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Galip Cav
Galip Cav (born 3 November 1912, date of death unknown) was a Turkish cyclist. He competed in the team pursuit and time trial events at the 1928 Summer
Jan 7th 2017

Balkar (1936–1983), Turkish diplomat assassinated by Armenian militants Galip Cav (1912–?), Turkish cyclist and participant in the 1928 Summer Olympics
Sep 5th 2014

Cavit Cav
at the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam, Netherlands with his brother Galip Cav in the Turkish team. In 1961, he intended to establish a bicycle manufacturing
Dec 24th 2016

Turkey at the 1928 Summer Olympics
against time Galip Cav - 1.22.3 14th place 1 km scratch Cavit Cav - Requalifying races 4th series, eliminated 4 km pursuit race Galip Cav, Yunus Nüzhet
Dec 9th 2016

Cycling at the 1928 Summer Olympics – Men's team pursuit
Oksiutycz  Switzerland (SUI) Erich Fas Gustave Moos Heinz Gilgen Joseph Fischler  Turkey (TUR) Galip Cav Yunus Nüzhet Unat Cavit Cav Tacettin Oztürkmen
Mar 31st 2017

Cycling at the 1928 Summer Olympics – Men's track time trial
0  Bertie Donnelly (IRL) 1:19.0 13  Erich Fas (SUI) 1:19.2 14  Eduardo Maillard (CHI) 1:20.1 15  Franz Dusika (AUT) 1:22.0 16  Galip Cav (TUR) 1:22.3
Mar 23rd 2017

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