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Politics of Germany
Development (BMZ) and carried out by the implementing organisations. The German government sees development policy as a joint responsibility of the international
Apr 3rd 2017

Cabinet of Germany
The Cabinet of GermanyGermany (German: Bundeskabinett or Bundesregierung) is the chief executive body of the Federal Republic of GermanyGermany. It consists of the Chancellor
Mar 27th 2017

General Government
among other things: on October 31, 1939, for any acts against the German government; on January 21, 1940, for economic speculation; on February 20, 1940
Apr 19th 2017

German-speaking Community of Belgium
German The German-speaking Community of Belgium (German: Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft Belgiens [ˈdɔʏ̯tʃˌʃpʁaːxɪɡə ɡəˈmaɪ̯nʃaft ˈbɛlɡi̯əns], DG; French: Communaute
Apr 30th 2017

Chancellor of Germany
arms of the German Government Incumbent Angela Merkel since 22 November 2005 Executive Branch of the German Federal Government Style Madam
Mar 29th 2017

States of Germany
This article is about the states of modern Germany. For other uses, see States of Germany (disambiguation). Germany is a federal republic consisting of
Apr 27th 2017

Czechoslovak government-in-exile
Czechoslovak">The Czechoslovak government-in-exile, sometimes styled officially as the Provisional Government of CzechoslovakiaCzechoslovakia (Czech: Prozatimni statni zřizeni československe)
Apr 27th 2017

List of Chancellors of Germany
as East Germany). The list below gives the Chancellors of West Germany; the government of East Germany was headed by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers
Mar 23rd 2017

German Empire
in Russia and its population's desire to end the war. In 1917 the German government allowed Russia's communist Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin to travel
Apr 24th 2017

Flensburg Government
south – there was, in consequence, no semblance any longer of a German central government, and most of the members of von Krosigk's cabinet lacked any support
Apr 24th 2017

Head of government
Not to be confused with Head of state. Head of government is a generic term used for either the highest or second highest official in the executive
Apr 8th 2017

Government of National Salvation
foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop, nor from anyone else in the German government. Hitler himself had no wish to strengthen the puppet government as
Apr 14th 2017

Leadership of East Germany
The political leadership of East Germany was in the hands of several offices. Prior the proclamation of an East German state, the Soviets established in
Apr 26th 2017

Flag of Germany
December 1947. Retrieved 24 February 2008See Article 61. (in German) (German) Government of the Saarland (9 July 1956) Gesetz Nr. 508 über die Flagge
Apr 29th 2017

East Germany
Soviet occupation zone, thus becoming the predecessor of an East German government. On 7 October 1949, the SED established the Deutsche Demokratische
Apr 24th 2017

Government of Austria
Austrian-Federal-Government">The Austrian Federal Government (German: Osterreichische Bundesregierung) is a collective body that exercises executive power in the Republic of Austria
Sep 7th 2016

German resistance to Nazism
Secretary, Baron Ernst von Weizsacker were the "anti-war" group in the German government, which was determined to avoid a war in 1938 that it felt Germany
Apr 28th 2017

German Revolution of 1918–19
of Europe destroy one another without Russian involvement. The German Imperial Government now saw one more chance for victory. To support the anti-war sentiment
Apr 19th 2017

Nazi Germany
from east-central Europe to Germany. During the Cold War, the West German government estimated a death toll of 2.2 million civilians due to the flight
Apr 27th 2017

German occupation of Czechoslovakia
"Occupation of Czechoslovakia" redirects here. For the 1968 invasion, see Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia. The German occupation of Czechoslovakia
Apr 18th 2017

State government
A state government or provincial government is the government of a country subdivision in a federal form of government, which shares political power with
Mar 6th 2017

Government in exile
United Kingdom, rather than face destruction at the hands of Nazi Germany. A government in exile may also form from widespread belief in the illegitimacy
Apr 28th 2017

West Germany
West Germany concerning East Germany at the outset was that the West German government was the only democratically elected, and therefore the only legitimate
Apr 14th 2017

Polish government-in-exile
Polish The Polish government-in-exile, formally known as the Government of the Republic of Poland in exile (Polish: Rząd Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej na uchodźstwie)
Mar 9th 2017

Bundesrat of Germany
The German Bundesrat (literally "Federal Council"; pronounced [ˈbʊndəsʁaːt]) is a legislative body that represents the sixteen Lander (federated states)
Mar 3rd 2017

German Brazilians
For the dialects of the German language spoken in Brazil, see Brazilian German. German Brazilians (German: Deutschbrasilianer, Riograndenser Hunsrückisch:
Mar 15th 2017

Sudeten Germans
For information on ethnic Germans in Slovakia, see Carpathian Germans. German Bohemians, later known as the Sudeten Germans, were ethnic Germans living
Feb 14th 2017

Standard German
German Standard German (German: Standarddeutsch, Hochdeutsch, or Schriftdeutsch) is the standardized variety of the German language used in formal contexts, and
Mar 28th 2017

Government of the German-speaking Community
The government of the German-speaking Community (German: Regierung der Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft; DG-Regierung) is the executive body of the German-speaking
Apr 24th 2017

Government bond
A government bond is a bond issued by a national government, generally with a promise to pay periodic interest payments and to repay the face value on
Mar 10th 2017

German language
For other uses of "Deutsch", see Deutsch (disambiguation). German (Deutsch [ˈdɔʏtʃ] ( listen)) is a West Germanic language that is mainly spoken in Central
Apr 29th 2017

Sino-German cooperation 1926–1941
Cooperation between China and Germany was instrumental in modernising the industry and the armed forces of the Republic of China between 1926 and 1941
Apr 24th 2017

President of Germany
State and coordinates his working relationships to other parts of the German government and administration. Its top official, who takes precedence over all
Apr 29th 2017

German Instrument of Surrender
November 1918 had been signed only by representatives of the civilian German government; militarist circles would subsequently claim that the High Command
Apr 20th 2017

German occupation of Norway
Commissariat of Norway), which acted in collaboration with a pro-German puppet government, while the Norwegian King and prewar government escaped to London
Mar 28th 2017

German revolutions of 1848–49
The revolutions of 1848–49 in the German states, the opening phase of which was also called the March Revolution (German: Marzrevolution), were initially
Mar 19th 2017

German colonial empire
The native population was forced into unequal treaties by the German colonial governments. This led to the local tribes and natives losing their influence
Apr 10th 2017

German Namibians
the southern coast of Namibia and founded the city of Lüderitz. The German government, eager to gain overseas possessions, annexed the territory soon after
Apr 27th 2017

German reunification
This article is about the 1990 unification of East and Germany West Germany. For the 1871 unification of the German Empire, see Unification of Germany.
Apr 21st 2017

German Federal Bank
of German political bodies from the start, including the federal German government, which was active from September 1949. It achieved independence from
Apr 12th 2017

Genocide of the Twentieth-Century", between 1904 and 1907, the German colonial government in South West Africa (present-day Namibia) ordered the annihilation
Apr 30th 2017

Office of Military Government, United States
The Office of Military Government, United-StatesUnited States (US OMGUS; German: Amt der Militarregierung für Deutschland (U.S.)) was the United-StatesUnited States military-established
Jan 7th 2017

German-occupied Europe
German occupied territory of Montenegro German Reich/Greater German Reich Government of National Salvation Independent State of Croatia Independent
Apr 27th 2017

Government agency
Further information: Political organisation A government or state agency, often an appointed commission, is a permanent or semi-permanent organization
Apr 13th 2017

German–Spanish Treaty (1899)
German The GermanSpanish-TreatySpanish Treaty of 1899, (Spanish: Tratado germano-espanol de 1899; German: Deutsch-Spanischer Vertrag 1899) signed by the German Empire and
Apr 24th 2017

Chancellor of Germany (1949–)
Bundeskanzler(in)  (German) Coat of arms (Federal Eagle) of the German Government Incumbent Angela Merkel since 22 November 2005 Member of Cabinet
Apr 1st 2017

German Americans
German-AmericanGerman American communities. German-AmericanGerman Americans tended to support the German government's actions, and, even after the United States entered World War I,
Apr 24th 2017

Federal Government of Belgium
The Federal Government of Belgium (Dutch: Federale regering, French: Gouvernement federal, German: Foderalregierung) exercises executive power in the Kingdom
Mar 15th 2017

German Federal Archives
than in other European countries. This national archive documented German government dating from the founding of the North German Confederation in 1867
Jan 1st 2017

Parliament of the German-speaking Community
The Parliament of the German-speaking Community (German: Parlament der Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft or PDG) is the legislative assembly of the German-speaking
Oct 23rd 2016

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