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Frazier is a Scottish surname. Notable people with the surname include: Adam Frazier (born 1991), American baseball player Charles Frazier (born 1950)
May 23rd 2017

Joe Frazier
Joseph William "Joe" Frazier (January 12, 1944 – November 7, 2011), nicknamed "Smokin' Joe", was an American professional boxer who competed from 1965
May 9th 2017

Walt Frazier
Walter "Clyde" Frazier (born March 29, 1945) is an American former basketball player in the Association">National Basketball Association (NBA). As their floor general
Apr 19th 2017

Wayne Frazier
William Wayne "Cotton" Frazier, Sr. (March 5, 1939 – March 11, 2012) was a professional American football center who played four seasons in the American
Aug 29th 2016

Lynn Frazier
Lynn Joseph Frazier (December 21, 1874 – January 11, 1947) was a politician from North Dakota, serving as a U.S. Senator from 1923 to 1941 and the 12th
Jan 9th 2017

Ian Frazier
Ian Frazier (born 1951 in Cleveland, Ohio) is an American writer and humorist. He wrote the 1989 non-fiction history Great Plains, 2010's non-fiction
Apr 11th 2017

Frazier Wells, Arizona
Frazier Wells, sometimes known as Frazier Well or Fraziers Well, is a populated place situated in Coconino County, Arizona. It has an estimated elevation
Mar 17th 2017

Curtis Frazier
J. Curtis Frazier (born December 11, 1955) is an American surgeon and politician from Springfield, Missouri. He was the vice-presidential nominee of the
Feb 27th 2017

James B. Frazier Jr.
Frazier-Jr">James Beriah Frazier Jr. (June 23, 1890 – October 30, 1978) was a U.S. Democratic politician. Frazier was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His father
Jan 21st 2017

Leslie Frazier
Leslie Antonio Frazier (born April 3, 1959) is an American football coach and former cornerback. He served as the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings
May 4th 2017

Frazier History Museum
2578472; -85.764472 The Frazier History Museum (formerly the Frazier Historical Arms Museum and, more recently, the Frazier International History Museum)
Jan 23rd 2017

Kendrick Frazier
Kendrick Crosby Frazier (born March 19, 1942) is a science writer and longtime editor of Skeptical Inquirer magazine. He is also a former editor of Science
May 24th 2017

Frazier Mountain
Frazier Mountain is a broad, pine-forested peak in the Transverse Ranges System, within the Los Padres National Forest in northeastern Ventura County
Apr 17th 2017

Tommie Frazier
Tommie James Frazier, Jr., (born July 16, 1974), is a former American college and professional football player who was an award-winning quarterback for
May 9th 2017

Frazier Reams
For his son, see Frazier Reams Jr. Henry Frazier Reams Sr., generally known as Frazier Reams, (15 January 1897 – 15 September 1971) was an American politician
Apr 6th 2017

Dallas Frazier
Frazier Dallas Frazier (born October 27, 1939) is an American country musician and songwriter who had success in the 1950s and 1960s. Frazier was born in Spiro
May 20th 2017

E. Franklin Frazier
Franklin Frazier (/ˈfreɪʒər/; September 24, 1894 – May 17, 1962), was an American sociologist and author, publishing as E. Franklin Frazier. His 1932
Nov 26th 2016

James B. Frazier
James Beriah Frazier (October 18, 1856 – March 28, 1937) was an American politician who served as Governor of Tennessee from 1903 to 1905, and subsequently
Mar 18th 2017

Adam Frazier
Adam Timothy Frazier (born December 14, 1991) is an American professional baseball second baseman and outfielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates of Major League
May 19th 2017

Kenneth Frazier
"Ken Frazier" redirects here. For the science writer, see Kendrick Frazier. Kenneth Carleton Frazier (born (1954-12-17)December 17, 1954) is an American
May 4th 2017

Robert Frazier
FrazierFrazierRobert Frazier may refer to: FrazierFrazierRobert Frazier (writer) (born 1951), American writer Frazier Rob Frazier (born 1953), American Christian musician Robert F. Frazier (born
Oct 10th 2016

Jackie Frazier-Lyde
Jacqueline "Jacqui" Frazier-Lyde (born Jacqueline Frazier; December 2, 1961) is an American lawyer and former professional boxer, who is the daughter
Apr 7th 2017

Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier II
non-title boxing match between Ali Muhammad Ali and Frazier Joe Frazier. The second of the three AliFrazier bouts, it took place at Madison Square Garden in New
Mar 18th 2017

Kiehl Frazier
Kiehl Frazier (born October 2, 1992) is an American football quarterback and safety. He attended Ouachita Baptist University in 2014, having attended
Feb 5th 2017

Tobias W. Frazier
Tobias William Frazier, Sr. (1892–1975) was a full-blood Choctaw Indian who was a member of the famous fourteen Choctaw Code Talkers. The Code Talkers
Mar 19th 2017

Frazier Park, California
Frazier Park is an unincorporated community in Kern County, California. It is 5 miles (8 km) west of Lebec, at an elevation of 4,639 feet (1,414 m). It
May 10th 2017

Thyrsa Frazier Svager
Thyrsa Anne Frazier Svager (June 16, 1930 – July 23, 1999) was an American academic who was one of the first African-American women to gain a PhD in mathematics
May 6th 2017

Frazier–Lemke Farm Bankruptcy Act
The FrazierAct Lemke Farm Bankruptcy Act was an Act of Congress passed in the United States in 1934 that restricted the ability of banks to repossess farms
Feb 20th 2016

Cie Frazier
Josiah "Cie" Frazier (February 23, 1904 – January 10, 1985) was an American jazz drummer. Frazier studied drums under several New Orleans jazz musicians
Feb 6th 2017

George Frazier
For other people named George Frazier, see George Frazier (disambiguation). George Francis Frazier Jr. (June 10, 1911 – June 13, 1974) was an American
Feb 15th 2017

O. H. Frazier
O.H. "Bud" Frazier, M.D. is Chief of Cardiopulmonary Transplantation, Program Director and Chief of the Center for Cardiac Support, and Director of Cardiovascular
Oct 9th 2016

Brenda Frazier
Not to be confused with Brendan Fraser. Brenda Diana Duff Frazier (June 9, 1921 – May 3, 1982) was an American socialite popular during the Depression
May 7th 2017

George Frazier (pitcher)
George Allen Frazier (born October 13, 1954), is a former professional baseball player who pitched in the Major Leagues from 1978–1987, primarily as a
May 5th 2017

James Frazier
Frazier James Frazier may refer to: James B. Frazier (1856–1937), American politician, U.S. Senator James B. Frazier, Jr. (1890–1978), American politician, U.S
Oct 14th 2016

Joe Frazier vs. George Foreman
Joe Frazier vs. George Foreman, billed as "The Sunshine Showdown", was a professional boxing match in Jamaica contested on January 22, 1973 for the WBA
Mar 1st 2017

Ryan Frazier
Ryan L. Frazier (born September 8, 1977) is an American public figure and businessman who is the Managing Director of Frazier Global, a management consulting
Apr 27th 2017

Jan Scott-Frazier
Scott-Frazier (born Scott Frazier) is an American who has worked in various roles of the Japanese anime industry for 13 years, including producer. Frazier was
Jun 17th 2016

Jim Frazier
Jim Frazier may refer to: Jim Frazier (inventor) (born 1940), Australian inventor, naturalist and cinematographer Jim Frazier (politician), American politician
Jul 19th 2015

LaGaylia Frazier
LaGaylia Frazier (born February 16, 1961) is an American-born Swedish singer who specializes in R&B and jazz. LaGaylia Frazier was born in Miami, Florida
May 17th 2017

USS Frazier (DD-607)
USS Frazier (DD-607) was a Benson-class destroyer in the United States Navy during World War II. She was named for Daniel Frazier, a US Navy sailor who
Oct 10th 2016

Henry Frazier, III
Frazier Henry Frazier, III (born March 20, 1968) is an American football coach and former player. Most recently, Frazier was the head football coach at North Carolina
May 9th 2017

Susie Frazier
Susie Frazier (born August 21, 1970 in Inglewood, California), also known as Susie Frazier Mueller, is an environmental artist who designs fine art and
Nov 9th 2016

Frazier Boutelle
Frazier Augustus Boutelle (September 12, 1840 – February 12, 1924) served in the US Army for 57 years, fighting in the Civil War and the Indian Wars and
Apr 24th 2017

Owsley Brown Frazier
Owsley Brown Frazier (May 7, 1935 – August 16, 2012) was a philanthropist from Louisville, Kentucky United States who founded the Frazier History Museum
Mar 18th 2017

Frazier v. Cupp
Frazier v. Cupp, 394 U.S. 731 (1969), was a United States Supreme Court case that affirmed the legality of deceptive interrogation tactics. Acting on
Dec 2nd 2016

Joe Frazier (baseball)
Joseph Filmore Frazier (October 6, 1922 – February 15, 2011) was an outfielder and manager in Major League Baseball. He was signed as an amateur free
Dec 15th 2016

Michael Frazier II
Michael Frazier II (born March 8, 1994) is an American professional basketball player for Scaligera Basket Verona of the Italian Serie A2 Citroen. He
Oct 22nd 2016

Frazier Park
Frazier Park may refer to: Frazier Park, California, an unincorporated village in Kern County, California Frazier Park (Charlotte, North Carolina), an
Dec 26th 2015

Keith Frazier (musician)
Frazier Keith Frazier is one of the founding members of Rebirth Brass Band. In the band, Frazier plays the bass drum with a cymbal mounted on top. He plays the
Oct 10th 2016

Todd Frazier
Todd Brian Frazier (born February 12, 1986) is an American professional baseball third baseman for the Chicago White Sox of Major League Baseball (MLB)
May 24th 2017

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