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HKFA may refer to: Hong Kong Film Awards Hong Kong Film Archive, located at 50 Lei King Road, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong Hong Kong Football Association, the
Mar 12th 2013

2008–09 HKFA 7-A-Side Competition
HKFA 7-A-Side Competition 2008–09, officially known as 2008/2009 HKFA Fourway Challenge Cup 7-A-Side Competition due to sponsorship from Fourway Athletics
Apr 21st 2013

2005–06 HKFA Chairman's Cup
Buler Rangers Reserve Marcio Aanacleto of Buler Rangers Reserve Leung Chi Kui of Buler Rangers Reserve HKFA Website 2005/2006 HKFA Chairman's Cup
Apr 6th 2015

2007–08 HKFA Chairman's Cup
Eastern Reserves v Bulova Rangers Reserves Fixtures - Chairman's Cup, HKFA Website 2007/2008 Hong Kong Football Association Chairman's Cup
Apr 6th 2015

2006–07 HKFA Chairman's Cup
Reserve The final, which was scheduled on 20 May was prosponed to 21 May due to heavy rain on the day. Fixtures - Chairman's Cup, HKFA Website
Apr 6th 2015

HKFA Chairman's Cup
Football Association Chairman's Cup (Chinese: 香港足球總會主席盃) was established by HKFA in 1975. It is now a competition for the reserve teams of Hong Kong First
Mar 16th 2013

Hong Kong Football Association
Football Association Limited (Chinese: 香港足球總會), often abbreviated to the HKFA, is the governing body of association football in Hong Kong. Its current
Nov 23rd 2016

List of Hong Kong Top Footballers
HKFA Footballer Award HKFA, 2006/07 HKFA now TV HK Top Footballer Awards HKFA, 2007/08 HKFA HK Top Footballer Awards - Result HKFA, HKFA Hong Kong Top Footballer
Dec 27th 2016

2004–05 Hong Kong Senior Challenge Shield
Kong 2004/05 HKFA, Sunray Cave Senior Shield 2004/2005 sparkles on 9 April HKFA, Sunray Cave Senior Shield commences tomorrow HKFA, Sunray Cave Senior
Sep 17th 2016

Hong Kong football league system
World War have been lost and the current Hong Kong Football Association (HKFA) only recognises the match results since its establishment in 1945. Hence
Oct 15th 2016

2006–07 Hong Kong Senior Challenge Shield
The Hong Kong Senior Shield 2006-07, also known as the 2006-07 HKFA Choi Fung Hong Senior Shield , is the 105th staging of the Hong Kong's oldest football
Sep 5th 2014

Hong Kong FA Cup
it, the cup has been limited to top-flight teams since 1981. The current HKFA Cup holders are Hong Kong Pegasus who defeated Yuen Long 1–1 (4–3 p.s.o.)
Jan 23rd 2017

2003–04 Hong Kong FA Cup
Kong Stadium on 9 May 2004. The competition was officially known as 2003/04 Dongguan-Centurycity-Real-Estate-FA-Cup">HKFA Dongguan Centurycity Real Estate FA Cup due to sponsorship from Dongguan
Dec 26th 2015

2005–06 Hong Kong Senior Challenge Shield
The Hong Kong Senior Shield 2005-06, also known as the 2005/2006 HKFA Senior Shield, is the 104th staging of the Hong Kong's oldest football knockout competition
Jul 30th 2014

2008 Lunar New Year Cup
League Selection Team List HKFA Website, Hong Kong League Selection HKFA Website, Penarol HKFA Website, Ulsan Hyundai HKFA Website, Wing Lung Bank 2008
Oct 30th 2015

2013–14 Hong Kong First Division League
The 2013–14 Hong Kong First Division League, officially named 2013–14 HKFA RedMR Hong Kong First Division League due to sponsorship reasons, is the 102nd
Oct 3rd 2016

Tai Po Sports Ground
the Leisure and Cultural Department HK$1 million. On 3 August 2007, the HKFA agreed to allow Tai Po FC to play 9 games at the Tai Po Sports Ground in
Feb 2nd 2017

2007 Lunar New Year Cup
First Division League HKFA Website Australia Olympic Team HKFA Website China Olympic Team HKFA Website Hong Kong League XI HKFA Website Mckee, Jaimes
Jan 22nd 2017

2005–06 Hong Kong First Division League
Division. However, both teams are retained in the division next season by HKFA. Reason for retaining Hong Kong 08 is to give the team better preparation
Oct 3rd 2016

Seiko SA
com HKFA League Standing – Season-1972Season 1972/1973 (FINAL) HKFA League Standing – 1973/1974 Season (FINAL) HKFA League
Jul 2nd 2016

2007 Guangdong–Hong Kong Cup
in Panyu-Fo-Ying-Dong-StadiumPanyu Fo Ying Dong Stadium in remembrance of the death of Fok Henry Fok, HKFA's Life Honorary President, for Panyu is the home town of Mr. Fok. Hong Kong
Feb 8th 2016

2005–06 Hong Kong FA Cup
Lico (Xiangxue Sun Hei) Best Defender Award (HK$5,000) HKFA Website 2005/06 HKFA Lanwa International FA Cup 2005/06聯華國際足總盃, HKFA Website (Chinese)
Dec 26th 2015

Hong Kong First Division League
The HKFA website.  聯賽長勝軍(下) (in Chinese). The HKFA website.  甲組神射手回顧(上) (in Chinese). The HKFA website.  甲組神射手回顧(下) (in Chinese). The HKFA website
Dec 6th 2016

Hong Kong national under-23 football team
football team "Hong Kong U23 SquadTraining schedule". Hong Kong Football Association. 22 June 香港代表隊近20年奧運預賽成績 (in Chinese)
Aug 20th 2016

Yuen Long Stadium
Ground. HKFA The HKFA and Yuen Long Stadium will discuss again the possibility of hosting home games for TSW Pegasus at the stadium on 26 September. HKFA chairman
Mar 16th 2017

HKSAR Reunification Cup
Hongkong Reunification Cup 2002 HKFA Website, The HKSAR 10th Anniversary-Reunification-CupAnniversary Reunification Cup - Bayern Munich Team List HKFA Website, The HKSAR 10th Anniversary
Mar 20th 2017

2007–08 Hong Kong FA Cup
HKFA Website 2007/08 HKFA Lanwa International FA Cup HKFA Website, Lanwa International FA CUP Final & Donation for the earthquake victims HKFA Website
Dec 26th 2015

Yau Tsim Mong FT
Yau Tsim Mong Football Team – About us(Chinese) HKFA-WebsiteHKFA Website, Yam Tsim Mong Football Team(Chinese) HKFA website: Club Information Official Homepage(Chinese)
Sep 26th 2016

2006 Hong Kong–Macau Interport
squad only. Macau v Hong Kong HKFA Website, 2006港澳埠際賽明日舉行 (Chinese) HKFA Website, 港隊加強訓練備戰港澳埠際賽 (Chinese) HKFA Website, 港澳埠際賽 - 港隊與澳門並列冠軍 (Chinese)
May 19th 2015

Hong Kong Fourth Division League
fourth tier league. 1955–56 Tai Wah 2012–13 Yau Tsim Mong 1956-05-15 Ta Kung Pao "HKFA-League-Rules-2011HKFA League Rules 2011–12" (PDF).  歷屆聯賽冠軍, (Chinese)
Sep 9th 2015

Zhang Chunhui
17 November 2009 HKFA Website East Asian Football Championship 2008 - Preliminary Competition Hong Kong Team Training Squad HKFA Website Archived 27
Nov 14th 2016

Lunar New Year Cup
tournament organised in Hong Kong by the Hong Kong Football Association (HKFA) since 1908. It is usually held on the first and the fourth day of the Chinese
Feb 3rd 2017

Hong Kong Second Division League
teams are relegated to the Hong Kong Third Division League. Each season, HKFA decides the maximum number of foreign and mainland Chinese players each club
Oct 7th 2016

2003 Hong Kong–Macau Interport
Hong Kong v Macau HKFA Website, Hong Kong vs Macau Interport match postponed HKFA Website, 港澳埠際賽明日舉行 (Chinese) HKFA Website, 港澳埠際賽:08小將發威 六球大勝澳青
May 3rd 2015

Wing Yee FT
season. In 2008–09 and 2009–10 seasons, the team finished at 4th and 5th respectively at Hong Kong Second Division League. HKFA---Wing-YeeHKFA Wing Yee at
Dec 30th 2016

Shatin SA
winners, were invited to take part in the Hong Kong FA Cup 2008-09 by the HKFA. The team was drawn against Kitchee SC in the first round and lost the game
Oct 3rd 2016

2012 Guangdong–Hong Kong Cup
Yip Hong Kong v Guangdong---Guangdong Guangdong v Hong Kong HKFA Website, 34th Guangdong-HK Cup HKFA Website, 34th Guangdong-HK Cup, Hong Kong Team Squad List
Jan 12th 2017

Hong Kong C Team
Hong Kong C Team is a Hong Kong football team which established by HKFA in 2007. As of 17 April 2008. Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under
Apr 5th 2016

2006 Hong Kong–Shanghai Inter Club Championship
Shanghai Shenhua v Buler Rangers 滬港球會盃-預告, HKFA Website (Chinese) 滬港球會盃-賽後, HKFA Website (Chinese) 滬港球會盃 – 上海申花 1:0 澎馬流浪, HKFA Website (Chinese)
Apr 20th 2013

2006–07 in Hong Kong football
number of teams in the First Division will increase from eight to ten as the HKFA has decided to keep the two bottom teams last season, South China and Hong
Feb 9th 2017

Tsuen Wan (football club)
Tsuen Wan is a football team which is now an associate member of HKFA which does not participate in any division of the existing league. It is different
Apr 5th 2016

2009 Lunar New Year Cup
Kusnir HKFA Website, 2009 Lunar New Year Cup, Team--HKFA">South China Pegasus Team, 2009 Lunar New Year Cup - Team: AC Sparta Praha, 2009
Jan 30th 2017

Cheung Chi Yung 23 May 2009.  "2012奧運足球賽". Retrieved 10 July 2013.  "Kim Pan Gon Looking Forward To Taking New Hong Kong Challenge".
Dec 26th 2016

2004–05 Hong Kong FA Cup
香雪制葯足總盃抽籤結果各有喜憂, HKFA Website (Chinese) FA Cup 2004/2005 kick-off on 28 April, HKFA Website (Chinese) 香雪制葯足總盃總決賽 晨曦大球場惡鬥愉園 足總盃總決賽 晨曦反勝愉園二比一成四冠王, HKFA Website
Dec 26th 2015

2011 Asian Challenge Cup
Guangzhou Evergrande v Tianjin Teda HKFA Website, Ulsan Hyundai (KOR) 0:4 Tianjin Teda (CHN) HKFA Website, South China 0:1 Guangzhou Evergrande
Feb 19th 2017

2006 Guangdong–Hong Kong Cup
First Leg Hong Kong v Guangdong Second Leg Guangdong v Hong Kong HKFA Website 香港 對 廣東﹝1:0﹞(in chinese) HKFA Website 廣東 對 香港﹝0:2﹞(in chinese)
May 4th 2015

2010–11 Hong Kong First Division League
2010–11 Hong Kong Football Association First Division League (known as HKFA bma First Division League for sponsorship reasons) is the 99th top tier football
Sep 13th 2016

Hélio (footballer)
Senior Challenge Shield: 2010–11 Kitchee Hong Kong Premier League: 2014–15 HKFA League Cup: 2014–15 "Paulinho and Helio acquired the HKSAR passports"
Mar 23rd 2017

1998–99 Hong Kong FA Cup
Instant-Dict v South China HKFA Website, 足總盃回顧(九) 2007-05-14 (Chinese), Hongkong 1998/99 HKFA Website, 足總盃回顧(十) 2007-05-17 (Chinese)
Dec 26th 2015

2005 Guangdong–Hong Kong Cup
dollars was raised. Hong Kong lifted the trophy for the 10th time in history. HKFA website 省港盃回憶錄(十) (in chinese) HKFA website 近5屆省港盃回顧(三) (in chinese)
Nov 24th 2015

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