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Full disclosure
Full disclosure or Full Disclosure may refer to: Full disclosure, the acknowledgement of possible conflicts of interest in one's work Computers Full disclosure
Feb 24th 2017

Full disclosure (mailing list)
Full disclosure is a "lightly moderated" security mailing list generally used for discussion about information security and disclosure of vulnerabilities
Sep 5th 2016

Full disclosure (computer security)
This article is about vulnerability disclosure. For other uses, see Full disclosure (disambiguation). In the field of computer security, independent researchers
Feb 2nd 2017

Full Disclosure (2005 film)
Full Disclosure is a 2005 short film about a man who decides to try dating with a policy of "Full Disclosure", revealing all his faults, big and small
Nov 24th 2012

extraterrestrial life by the United States government or other world governments Full disclosure (disambiguation) All pages with a title containing Disclosure
May 17th 2017

Sufficiency of disclosure
innovative aspects. The purpose of the “best mode” requirement is to ensure full disclosure, such that the inventor may not “disclose only what he knows to be
Oct 28th 2016

Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act of 1968
Act The Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act of 1968 (ILSFDA or ILSA or "Act") was an act of Congress passed in 1968 to facilitate regulation of interstate
Apr 17th 2017

Operation Full Disclosure
Operation Full Disclosure (Hebrew: מבצע חשיפה מלאה‎‎) was a military operation carried out by the Israel Defense Forces on March 5, 2014 in the Red Sea
Mar 29th 2017

Full Disclosure (The West Wing)
"Full Disclosure" is the 103rd episode episode of The West Wing, and fifteenth of its fifth season. It originally aired on NBC February 25, 2004. Events
May 3rd 2017

Full Disclosure (2001 film)
Full Disclosure is a 2001 thriller film starring Fred Ward, Christopher Plummer, Rachel Ticotin and Penelope Ann Miller. It was directed by John Bradshaw
Aug 11th 2016

Responsible disclosure
security term describing a vulnerability disclosure model. It is like full disclosure, with the addition that all stakeholders agree to allow a period of
Apr 5th 2016

Proactive disclosure
a full proactive disclosure model at the federal level. There is an ongoing review of the Access to Information Act and full proactive disclosure in
Mar 15th 2017

Self-disclosure is a process of communication by which one person reveals information about himself or herself to another. The information can be descriptive
Apr 17th 2017

Disclosure (The HAARP Machine album)
Disclosure is the first full-length album by The HAARP Machine, which was released in 2012 through Sumerian Records and is the only album to have the "original"
Mar 27th 2017

Public Law 113-167
States public law, that is entitled "to amend the Act Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act to clarify how the Act applies to condominiums," is a bill that
May 10th 2017

Sufficiency of disclosure in Canadian patent law
then this will not invalidate a patent. As part of their duty of full disclosure and good faith, inventors must reveal their best mode, or "preferred
Feb 28th 2014

Moog for Love
Moog for Love is the seventh extended play recorded by British electronic music duo Disclosure, consisting of brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence. The three-track
Mar 16th 2017

Donald Trump's disclosure of classified information to Russia
President Donald Trump discussed highly classified intelligence during a May 10, 2017, Oval Office meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov
May 22nd 2017

Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act
The Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act (PSDPA) came into force in Canada on April 15, 2007. The Act creates two distinct processes: a disclosure
Jun 17th 2014

Adoption Information Disclosure Act
The Adoption Information Disclosure Act, formally An Act respecting the disclosure of information and records to adopted persons and birth parents, also
Mar 22nd 2017

Latch (song)
"Latch" is a song by English garage-house duo Disclosure. It features the vocals from English singer Sam Smith. It was released as a digital download on
May 19th 2017

Progressive disclosure
Progressive disclosure is an interaction design technique often used in human computer interaction to help maintain the focus of a user's attention by
Mar 23rd 2017

Disclosure and Barring Service
an increased level in supervision, until the return by post of the full disclosure.[citation needed] The process by which the DBS provides criminal record
Mar 20th 2017

Caracal (album)
Caracal is the second studio album by English electronic music duo Disclosure. It was released on 25 September 2015, by PMR and Island Records. Five official
May 11th 2017

Washington State Public Disclosure Commission
Washington-State-Public-Disclosure-Commission">The Washington State Public Disclosure Commission is an agency of the Washington state government that regulates candidates, campaigns and lobbyists. It
May 9th 2017

Voluntary disclosure agreement
In the United States, a voluntary disclosure agreement (VDA), is a program whereby taxpayers can receive certain benefits from proactively disclosing prior
Oct 1st 2015

Network of Disclosure
The Network of Disclosure (also called NOD) was a group of comic book dealers and collectors who pledged to disclose any form of restoration or enhancement
Nov 25th 2016

Liechtenstein disclosure facility
Liechtenstein-Disclosure-Facility">The Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF) is an agreement between the governments of Liechtenstein and the United Kingdom which enables UK citizens to
Dec 11th 2016

Global surveillance disclosures (2013–present)
Ongoing news reports in the international media have revealed operational details about the United States National Security Agency (NSA) and its international
May 17th 2017

Regulation Fair Disclosure
Regulation Fair Disclosure, also commonly referred to as Regulation FD or Reg FD, is a regulation that was promulgated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange
Dec 5th 2016

Exchange Information Disclosure Act
The Exchange Information Disclosure Act (www.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-bill/3362) is a bill that would require the United States Department
Feb 26th 2017

Discovery (law)
Discovery, in the law of the United States and other countries, is a pre-trial procedure in a lawsuit in which each party, through the law of civil procedure
May 1st 2017

Full Metal Jacket
Full Metal Jacket is a 1987 British-American war film directed and produced by Kubrick Stanley Kubrick. The screenplay by Kubrick, Michael Herr, and Gustav Hasford
May 5th 2017

Vulnerability (computing)
another 45-day grace period before publishing a security advisory. Full disclosure is done when all the details of vulnerability is publicized, perhaps
Apr 28th 2017

Commentary on Edward Snowden's disclosure
Commentary on Edward Snowden's disclosure is part of the Reactions to global surveillance disclosures made by Edward Snowden. On June 8, 2013, Director
Apr 14th 2017

Reactions to global surveillance disclosures
The global surveillance disclosure released to media by Edward Snowden has caused tension in the bilateral relations of the United States with several
Apr 14th 2017

SEC v. Rajaratnam
SEC v. Rajaratnam, No. 622 F.3d 159 (2d Cir. 2010), is a United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit case in which defendants Raj Rajaratnam
Mar 14th 2017

Elias Levy
Elias Levy (also known as Aleph One) was the moderator of "Bugtraq", a full disclosure vulnerability mailing list, from May 14, 1996 until October 15, 2001
Mar 23rd 2017

Timeline of global surveillance disclosures (2013–present)
This timeline of global surveillance disclosures from 2013 to the present day is a chronological list of the global surveillance disclosures that began
Mar 14th 2017

Access to Adoption Records Act
The Access to Adoption Records Act (known before passage as Bill 12), is an Ontario (Canada) law passed in 2008 regarding the disclosure of information
Mar 20th 2017

Social penetration theory
even with such efforts, as Barry A. Farber puts it, in psychotherapy "full disclosure is more of an ideal than an actuality." Patients are prone to reveal
May 9th 2017

Business Wire
Business Wire is a company that disseminates full-text press releases from thousands of companies and organizations worldwide to news media, financial
Mar 5th 2017

Mohawk Industries, Inc. v. Carpenter
Mohawk Industries, Inc. v. Carpenter, 558 U.S. 100 (2009), is a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court held that disclosure orders adverse
Feb 24th 2017

Know-how is a term for practical knowledge on how to accomplish something, as opposed to "know-what" (facts), "know-why" (science), or "know-who" (communication)
Mar 11th 2017

McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Commission
McIntyre v. Ohio-Elections-CommissionOhio Elections Commission, 514 U.S. 334 (1995), is a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court held that an Ohio statute that prohibits
Aug 24th 2016

Washington Initiative 276
Initiative to the People 276 (or the Public Disclosure Act) was a law approved by the people of Washington in a vote (plebiscite) held in 1972. The law
Mar 3rd 2017

Prospectus (finance)
A prospectus, in finance, is a disclosure document that describes a financial security for potential buyers. It commonly provides investors with material
Feb 6th 2017

Washington Initiative 1185
Washington-Initiative-1185Washington Initiative 1185, was a 2012 initiative in Washington state. It passed with 63.91% of the vote, but portions were declared unconstitutional in
Jul 27th 2015

Bharat Institute of Technology
Bharat Institute of Technology is a private college in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India offering courses in engineering, pharmacy, computer applications and
Nov 14th 2016

Costly state verification
the debtor's performance as long as debt as honored, but there is full disclosure (verification) in case of default. Viewed from the CSV perspective
Mar 23rd 2017

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