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Gourd Music
Gourd Music is a record label featuring acoustic instrumental music with various ensembles of guitar, cello, flute, oboe, harp, fiddle, hammered and mountain
Nov 21st 2016

Follow the Drinkin' Gourd
"Follow the Drinking Gourd" is an American folk song first published in 1928. The Drinking Gourd is another name for the Big Dipper asterism. Folklore
Mar 22nd 2017

Gourd Dance
Gourd-Dance">The Gourd Dance is a type of Native American ceremony. It is believed that the dance originated with the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes. Gourd dances were
Mar 27th 2016

This article is about the vine. For the tree, see Crescentia and Crescentia cujete. For other uses, see Calabash (disambiguation). Not to be confused with
Apr 14th 2017

The güiro (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈɡwiɾo]) is a Latin American percussion instrument consisting of an open-ended, hollow gourd with parallel notches cut
Feb 24th 2017

Music of Haryana
The-Indian The Indian state of Haryana has produced a number of kinds of folk music, and has also produced innovations in Indian classical music. The folk music
Mar 9th 2017

The Gourd and the Palm-tree
The Gourd and the Palm-tree is a rare fable of West Asian origin that was first recorded in Europe in the Middle Ages. In the Renaissance a variant appeared
Jan 1st 2017

The Gourds
The Gourds are an American alternative country band that formed in Austin, Texas, United States, during the summer of 1994. After playing together for
Apr 7th 2017

This article is about the musical instrument. For the musical genre, see Sekere. The shekere is an instrument from West Africa consisting of a dried gourd
Mar 21st 2017

Music of Manipur
Manipur is a region of India. Some varieties of folk music from the area include the rural love songs khullang eshei, the rhythmic Lai Haraoba eshei, which
Apr 8th 2017

Musical bow
This article is about the bow as a musical instrument. For the bow used to play another instrument, see Bow (music). The musical bow (bowstring or
Mar 24th 2017

Ethnic Swazi music
The Swazi are an ethnic group split between South Africa and Swaziland. The Swazis in South Africa became a major part of South African music, though they
Feb 2nd 2017

Kèn bầu
The ken bầu (VietnameseVietnamese: [kɛ̂n ɓə̂w]) is one of several types of ken, a double reed wind instrument used in the traditional music of Vietnam. It is similar
Mar 31st 2017

Music of Burundi
Burundi is a Central African nation that is closely linked with Rwanda, geographically, historically and culturally. The drum such as the karyenda is one
Apr 7th 2017

Yuman music
Yuman music is the music of Yumans, a group of Native American tribes from what is now Southern California and Baja California. They include Paipai, Havasupai
Mar 23rd 2017

Barry Phillips
producer of many recordings of Celtic, world and American folk music on the Music Gourd Music label. Phillips received a Masters of Music degree in composition from
Jan 15th 2017

Mizo music
Mizoram is a region in India. Its folk music consists of vocals (singing) accompanied by traditional drums, gong and other native percussion instruments
Apr 8th 2017

Lugbara music
Lugbara music refers to music performed in Lugbara. It can be a folk song, musical proverb or modern pop music. The general term for music in Lugbara is
Dec 14th 2016

Xhosa music
Xhosa music has long been a major part of the music of South Africa, especially in the field of jazz. There are many Xhosa clans, each with their own styles
Jan 26th 2016

Music of Nigeria
The music of Nigeria includes many kinds of Folk and popular music, some of which are known worldwide. Styles of folk music are related to the multitudes
Apr 19th 2017

Yunnan. Chinese music List of Chinese musical instruments Huqin "Gourd Music Instruments". The Gourd Reserve. Retrieved 23 July 2013.  葫芦琴 (in Chinese)
Jul 19th 2016

Kim Robertson (musician)
GroveGourd Music Tender ShepherdGourd Music Searching for LambsGourd Music Christmas LullabyGourd Music Highland HeartGourd Music Wood, Fire
Apr 5th 2017

Music of Guinea-Bissau
The music of Guinea-Bissau is most widely associated with the polyrhythmic gumbe genre, the country's primary musical export. Tina and tinga are other
Dec 4th 2016

Songs of the Underground Railroad
Songs of the Underground Railroad were spiritual and work songs used during the early-to-mid 19th century in the United States to encourage and convey
Feb 17th 2017

made from a gourd, which channels air into two reedpipes. The pungi is played with no pauses, with the player employing circular breathing. The pungi originated
Apr 27th 2017

Maya music
The music of the ancient Mayan courts is known through descriptions in native and Spanish 16th-century texts and the depiction of performances in the art
Oct 30th 2016

Suyá music
Suya music is the music of the Suya people, a tribe of about 150[citation needed] people who live on the Suya-Micu River and are native to Mato Grosso
Nov 7th 2016

Ektara (Hindi: एकतारा, Bengali: একতারা, Punjabi: ਇਕ ਤਾਰਾ; literally "one-string", also called iktar, ektar, yaktaro, gopichand, gopichant, gopijiantra
Apr 19th 2017

Kiowa music
Kiowa music is the traditional and contemporary music of the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma. The Kiowa are a federally recognized tribe, meaning they have a functioning
Apr 17th 2016

Bigwala, gourd trumpet music and dance of the Busoga Kingdom in Uganda UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Country Uganda Domains Performing arts (dance
Mar 11th 2017

Ndebele music
The traditional music of the Ndebele is characterised mainly by the widespread use of choral song accompanied by leg rattles (amahlwayi), clappers (izikeyi)
Sep 2nd 2015

The cabasa, similar to the shekere, is a percussion instrument that is constructed with loops of steel ball chain wrapped around a wide cylinder. The cylinder
Apr 6th 2017

Neal Hellman
Christmas. Oktober County - Gourd Music Dream of the Manatee (with Joe Weed) - Gourd Music Autumn in the Valley - Gourd Music Brend, Mark (2005-10-01)
Jan 2nd 2017

Music of Hawaii
For the Decca album, see Music of Hawaii (album). The music of Hawaii includes an array of traditional and popular styles, ranging from native Hawaiian
Apr 29th 2017

The huluhu (traditional: 葫盧胡; simplified: 葫芦胡; pinyin: huluhu) is a Chinese bowed string instrument in the huqin family of instruments. It has two strings
Jul 22nd 2013

Music of the Republic of the Congo
The Republic of the Congo is an African nation with close musical ties to its neighbor, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Democratic Republic of
Jul 15th 2016

Music of Belize
The music of Belize has a mix of Creole, Mestizo, Garifuna, and MayanMayan influences. After many centuries of Maya habitation, British colonizers arrived in
Mar 22nd 2017

Music of Burkina Faso
The music of Burkina Faso includes the folk music of 60 different ethnic groups. The Mossi people, centrally located around the capital, Ouagadougou, account
Mar 9th 2017

Music of Mali
The Music of Mali is, like that of most African nations, ethnically diverse, but one influence predominates; that of the ancient Mali Empire of the Mandinka
Dec 29th 2016

Spiritual (music)
"Spirituals" redirects here. For the David Murray album, see Spirituals (album). For the medieval Franciscan sect, see Fraticelli. Spirituals (or Negro
Apr 25th 2017

Music of Togo
The music of Togo has produced a number of internationally known popular entertainers including Bella Bellow, Akofah Akussah, Afia Mala, Itadi Bonney,
Nov 28th 2016

Music of Ghana
ThereThere are many styles of traditional and modern music of Ghana, due to its cosmopolitan geographic position on the African continent. The best known modern
Apr 13th 2017

Ewe music
Ewe music is the music of the Ewe people of Togo, Ghana, and Benin, West Africa. Instrumentation is primarily percussive and rhythmically the music features
Nov 25th 2016

Yoruba music
The music of the Yoruba people of Nigeria, Togo, and Benin are perhaps best known for an extremely advanced drumming tradition, especially using the dundun
May 31st 2016

Music of Guam
The music of Guam encompasses the works of many Chamorro popular musicians, including KACY, Flora Baza Quan, Daniel De Leon Guerrero, singer-songwriter
Dec 31st 2016

The umuduri is a Rwandan stringed instrument. It is a musical bow consisting of a string supported by a flexible wooden string bearer or bow that is 125–135 cm
Nov 1st 2016

Bara (drum)
For other uses, see Bara. The bara (also called bendre) is a spherical hand drum with a body made from a dried gourd or calabash, used in West Africa
Jan 8th 2017

Music of Montserrat
The music of Montserrat is influenced by Irish traditions, noticeable in the set dance-like Bam-chick-lay, and the presence of fife and drum ensembles
Jan 1st 2017

Indigenous music of North America
Indigenous music of North America, which includes American Indian music or Native American music, is the music that is used, created or performed by Indigenous
Apr 12th 2017

Robin Petrie
northern California.[1] Solo Albums A Victorian Christmas - Gourd Music A Victorian Noel - Gourd Music Performer Panacea - Songs and Dances of Europe East and
Mar 2nd 2016

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