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Grant Ranch County Park
Grant Ranch Park is the largest county park in Santa Clara County, California. Also known as Joseph D. Grant County Park, this site is situated in the
Jan 7th 2017

Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site
The Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site, created in 1972, commemorates the Western cattle industry from its 1850s inception through recent times
Mar 24th 2017

Collection/Special Collections Library at Texas Tech Cowboys to Cattlemen Virtual Museum Exhibit and Lesson Plans at Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS from National Park Service
Mar 21st 2017

Bell Ranch (New Mexico)
The Bell Ranch is a historic ranch in Tucumcari, New Mexico, United States of America. Lying along La Cinta Creek near the Canadian River, the ranch
Jan 7th 2017

Tejon Ranch
The-Tejon-Ranch-CompanyThe Tejon Ranch Company (NYSETRC), based in Lebec, California, is one of the largest private landowners in California. (The federally gifted lands still
Feb 23rd 2017

Cinco Ranch, Texas
Cinco Ranch is a census-designated place and master-planned community located in the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the city of Houston within Fort Bend
Apr 18th 2017

NAN Ranch
For the archaeological site, see NAN Ranch Ruin. NAN Ranch, also known as Y Bar NAN Ranch, is a ranch in Faywood, New Mexico, that was added to the National
Dec 12th 2016

JL Ranch
JL Ranch is a 2016 American western drama film directed by Charles Robert Carner and written by Harley Peyton. The television film stars Jon Voight, Teri
Jan 16th 2017

Wilder Ranch State Park
Wilder Ranch State Park is a California-State-ParkCalifornia State Park on the Pacific Ocean coast north of Santa Cruz, California. The park was formerly a dairy ranch, and
Nov 18th 2016

Sahuaro Ranch
Sahuaro Ranch was founded in 1886, by William Henry Bartlett, a native of Illinois. The ranch, located north of what eventually became the city of Glendale
Apr 25th 2017

Caribou Ranch
Caribou Ranch was a recording studio built by producer James William Guercio in 1972 in a converted barn on ranch property in the Rocky Mountains near
Apr 25th 2017

Hearst Ranch
The-Hearst-RanchThe Hearst Ranch is composed of two cattle ranches in central California. The best known is the original Hearst Ranch, which surrounds Hearst Castle and
Nov 21st 2015

Kirby Grant
Kirby Grant (November 24, 1911 – October 30, 1985), born Kirby Grant Hoon, Jr., was a long-time B movie and television actor, mostly remembered for having
Apr 1st 2017

Phantom Ranch
Phantom Ranch is a lodge located within Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. It is on the north side of the Colorado River near its confluence with Bright
Feb 3rd 2017

Sea Ranch, California
"Sea Ranch" redirects here. For the Sea Ranch housing estate in Hong Kong, see Chi Ma Wan. The Sea Ranch is a planned unincorporated community and census-designated
Apr 19th 2017

Vermejo Park Ranch
The-Vermejo-Park-RanchThe Vermejo Park Ranch is a 590,823-acre (239,098 ha) ranch owned by Ted Turner in northeastern New Mexico and southern Colorado. The ranch is about 3/4
Mar 22nd 2017

4S Ranch, California
4S Ranch is an unincorporated community of San Diego County, California. It is located about 25 miles north of downtown San Diego and 13 miles east of
Mar 10th 2017

James Cant Ranch Historic District
The-James-Cant-RanchThe James Cant Ranch is a pioneer ranch complex in Grant County in eastern Oregon, United States. The ranch is located on both sides of the John Day River
Jan 29th 2017

Golden Oak Ranch
Golden Oak Ranch is an 890 acres (3.6 km2) movie ranch owned by the Disney Studio Services division of Walt Disney Studios subsidiary of The Walt Disney
Feb 26th 2017

Ghost Ranch
Ghost Ranch is a 21,000-acre (85 km2) retreat and education center located close to the village of Abiquiu in Rio Arriba County in north central New Mexico
Apr 15th 2017

Grant House
County, Minnesota Grant-Kohrs Ranch/Warren Ranch, Deer Lodge, Montana, listed on the NRHP in Powell County, Montana Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic
Oct 1st 2016

YFZ Ranch
The YFZ Ranch, or Yearning for Zion Ranch, was a 1,700-acre (7 km2) Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) community that at
Apr 22nd 2017

Warner's Ranch
Warner's Ranch near Warner Springs, California, was notable as a way station for large numbers of emigrants on the Southern Emigrant Trail from 1849 to
Apr 18th 2017

Philmont Scout Ranch
"Philmont" redirects here. For other uses, see Philmont (disambiguation). Philmont Scout Ranch is a large, rugged, mountainous ranch located near the town
Apr 25th 2017

Luis Maria Baca Grant No. 4
The Luis Maria Baca Grant No. 4, south of Crestone, Colorado, was a large land grant made in 1860 by the United States to the heirs of the original Vegas
Jan 12th 2016

Dangberg Home Ranch Historic Park
The Dangberg Home Ranch Historic Park is a Douglas County, Nevada, USA, park, preserving one of the state's first ranches. The Dangberg Ranch was founded
Dec 5th 2016

Johnny Grant
Johnny-Grant Georgia Johnny Grant, fur trapper and cattle baron, founder of the Grant-Kohrs Ranch Jonathan Grant (born 1993), known as Johnny, Canadian soccer player
Apr 3rd 2016

Blue Oak Ranch Reserve
The Blue Oak Ranch Reserve, a unit of the University of California Natural Reserve System, is a ecological reserve and biological field station in Santa
Nov 18th 2016

Little Boquillas Ranch
The Little Boquillas Ranch is an historic ranch property located in western Cochise County, Arizona, near the Fairbank Historic Townsite in what is now
Sep 6th 2016

Battle of Palmito Ranch
Battle The Battle of Palmito Ranch, also known as the Battle of Palmito Hill, is generally recognized as the final battle of the American Civil War. It was fought
Mar 12th 2017

King Ranch
King Ranch, located in Texas South Texas between Corpus Christi and Brownsville near Kingsville, is the largest ranch in Texas. The King Ranch comprises 825
Mar 28th 2017

Spade Ranch (Nebraska)
The Spade Ranch is a large cattle ranch located in the Sandhills of western Nebraska between the towns of Gordon and Ellsworth. Founded in 1888 by Bartlett
Nov 25th 2016

Hollister Ranch
Coordinates: 34°28′47″N 120°19′31″W / 34.47972°N 120.32528°W / 34.47972; -120.32528 Hollister Ranch is 14,400 acres (58 km2) of fallow and
Mar 21st 2017

Maxwell Land Grant
The Maxwell Land Grant, also known as the Beaubien-Miranda Land Grant, was a 1,714,765-acre (6,939.41 km2) Mexican land grant in Colfax County, New Mexico
Apr 12th 2017

Highlands Ranch Mansion
Coordinates: 39°32′11.08″N 104°58′11.75″W / 39.5364111°N 104.9699306°W / 39.5364111; -104.9699306 The Highlands Ranch Mansion is one of the most
Feb 5th 2017

List of ranches and stations
Ranch in Oregon Deseret Ranches in Florida Flying W Ranch in Colorado Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site in Montana Hardware Ranch in Utah Harris Ranch
Apr 18th 2017

Ranch Acres Historic District, Tulsa
Ranch Acres is a residential area in Midtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was designated in 2007 as Ranch Acres National Historic District (RAHD) because it is
Jul 9th 2016

Shannon-Williamson Ranch
The Shannon-Williamson Ranch, is located in Antioch, California. The Williamson family settled in Antioch in 1867. They were granted a homestead in 1874
Nov 28th 2016

Snake River Ranch
The-Snake-River-RanchThe Snake River Ranch, near Wilson, Wyoming, is the largest deeded ranch in the Jackson Hole area. The ranch buildings are grouped into three complexes
Nov 25th 2016

Parker Ranch
Parker Ranch is a working cattle ranch on the Island of Hawaii in the U.S. state of Hawaii, now run by a charitable trust. The ranch was founded in 1847
Jan 8th 2017

Fort Grant, Arizona
Fort Grant, located in the U.S. state of Arizona, is a state prison and a former United States Army fortification. Fort Grant is located on the southwestern
Nov 9th 2016

Pitchfork Ranch
The Pitchfork Ranch, established in 1883, encompasses some 181,000 acres (73,000 ha) in Dickens and King counties in West Texas, in the United States,
Aug 31st 2016

Chase Ranch
Chase purchased the land from Lucien Maxwell, part of the Maxwell Land Grant. The ranch is near the Ponil Creek, a mile north of the Cimarron River, not far
Dec 8th 2016

Robert Mills Grant
Mary Coquella (nee Greenlee; 1897-1982) on the then third-generation Grant Ranch in the Richeau Hills. Duncan Grant was a son of Robert Grant (1847-1921)
Feb 25th 2017

Idaho Youth Ranch
Idaho-Youth-Ranch">The Idaho Youth Ranch (IYR) is a non-profit, multi-service charity in Idaho, USA which provides "troubled children and families a bridge to a valued, responsible
Apr 3rd 2017

San Bernardino Ranch
San Bernardino Ranch is a site in the southern San Bernardino Valley in the region of the San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge in extreme southeast
Mar 4th 2017

Roba Ranch
The-Roba-RanchThe Roba Ranch is a pioneer ranch located near the small unincorporated community of Paulina in Crook County, Oregon. The ranch is named for George and
Nov 29th 2016

Ranch A
"Spearfish-Fisheries-Center-ComplexSpearfish Fisheries Center Complex" redirects here. For the fish hatchery in Spearfish, Dakota">South Dakota, see D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery.
Nov 28th 2016

Lee's Ferry and Lonely Dell Ranch
Lee's-Ferry">The Lee's Ferry and Lonely Dell Ranch Historic District includes the ranch homesteaded by Mormon pioneer John D. Lee at Lee's Ferry, Arizona, and now in
Nov 27th 2016

Old Borges Ranch
Contra Costa County, California — pre-statehood Spanish & Mexican land grant ranches. Ranches on the National Register of Historic Places in California
Nov 28th 2016

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