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HRHR, HrHr or hr may refer to: H.R. Pufnstuf, a children's television series HRHR, a 2013 television drama starring Alicia Silverstone HRHR, a criminal organisation
May 8th 2017

.hr is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Croatia (Croatian: Hrvatska). The .hr domain is administered by CARNet - Croatian Academic
Mar 2nd 2017

Holden HR
Holden-HR">The Holden HR is an automobile that was produced by Holden in Australia from 1966 to 1968. Holden-HR">The Holden HR range was released in April 1966, replacing
Dec 18th 2016

HR 5171
HR 5171, also known as HD 119796 and V766 Centauri, is a triple star system in the constellation Centaurus, around 12,000 light years from Earth. It contains
May 14th 2017

Honda HR-V
The-Honda-HRThe Honda HR-V is a subcompact crossover SUV produced by Honda spanning two generations. The first generation HR-V was based on the Honda Logo and sold
May 12th 2017

HR 8938 Cephei
article is about the deadmau5 song. For the star it is named after, see HR 8938. "HR 8938 Cephei" is a song by Canadian progressive house music producer deadmau5
Apr 12th 2017

Robin HR100
The-Robin-HR100The Robin HR100 is a French four-seat light monoplane built by Avions Pierre Robin as metal-winged version of the Robin DR253 Regent. The prototype of
May 22nd 2017

HR 4796
HR 4796 is a binary star system in the southern constellation of Centaurus. Parallax measurements put it at a distance of 237 light-years (73 parsecs)
Mar 11th 2017

Hessischer Rundfunk
Corporation; hr) is the public broadcaster for the German state (Bundesland) of Hesse. The main offices of hr are in Frankfurt am Main. hr is a member
May 14th 2017

Hr. Petit
Hr. Petit (Mr Petit) is a 1948 Danish crime film directed by Alice O'Fredericks. Sigfred Johansen - Hr. Petit Grethe Holmer - Fru Petit Tavs Neiiendam
Feb 26th 2016

HR24 or HR 24 may refer to: HR 24, the star Kappa Sculptoris HR-24 Sirsa, a Regional Transport Office district in India HR24, a DirecTV HD-DVR Receiver
Feb 18th 2015

Nissan HR engine
HR">The HR is a family of straight-3 and straight-4 automobile engines co-developed by Nissan (Aichi Kikai) and Renault. Renault calls it the H engine.
May 25th 2017

HR 8799 d
HR 8799 d is an extrasolar planet located approximately 129 light-years away in the constellation of Pegasus, orbiting the 6th magnitude Lambda Bootis
Dec 26th 2016

HR 8799 b
HR 8799 b is an extrasolar planet located approximately 129 light-years away in the constellation of Pegasus, orbiting the 6th magnitude Lambda Bootis
Dec 26th 2016

HR 8799 e
HR 8799 e is a large exoplanet, orbiting the star HR 8799, which lies 129 lightyears from Earth. This gas giant is between 5 and 10 times the mass of Jupiter
Jan 31st 2017

HR 8799 c
HR 8799 c is an extrasolar planet located approximately 129 light-years away in the constellation of Pegasus, orbiting the 6th magnitude Lambda Bootis
Jul 11th 2016

HR 8799
HR 8799 is a young (~30 million-year-old) main-sequence star located 129 light years (39 parsecs) away from Earth in the constellation of Pegasus, with
Mar 25th 2017

HR 3833
HR 3833 is an orange, type K1III, giant star in the constellation of Antlia that shines with a vis mag of 5.62 from a distance of 279 ly at RA 9h 37m 9
Feb 27th 2015

IDS HR in Practice
HR IDS HR in Practice is a subscription-based online service offering analysis and coverage of best practice in all major areas of HR. It features named case
Mar 4th 2017

HR 7722 b
HR 7722 b is an exoplanet orbiting the star HR 7722. It orbits its parent star with a semimajor axis of 0.32 ± 0.005 AU, an eccentricity of 0.13 ± 0.04
Dec 23rd 2016

ISO 3166-2:HR
Main article: ISO 3166-2 ISO 3166-2:HR is the entry for Croatia in ISO 3166-2, part of the ISO 3166 standard published by the International Organization
Mar 16th 2015

HR 2554
HR 2554, also known as V415 CarinaeCarinae and A CarinaeCarinae, is an eclipsing spectroscopic binary of the Algol type in the constellation of Carina whose apparent
Jan 6th 2017

HR 3830
HR 3830 is an orange giant star, type K0III, in the southern hemisphere constellation of Antilia. Its distance from Earth, 311 ly; its vis mag, 5.68.
Feb 27th 2015

HR 5401
HR-5401HR-5401HR 5401 is a star in the constellation Lupus. Its apparent magnitude is 5.83. HR-5401HR-5401HR 5401 is the primary component of a multiple-star system. SIMBAD, HR
Jul 19th 2015 is a Croatian daily tabloid website, launched in November 2002 and based in Zagreb. The news site covers politics, business, sports, show business
Apr 9th 2017

HR 7484
HR 7484 (V1143 Cyg) is a star in the constellation Cygnus. Radial velocity measurements taken at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory in Victoria, British
Dec 6th 2016

HR 7722 c
HR 7722 c is an exoplanet orbiting the star HR 7722. It is a Neptune-sized planet and was discovered on 17 August 2011 by the HARPS program. The planet
Dec 23rd 2016

HR postcode area
district boundaries: Bing / Google Template:KML Attached KML/HR postcode area KML is from Wikidata The HR postcode area, also known as the Hereford postcode area
Oct 12th 2016

Toyota C-HR
The-Toyota-CThe Toyota C-HR is a subcompact crossover SUV produced by Toyota. The production of the C-HR started in November 2016, and was launched in Japan on 14
Apr 28th 2017

HR Top 40 HR Top 40 Charts
Mar 30th 2015

HR Carinae
Carinae">HR Carinae is a luminous blue variable star located in the constellation Carina. It is surrounded by a vast nebula of ejected nuclear-processed material
Mar 26th 2017

HR 4049
HR 4049, also known as HD 89353 and AG-AntliaAntliaeAG AntliaAntliae, is a post-asymptotic-giant-branch star in the constellation AntliaAntlia. A very metal-poor star, it is surrounded
Apr 20th 2016

HR Metric
Human Resource (HR) metrics are measurements used to determine the value and effectiveness of HR initiatives, typically including such areas as turnover
Apr 10th 2017

HR 3407
Velorum. For c Velorum, see HD 78004. HR 3407 or C Velorum (C Vel) is a star in the southern constellation Vela. HR 3407 is an orange K-type bright giant
Jan 9th 2017

HR Delphini
Delphini">HR Delphini was a nova, which appeared in the constellation DelphinusDelphinus in 1967. It is thought to have reached magnitude 3.6. G.E.D. Alcock discovered the
Apr 7th 2017 is a Croatian daily business newspaper and website based in Zagreb. The newspaper is published in compact format and was originally launched
Nov 10th 2016 is the largest social networking site dedicated to human resources professionals. members have access to articles, case studies, newsletters
Jul 29th 2016 is a CroatianCroatian sports news website. It was launched in 2000 and covers sports news from both Croatia and the rest of the world. It is considered
May 23rd 2017

HR 4986
HR 4986 may refer to: HD 114780 a star in Virgo, see List of stars in Virgo National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008 (110th USA Congress
Apr 1st 2013

HR Lyrae
Lyrae">HR Lyrae or Lyrae-1919">Nova Lyrae 1919 was a nova which occurred in the constellation Lyra in 1919 with a brightness of 6.5 mag.
Apr 6th 2017

The hr-Sinfonieorchester is the radio orchestra of Hessischer Rundfunk, the public broadcasting network of the German state of Hesse. From 1929 to 1950
Feb 20th 2017

L&HR may refer to: Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway, a heritage railway in Cumbria, England Lehigh and Hudson River Railway, a former railroad in northwestern
Jun 24th 2016

HR 5955
HR 5955 is an orange giant star, type K1.5III CN1, in the far southern constellation of Apus. Its distance of 288 ly gives is a vmag of 5.70. HR5955 is
Jan 10th 2016

HR 8768
HR 8768, also known as Andromedae">LN Andromedae, is a slowly pulsating B star in the constellation Andromeda. Located approximately 326 parsecs (1,060 ly) distant
Aug 4th 2016

HR 6875
HR 6875, previously known as Sigma Telescopii, is a star in the constellation Corona Australis. Its apparent magnitude is 5.22. "HR 6875". SIMBAD. Centre
Mar 10th 2017

HR 4887
HR 4887 (HD 111904) is a suspected variable star in the open cluster NGC 4755, which is also known as the Kappa Crucis Cluster or Jewel Box Cluster.
Dec 23rd 2016

HD 221525
56-1.97}\approx 27.2} "HR 8938". SIMBAD Astronomical Database. Retrieved 2012-03-02.  Jim Kaler. "HR 306 and HR 8938".
Mar 11th 2017

HR 6135
HR 6135 is an orange giant star, type K0.5III, 800 light-years from here in the southern constellation of Apus that shines with an apparent visual magnitude
Oct 28th 2016

HR 4729
HR 4729 (HD 108250) is a multiple star system located about 124 parsecs (400 ly) from the Sun in the constellation of Crux and part of the asterism known
Dec 23rd 2016

HR 8442
HR 8442 is a spectroscopic binary star in the constellation Cepheus. The primary is a G type giant star while the secondary's spectral type is unknown
Dec 16th 2016

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