2016) VII FoF Meeting
Apr 4th 2017

Fan Fo
Fan Fo (Chinese: 范佛 pinyin: Fan Fo, Vietnamese: Phạm Phật) was the king of Champa from 349 to 380, and the son of Fan Wen. In 353, the King was defeated
Oct 21st 2016

1982–83 Philadelphia 76ers season
The 1982–83 Philadelphia 76ers season was the 37th season of the franchise (going back to their days as the Syracuse Nationals) and their 20th season in
Apr 28th 2017

The Three Collas
The Three Collas were, according to medieval Irish legend and historical tradition, the fourth-century sons of Eochaid Doimlen, son of Cairbre Lifechair
Apr 3rd 2017

ATP synthase subunit b, mitochondrial is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the ATP5F1 gene. This gene encodes a subunit of mitochondrial ATP synthase
Jan 6th 2017

Cassa Depositi e Prestiti
Lombardia - Comparto uno Fondo Europeo per gli Investimenti Fondo FoF Private Debt Fondo FoF Venture Capital Fondo Marguerite - 2020 European Fund for Energy
Mar 18th 2017

List of acronyms: F
This list contains acronyms, initialisms, and pseudo-blends  that begin with the letter F. For the purposes of this list: acronym = an abbreviation pronounced
Apr 12th 2017

List of airports by IATA code: F
ListList of airports by IATA IATA code: A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z See also: ListList of
Mar 15th 2017

Strandfaraskip Landsins
ferry service (and separate company) Transport in the Faroe Islands M/Smyril--Aktuelt F Smyril Smyril fer nu at sigla fleiri turar Suouroyingar
Feb 4th 2015

F/A-XX Program
F/A-XX is a development and acquisition program for a future sixth-generation air superiority fighter to replace the United States Navy's F/A-18E/F Super
Apr 21st 2017

FC Suðuroy
FC Suouroy is a Faroese Football club, which was founded in January 2010 and consists currently of the former clubs VB Vagur (founded in 1905) and SI Sumba
Apr 23rd 2017

2-phospho-L-lactate transferase
2-phospho-L-lactate transferase (EC, LPPG:Fo 2-phospho-L-lactate transferase, LPPG:7,8-didemethyl-8-hydroxy-5-deazariboflavin 2-phospho-L-lactate
May 15th 2016

Fludeoxyglucose (18F)
Fludeoxyglucose (18F) (INN), or fludeoxyglucose F 18 (USAN and USP), also commonly called fluorodeoxyglucose and abbreviated [18F]FDG, 18F-FDG or FDG,
Feb 25th 2017

Cofactor F430
F430 is the prosthetic group of the enzyme methyl coenzyme M reductase. This enzyme catalyzes the release of methane in the final step of methanogenesis:
Feb 5th 2017

Fallopia multiflora
achene 2.5–3 mm (0.098–0.118 in) long. Another name for F. multiflora is fo-ti. F. multiflora is used in traditional Chinese medicine as a tonic and an
Mar 7th 2017

Acetyl fluoride
Acetyl fluoride is an acyl halide with the chemical formula C2H3FO. Acetyl fluoride is synthesized using hydrogen fluoride and acetic anhydride. Acetic
Mar 13th 2017

Finite model theory
Finite model theory (MT FMT) is a subarea of model theory (MT). MT is the branch of mathematical logic which deals with the relation between a formal language
Apr 27th 2017

Tvøroyri Municipality
Tvoroyri-MunicipalityTvoroyri Municipality (Tvoroyrar kommuna) is a municipality of the Faroe Islands with Tvoroyri as its administrative centre. The municipality is one of
Mar 23rd 2017

Efraim Racker
Efraim Racker (June 28, 1913 – September 9, 1991) was an Austrian biochemist who was responsible for identifying and purifying Factor 1 (F1), the first
Mar 20th 2016

"ATP6ATP6" redirects here. For the nuclear genes, see V-ATPaseATPase and ATPaseATPase. MT-ATP6ATP6 (or ATP6ATP6) is a mitochondrial gene encoding the ATP synthase Fo subunit
Jan 14th 2017

7,8-didemethyl-8-hydroxy-5-deazariboflavin synthase
7,8-didemethyl-8-hydroxy-5-deazariboflavin synthase (EC, FO synthase) is an enzyme with systematic name 5-amino-6-(D-ribitylamino)uracil:4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate
May 15th 2016

Paul Legrand
Paul Legrand (1816–1898), born Charles-Dominique-Martin Legrand, was a highly regarded and influential French mime who turned the Pierrot of his predecessor
Feb 14th 2017

Gilli Sørensen
Gilli Rolantsson Sorensen (born 11 August 1992), commonly known as Gilli Rolantsson, is a Faroese professional footballer who plays for Norwegian club
Apr 26th 2017

McLaren MP4/12
in particular that of the engine. The FO110E engine was replaced with FO110F engine from the French Grand Prix, but the trouble happened frequently to
May 14th 2016

Poul F. Joensen
Dahl, Bokmentasoga 2, from page 104; Fannir, 1981, Poul F. Joensen, Poul F. Joensen Eivindarodn, Greinar 1979–2011. Faroe University
Jan 9th 2017

LL parser
In computer science, an LL parser is a top-down parser for a subset of context-free languages. It parses the input from Left to right, performing Leftmost
Mar 24th 2017

Poul Michelsen
Poul Johan Sundberg Michelsen (born 22 July 1944 in Torshavn) is a Faroese business man and politician, the leader of Progress (Framsokn), which he and
Mar 31st 2017

James F. Woodward
James F. Woodward is a professor emeritus of history and an adjunct professor of physics at California State University, Fullerton. He is best known for
Apr 29th 2017

ATP synthase subunit e, mitochondrial is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the ATP5I gene. Mitochondrial ATP synthase catalyzes ATP synthesis, utilizing
Jan 6th 2017

ATP synthase, H+ transporting, mitochondrial F1 complex, alpha 1
ATP synthase subunit alpha, mitochondrial is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the ATP5A1 gene. This gene encodes a subunit of mitochondrial ATP
Jan 14th 2017

Inhibitor protein
The inhibitor protein (IP) is situated in the mitochondrial matrix and protects the cell against rapid ATP hydrolysis during momentary ischaemia. In oxygen
Apr 27th 2011

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