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Gospel is the standard term for the first four books of the New Testament, describing the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, although
May 23rd 2017

Southern gospel
Southern gospel music is a genre of Christian music. Its name comes from its origins in the Southeastern United States whose lyrics are written to express
Mar 21st 2017

Gospel of Luke
Gospel-According">The Gospel According to Luke (Greek: Τὸ κατὰ Λουκᾶν εὐαγγέλιον, to kata Loukan euangelion), also called the Gospel of Luke, or simply Luke, is the third
May 11th 2017

Gospel of Judas
The Gospel of Judas is a Gnostic gospel whose content consists of conversations between Jesus and Judas Iscariot. It is thought to have been composed in
Apr 29th 2017

Gospel of the Nazarenes
The Gospel of the Nazarenes (also Nazareans, Nazaraeans, Nazoreans, or Nazoraeans) is the traditional but hypothetical name given by some scholars to distinguish
Oct 24th 2016

In a Gospel Way
In a Gospel Way is an album by American country music artist Jones George Jones, released in 1974 on the Epic Records label. Jones affinity for gospel music
Apr 9th 2017

Gospel of Thomas
The Gospel According to Thomas is an early Christian non-canonical sayings-gospel that many scholars believe provides insight into the oral gospel traditions
Mar 14th 2017

Gospel (liturgy)
For other uses, see Gospel (disambiguation). The Gospel in Christian liturgy refers to a reading from the Gospels used during various religious services
Jan 22nd 2017

Gospel of the Hebrews
Gospel The Gospel of the Hebrews (Greek: τὸ καθ' Ἑβραίους εὐαγγέλιον), or Gospel according to the Hebrews, was a syncretic JewishChristian gospel, the text of
May 21st 2017

Gospel of Mark
The Gospel According to Mark (Greek: τὸ κατὰ Μᾶρκον εὐαγγέλιον, to kata Markon euangelion), the second book of the New Testament, is one of the four canonical
May 21st 2017

Social Gospel
The-Social-GospelThe Social Gospel was a Protestant movement that was most prominent in the early-20th-century United States and Canada. The movement applied Christian
Mar 2nd 2017

Gospel of John
Gospel-According">The Gospel According to John (Greek: Τὸ κατὰ Ἰωάννην εὐαγγέλιον, translit. To kata Iōannēn euangelion; also called the Gospel of John, the Fourth Gospel
May 21st 2017

Gospel of Mary
The-GospelThe Gospel of Mary is an apocryphal book discovered in 1896 in a 5th-century papyrus codex written in Sahidic Coptic. The codex Papyrus Berolinensis 8502
Mar 17th 2017

The gospel
In Christianity, the Gospel (Greek: εὐαγγέλιον euangelion; Old English: gospel), or the Good News, is the news of the coming of the Kingdom of God (Mark
May 19th 2017

Gospel of Philip
The Gospel of Philip is one of the Gnostic Gospels, a text of New Testament apocrypha, dated to around the 3rd century but lost in modern times until an
Mar 23rd 2017

Traditional black gospel
Traditional black gospel is music that is written to express either personal or a communal belief regarding African American Christian life, as well as
May 2nd 2017

Gospel of Truth
The Gospel of Truth is one of the Gnostic texts from the New Testament apocrypha found in the Nag Hammadi codices ("NHC"). It exists in two Coptic translations
Apr 26th 2017

Syriac Infancy Gospel
The Syriac Infancy Gospel (also known as the Arabic Infancy Gospel) is one of the texts among the New Testament apocryphal writings concerning the infancy
Apr 11th 2017

Gospel magic
Gospel magic is the use of otherwise standard stage magic tricks and illusions to promote Christian messages. Gospel Magic does not claim to invoke spirits
May 15th 2017

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ
The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ (full title: The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ: The Philosophic and Practical Basis of the Religion of the
May 24th 2017

The Gospel of Wealth
"Wealth", more commonly known as "The Gospel of Wealth", is an article written by Andrew Carnegie in June of 1889 that describes the responsibility of
May 25th 2017

List of Gospels
Gospels are a genre of Early Christian literature claiming to recount the life of Jesus, to preserve his teachings, or to reveal aspects of God's nature
May 23rd 2017

St Cuthbert Gospel
The St Cuthbert Gospel, also known as the Stonyhurst Gospel or the St Cuthbert Gospel of St John, is an early 8th-century pocket gospel book, written in
May 9th 2017

Gospel Oak
Gospel Oak is an inner urban area of north London in the London Borough of Camden at the very south of Hampstead Heath. The neighbourhood is positioned
May 16th 2017

Law and Gospel
In Protestant Christianity, the relationship between Law and Gospel—God's Law and the Gospel of Jesus Christ—is a major topic in Lutheran and Reformed
May 12th 2017

Gospel in Islam
InjilInjil (Arabic: إنجيل‎, translit. ʾInjīl‎, alternative spellings: Ingil or Injeel) is the Arabic name for what Muslims believe to have been the original
May 13th 2017

Gospel of Peter
Gospel The Gospel of Peter (Greek: κατά Πέτρον ευαγγέλιον, kata Petrōn euangelion), or Gospel according to Peter, is one of the non-canonical gospels rejected
May 17th 2017

Secret Gospel of Mark
The Secret Gospel of Mark is a putative non-canonical Christian gospel mentioned exclusively in the Mar Saba letter, a document of disputed authenticity
Apr 23rd 2017

Gospel of Barnabas
The Gospel of Barnabas is a book depicting the life of Jesus, which claims to be by the biblical Barnabas who in this work is one of the twelve apostles
May 22nd 2017

Gospel of Jesus' Wife
The-GospelThe Gospel of Jesus'-WifeJesus' Wife is a papyrus fragment with Coptic text that includes the words, "Jesus said to them, 'my wife...'". The text received widespread
May 24th 2017

Synoptic Gospels
The gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke are referred to as the Synoptic Gospels because they include many of the same stories, often in a similar sequence
Apr 9th 2017

One-pound Gospel
One-Pound Gospel (1ポンドの福音?, Ichi-Pondo no Fukuin) is a manga series written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi. Beginning in Weekly Young Sunday issue
Jan 30th 2017

Lindisfarne Gospels
The Lindisfarne Gospels (London, British Library Cotton MS Nero D.IV) is an illuminated manuscript gospel book produced around the year 700 in a monastery
May 16th 2017

The Way International
The Way International is a tax-exempt nontrinitarian biblical research, teaching and fellowship ministry based in New Knoxville, Ohio, with home fellowships
Mar 19th 2017

Arkhangelsk Gospel
The Archangelsk Gospel (Russian: Архангельское Евангелие) is a lectionary in Old Church Slavonic dated to 1092. It is the fourth oldest Eastern Slavic
Apr 30th 2017

Free offer of the gospel
The free offer of the Gospel, sometimes called the well-meant offer of the gospel, in Christian theology, is the offer of salvation in Jesus Christ to
Jun 23rd 2016

Yoido Full Gospel Church
Yoido Full Gospel Church is a Pentecostal church affiliated with the Assemblies of God on Yeouido (Yoi Island) in Seoul, South Korea. With about 480,000
May 13th 2017

Another Gospel
Another Gospel: Cults, Alternative Religions, and the New Age Movement is a non-fiction book discussing new religious movements and the New Age movement
Jul 6th 2016

Gospel Oak to Barking line
The Gospel Oak to Barking line (sometimes unofficially called the GOBLIN) is part of the Network Rail network of railway lines. It carries both through
Apr 5th 2017

Great Gospel of John
The Great Gospel of John (in the original German published as Das groSse Evangelium Johannis or GroSses Evangelium Johannes) is a neo-revelationist text
Mar 13th 2016

International Church of the Foursquare Gospel
The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel (ICFG), commonly referred to as the Foursquare Church, is an evangelical Pentecostal Christian denomination
Apr 11th 2017

Cotton Patch Gospel
Cotton Patch Gospel is a musical by Tom Key and Russell Treyz with music and lyrics written by Harry Chapin just before his death in 1981. Based on the
Dec 14th 2014

The Way of the Master
The Way of the Master (WOTM) is a United States-based Christian evangelism ministry, founded in 2002[citation needed] and headed by American former child
Feb 8th 2017

Angelic Gospel Singers
The-Angelic-Gospel-SingersThe Angelic Gospel Singers were an American gospel group from Philadelphia founded and led by Margaret Wells Allison. The group continued through Allison's
Nov 11th 2016

Rizen (gospel group)
Rizen is a two-time Stellar Award–winning gospel music group that records both traditional and contemporary music. It currently consists of sisters Adriann
Apr 9th 2017

Christian country music
Christian country music (sometimes marketed as country gospel, gospel country, positive country or inspirational country) is music that is written to express
Dec 5th 2016

Chester Brown's Gospel adaptations
Brown Chester Brown adapted Gospel of Mark and part of the Gospel of Matthew to comics; installments appeared in his comic books Yummy Fur and Underwater. Brown
Oct 30th 2016

Historical reliability of the Gospels
The historical reliability of the Gospels refers to the reliability and historic character of the four New Testament gospels as historical documents. Some
Apr 2nd 2017

The Gospel According to Larry
The-Gospel-AccordingThe Gospel According to Larry is a "coming of age" political, romantic teen novel by Janet Tashjian that explores anti-consumerism. The introduction of
Mar 24th 2017

Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit
Two versions of the formerly lost Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit, also informally called the Coptic Gospel of the Egyptians (which is quite distinct
Oct 26th 2016

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