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Haitian-Creole Haitian Creole, a French-Creole based Haitian French, variant of the French language HaitiansHaitians, an ethnic group Haitian art Haitian Carnival Haitian cuisine
Feb 25th 2017

Haitian Creole
Haitian Creole (/ˈheɪʃən ˈkriːoʊl/; Haitian Creole: kreyol ayisyen, Haitian Creole pronunciation: [kɣejɔl]; French: creole haitien) is a French-based
May 18th 2017

Haitian Americans
Haitian-Americans Haitian Americans (French: haitien americain; Haitian-CreoleHaitian Creole: ayisyen ameriken) are Americans of Haitian descent. The largest proportion of Haitians in
May 24th 2017

Haitian Canadians
HaitianHaitian-CanadiansHaitianHaitian Canadians are Canadian citizens of HaitianHaitian descent or Haiti-born people who reside in Canada. Citizens from the Francophone Caribbean island nation
Apr 26th 2017

Haitian Vodou
chiefly in Haiti and the Haitian diaspora. Practitioners are called "vodouists" (French: vodouisants [voduizɑ̃]) or "servants of the spirits" (Haitian Creole:
May 15th 2017

417 Haiti (i/ˈheɪti/; French: Haiti [a.iti]; Haitian Creole: Ayiti [ajiti]), officially the Republic of Haiti (French: Republique d'Haiti; Haitian Creole:
May 24th 2017

Haitian cuisine
HaitianHaitian cuisine consists of cooking traditions and practices from Haiti. It originates from a blend of several culinary styles that populated the western
May 21st 2017

Haitian Revolution
Haitian-PeopleHaitian-People">The Haitian People, Yale University Press, 1961, 37 James Leyburn, Haitian-PeopleHaitian-People">The Haitian People, Yale University Press, 1961, 70 "Dominican RepublicHaiti and
May 25th 2017

HaitianHaitiansHaitianHaitians (French: haitiens, HaitianHaitian creole: ayisyen) are the inhabitants and citizens of Haiti. A HaitianHaitian can be also a person born abroad to a HaitianHaitian
Apr 28th 2017

Music of Haiti
Carnival crowds. Haiti portal Haitian art Haitian culture Haitian mythology Haitian Vodou drumming "Music and the Story of Haiti". Afropop Worldwide
May 5th 2017

Haitian Cuban
Haitian-Cuban A Haitian Cuban (Spanish: HaitianoHaitiano-CubanoCubano, French: Haitien Cubain, Haitian-CreoleHaitian Creole: Ayisyen Kiben) is a Cuban citizen of full or partial Haitian ancestry
Nov 26th 2016

Armed Forces of Haiti
Forces of Haiti (French: Forces Armees d'HaitiFAd'H), consisted of the Haitian Army, Haitian Navy (at times), the Haitian Air Force, Haitian Coast Guard
Apr 14th 2017

Haitian (Heroes)
Haitian The Haitian is a fictional character on the NBC television series Heroes, portrayed by Haitian actor Jimmy Jean-Louis. In the show, he is an associate
Feb 4th 2017

Haitian diaspora
there are an estimated 975,000 people of Haitian ancestry, according to the 2010 Census; there is a Haitian community of about 200,000 in Canada and an
May 7th 2017

Women's rights in Haiti
Haitian society and culture that has subsisted throughout its history, both in times of peace and unrest." Some Haitian scholars argue that Haitian
Feb 24th 2017

President of Haiti
the senate, the president appoints the Commander-in-chief of Haitian armed forces, Haitian police forces, ambassadors and consuls to foreign states.[A141]
Feb 25th 2017

Haitian gourde
(disambiguation). The gourde (French: [ɡuʁd]) or goud (Haitian-CreoleHaitian Creole: [ɡud]) is the currency of Haiti. Its ISO 4217 code is HTG and it is divided into 100
May 4th 2017

Constitution of Haiti
be held by women. Haitian constitutional referendums: 1918, 1928, 1935, 1939, 1964, 1971, 1985, 1987 Belpolitik.com. "The Haitian Constitution." Accessed
May 18th 2017

Haiti of a process of syncretism between French and African traditions, mainly Dahomey-Nigerian. An important cultural practice in Haiti is Haitian Vodou
Apr 14th 2017

United States occupation of Haiti
rivalry between American businessmen and the small German-HaitianGerman Haitian|German]] community in Haiti, which although numbering only about 200 in 1910 wielded
May 25th 2017

White Haitians
Haitians White Haitians (French: blanc haitiens [blɒŋ aisiɛ̃]; Haitian Creole: blan ayisyen) are Haitians of predominantly European, and in some cases Levantine
May 8th 2017

Arab Haitians
Arab-HaitiansArab Haitians are Haitian citizens of Arab ethnic. In Haiti, there are a sizable number of Haitians that are of Middle-Eastern ancestry or trace their
May 5th 2017

Haitian Vodoun Culture Language
contributed to the formation of Haitian-VodouHaitian Vodou and Haitian culture as a whole. Haitian-VodouHaitian Vodou Lucumi language Haitian-VodouHaitian Vodoun Culture Language at Ethnologue (18th
Oct 25th 2016

Haitian general election, 2010–11
stipulates that candidates must hold a HaitianHaitian passport and have five consecutive years of residence in Haiti, among other requirements. This was to affect
Feb 24th 2017

List of Haitians
This is a list of HaitiansHaitians, born in Haiti or possessing Haitian citizenship, notable in Haiti and abroad. Due to Haitian nationality laws, dual citizenship
May 25th 2017

Haiti–United States relations
Moreover, both nations are tied by a large Haitian diaspora residing in the United States. After Haiti gained its independence from France in 1804
Mar 20th 2017

Haitian French
Haitian-French Haitian French (French: francais haitien, Haitian-CreoleHaitian Creole: franse ayisyen) is the variety of French spoken in Haiti. The phoneme consonant /ʁ/ is pronounced
Apr 14th 2017

Culture of Haiti
HaitianHaitian literature is the collective text Acte de l'Independance de la Republique d'Haiti (HaitianHaitian Declaration of Independence). Since then, HaitianHaitian literary
May 25th 2017

2004 Haitian coup d'état
The 2004 HaitianHaitian coup d'etat occurred after conflicts lasting for several weeks in Haiti during February 2004. It resulted in the removal from office
May 21st 2017

Flag of Haiti
Haitian-MinistryHaitian Ministry of Information and Coordination since 1987 or earlier. The civil flag and ensign omits the coat of arms. The first purely Haitian flag
May 25th 2017

History of Haiti
2010, Haiti suffered a devastating earthquake, magnitude 7.0 with a death toll estimated by the Haitian government at over 300,000, and by non-Haitian sources
May 22nd 2017

Lebanese Haitians
Lebanese-HaitianHaitiansLebanese HaitianHaitians are HaitianHaitian of Lebanese descent or a Lebanese with HaitianHaitian citizenship. There are 8,000 people of Lebanese descent living in Haiti. Andre
Apr 29th 2017

Haitian art
Haitian-Art-GalleryHaitian Art Gallery- New York Films Films on Haitian artists and Haitian art by Arnold Antonin - USA Websites Noted Haitian collector/writer HaitianArt
Apr 24th 2017

Haitian general election, 2006
in parts of Haiti, particularly the Port-au-Prince slums where there were attacks on the new government, and where the U.N. and the Haitian National Police
Jan 1st 2017

Haitian National Police
Haitian-National-Police">The Haitian National Police (French: Police Nationale d’Haiti) or PNH, is the law enforcement and defense force of Haiti. It was created in 1995 to bring
May 23rd 2017

2010 Haiti earthquake
160,000 to Haitian government figures from 220,000 to 316,000; these have been widely characterized as deliberately inflated by the Haitian government
May 24th 2017

Haitian Parliament
Haitian-Parliament">The Haitian Parliament (French: Haitien">Parlement Haitien) is the bicameral legislature of the Republic of Haiti, consisting of the upper house as the SenateSenate (Senat)
May 6th 2017

Mulatto Haitians
Mulatto (French: mulatre, Haitian-CreoleHaitian Creole: milat) is a term in Haiti that is historically linked to Haitians who are born to one white parent and one black
May 5th 2017

Polish Haitians
sent to Haiti). Many Polish soldiers admired their enemy and decided to turn on the French army and join the slaves, and participated in the Haitian revolution
Apr 22nd 2017

History of Haitian nationality and citizenship
Article 21: Citizenship. born in Haiti to a Haitian mother or father born in a foreign country to Haitian parents born in Haiti to a foreign father; if not
Feb 2nd 2017

Haitian literature
HaitianHaitian literature has been closely intertwined with the political life of Haiti. HaitianHaitian intellectuals turned successively or simultaneously to France
Sep 13th 2016

Economy of Haiti
financial support for many HaitianHaitian households. The HaitianHaitian Ministry of Economy and Finance designed[citation needed] the Haiti economic reforms of 1996
May 14th 2017

Dominican Republic–Haiti relations
1805, Haitian forces, under Jean-Jacques Dessalines, raided the Dominican towns of Azua, Moca, and Santo Domingo. On April 6, 1805, Haitian forces executed
May 24th 2017

French Haitians
Josaphat-Robert Large Jean-Louis Michel FranceHaiti relations Historical Boys'Clothing Haitian History: French Colony--Saint Domingo (1697-1791)
Mar 9th 2017

Haitian hip hop
hardcore beats are used while the artist raps in Haitian-CreoleHaitian Creole. Rap kreyol has been part of Haitian culture since the early 1980s with groups such as
Mar 16th 2017

Haitian Carnival
Haitian Carnival (Haitian Creole: Kanaval, French: Carnaval) is a celebration held over several weeks each year leading up to Mardi Gras. Haitian Defile
Mar 6th 2017

Syrian Haitians
Syrian-HaitianHaitiansSyrian HaitianHaitians are HaitianHaitian of Syrian descent or a Syrian with HaitianHaitian citizenship. A small Syrian community exists in Haiti. Since the early twentieth
Mar 1st 2017

United States and the Haitian Revolution
Haitian-Revolution">The Haitian Revolution provoked mixed reactions in the United States. In June, 1793 when the Haitian people led by Toussaint Louverture, overthrew the
Oct 25th 2016

History of the Jews in Haiti
from this bunch who never came to Haiti at all, but from Germany they were given Haitian passports by the Haitian government that allowed them to flee
Mar 1st 2017

Italian Haitians
Italian-HaitianHaitian An Italian HaitianHaitian is a HaitianHaitian of Italian descent or an Italian with HaitianHaitian citizenship. The business sector of Haiti, was controlled in the mid-19th
Apr 15th 2017

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