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A government is the system by which a state or community is controlled. In the case of this broad associative definition, government normally consists
May 18th 2017

Forms of government
A government is the system by which a state or community is controlled. In the Commonwealth of Nations, the word "government" is also used more narrowly
May 23rd 2017

Government of the United Kingdom
"Government Her Majesty's Government" redirects here. For other central governments, see Government of Canada, Government of New Zealand, and Government of Gibraltar
May 4th 2017

E-government is also known as e-gov, electronic government, Internet government, digital government, online government, connected government. As of
May 25th 2017

Government of Australia
The Government of the Commonwealth of Australia (also referred to as the Australian Government, the Commonwealth Government, or the Federal Government) is
May 23rd 2017

Government agency
A government or state agency, often an appointed commission, is a permanent or semi-permanent organization in the machinery of government that is responsible
May 12th 2017

Head of government
Head of government is a generic term used for either the highest or second highest official in the executive branch of a sovereign state, a federated state
May 19th 2017

Local government
to as the central government, national government, or (where appropriate) federal government and also to supranational government which deals with governing
May 24th 2017

Government in exile
A government in exile is a political group which claims to be a country's legitimate government, but is unable to exercise legal power and instead resides
May 4th 2017

Government of Malaysia
The Government of Malaysia refers to the Federal Government or national government authority based in the federal territories of Kuala Lumpur and the federal
Mar 23rd 2017

Government of India
The Government of India (GoI) is the federal government created by the Constitution of India as the legislative, executive and judicial authority of the
May 26th 2017

Government of Ireland
of the Republic of Ireland. For the government in Northern Ireland, see Northern Ireland Executive. The Government of Ireland (Irish: Rialtas na hEireann)
Apr 12th 2017

Government of Russia
The Government of the Russia (Russian: Прави́тельство Росси́йской Федера́ции-Pravitel'stvo Rossiyskoy Federatsii) exercises executive power in the Russian
May 21st 2017

State government
A state government or provincial government is the government of a country subdivision in a federal form of government, which shares political power with
May 24th 2017

Croatian Government
Government The Government of Croatia (Croatian: Vlada Hrvatske), formally the Government of the Republic of Croatia (Croatian: Vlada Republike Hrvatske), commonly
Apr 29th 2017

Government of Missouri
The government of the U.S. state of Missouri is organized into the state government and local government, including county government, and city and municipal
Dec 14th 2016

Government of Kerala
The Government of Kerala (Malayalam:കേരള സർക്കാർ) headquartered at Thiruvananthapuram is a democratically elected body that governs the Indian State of
May 24th 2017

Government of Canada
The Government of Canada (French: Gouvernement du Canada) or more formally Her Majesty's Government (French: Gouvernement de Sa Majeste), is the federal
May 16th 2017

Government of Portugal
The Government of Portugal is one of the four sovereignty bodies of the Republic Portuguese Republic, together with the President of the Republic, the Assembly
Apr 5th 2017

Provisional government
A provisional government also called an interim or transitional government is an emergency governmental authority set up to manage a political transition
Mar 20th 2017

Scottish Government
The-Scottish-GovernmentThe Scottish Government (Scottish Gaelic: Riaghaltas na h-Alba; Scots: Scots Govrenment) is Scotland's devolved government. The government was established
Apr 2nd 2017

Federal government of the United States
The Federal Government of the United States is the national government of the United States, a republic in North America, composed of 50 states, one district
May 10th 2017

Government of the Philippines
The Government of the Philippines (Filipino: Pamahalaan ng Pilipinas) is the national government of the Philippines. It is a unitary state presidential
May 21st 2017

Government of Kosovo
Government The Government of Kosovo (Albanian: Qeveria e Kosoves; Serbian: Влада Косова / Vlada Kosova), formally the Government of the Republic of Kosovo (Albanian:
May 20th 2017

Government of China
The Government of the People's Republic of China is divided among several bodies: the legislative branch, the National People's Congress. the executive
May 25th 2017

Open government
Open government is the governing doctrine which holds that citizens have the right to access the documents and proceedings of the government to allow
May 21st 2017

Government of Thailand
The Government of ThailandThailand, or formally the Thai-Government">Royal Thai Government (RTG) (Thai: รัฐบาลไทย; rtgs: Ratthaban Thai), is the unitary government of the Kingdom
May 5th 2017

Government of Japan
The government of Japan is a constitutional monarchy in which the power of the Emperor is limited and is relegated primarily to ceremonial duties. As in
May 15th 2017

Government of Sweden
The Government of the Kingdom of Sweden (Swedish: Konungariket Sveriges regering) is the national cabinet and the supreme executive authority in Sweden
May 18th 2017

Palestinian government
about current government of the State of Palestine. For preceding Palestinian Authority government, see Palestinian Authority government in the West Bank
Nov 13th 2016

Polish government-in-exile
Polish The Polish government-in-exile, formally known as the Government of the Republic of Poland in exile (Polish: Rząd Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej na uchodźstwie)
May 14th 2017

Small government
Small government is government which minimizes its own activities. It is an important topic in Libertarianism (Classical Liberalism) and Conservatism.
May 21st 2017

Beiyang government
The Beiyang government (北洋政府), also sometimes spelled Peiyang Government (Chinese: 北洋政府; pinyin: běiyang zhengfǔ), refers to the government of the Republic
May 8th 2017

Russian Provisional Government
All-Russian-GovernmentRussian Government. Coordinates: 59°56′27″N 30°18′47″E / 59.9408°N 30.313°E / 59.9408; 30.313 Russian-Provisional-Government">The Russian Provisional Government (Russian: Временное
May 7th 2017

National unity government
A national unity government, government of national unity, or national union government is a broad coalition government consisting of all parties (or all
May 14th 2017

Government of Hong Kong
The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, commonly the Hong Kong Government or simplified as GovHK, refers to the executive authorities
Apr 8th 2017

Government spending
Government spending or expenditure includes all government consumption, investment, and transfer payments. In national income accounting the acquisition
May 8th 2017

Local government in Australia
Local government in Australia is the third tier of government in Australia administered by the states and territories, which in turn are beneath[citation
May 24th 2017

Government bond
A government bond is a bond issued by a national government, generally with a promise to pay periodic interest payments and to repay the face value on
Mar 10th 2017

Government of Singapore
The Government of Singapore is defined by the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore to mean the Executive branch of government, which is made up of
May 3rd 2017

Government of the Soviet Union
The Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. (Russian: Правительство СССР, Praviteljstvo SSSR) was the main body of the executive branch
Apr 11th 2017

Government of Kenya
The Government of the Republic of Kenya (GoK) is the national government of the republic of Kenya which is composed of 47 Counties, each county with its
May 16th 2017

Government of Pakistan
The Government of Pakistan (Urdu: حکومتِ پاکستان‎) is a federal government established by the Constitution of Pakistan as a constituted governing authority
May 22nd 2017

Government of Queensland
The Government of Queensland, also referred to as the Queensland Government, is the Australian state democratic administrative authority of Queensland
Apr 13th 2017

Government of Pennsylvania
The Government of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is the governmental structure of the state of Pennsylvania as established by the Pennsylvania Constitution
Jan 23rd 2017

Government of France
The Government of the French-RepublicFrench Republic (French: Gouvernement de la Republique francaise) exercises executive power. It is composed of a prime minister,
May 21st 2017

United States Government Publishing Office
documentation. "Government Printing Office" redirects here. For other uses, see Government Printing Office (disambiguation). The United States Government Publishing
Apr 30th 2017

Government of Serbia
Government The Government of Serbia (Serbian: Влада Србије / Vlada-SrbijeVlada Srbije), formally the Government of the Republic of Serbia (Serbian: Влада Републике Србије / Vlada
Mar 3rd 2017

British government departments
The Government of the United Kingdom exercises its executive authority through a number of government departments or departments of state. A department
Feb 3rd 2017

Government of Macau
The Government of the Region">Macau Special Administrative Region of the Republic">People's Republic of China (Chinese: 中華人民共和國澳門特別行政區政府; Portuguese: Governo da R.A.E. de
Feb 23rd 2017

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