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French (French: Francais(e)) may refer to: French, an adjective referring to something of, from, or related to France French language, a Romance language
Mar 21st 2017

French Revolution
For other uses, see French-RevolutionFrench Revolution (disambiguation). The French-RevolutionFrench Revolution (French: Revolution francaise [ʁevɔlysjɔ̃ fʁɑ̃sɛːz]) was a period of far-reaching
Apr 23rd 2017

French people
FrenchmanFrenchman (disambiguation). French The French (French: Francais) are an ethnic group and nation who are identified with the country of France. This connection may be
Apr 24th 2017

French language
historically spoken in northern France and in southern Belgium, which French (Francien) has largely supplanted. French was also influenced by native Celtic
Apr 24th 2017

French Polynesia
French-PolynesiaFrench Polynesia (i/ˈfrɛntʃ pɒlᵻˈniːʒə/; French: PolynesiePolynesie francaise [pɔlinezi fʁɑ̃sɛz]; Tahitian: Pōrīnetia Farāni) is an overseas collectivity of the
Apr 23rd 2017

French colonial empire
French The French colonial empire constituted the overseas colonies, protectorates and mandate territories that came under French rule from the 16th century onward
Apr 24th 2017

French Open
see Open de France. For the badminton tournament, see French Open (badminton). The French Open, often referred to as Roland Garros (French: [ʁɔlɑ̃ ɡaʁɔs])
Apr 9th 2017

French Canadians
For other uses, see French Canadian (disambiguation). "Canadien", "Canadiens", and "French Canada" redirect here. For the hockey team, see Montreal Canadiens
Apr 24th 2017

French Indochina
French-IndochinaFrench-IndoFrench Indochina (previously spelled as French-IndoFrench Indo-China) (French: Indochine francaise; Khmer: សហភាពឥណ្ឌូចិន; Vietnamese: Đong Dương thuộc Phap, IPA: [ɗə̄wŋm
Apr 24th 2017

French Navy
about the naval forces of the French-RepublicFrench Republic. For the Camera Obscura song, see My Maudlin Career. French-Navy">The French Navy (French: Marine nationale, "national
Apr 9th 2017

French Guiana
African colony of French Guinea. "GUF" redirects here. For the union groups that also use "GUF", see global union federation. French Guiana (pronounced
Apr 21st 2017

French cuisine
the 2015 film, see French-CuisineFrench Cuisine (film). French cuisine consists of the cooking traditions and practices from France. In the 14th century
Apr 21st 2017

French Americans
American-FrenchAmerican French. For other interpretations, see Franco-American. French Americans (French: Americains francais), also called Franco-Americans (French: Franco-Americains)
Apr 17th 2017

French Algeria
French-AlgerAlgeriaFrench AlgerAlgeria (French: AlgerAlger to 1839, then AlgerAlgerie afterward; unofficially AlgerAlgerie francaise, Arabic: الجزائر الفرنسية‎‎, Al-Jaza'ir al-Fransiyah) began
Apr 25th 2017

Swiss French
French Swiss French (French: francais de Suisse) is the variety of French spoken in the French-speaking area of Switzerland known as Romandy. French is one of
Apr 21st 2017

Old French
Old French (franceis, francois, romanz; Modern French ancien francais) was the Gallo-Romance dialect continuum spoken from the 9th century to the 14th
Apr 20th 2017

French literature
to the right. French literature is, generally speaking, literature written in the French language, particularly by citizens of France; it may also refer
Apr 3rd 2017

French Armed Forces
French-Armed-Forces The French Armed Forces (French: Forces armees francaises) encompass the French Army, the French Navy, the French Air Force, the French National Guard
Apr 23rd 2017

about the country. For other uses, see France (disambiguation). France (French: [fʁɑ̃s]), officially the French Republic (Republique francaise [ʁepyblik
Apr 25th 2017

French Revolutionary Wars
The French Revolutionary Wars were a series of sweeping military conflicts, lasting from 1792 until 1802, resulting from the French Revolution. They pitted
Apr 19th 2017

French and Indian War
For the series of conflicts between 1688 and 1763, see French and Indian Wars. The French and Indian War (1754–1763) comprised the North American
Apr 17th 2017

French Resistance
French-ResistanceFrench Resistance (French: La Resistance) was the collection of French resistance movements that fought against the Nazi German occupation of France and
Apr 21st 2017

French West Indies
The term French-West-IndiesFrench West Indies or French-AntillesFrench Antilles (French: Antilles francaises) refers to the seven territories currently under French sovereignty in the
Feb 16th 2017

Quebec French
French Quebec French (French: francais quebecois; also known as Quebecois French or simply Quebecois) is the predominant variety of the French language in Canada
Apr 24th 2017

French nobility
French The French nobility (French: la noblesse) was a privileged social class in France during the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period to the revolution
Apr 15th 2017

French nationality law
attribution of French nationality can be due to filiation. (Jus sanguinis) The attribution of French nationality can be given by birth in France (Jus soli)
Mar 26th 2017

Varieties of French
Dialects of the French language are spoken in France and around the world. The francophones of France generally use Metropolitan French (spoken in Paris
Apr 17th 2017

List of French monarchs
French". This article lists all rulers to have held the title "King of the Franks", "King of France", "King of the French" or "Emperor of the French"
Apr 23rd 2017

French orthography
French orthography encompasses the spelling and punctuation of the French language. It is based on a combination of phonemic and historical principles
Mar 19th 2017

French First Republic
of France, the First Republic, officially the French-RepublicFrench Republic (French: Republique francaise), was founded on 21 September 1792 during the French Revolution
Apr 18th 2017

Colonial French
Colonial French (commonly known as Louisiana-French">Colonial Louisiana-FrenchLouisiana French) is a variety of Louisiana-FrenchLouisiana French. It is associated with the Cajun French dialect and Louisiana
Dec 20th 2016

French wine
French wine is produced all throughout France, in quantities between 50 and 60 million hectolitres per year, or 7–8 billion bottles. France is one of
Apr 11th 2017

French poetry
French poetry is a category of French literature. It may include Francophone poetry composed outside France and poetry written in other languages of France
Oct 27th 2016

Louisiana French
French Louisiana French (French: francais de la Louisiane, Louisiana Creole: france la lwizyan) refers to the group of French dialects spoken in the U.S. state
Feb 17th 2017

List of French possessions and colonies
article. For current French possessions see French overseas departments and territories During the 19th and 20th centuries, the French colonial empire
Apr 21st 2017

French fries
(disambiguation). French fries (American-English">North American English (American/Canadian)), chips (British English), fries, finger chips (Indian English), or French-fried potatoes
Apr 6th 2017

French Fourth Republic
The French Fourth Republic was the republican government of France between 1946 and 1958, governed by the fourth republican constitution. It was in many
Apr 9th 2017

Flag of France
France is a tricolour flag featuring three vertical bands coloured blue (hoist side), white, and red. It is known to English speakers as the French Tricolour
Apr 25th 2017

Lists of French films
alphabetical list of French films see Category:French films. French films before 1910 Film portal France portal Lists portal
Jan 9th 2017

Free France
France: From Dunkerque to Belfort. Free France and its French-Forces Free French Forces (French: France Libre and Forces francaises libres) were the government-in-exile
Mar 6th 2017

Departments of France
In the administrative divisions of France, the department (French: departement, pronounced: [depaʁt(ə)mɑ̃]) is one of the three levels of government below
Apr 14th 2017

Communes of France
Paris Commune. The commune (French pronunciation: ​[kɔmyn]) is a level of administrative division in the French Republic. French communes are roughly equivalent
Apr 12th 2017

Canadian French
French Canadian French (French: francais canadien) is the various varieties of a French language spoken in Canada. In 2005, the total number of speakers of French in
Apr 23rd 2017

French hip hop
French hip hop is the hip hop music style which was developed in French-speaking countries. By 1982 and 1983, a number of hip hop radio shows had appeared
Apr 3rd 2017

Overseas France
same status as mainland France's regions. French The French constitution provides that, in general, French laws and regulations (France's civil code, penal code
Apr 24th 2017

French Parliament
institution, see Parlement. French-Parliament">The French Parliament (French: Parlement francais) is the bicameral legislature of the French Republic, consisting of the Senate
Apr 22nd 2017

President of France
President The President of the French-RepublicFrench Republic (French: President de la Republique francaise, French pronunciation: ​[pʁezidɑ̃ də la ʁepyblik fʁɑ̃sɛz]), is the
Apr 24th 2017

French Third Republic
French-Third-Republic">The French Third Republic (French: La Troisieme Republique, sometimes written as La IIIe Republique) was the system of government adopted in France from
Apr 25th 2017

Standard French
French Standard French (in French: le francais standard, le francais norme, le francais neutre [Neutral French] or le francais international [International French],
Mar 12th 2016

French colonization of the Americas
The French colonization of the Americas began in the 16th century, and continued on into the following centuries as France established a colonial empire
Mar 30th 2017

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