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Massacre at Ywahoo Falls
The Massacre at Ywahoo Falls (or the Great Cherokee Children Massacre) is alleged to have occurred on Friday, August 10, 1810, at Yahoo Falls, now in the
Mar 22nd 2017

Overhill Cherokee
Cherokee Overhill Cherokee was the term for the Cherokee people located in their historic settlements in what is now the U.S. state of Tennessee in the Southeastern
Mar 14th 2017

Cherokee County, Texas
Cherokee County is a county located in the U.S. state of Texas. As of the 2010 census, its population was 50,845 . The county seat is Rusk. The county
Mar 28th 2017

Cherokee–American wars
The CherokeeAmerican wars, also known as the Chickamauga Wars, were a series of back-and-forth raids, campaigns, ambushes, minor skirmishes, and several
May 18th 2017

Chilhowee (Cherokee town)
Coordinates: 35°33′08″N 84°00′27″W / 35.55231°N 84.00737°W / 35.55231; -84.00737 Chilhowee was a prehistoric and historic Native American site
Mar 10th 2016

Fort Mims massacre
The Battle at Fort Mims occurred on 30 August 1813 during the Creek War, when a force of Creek Indians, belonging to the "Red Sticks" faction under the
Apr 24th 2017

Wounded Knee Massacre
The Wounded Knee Massacre (also called the Battle of Wounded Knee) occurred on December 29, 1890, near Wounded Knee Creek (Lakota: Čhaŋkpe Opi Wakpala)
May 24th 2017

Hiwassee River
The Hiwassee River has its headwaters on the north slope of Rocky Mountain in Towns County in northern Georgia and flows northward into North Carolina
May 21st 2017

Major Ridge
Major Ridge, The Ridge (and sometimes Pathkiller II) (c. 1771 – June 22, 1839) (also known as Nunnehidihi, and later Ganundalegi) was a Cherokee leader
Nov 17th 2016

Bob Benge
Bob Benge (c. 1762–1794), also known as "Captain Benge" (or "The Bench" to frontiersmen), was one of the most feared Cherokee leaders on the frontier during
Nov 16th 2016

List of events named massacres
List of events for which one of the commonly accepted names includes the word massacre. Massacre is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as "the indiscriminate
May 24th 2017

List of Indian massacres
In the history of the European colonization of North America, an atrocity termed "Indian massacre" is a specific incident wherein a group of people (military
May 18th 2017

James Mooney
James Mooney (February 10, 1861 – December 22, 1921) was an American ethnographer who lived for several years among the Cherokee. He did major studies
Mar 13th 2017

Cherokee Commission
The Cherokee Commission, was a three-person bi-partisan body created by President Benjamin Harrison to operate under the direction of the Secretary of
Nov 21st 2016

Natchez revolt
Natchez The Natchez revolt, or the Natchez-MassacreNatchez Massacre, was an attack by the Natchez people on French colonists near present-day Natchez, Mississippi, on November 29
Feb 26th 2017

American Indian Wars
American-Indian-Wars">The American Indian Wars, or Indian Wars, were the multiple armed conflicts between European governments and colonists, and later American settlers or
May 25th 2017

Stand Watie
Stand-WatieStand Watie (Cherokee: ᏕᎦᏔᎦ, translit. Degataga, lit. 'Stand firm') (December 12, 1806 – September 9, 1871) — also known as Standhope Uwatie, Tawkertawker
May 26th 2017

Siege of Fort Loudoun
The Siege of Fort Loudoun was an engagement during the Anglo-Cherokee-WarCherokee War fought from February 1760 to August 1760 between the warriors of the Cherokee
Sep 15th 2016

Native Americans in the American Civil War
Native Americans in the American Civil War composed various Native American bands, tribes, and nations. Native Americans served in both the Union and Confederate
May 25th 2017

Samuel Wear
Samuel Wear (1753–Apr. 3, 1817) was an American War of Independence soldier who fought at the Battle of Kings Mountain. He was one of the founders of the
Jul 17th 2016

Black Indians in the United States
"Indians">Black Indians" redirects here. For other uses, see Historical definitions of races in India. Indians">Black Indians are people of mixed African-American and Native
Apr 18th 2017

Fort Loudoun (Tennessee)
Fort Loudoun was a British colonial-era fort located in what is now Monroe County, Tennessee, United States. Built in 1756 and 1757 to help garner Cherokee
Apr 23rd 2017

Fort Dobbs (North Carolina)
Fort Dobbs was an 18th-century fort in the YadkinPee Dee River Basin region of the Province of North Carolina, near what is now Statesville in Iredell
May 25th 2017

Tuscarora War
The Tuscarora War was fought in North Carolina during the autumn of 1714 until 11 February 1715 between the British, Dutch, and German settlers and the
Feb 23rd 2017

John Sevier
John Sevier (September 23, 1745 – September 24, 1815) was an American soldier, frontiersman and politician, and one of the founding fathers, of the State
May 8th 2017

Mary Draper Ingles
Mary Draper Ingles (1732 – February 1815), also known in records as Mary Inglis or Mary English, was an American pioneer and early settler of western Virginia
May 20th 2017

Native Americans in the United States
In the United States of America, Native Americans (also known as American Indians, Indigenous Americans or simply Indians; see §Terminology differences)
May 24th 2017

Texas–Indian wars
Texas The TexasIndian wars were a series of 19th-century conflicts between settlers in Texas and the Southern Plains Indians. These conflicts began when the
Mar 17th 2017

Hugh Thompson Jr.
Hugh Clowers Thompson Jr. (April 15, 1943 – January 6, 2006) was a United States Army Captain, and formerly a warrant officer in the 123rd Aviation Battalion
May 25th 2017

Native American tribes in Virginia
Native American tribes in Virginia are the indigenous tribes who currently live or have historically lived in what is now the Commonwealth of Virginia
Apr 26th 2017

Cultural assimilation of Native Americans
The cultural assimilation of AmericansAmerican Native Americans was an assimilation effort by the United States to transform American Native American culture to EuropeanAmerican
May 20th 2017

Baxter Springs, Kansas
Baxter Springs is a city in Cherokee County, Kansas, United States, and located along Spring River. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 4,238
Feb 17th 2017

Hugh O'Bryant
Hugh Donaldson O'Bryant (1813–1883) was the first mayor of Portland, Oregon, United States, serving from 1851–1852. He later served as the President of
Apr 18th 2017

Red Cloud
Red Cloud (Lakota: Maȟpiya Luta) (1822 – December 10, 1909) was one of the most important leaders of the Oglala Lakota. He led from 1868 to 1909. One of
May 13th 2017

Iron Eyes Cody
Iron Eyes Cody (born Espera Oscar de Corti April 3, 1904 – January 4, 1999) was a Sicilian-American actor. He portrayed Native Americans in Hollywood films
May 17th 2017

Ralph Block
Ralph J. Block (June 21, 1889, CherokeeJanuary 2, 1974, Wheaton) was an American film producer in the 1920s and became a full-time screenwriter in 1930
Feb 2nd 2017

Thomas Jefferson and Native Americans
Thomas Jefferson believed Native American peoples to be a noble race who were "in body and mind equal to the whiteman" and were endowed with an innate
May 25th 2017

Genocides in history
Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious or national group. The term was coined in 1944
May 24th 2017

Winfield Scott
Winfield Scott (June 13, 1786 – May 29, 1866) was a United States Army general and unsuccessful presidential candidate of the Whig Party in 1852. Known
May 15th 2017

The Muscogee, also known as the Creek and the Creek Confederacy, are a group of related Indigenous peoples of the Southeastern Woodlands. Mvskoke (English
May 14th 2017

The Shawnee (Shaawanwaki, Sa˙wano˙ki and Shaawanowi lenaweeki) are an Algonquian-speaking ethnic group indigenous to North America. In colonial times they
May 14th 2017

Jim Baker (frontiersman)
Jim Baker (1818–1898), was a frontiersman, trapper, hunter, fur trader, explorer, army scout, interpreter, soldier, territorial militia officer, rancher
Mar 29th 2017

Genocide of indigenous peoples
The genocide of indigenous peoples is the mass destruction of entire communities or races of indigenous peoples. Indigenous peoples are understood to be
May 22nd 2017

List of disasters in Great Britain and Ireland by death toll
The following list of disasters in Great Britain and Ireland is a list of major disasters (excluding acts of war but including acts of terrorism) which
May 21st 2017

History of Native Americans in the United States
The history of Native Americans in the United States began in ancient times tens of thousands of years ago with the settlement of the Americas by the Paleo-Indians
May 24th 2017

Northwest Indian War
The Northwest Indian War (1785–1795) also, known as the Ohio War, Little Turtle's War, and by other names, was a war between the United States and a confederation
May 22nd 2017

Timeline of the American Old West
This timeline of the American Old West is a chronologically ordered list of events significant to the development of the American West as a region of the
May 12th 2017

William Quantrill
William Clarke Quantrill (July 31, 1837 – June 6, 1865) was a Confederate leader during the American Civil War. After a knockabout youth, he joined a group
May 16th 2017

Slavery among Native Americans in the United States
Slavery among Native Americans in the United States includes slavery by Native Americans as well as slavery of Native Americans roughly within the present-day
May 17th 2017

January 9Afghans defeat Marathas in Battle of Barari Ghat. January 22Seven Years' WarAt the Battle of Wandiwash in India, British general
Feb 26th 2016

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