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earliest grammatical commentaries on the Hebrew-BibleHebrew Bible. Ibn Barun in the 12th century compares the Hebrew language with Arabic in the Islamic grammatical tradition
May 23rd 2017

judgement on the well-formedness of a linguistic utterance—called a grammaticality judgement—is based on whether the sentence is produced and interpreted
Mar 7th 2017

Grammatical relation
"Grammatical function" redirects here. It is not to be confused with Functional theories of grammar. In linguistics, grammatical relations (also called
Jan 16th 2017

Grammatical number
In linguistics, grammatical number is a grammatical category of nouns, pronouns, and adjective and verb agreement that expresses count distinctions (such
May 7th 2017

Grammatical category
A grammatical category is a property of items within the grammar of a language; it has a number of possible values (sometimes called grammemes), which
Nov 1st 2016

Grammatical mood
In linguistics, grammatical mood (also mode) is a grammatical feature of verbs, used for signaling modality. That is, it is the use of verbal inflections
May 23rd 2017

In historical linguistics and language change, grammaticalization (also known as grammatization or grammaticization) is a process of language change by
Apr 25th 2017

First Grammatical Treatise
The First Grammatical Treatise (Icelandic: Fyrsta malfraoiritgeroin) is a 12th-century work on the phonology of the Old Norse or Old Icelandic language
Feb 28th 2017

Grammatical person
Grammatical person, in linguistics, is the grammatical distinction between deictic references to participant(s) in an event; typically the distinction
May 17th 2017

Historical-grammatical method
The historical-grammatical method is a Christian hermeneutical method that strives to discover the Biblical authors' original intended meaning in the
Apr 18th 2017

Grammatical gender
In linguistics, grammatical gender is a specific form of noun-class system in which the division of noun classes forms an agreement system with another
May 26th 2017

Grammatical evolution
Grammatical evolution is a relatively new evolutionary computation technique pioneered by Conor Ryan, JJ Collins and Michael O'Neill in 1998 at the BDS
Jan 6th 2017

Grammatical construction
In linguistics, a grammatical construction is any syntactic string of words ranging from sentences over phrasal structures to certain complex lexemes
Mar 17th 2013

Grammatical conjugation
by person, number, gender, tense, aspect, mood, voice, and/or other grammatical categories such as possession, definiteness, politeness, causativity
May 9th 2017

Grammatical case
Case is a special grammatical category of a noun, pronoun, adjective, participle or numeral whose value reflects the grammatical function performed by
May 18th 2017

Grammatical tense
understood as a category that expresses (grammaticalizes) time reference; namely one which, using grammatical means, places a state or action in time.
May 23rd 2017

Grammatical Revolution
GRITS's album Grammatical Revolution was released in 1999 on Gotee Records. The song "They All Fall Down" won a Dove Award for "Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song"
Feb 11th 2017

Grammatical Framework
Grammatical Framework (GF) is a programming language for writing grammars of natural languages. GF is capable of parsing and generating texts in several
May 9th 2017

Grammar induction
Grammar induction, also known as grammatical inference or syntactic pattern recognition, refers to the process in machine learning of learning a formal
Nov 28th 2016

Gender in English
A system of grammatical gender, whereby every noun was treated as either masculine, feminine or neuter, existed in Old English, but fell out of use during
Apr 5th 2017

Agent (grammar)
In linguistics, a grammatical agent is a thematic relation that refers to the cause or initiator of an event. The agent is a semantic concept distinct
Nov 9th 2016

Grammatical Man
Grammatical Man: Information, Entropy, Language, and Life is a 1982 book written by the Evening Standard's Washington correspondent, Jeremy Campbell.
Apr 24th 2017

Gender neutrality in languages with grammatical gender
in languages with grammatical gender is the usage of language that is balanced in its treatment of the genders in a non-grammatical sense. For example
May 21st 2017

Grammatical aspect
Aspect is a grammatical category that expresses how an action, event, or state, denoted by a verb, extends over time. Perfective aspect is used in referring
May 6th 2017

Grammatical modifier
ball. Removal of the modifier would leave This is a ball, which is grammatically correct and equivalent in structure to the original sentence. Other
Mar 21st 2017

Function word
have little lexical meaning or have ambiguous meaning, and they express grammatical relationships with other words within a sentence, or specify the attitude
May 22nd 2017

Java Grammatical Evolution
In computer science, Java-Grammatical-EvolutionJava Grammatical Evolution is an implementation of grammatical evolution in the Java programming language. Examples include jGE library
Jul 22nd 2016

Grammatical gender in Spanish
Spanish is considered to have either masculine or feminine gender for grammatical purposes. Many Spanish adjectives and determiners alter their form to
Sep 12th 2016

List of grammatical cases
This is a list of grammatical cases as they are used by various inflectional languages that have declension. Note: Most cases used for location and
Feb 27th 2017

Voice (grammar)
passive-voice construction, the subject and the direct object switch grammatical roles. The direct object gets promoted to subject, and the subject demoted
Mar 31st 2017

Parallelism (grammar)
one or more sentences of similar phrases or clauses that have the same grammatical structure. The application of parallelism improves writing style and
Oct 31st 2016

(sometimes abbreviated PL), in many languages, is one of the values of the grammatical category of number. Plural of nouns typically denote a quantity other
May 7th 2017

Grammatical gender in German
gendered nouns in language has led many[who?] to ask whether or not grammatical gender influences the way one processes and experiences what is around
Nov 16th 2016

noun or on modifying adjectives, much like the expression of grammatical number and grammatical case. In these languages, the inflections indicating definiteness
Oct 12th 2016

Grammatics discography
This article gives the discography for the British indie rock band Grammatics. Since their formation in 2006 they have released one studio album, six singles
Mar 23rd 2017

Grammatics were a British alternative rock band from Leeds, England, predominantly influenced by British bands of the 1990s such as Blur, Pulp, and Suede
Apr 12th 2016

Grammatical particle
word order.[citation needed] Particles are typically words that encode grammatical categories (such as negation, mood, tense, or case), clitics, or fillers
May 22nd 2017

Dual (grammatical number)
Dual (abbreviated DU) is a grammatical number that some languages use in addition to singular and plural. When a noun or pronoun appears in dual form
May 23rd 2017

Affirmative and negative
not here"; the first is affirmative, while the second is negative. The grammatical category associated with affirmative and negative is called polarity
May 24th 2017

Gender neutrality in genderless languages
needed] In Armenian, neither pronouns nor nouns have grammatical gender. Bengali lacks grammatical gender. Pronouns and adjectives do not change regardless
May 10th 2017

Agreement (linguistics)
instance of inflection, and usually involves making the value of some grammatical category (such as gender or person) "agree" between varied words or parts
May 26th 2017

Feature (linguistics)
such as "noun", "verb", "adjective", and so on. These word classes have grammatical features (also called categories or inflectional categories), which can
Sep 6th 2016

Focus (linguistics)
Focus (abbreviated FOC) is a grammatical category that determines which part of the sentence contributes new, non-derivable, or contrastive information
Oct 20th 2016

List of languages by type of grammatical genders
approach to grammatical gender. Certain language families, such as the Austronesian, Turkic and Uralic language families have no grammatical genders (see
May 26th 2017

Grammatischer Wechsel
In historical linguistics, the German term grammatischer Wechsel ("grammatical alternation") refers to the effects of Verner's law when viewed synchronically
Feb 24th 2017

List of glossing abbreviations
This page lists common abbreviations for grammatical terms that are used in linguistic interlinear glossing. Abbreviations beginning with N- (a common
Mar 18th 2017

from Nashville, Tennessee. Their name is an acronym, which stands for "Grammatical Revolution In The Spirit." GRITS is made up of Stacey "Coffee" Jones
Apr 9th 2017

Comparison (grammar)
or adjective that is the greatest degree of a given descriptor. The grammatical category associated with comparison of adjectives and adverbs is degree
May 14th 2017

The word originally was used by the Greeks for what they perceived as grammatical mistakes in their language. Ancient Athenians considered the dialect
May 3rd 2017

stem of a word. Common examples are case endings, which indicate the grammatical case of nouns or adjectives, and verb endings, which form the conjugation
May 13th 2017

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