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A hazard is a situation that poses a level of threat to life, health, property, or environment. Hazards can be dormant or potential, with only a theoretical
May 17th 2017

Hazard (disambiguation)
hazard is an event posing a threat to life, health, property or environment. For hazards in the context of risk assessment, see Hazard (risk). Hazard
Apr 17th 2017

El-Hazard (Japanese: 神秘の世界エルハザード?, Hepburn: Shinpi no Sekai Eru Hazādo, lit. "The Magnificent World of El-Hazard") is a Japanese anime franchise written
May 16th 2017

Natural hazard
A natural hazard is a natural phenomenon that might have a negative effect on people or the environment. Natural hazard events can be grouped into two
May 23rd 2017

Hazard symbol
Hazard symbols or warning symbols are recognisable symbols designed to warn about hazardous materials, locations, or objects, including electric currents
Apr 26th 2017

Occupational hazard
Occupational-HazardOccupational Hazard. An occupational hazard is a hazard experienced in the workplace. Occupational hazards can encompass many types of hazards, including
Apr 30th 2017

Eden Hazard
Eden Michael Hazard (French pronunciation: ​[edɛn azaʁ]; born 7 January 1991) is a Belgian professional footballer who plays for English club Chelsea and
May 21st 2017

Hazard analysis
represent a more generic description of hazard analysis and discussion of more modern standards and techniques. A hazard analysis is used as the first step
Oct 18th 2016

Hazard (computer architecture)
of hazards are data hazards, structural hazards, and control flow hazards (branching hazards). There are several methods used to deal with hazards, including
Mar 13th 2017

Anthropogenic hazard
Anthropogenic hazards are those hazards caused directly or indirectly by human action or inaction. They can be contrasted with natural hazards. Anthropogenic
May 9th 2017

Hierarchy of hazard controls
Hierarchy of hazard control is a system used in industry to minimize or eliminate exposure to hazards. It is a widely accepted system promoted by numerous
May 5th 2017

Moral hazard
economics, moral hazard occurs when one person takes more risks because someone else bears the cost of those risks. A moral hazard may occur where the
May 22nd 2017

Henry T. Hazard
gives his name to Hazard-ParkHazard Park in Los Angeles. Hazard was born on July 31, 1844, in Evanston, Illinois, the son of Ariel M. Hazard. He had seven siblings
Feb 24th 2017

Chemical hazard
Play media A chemical hazard is a type of occupational hazard caused by exposure to chemicals in the workplace. Exposure to chemicals in the workplace
Apr 30th 2017

Hazard, Kentucky
Hazard is a home rule-class city and the county seat of Perry County, Kentucky, United States. The population was estimated to be 5,346 in 2014. Local
Apr 14th 2017

Hazard ratio
In survival analysis, the hazard ratio (HR) is the ratio of the hazard rates corresponding to the conditions described by two levels of an explanatory
May 3rd 2017

E. C. Hazard and Company
E. C. Hazard and Company was a major grocery importer, manufacturer and distributor in 19th-century and early 20th-century America. In particular, E.C
Apr 27th 2017

USS Hazard (AM-240)
Hazard USS Hazard (AM-240) was an Admirable-class minesweeper that served in the United States Navy during World War II. Hazard was launched on 1 October 1944
Feb 3rd 2017

Hazard (golf)
A hazard is an area of a golf course in the sport of golf which provides a difficult obstacle, which may be of two types: (1) water hazards such as lakes
Mar 18th 2017

Paul Hazard
Hazard Camille Hazard (French: [azaʁ]; 30 April 1878, Noordpeene, Nord – 13 April 1944, Paris), was a French scholar, professor and historian of ideas. Hazard was
Jan 24th 2017

Environmental hazard
An environmental hazard is a substance, state or event which has the potential to threaten the surrounding natural environment and / or adversely affect
May 17th 2017

Hazard (logic)
digital logic, a hazard in a system is an undesirable effect caused by either a deficiency in the system or external influences. Logic hazards are manifestations
May 8th 2017

Hazard analysis and critical control points
Hazard analysis and critical control points or HACCP (/ˈhasʌp/) is a systematic preventive approach to food safety from biological, chemical, and physical
May 13th 2017

European hazard symbols
European hazard symbols for chemicals are pictograms defined by the European Union for labeling chemical packaging (for storage and workplace) and containers
May 15th 2017

Geologic hazards
geologic hazard is one of several types of adverse geologic conditions capable of causing damage or loss of property and life. These hazards consist of
Dec 6th 2016

Hazard Perception Test
The hazard perception test is part of the United Kingdom driving test. The test is intended to check a candidate’s ability to detect developing situations
Apr 8th 2017

Hazard map
hazard map is a Map that highlights areas that are affected by or vulnerable to a particular hazard. They are typically created for natural hazards,
Nov 24th 2015

Stephanie Hazard
Stephanie Hazard (born 29 November 1989) is a New Zealand competitive sailor. She competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, in the women's Elliott
Feb 6th 2017

Micky Hazard
Micky Hazard, sometimes spelled Mickey, (born 5 February 1960) is an English former professional footballer, best remembered for his time at Tottenham
May 17th 2017

Halfway to Hazard
Halfway to Hazard is an American country music duo composed of singer-songwriters David Tolliver and Warrix Chad Warrix. Though Tolliver and Warrix grew up in
Dec 19th 2016

A Splendid Hazard
A Splendid Hazard is a 1920 American silent drama film directed by Allan Dwan and starring Henry B. Walthall. The film is based on the 1910 book of the
Sep 20th 2016

USS Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG-7)
USS Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG-7), lead ship of the Oliver Hazard Perry class of guided-missile frigates, was named for Oliver Hazard Perry, American naval
Mar 22nd 2017

The Hazard Herald
The-Hazard-HeraldThe Hazard Herald is a weekly newspaper based in Hazard, Kentucky. The newspaper was founded by Bailey P. Wootton in 1911. The paper celebrated 100 years
Apr 23rd 2017

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard
Eat Lead: The-ReturnThe Return of Matt Hazard is a third-person shooter video game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 video game consoles. The game was developed
Apr 28th 2017

Proportional hazards model
Proportional hazards models are a class of survival models in statistics. Survival models relate the time that passes before some event occurs to one
Apr 24th 2017

Radiological hazard
Radiological hazard may refer to: Ionizing radiation#Health effects Radioactive contamination Radiation damage Radiation poisoning Depleted uranium#Radiological
Oct 1st 2014

Hazard (song)
"Hazard" is a 1992 hit song written and performed by American singer/songwriter/producer Richard Marx. It peaked at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 and reached
May 5th 2017

Rowland Hazard
Rowland-HazardRowland-HazardRowland Hazard may refer to: Rowland-HazardRowland-HazardRowland Hazard (1763-1835), Rhode Island industrialist, established a woollen mill in Peace Dale, Rhode Island c.1804 Rowland
Dec 20th 2011

Seismic hazard
A seismic hazard is the probability that an earthquake will occur in a given geographic area, within a given window of time, and with ground motion intensity
Nov 11th 2016

Physical hazard
physical hazard is a type of occupational hazard that involves environmental hazards that can cause harm with or without contact. Physical hazards include
Apr 30th 2017

GHS hazard statements
Hazard statements form part of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). They are intended to form a set of standardized
May 9th 2017

Front Mission Series: Gun Hazard
Front Mission Series: Gun Hazard (フロントミッションシリーズ ガンハザード?) is a side-scrolling role-playing shooter video game developed by Omiya Soft and published by Squaresoft
May 10th 2017

DJ Hazard
DJ Hazard may refer to: DJ Hazard (comedian) (born 1953), American stand-up comedian and musician DJ Hazard (musician) (born 1977), British drum and bass
Dec 24th 2015

Geoffrey C. Hazard Jr.
Geoffrey Cornell Hazard Jr. (born September 18, 1929) is Trustee Professor of Law Emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and the Thomas
Jan 25th 2017

Roger Hazard
Roger Hazard is an American designer, television presenter, and producer best known as the home stager and designer on Sell This House. Born in Houston
Oct 9th 2016

U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board
U The U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board, also known as the Chemical Safety Board or CSB, is an independent U.S. federal agency charged
May 12th 2016

Richard Hazard
Richard Hazard (March 2, 1921 – December 20, 2000) was an American television composer, orchestrator, conductor and writer. He was born in Trenton, New
Mar 2nd 2017

Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate
The Oliver Hazard Perry class is a class of guided missile frigates named after the American Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, the hero of the naval Battle
May 19th 2017

Oliver Hazard Perry
Oliver Hazard Perry (August 23, 1785 – August 23, 1819) was an American naval commander, born in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. He was the son of United
May 21st 2017

Choking Hazard
Choking Hazard is a 2004 Czech Republic comedy-horror film by Marek Dobes. Chocking Hazard was reported to be in production during February 2004.
Nov 14th 2016

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