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Folk rock
Folk rock is a music genre combining elements of folk music and rock music. In its earliest and narrowest sense, the term referred to a genre that arose
May 3rd 2017

Folk music
Folk music includes both traditional music and the genre that evolved from it during the 20th century folk revival. The term originated in the 19th century
May 20th 2017

Electric folk
Electric folk is the name given to the form of folk rock pioneered in England from the late 1960s, and most significant in the 1970s, which then was taken
Apr 10th 2017

American folk music revival
The American folk-music revival was a phenomenon in the United States that began during the 1940s and peaked in popularity in the mid-1960s. Its roots
Apr 1st 2017

Folk religion
Folk religion, alongside popular religion and vernacular religion, are terms used within religious studies and folkloristics to describe various forms
Jan 14th 2017

Contemporary folk music
Contemporary folk music refers to a wide variety of genres that emerged in the mid 20th century and afterwards which were associated with traditional folk
May 22nd 2017

Ukrainian folk music
Ukrainian folk music includes a number of varieties of traditional, folkloric, folk-inspired popular and folk-inspired classical traditions. In the 20th
Feb 20th 2017

Psychedelic folk
Psychedelic folk (sometimes "acid folk" or "freak folk") is a loosely defined form of psychedelia that originated in the 1960s. It retains the largely
May 10th 2017

British folk revival
The British folk revival incorporates a number of movements for the collection, preservation and performance of traditional music in the United Kingdom
Dec 29th 2016

Newport Folk Festival
Newport-Folk-Festival">The Newport Folk Festival is an American annual folk-oriented music festival in Newport, Rhode Island, which began in July 1959 as a counterpart to the
Mar 23rd 2017

Era Ojdanić
Andrija "Era" Ojdanić (Serbian-CyrillicSerbian Cyrillic Ера Ојданић) is a Serbian pop-folk singer. Beside singing career, he owns a motel on Ibar highway. Ojdanic's short
Jan 23rd 2017

Philippine folk music
The traditional music of the Philippines, like the folk music of other countries, reflects the life of common, mostly rural Filipino. Like its counterparts
Apr 18th 2017

Folk music of England
The folk music of England is traditionally based music, which has existed since the later medieval period. It is often contrasted with courtly, classical
May 15th 2017

Museum of International Folk Art
The Museum of International Folk Art is a state-run institution in Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States. It is one of many cultural institutions operated
Jan 5th 2017

American Folk Art Museum
The American Folk Art Museum is an art museum in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, at 2, Lincoln Square, Columbus Avenue at 66th Street. It is the premier
May 7th 2017

Ulster Folk and Transport Museum
The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum is situated in Cultra, Northern Ireland, about 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) east of the city of Belfast. It comprises two
Mar 30th 2017

Turkish folk music
TurkishTurkish folk music (Türk Halk Müziği) combines the distinct cultural values of all civilisations that have lived in Turkey and its former territories in
Apr 25th 2017

American folk music
The term American folk music encompasses numerous music genres, variously known as traditional music, traditional folk music, contemporary folk music,
Mar 27th 2017

Scottish folk music
Scottish folk music (also Scottish traditional music) is music that uses forms that are identified as part of the Scottish musical tradition. There is
May 8th 2017

Gerde's Folk City
Gerdes Folk City (sometimes spelled Gerde's Folk City) was a music venue in the West Village, part of Greenwich Village, Manhattan, in New York City. Initially
Apr 28th 2017

Australian folk music
See also: Australian Indigenous Australian music Australian folk music is a term which may be applied to traditional music from the large variety of immigrant
Apr 17th 2017

Cunning folk
Cunning folk, also known as folk healers or (more rarely) as white witches, are practitioners of folk medicine, folk magic, and divination within the context
Apr 8th 2017

Folk metal
Folk metal is a fusion genre of heavy metal music and traditional folk music that developed in Europe during the 1990s. It is characterised by the widespread
Apr 19th 2017

Chinese folk religion
Chinese folk religion (Chinese popular religion) or Han folk religion is the religious tradition of the Han people, including veneration of forces of nature
May 18th 2017

Music of the United Kingdom
Throughout its history, the United Kingdom has been a major exporter and source of musical innovation, drawing its cultural basis from the history of the
Apr 20th 2017

Ulster American Folk Park
The Ulster American Folk Park is an open-air museum just outside Omagh, in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. With more than 30 exhibit buildings to explore
May 21st 2017

Elizabethan era
The Elizabethan era is the epoch in English history marked by the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1558–1603). Historians often depict it as the golden age
May 24th 2017

Era (Elvenking album)
Era is the seventh studio album released by the Italian folk/power metal band, Elvenking. The album returns more to the band's traditional sound of folk
Mar 23rd 2017

Era of Manifestations
The Era of Manifestations was a period from 1837 to the mid-1850s when Shakers came under a spiritual revival marked by visions and ecstatic experiences
Jan 31st 2017

Bangkok Folk Museum
Bangkok-Folk-MuseumBangkok Folk Museum, or Bangkokian-MuseumBangkokian Museum (Thai: พิพิธภัณฑ์ชาวบางกอก, rtgs: Phiphithaphan Chao Bang Kok), is a museum in Bangkok, Thailand. It is located
Jun 16th 2016

Anthology of American Folk Music
The Anthology of American Folk Music is a six-album compilation released in 1952 by Folkways Records (catalogue FP 251, FP 252, and FP 253), comprising
Feb 14th 2017

Canadian folk music
Canada's most influential folk artists emerged in the contemporary folk music era, notably Bruce Cockburn, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Ferron, Gordon Lightfoot
Oct 7th 2016

Folk music festival of Siglufjordur
A five days music event is held annually at the Folk Music Center in Siglufjordur North Iceland. The festival commences on the first Wednesday of July
Apr 2nd 2016

Charlie King (folk singer)
Charlie King is a folk singer and activist. He was born and raised in Brockton, Massachusetts in 1947 and cites the folk music revival of the 1960s, the
Nov 30th 2016

Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music, Vol. 4
Harry Smith's Anthology of American-Folk-MusicAmerican Folk Music, Volume 4 is a two-disc compilation of twenty-eight American folk recordings originally released on 78 rpm
Mar 7th 2017

Plain Folk of the Old South
Plain Folk of the Old South is a 1949 book by Vanderbilt University historian Frank Lawrence Owsley, one of the Southern Agrarians. In it he used statistical
Oct 5th 2016

Mormon folk music
Mormon folk music was folk music sung by Mormon pioneers in present-day Utah from the mid-19th century through the early 20th century. A historical component
Jun 15th 2016

Medieval folk rock
Medieval folk rock, medieval rock or medieval folk is a musical subgenre that emerged in the early 1970s in England and Germany which combined elements
Dec 18th 2016

Traditional medicine
For traditional medicine as the mainstream practice not involving alternative medicine, see Medicine. Traditional medicine (also known as indigenous
Apr 23rd 2017

Legacy: A Collection of New Folk Music
Legacy: A Collection of New Folk Music and Legacy II: A Collection of Singer-songwriters are a pair of compilations that were released by Windham Hill
Feb 2nd 2015

Folk Music Club (North Texas)
The Folk Music Club was an organization founded in 1963 at the University of North Texas that attracted student musicians, several of whom went on with
May 18th 2017

Troubadours of Folk
Heather. Troubadours of Folk at AllMusic Troubadours of Folk at AllMusic Troubadours of the Folk Era, Volume Two, CD, Rhino Records, 1992, liner notes
Jan 14th 2017

Bunad (Norwegian: [²bʉːnɑd], plural: bunader) is a Norwegian umbrella term encompassing, in its broadest sense, a range of both traditional rural clothes
May 18th 2017

Turkish folk literature
Turkish folk literature is an oral tradition deeply rooted, in its form, in Central Asian nomadic traditions. However, in its themes, Turkish folk literature
Aug 27th 2015

Music of Bulgaria
The music of Bulgaria refers to all forms of music associated with the country of Bulgaria, including classical, folk, popular music, and other forms.
May 15th 2017

Just Folk
Just Folk is a 1965 AustralianAustralian television aired on Sydney station ATN-7 (it is not clear if it was shown on any other stations across Australia). It was
Dec 15th 2016

Era Bator Sur
Era Bator Sur (Assamese: এৰা বাটৰ সুৰ) is a 1956 Assamese film directed by Bhupen Hazarika and produced by BP Films. The film was choreographed by Priyambada
Dec 24th 2016

Chinese folk art
Chinese folk art are artistic forms inherited from a regional or ethnic scene in China. Usually there are some variation between provinces. Individual
Apr 24th 2017

Music of Serbia
nickname - King of Folk Music. One of the best representatives of turbo-folk era would certainly be Mica Trofrtaljka (Drz' se ćeri čvrstog kursa, I labavi
May 22nd 2017

Kandyan Era Frescoes
KandyanKandyan era frescoes are mural paintings created during the Kingdom of Kandy (1469–1815) in Sri Lanka, a time when kings gave a special place to arts and
Apr 1st 2017

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