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Republican Party (United States)
The Republican Party, commonly referred to as the GOP (abbreviation for Grand Old Party), is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the
May 20th 2017

The Gop
see Republican Party (United States). For other uses, see GOP (disambiguation). The Gop (Welsh: Coparleni) is a neolithic mound[further explanation
Aug 8th 2016

Gop, Odisha
Gop (also known as "Gope") is a town and a NAC under jurisdiction of Puri district in the Indian state of Orissa. It is one of the main block covered
Mar 22nd 2017

Chak No.42 Gop-e-Rah is small village located in Kasur District, Punjab, Pakistan. Gop-e-Rah chak 42 is a small village at a distance of almost 8 kilometers
Mar 18th 2017

Government of Pakistan
The Government of Pakistan (Urdu: حکومتِ پاکستان‎) is a federal government established by the Constitution of Pakistan as a constituted governing authority
May 22nd 2017

GOP (disambiguation)
GOP, short for Grand Old Party, is a nickname for the Republican Party of the United States. GOP or Gop may also refer to: Graphics Output Protocol
Mar 25th 2017

GOP Varieté Essen
Essen">GOP Variete Essen is a theatre in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Coordinates: 51°27′38″N 7°00′45″E / 51.46056°N 7.01250°E / 51.46056; 7.01250
Mar 26th 2016

Gop Temple
The ancient temple of Gop is located at Zinavari village of Jamjodhpur Taluka of Jamnagar district, Gujarat, India. It is dated circa 575-650 AD, one
May 17th 2017

Group of pictures
coding, a group of pictures, or GOP structure, specifies the order in which intra- and inter-frames are arranged. The GOP is a collection of successive
Dec 28th 2016

Missouri Republican Party
Republican Party is the affiliate of the United States Republican Party (GOP) in Missouri. The party Chairman is Todd Graves, brother of Missouri congressman
May 18th 2017

Illinois Republican Party
Want GOP Leadership? June 23, 1993 St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Jourdan Picked to Head State GOP Party. January 10, 1988. Chicago Sun-Times. GOP Taps Suburb
Jan 26th 2017

South Dakota Republican Party
South-Dakota-GOPSouth-Dakota-GOPSouth Dakota GOPSouth Dakota GOP". Retrieved 2016-01-09.  "Republican Party of South-DakotaSouth-Dakota-GOPSouth DakotaSouth Dakota GOP | Republican Party of South
Dec 19th 2016

Republican Party of Florida
The Republican Party of Florida (Florida GOP) is the official organization for Republicans in the state of Florida. Several of Florida's governors and
Apr 26th 2017

Alabama Republican Party
for the committee having been on June 3, 2014. In addition, all 67 County GOP Chairman have automatic seats as voting members. The State Chairman can appoint
May 3rd 2017

History of the United States Republican Party
The Republican Party, also commonly called the GOP (for "Grand Old Party"), is one of the world's oldest extant political parties. It is the second oldest
May 15th 2017

Republican National Convention
GOP-Presidential-CandidateGOP Presidential Candidate) + 1 (GOP-GovernorGOP Governor) + 1 (majority GOP state delegation within the House) + 2 (both state legislative chambers majority GOP
Apr 19th 2017

Idaho Republican Party
the state as well as supermajorities in the House and Senate. The Idaho GOP is also responsible for putting together and executing a Victory Plan that
May 12th 2017

Maine Republican Party
the United States Republican Party (GOP) in Maine. It was founded in Strong, Maine on August 7, 1854. The Maine GOP is noted for its historically strong
Apr 7th 2017

Republican State Leadership Committee
2014). "Delegation Record for .GOP". Retrieved September 14, 2015.  Weathers, Cliff (July 9, 2014). "The 'Dot GOP' Domain Is the Newest — and a Very
Nov 29th 2016

Georgia Republican Party
state of Georgia. It is affiliated with the United States Republican Party (GOP). Governor Nathan Deal is the titular head of the Georgia Republican Party
Apr 18th 2017

Tennessee Republican Party
the Hamilton County Republican Party and vice chairman of the Tennessee GOP under Davis, to complete Davis's two-year term. Republicans won a historic
Mar 24th 2017

Rhode Island Republican Party
Mar 22nd 2017

Maryland Republican Party
Maryland-Republican-PartyMaryland Republican Party is the branch of the United States Republican Party (GOP) located in the state of Maryland, headquartered in Annapolis. Andrew
Apr 14th 2017

Indiana Republican Party
Republican Party is the affiliate of the United States Republican Party (GOP) in the state of Indiana. The chairman of the Indiana Republican State Committee
Apr 10th 2017

Colorado Republican Party
[2]/ Colorado GOP resolution: No voting for Trump Cruz Sweeps Colorado as Trump Campaign Issues Error-Filled Ballots Colorado GOP hastily deletes
Mar 22nd 2017

Republican Party of Virginia
May 31, 2008, Hager was defeated in his bid for re-election at a statewide GOP convention by a strongly conservative member of the House of Delegates, Jeff
Apr 6th 2017

Alaska Republican Party
Republican Party is the affiliate of the United States Republican Party (GOP) in Alaska, headquartered in Anchorage. It is the dominant or majority party
Apr 16th 2017

Republican Party of Minnesota
GOP-FINED">MINNESOTA GOP FINED $170,000 FOR FEC VIOLATIONS BY MIKE MULLEN, [1] Helgeson, Baird; Stassen-Berger, Rachel E. (April 23, 2012). "Debt-laden Minn. GOP notified
May 1st 2017

Republican Party of Wisconsin
Wisconsin is the Wisconsin affiliate of the United States Republican Party (GOP). The state party chair is Brad Courtney. The state party is divided into
May 21st 2017

Ron Paul presidential campaign, 2012
Mitt Romney trailing second with 10%. On August 27, in the Georgia-State-GOP-Straw-Poll-PaulGeorgia State GOP Straw Poll Paul came in a close second place behind Georgia resident Herman
Apr 24th 2017

North Dakota Republican Party
The-North-Dakota-Republican-PartyThe North Dakota Republican Party (ND GOP) is the North Dakota affiliate of the Republican Party. The-Party'sThe Party's platform is generally conservative. The
Feb 16th 2017

Arizona Republican Party "Archived copy". Archived from the original on 2011-09-29. Retrieved 2011-09-30.  AZ GOP - FEDERAL OFFICIALS
Apr 11th 2017

Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania
The Republican Party of Pennsylvania, commonly known as the PA GOP, is based in Harrisburg in the United States state of Pennsylvania. It is affiliated
Feb 24th 2017

2016 Republican National Convention
Fires' Instead of GOP-Convention">Attending GOP Convention". Retrieved July 8, 2016.  Werner, Erica; Jalonick, Mary Clare. "Large number of GOP senators skipping Trump's
May 19th 2017

New York Republican State Committee
established 1855, is an affiliate of the United States Republican Party (GOP). Its headquarters are in Albany, New York. The purpose of the committee
Mar 25th 2017

Republican Party of Iowa
particular the Iowa Republican Caucuses hold the most power when either the GOP is not the party in the presidency or an incumbent is not on the ballot.
Apr 10th 2017

Vermont Republican Party
Johnson won in a landslide victory. The fact that Vermont voted for the GOP in 27 straight Presidential elections is a record for any United States political
Feb 19th 2017

Republican Party presidential primaries, 2016
elected as unbound, have decided to vote for Cruz at the GOP's National Convention The Wyoming GOP elected the remaining 14 of 26 delegates at its State
May 5th 2017

Republican State Committee of Delaware
affiliate of the United States Republican Party (GOP) in Delaware. Developed during the Civil War era, the GOP of Delaware remains one of the two biggest parties
Apr 29th 2017

Nationwide opinion polling for the Republican Party 2016 presidential primaries
Iran".  "Romney has small lead in early GOP polling" (PDF).  "Romney Leads the GOP Pack – For Now".  "2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney is Republicans'
Mar 10th 2017

Republican Party presidential debates and forums, 2012
2011.  "Fireworks Erupt at GOP-Presidential-DebateGOP Presidential Debate in Iowa". Fox News. August 12, 2011.  "Candidates hit hard in testy GOP debate". Retrieved October
Feb 27th 2017

National Republican Congressional Committee
volunteers, donors and 59 members of the House of Representatives, five House GOP challengers won against incumbent Democrats. Four of those were Young Guns
Mar 26th 2017

Illinois Senate elections, 2012
Delgado Incumbent Delgado was first elected to the Senate in 1996. March 20 GOP primary candidates: No candidates have filed. November 6 General election
Jun 29th 2016

Michael Steele
March 1, 2009 White House aide casts Limbaugh as top GOP voice, Associated Press, March 1, 2009 GOP chairman Steele backs off Limbaugh criticism, CNN,
May 2nd 2017

Montana Republican Party
National Committeewoman is Betti Hill (Helena). The headquarters of the Montana-GOPMontana GOP is located in Helena, Montana. The party is a private corporation organized
May 18th 2017

2012 Republican National Convention
Weiner, Rachel (August 26, 2012). "GOP revises convention schedule". The Washington Post. Retrieved August 27, 2012.  "GOP names 2012 site selection committee"
Apr 1st 2017

Albini. The sessions would turn into the band's first real full length, Gop Ist Minee which was released on Kill Rock Stars sister label 5RC. The album
Apr 7th 2017

Straw polls for the Republican Party presidential primaries, 2012
The Green Papers. Retrieved May 8, 2012.  "Results: WMUR, ABC News, NH GOP 2012 Straw Poll". 2011-01-22. Retrieved 2011-03-28
Feb 28th 2017

Newspaper endorsements in the United States presidential primaries, 2012
Hampshire Union Leader. Manchester. Retrieved 20 January 2012.  "Gingrich in GOP primary". The Tampa Tribune. 2012-01-29. Retrieved 2015-05-29.  "Huntsman
Dec 24th 2015

District of Columbia Republican Party
(DC GOP) is the Republican Party organization of Washington, District of Columbia, the rough equivalent to the fifty state-level parties. The DC GOP is
Apr 5th 2017

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