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HJ may refer to: Science, technology, and mathematics: HallJanko group, a mathematical group Heterojunction, the interface between two layers of dissimilar
Mar 14th 2017

Holden HJ
Holden-HJ">The Holden HJ is a series of automobiles which were produced by Holden in Australia from 1974 to 1976. The HJ series was released on 4 October 1974 and
Dec 21st 2016

The HJ-8 or Hongjian-8 ("红箭-8" translated as "Red Arrow-8") is a second generation tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided anti-tank missile system
Oct 1st 2016

HJ-8, the HJ-9 utilizes a disposable container/launching tube, but the one for HJ-9 is heavier, weighing 37 kg (82 lb) because HJ-9 is larger than HJ-8
Dec 15th 2016

HJ-10 (HJ = Hong Jian or Hongjian, 红箭, meaning Red Arrow) is a series of indigenously developed and highly classified (as of 2011) Chinese anti-helicopter
Mar 25th 2017

HJ Bunko
HJ-BunkoHJ Bunko (HJ文庫?) is a publishing label affiliated with the Japanese publishing company Hobby Japan. It was established in July 2006 and is a light novel
Apr 11th 2017

HJ and HT v Home Secretary
HJ (Iran) and HT (Cameroon) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2010] UKSC 31 is a case decided by the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom concerning
Sep 2nd 2016

exhibition. The HJ-12 is a modern, third generation anti-tank missile developed by China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO). The HJ-12 is a fire-and-forget
Mar 20th 2017

2008 HJ
2008 HJ is a small near-Earth asteroid orbiting the Sun. It was discovered by Lincoln Laboratory ETS, New Mexico. Observers M. Bezpalko, D. Torres, R.
Apr 15th 2017

HJ-Story is a free and independently published webcomic illustrated by Andrew Hou. The comic strip centers mainly around two characters based on him and
Dec 3rd 2016

HJ Martin and Son
HJ Martin and Son is an interior and specialty contractor based in Northeast Wisconsin. The privately held company has its headquarters in Green Bay and
Mar 7th 2017

Hagström Jimmy
and a re-issue of the original Jimmy was launched under the name HJ-500 NAT and HJ-600 VSB with certain liberties taken by the new manufacturer. The
Apr 24th 2016

Hiller YH-32 Hornet
The Hiller YH-32 Hornet (company designation HJ-1) was an American ultralight helicopter built by Hiller Aircraft in the early 1950s. It was a small and
Mar 23rd 2017

(469987) 2006 HJ123
2006 HJ123 (also written 2006 HJ123) is a trans-Neptunian object (TNO). It was discovered in 2006 by Marc W. Buie. The object is a plutino (in 2:3 resonance
Apr 16th 2017

Tan Sri Dato' Haji Hassan Yunos Stadium
worldofstadiums.com/asia/malaysia/stadium-tan-sri-dato-hj-hassan-yunos/ Stadium Tan Sri Dato Hj Hassan Yunos (Stadium Larkin) 23 January 2013, Johor
Mar 26th 2017

HJ Magazine
HJ Magazine, formerly known as Hurra Juventus is an Italian sport magazine entirely dedicated to the football club Juventus F.C. Founded by Editor and
Dec 26th 2016

H. J. Blackham
January 2009 at the age of 105. Bury, JB, with an historical epilogue by HJ Blackham. A History of Freedom of Thought (2001). University Press of the
Mar 21st 2017

Mohammad Said Hamid Junid
Said Hamid Junid (17 June 1902 – after 1962), often credited as Moh. Said HJ, was a film director, storywriter, and actor active in the early cinema of
Feb 1st 2017

Statesman (automobile)
electronic Bosch patent system operating on all four-wheel discs. HJ Statesman de Ville and the HJ Statesman Caprices were sold in South Africa as the AJ series
Dec 18th 2016

U-Wei Haji Saari
U-Wei Hj Saari is an award-winning MalaysianMalaysian film director. He first gained international attention with The Arsonist (more known by its Malay name Kaki
Mar 19th 2017

Library of Congress Classification:Class H, subclass HJ -- Public Finance
under Class H -- Social Sciences. This article describes subclass HJ. Subclass HJ HJ 9-9940..........Public finance 9-99.8 ..........Periodicals. Serials
Oct 24th 2012

1927 All-Big Ten Conference football team
Michigan (AP-1, CDN-1, HJ-1; UP-1; WE-1) Waldo A. Fisher, Northwestern (AP-1, CDN-1, HJ-1; UP-1; WE-3) Ken Haycraft, Minnesota (AP-2, HJ-2; WE-1) Garland Grange
Feb 12th 2017

2009–10 Brunei Premier League
Balapan Track and Field NBT FC 1-5 KKSJ Penjara [Hj Khairol Anwar Hj Md Yaakub 55; Hj Abd Hanis Hj Abd Rahim 22, Chua Kok Meng 39, Sharum Anik 45+1,
Jun 9th 2015

Sri Aman Division
Resident. William Nais (1967-1970) Tuan Hj Yusof Bin Tuan Hj Arbi (29.01.1970-16.02.1973) Mohd-Fauzi-Bin-Hj-Abd-Hamid">Tuan Hj Mohd Fauzi Bin Hj Abd Hamid (16.02.1973-19.05.1980) Mohd
Jul 20th 2016

1920 All-Big Ten Conference football team
football season. Chuck Carney, Illinois (CSM, DL, EA, ECP-1, EOS, HB, HJ, HMD, JW, MM, PD, RA, TL, WE-1) Frank Weston, Wisconsin (DL, EA, ECP-1, EOS
Feb 23rd 2017

1935 All-Pacific Coast football team
in 1935 included the Associated Press (AP), USC head coach Howard Jones (HJ), the Newspaper Enterprise Association (NEA), The Oregon Statesman (OS), the
Dec 19th 2016

Mian Hayaud Din
Major General Mian Hayaud Din HJ MBE MC (July 2, 1910 - May 20, 1965) was an army officer of the Indian Army and later of the Pakistan Army. He saw active
Apr 10th 2017

HJ was a Nazi paramilitary title which was used solely by the Hitler Youth (HJ). The rank based on the much more common rank of Rottenführer. An HJ-Oberrottenführer
Jul 9th 2016

SMA Persekutuan Labu
1997, 1998. In 1998, Tuan Hj Mat Yunoh bin Hj Dollah replaced him and became the principal from 1998 to 2004. Before that Tuan Hj Mat Yunoh was the senior
Feb 10th 2017

Holden Kingswood
car. HQ-HJ Monaro LS and HQ Monaro LS V8 shared luxury level coding with their respective Premier but also never wore Premier badges. HK-HJ Monaro GTS
Apr 3rd 2017

SMS Johor
Tuan Hj. Mohd-RopiMohd Ropi b. Jahis, P.I.S 1988 - 1994: Tuan Hj. Abu-NaimAbu Naim b. Hj Siran, P.I.S 1994 - 1997: Jailani b. Rusni, A.M.N 1997 - December 1997: Tuan Hj. Rokhani
Jan 19th 2017

(24978) 1998 HJ151
(24978) 1998 HJ151, also written as (24978) 1998 HJ151, is a cubewano. It has a perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) of 41.339 AU and an aphelion (farthest
Sep 9th 2016

The truck enter service in the PLA after 1999. 4X4 high-mobility truck HJ-9 anti-tank guided missile carrier riot control vehicle troop carrier 10-man
Dec 4th 2016

Invaders of the Rokujyōma!?
written by Takehaya and illustrated by Poco. HJ Bunko has published seventeen volumes since 2009 under their HJ Bunko imprint, as well as two side story volumes
Apr 13th 2017

Sandakan Municipal Council
Sandakan in the state of Sabah, Malaysia. Datuk Hj. Mohd Tahir Jaafar (1982–1983) Datuk Hj. Abdul Ghani Hj. Rashid (1984–1986) Datuk Kamaruddin Linggam (1986–1988)
Mar 14th 2017

  Rousseau-Merck MF, Hillion J, Jonveaux P, Couillin P, Seite P, Thiesen HJ, Berger R (Dec 1993). "Chromosomal localization of 9 KOX zinc finger genes:
May 20th 2016

Holden HX
featured a range of models developed from those in the superseded Holden HJ range, which had been in production since 1974. The HX models featured only
Dec 18th 2016

Brunei national rugby union team
Kamalie (Forwards) Players: 1. Muhd Khairuddeen bin D.P Haji Hamzah 2. Hj Mohd Azmiee Hj Mohd Sunnylai 3. Adrin Anak Salanjat 4. Yeo Hock Wee 5. Mohd Halim
Nov 9th 2016

Homeobox A10
PMID 15731295.  Lowney P, Corral J, Detmer K, LeBeau MM, Deaven L, Lawrence HJ, Largman C (Jun 1991). "A human Hox 1 homeobox gene exhibits myeloid-specific
May 19th 2016

Highlands J virus
The Highlands J (HJ) virus is a zoonotic alphavirus native to North and South America. It maintains a natural reservoir in the songbird population of freshwater
Jun 17th 2013

Sarikei Division
Tuanku Taha Tuan Hj Adenan B Hj Aman Tuan Hj Mohd Iskandar B Abdullah Noel Hudson Laga Patrick Rigep Nuek Nilie Tangai Jolhi B Hj Saar Tuan Hj Mohd Atei Abang
Apr 3rd 2017

9M14 Malyutka
guided missile via radio control. HJ-73 Hongjian Red Arrow-73 China HJ-73 MCLOS entered service in 1979 HJ-73B SACLOS HJ-73C SACLOS stand off probe for improved
Mar 30th 2017

Competition (2006). HJ Heinz and HP Foods: A Report on the Completed Acquisition of the HP Foods Companies by HJ Heinz Company and HJ Heinz Company Ltd
Apr 14th 2017

Benzodiazepine US Patent 4098786 Borchers, F.; Achtert, G.; HausleiterHausleiter, HJHJ.; Zeugner, H. "Metabolism and pharmacokinetics of metaclazepam (Talis), Part
Jun 29th 2016

List of anti-tank missiles
FOG-CM MPM CM-501G AFT-10 PA02-MA PA01-HJ GA HJ-12 TS-01 CM-502KG HJ-11 HJ-10 BA-9 BA-7 AR-1 AKD-10 HJ-8 HJ-9 HJ-73 Type 98 anti-tank rocket Type 78/65 RL90
Apr 10th 2017

the ZNF34 gene. "Human PubMed Reference:".  La-Pillo-BLa Pillo B, Lüdecke HJ, Thiesen HJ, Horsthemke B (Aug 1993). "A BanII RFLP in the ZNF34 zinc finger gene
May 20th 2016

Hassan Yunus
Menteri Besar biography of Tan Sri Hj. Hassan Yunus Johor Menteri Besar Office, Menteri Besar Biography, Tan Sri Hj. Hassan Yunus Johorean Student Society
Jun 5th 2016

List of Cyathus species
Brodie-HJBrodie HJ. (1971). "Cyathus crassimurus sp. nov from Hawaii". Canadian Journal of Botany 49: 1609 11. Brodie, p. 181. Brodie, p. 167. Brodie-HJBrodie HJ. (1974)
Nov 27th 2016

Brunei DPMM FC
Club Manager: Pg Hj Waslimin Pg Setia Jaya Pg Hj Abdul Momin Team Manager: Mohammad Ali bin Hj Momin Marketing Manager: Hj Momin bin Hj Md Ja'afar Public
Apr 19th 2017

Tricho-rhino-phalangeal syndrome Type 1
PubMed Reference:".  "Mouse PubMed Reference:".  Hou J, Parrish J, Lüdecke HJ, Sapru M, Wang Y, Chen W, Hill A, Siegel-Bartelt J, Northrup H, Elder FF (Sep
May 20th 2016

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