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Happy Mondays
Happy Mondays are an English alternative rock band from Salford, Greater Manchester. Formed in 1980, the band's original line-up was Shaun Ryder (vocals)
May 22nd 2017

Happy Mondays discography
The Happy Mondays have released five studio albums, and three live albums. Further peaks Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches: #27 NZ, #30 AUT, #41 SWE
Nov 9th 2016

Happy Monday
Happy Monday may refer to Happy Mondays, an English alternative rock band Happy Monday System, public holidays shifted to Mondays in Japan
Dec 20th 2015

Greatest Hits (Happy Mondays album)
Greatest Hits is a 1999 compilation album by Happy Mondays. One new song was recorded for the album, a cover of "The-Boys-Are-BackThe Boys Are Back in Town." The album
Mar 30th 2017

The Peel Sessions (1989 Happy Mondays album)
The Peel Sessions 1989 is an EP released in early 1990 by Happy Mondays and produced by John Peel. Tart Tart Mad Cyril Do It Better http://www.allmusic
Feb 4th 2017

Happy Monday System
Happy-Monday-System">The Happy Monday System (ハッピーマンデー制度, Happī Mandē Seido?) refers to a set of modifications to Japanese law in 1998 and 2001 to move a number of public holidays
Mar 4th 2017

Live (Happy Mondays album)
British band Happy Mondays, recorded live at Elland Road stadium, Leeds, England on 1 June 1991. Many bootleg recordings of Happy Mondays were coming out
Oct 13th 2016

The Peel Sessions (1991 Happy Mondays album)
John Peel session is released in 1991 by Happy Mondays. Kuff Dam Freaky Dancing Olive Oil Cob 20
Oct 13th 2016

The Platinum Collection (Happy Mondays album)
The Platinum Collection is a compilation album by Madchester band the Happy Mondays. It is the band's fourth compilation. No new material was included on
Jul 17th 2015

Kav Sandhu
Leicester UK, based in Los Angeles. KAV played guitar with British band Happy Mondays for 4 years after helping reform the band with frontman Shaun Ryder
Mar 13th 2017

(1986) from the Bangles (written by Prince). ThereThere is a band named the Happy Mondays and an American pop punk band Hey Monday. The popular comic strip character
Mar 31st 2017

Hallelujah (EP)
Hallelujah is a 7-track EP by Madchester band Happy Mondays released in the US and Australia in 1989 and featuring a number of remixes by Paul Oakenfold
May 20th 2017

Paul Ryder
Ryder is the bass player and a founding member of the Manchester band Happy Mondays. He was an active member of the band from its inception in 1983 through
Apr 22nd 2017

Happy New Year (2014 film)
Happy New Year, sometimes abbreviated as HNY is a 2014 Indian musical heist comedy directed by Farah Khan and produced by Gauri Khan under the banner of
May 27th 2017

Shaun Ryder
Happy Mondays and Black Grape. He was the runner-up of the tenth series of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!. As the singer for Happy Mondays,
May 26th 2017

Happy Yipee Yehey!
Happy Yipee Yehey! was a Philippine noon time variety show broadcast by ABS-CBN and worldwide through The-Filipino-ChannelThe Filipino Channel. The show is hosted by Randy
Mar 14th 2017

Happy Boys
Happy Boys (ハッピィ★ボーイズ, Happii Bōizu?) is a Japanese television comedy, following five young men who work at Lady Braganza, a shitsuji kissa (butler cafe)
Apr 7th 2017

Happy Birthday (Stevie Wonder song)
This song has no relation to the traditional song of the general title. "Happy Birthday" is a 1981 single written, produced, and performed by Stevie Wonder
May 16th 2017

Uncle Dysfunktional
Uncle Dysfunktional is a studio album from Happy Mondays. It is their first album since Yes Please! in 1992. The album has a hidden track which is the
Sep 13th 2015

Happy Daze (compilation album)
"Sheriff Fatman" - Carter USM "ProGen" - The Shamen "Wrote For Luck" - Happy Mondays "I'm Free" - Soup Dragons [1] [2] As seen in the use of the album
May 24th 2017

Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches
Bellyaches is the third studio album by English alternative rock band Happy Mondays. It was produced by Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne at Eden Studios
Mar 31st 2017

Bummed was the second album by British band Happy Mondays. It was released in November 1988. Warner later released a double album collector's edition
May 8th 2017

Clean Monday
Monday Clean Monday (Greek: Καθαρή Δευτέρα), also known as Monday Pure Monday, Monday Ash Monday, Monday of Lent or Green Monday, is the first day of Great Lent throughout
Apr 3rd 2017

24 Hour Party People
Joy Division and New Order, A Certain Ratio, The-Durutti-ColumnThe Durutti Column and Happy Mondays. The film is a dramatisation based on a combination of real events,
Mar 11th 2017

Bez (dancer)
dancer, media personality and comedian. He is a member of the rock bands Happy Mondays and Black Grape and plays the maracas. Mark "Bez" Berry was born on
May 28th 2017

Squirrel and G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out)
Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out) was the first album by British band Happy Mondays. It was released in 1987 on Factory Records and was produced by John
Feb 6th 2017

Satchell, is an English singer. She is best known for her work with the Happy Mondays, recording and touring with the band from 1991–2000 and recently reforming
Dec 3rd 2016

Step On – Live in Barcelona
Step On - Barcelona Live In Barcelona is Happy Mondays second official live album. It was recorded in Barcelona in 2004. Kinky Afro Loose Fit Reverend Black Grape
Sep 9th 2013

Double Easy – The U.S. Singles
a U.S. only singles compilation by Happy Mondays. It was released in September 1993. All tracks by Happy Mondays "24 Hour Party People" – 4:37 "Wrote
Mar 10th 2017

All Happy Families Are Alike
"All Happy Families Are Alike" is the 22nd episode and finale of the first season of the FOX series Gotham. The episode was written by series developer
Feb 16th 2017

Forty Five EP
EP Forty Five EP is the debut EP from Happy Mondays, often incorrectly called the Delightful EP after its first track. It was released on Factory Records
Aug 16th 2016

The Happy Gang
The Happy Gang was a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio lunchtime variety show that ran from 1937 to 1959. During the Golden Age of Radio and well
Jan 10th 2017

Christmas and holiday season
The Christmas season, also called the festive season, the holiday season (mainly in the U.S. and Canada), or simply the holidays, is an annually recurring
May 25th 2017

Mondays in the Sun
Mondays in the Sun (Spanish: Los lunes al sol) is a 2002 Spanish drama film directed by Fernando Leon de Aranoa, starring Javier Bardem, Luis Tosar and
Mar 8th 2017

Many happy returns (greeting)
For other uses, see Many-Happy-ReturnsMany Happy Returns. "Many happy returns" is a greeting which is used by some on birthdays, and by others in response to "Merry Christmas"
Feb 5th 2017

Kinky Afro
"Kinky Afro" is a 1990 single by Happy Mondays. It was the second single from the band's third album Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches. The song was the
May 29th 2017

Blue Monday (New Order song)
"Blue Monday" is a song by the English rock/dance band New Order. It was released as a 12-inch single on 7 March 1983 through Factory Records and later
May 29th 2017

Save Happy Valley Coalition
The Save Happy Valley Coalition (SHVC) is an environmental activist movement formed with the express purpose of preventing the Cypress mine, an open cast
Mar 10th 2016

Many Happy Returns (TV series)
Many Happy Returns is an American sitcom that ran on CBS for twenty-six episodes, from September 21, 1964 to April 12, 1965, under the sponsorship of General
Nov 29th 2016

Yes Please!
Yes Please! was the last studio album that the British band Happy Mondays recorded before leaving Factory Records. Generally seen as their poorest work
Dec 1st 2016

Carl Monday
Carl Monday is a television reporter for WOIO-TV in Cleveland, Ohio. "Carl Monday" was initially an on-air pseudonym, but became his legal name in "1972
Mar 20th 2017

Happy Wife, Happy Life
Happy Wife, Happy Life is a Philippine morning talk show that broadcast on TV5 and premiered on January 19, 2015. It is hosted by Danica Pingris, LJ Alapag
Mar 18th 2016

Madchester Rave On
Madchester Rave On is the second EP by the Happy Mondays. It was released in November 1989 on Factory Records. The track "Hallelujah" became the band's
May 29th 2017

Le Happy
Le Happy is a creperie in northwest Portland, Oregon, United States. Le Happy is a family-friendly creperie in the Northwest District of Portland
Sep 12th 2016

Time for Rest from Saturday to Monday
Time for Rest from Saturday to Monday (Russian: Время отдыха с субботы до понедельника) is a 1984 romantic drama directed by Igor Talankin and based on
May 13th 2017

Happy Time
This article is about the album by Roy Eldridge. For the album by Junior Mance, see Happy Time (Junior Mance album). Happy Time is a 1975 studio album
Aug 28th 2015

He's Gonna Step on You Again
of their "Blaze of Glory" single on Adelaide's Greasy Pop Records. Happy Mondays covered the song, retitling it "Step On" in 1990, with two different
May 21st 2017

British music press in the early 1990s, and included groups such as Happy Mondays, the Stone Roses, the Inspiral Carpets, Northside, 808 State, James
May 29th 2017

Happy Heart
"Happy Heart" is a song written by James Last and Jackie Rae. Versions of the song Petula Clark and Andy Williams charted simultaneously in 1969 and had
May 15th 2017

Worsley Wardley Grammar School
footballer Bez from the Happy Mondays Paul Davis, keyboard player of the Happy Mondays David Potts, musician Gary Whelan, drummer from the Happy Mondays
Apr 24th 2017

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