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The Promise (2016 TV series)
The Promise (Hangul: 천상의 약속; RRCheonsang-ui Yaksok; lit. Heaven's Promise) is a 2016 South Korean television series starring Lee Yoo-ri (in a twin role)
Apr 10th 2017

The Promise That Heaven Kept
TPTHK [The-Promise-That-Heaven-KeptThe Promise That Heaven Kept] is the first studio album by Canadian recording artist Promise, it was released on August 8, 2002. The album features
Dec 23rd 2014

Heaven's Gate (film)
Heaven's Gate is a 1980 American epic Western film written and directed by Michael Cimino. Loosely based on the Johnson County War, it portrays a fictional
May 17th 2017

Heaven's Will (manga)
Heaven's Will (ヘブンズウィル?, Hebunzu Uiru) is a shōjo manga series written by Satoru Takamiya. The manga was serialized in Japan in the manga magazine ChuChu
Nov 25th 2016

Adventist Church of Promise
The Adventist Church of Promise (Portuguese: Igreja Adventista da Promessa or "IAP") is an evangelical Christian denomination which is both Sabbatarian
Nov 13th 2016

Promised Land
The Promised Land (Hebrew: הארץ המובטחת‎‎, translit.: Ha'Aretz HaMuvtahat; Arabic: أرض الميعاد‎‎, translit.: Ard Al-Mi'ad; also known as "The Land of Milk
May 19th 2017

Promise Land (DJs)
Promise Land is an Italian DJ and production duo from Milan, consisting of Nazario Pelusi and Fabio Ranucci. "Why i still love you", "Bad DJ", and "Noise"
May 14th 2017

Heaven, the heavens or seven heavens, is common religious, cosmological, or transcendent place where beings such as god, angels, jinn, saints, or venerated
May 21st 2017

A Promise (song)
"A Promise" is the fourth single by Echo & the Bunnymen and was released on 10 July 1981. It stayed on the UK Singles Chart for four weeks and peaked at
Dec 17th 2016

Promise (rapper)
Promise-Jason-Jamal-ShepherdPromise Jason Jamal Shepherd, professionally known as Promise, is a Canadian hip hop soul artist and songwriter from Toronto. He is currently a member
Apr 18th 2017

Rockin' on Heaven's Door
Rockin' on Heaven's Door (Hangul: 뜨거운 안녕; RRDdeugeoun Annyeong; lit. "Passionate Goodbye") is a 2013 South Korean film directed by Nam Taek-soo, starring
Feb 7th 2017

The Promise of Forever
The Promise of Forever is an upcoming Philippine romantic fantasy drama television series directed by Darnel Joy Villaflor and Hannah Espia, starring Ritz
May 17th 2017

Heaven's Net is Wide
Heaven’s Net is Wide is a prequel to Lian Hearn's popular Tales of the Otori series. It recounts the life of Lord Shigeru from the age of 12 (the year
May 21st 2016

The Promise (When in Rome song)
"The Promise" is a song by the British band When in Rome. First released in 1987 on 10 Records, the song is the lead single from their self-titled debut
Feb 9th 2017

Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven
"Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven" is a poem by William Butler Yeats. It was published in 1899 in his third volume of poetry, The Wind Among the Reeds
May 5th 2017

Kingdom of Heaven (film)
Kingdom of Heaven is a 2005 epic historical drama film directed and produced by Ridley Scott and written by William Monahan. It stars Orlando Bloom, Eva
May 6th 2017

Heaven in Christianity
Traditionally, Heaven in Christianity is the location of the throne of God as well as the holy angels, though this is in varying degrees considered metaphorical
Mar 6th 2017

Promised Heaven
Promised Heaven (Russian: Небеса обетованные, translit. Nebesa obetovannye) is a 1991 Soviet film directed by Eldar Ryazanov. The film is a fantastical
Sep 30th 2016

The Promise (Passion play)
The Promise is a musical drama with a book by Jan Dargatz (with additional dialogue by Travis Tyre) and lyrics and music by various songwriters (several
Apr 8th 2017

Do You Wanna Go to Heaven
"Go">Do You Wanna Go to Heaven" is a song written by Curly Putman and Bucky Jones, and recorded by American country music artist T.G. Sheppard. It was released
Dec 29th 2016

Tower of Heaven
TowerTower of Heaven (天国の塔?, TengokuTengoku no Tōu) is a 2009 2D action platformer video game developed by Askiisoft. The game was built in GameMaker with a Flash
Feb 7th 2017

Keys of Heaven
In ecclesiastical heraldry, papal coats of arms (those of individual popes) and those of the Holy See and Vatican City State include an image of crossed
Feb 10th 2017

Riviera: The Promised Land
Riviera: The Promised Land (Riviera ~約束の地リヴィエラ~, Riviera: Yakusoku No Chi Riviera?) is a role-playing video game originally produced in 2002 by Sting Entertainment
Jan 1st 2017

Warriors of Heaven and Earth
Warriors of Heaven and Earth (Chinese: 天地英雄) is a 2003 Chinese action adventure film directed by He Ping. The film's notable cinematography captures a
May 17th 2017

Hitler's Grave
Hitler's Grave, also known as Heaven's Taxi, is a film by Daryush Shokof. The film is about an IranianIranian girl played by Taies Farzan who leaves Iran in order
Mar 6th 2016

All Dogs Go to Heaven 2
All Dogs Go to Heaven-2Heaven 2 is a 1996 American animated romantic musical comedy film, and a sequel to Goldcrest Films' 1989 animated film All Dogs Go to Heaven
May 8th 2017

Entering Heaven alive
Entering Heaven alive (called by various religions "ascension", "assumption", or "translation") is a belief held to be true by multiple religions. Since
May 21st 2017

Third Heaven
In-JudaismIn Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the Heaven Third Heaven is a division of Heaven in religious cosmology. In some traditions it is considered the abode of God
Mar 17th 2017

Boy Goes to Heaven
Boy Goes to Heaven (Hangul: 소년, 천국에 가다; RRSonyeon, cheonguke gada), also known as A Boy Who Went to Heaven, is a 2005 South Korean film directed by Yoon
Feb 14th 2017

Promise Land (band)
Promise Land is a Christian symphonic metal band that originated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that formed in 1997. The band formed in 1997 and went on an
Aug 9th 2016

Promise City (The 4400)
Promise City is a fictional location in the science fiction television series The 4400. Promise City was founded by Jordan Collier with the guidance
Mar 5th 2014

The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal
This article is about the short story by Pu Songling. For the character known as The Great Sage, Heaven's-EqualHeaven's Equal, see Sun Wukong. "The Great Sage, Heaven's
Jun 6th 2016

7th Heaven (TV series)
7th Heaven is an American television drama series created and produced by Brenda Hampton that centers on the Camden family and their lives in the fictional
May 21st 2017

Dept. Heaven
Dept. Heaven is the name given to a series of video games developed by Sting's Product Team A, headed by Shinichi Ito. Currently there are five known episodes
May 11th 2017

Heaven Up Here
Heaven Up Here is the second album by the English post-punk band Echo & the Bunnymen, released on 30 May 1981. In June 1981, Heaven Up Here became Echo
Mar 20th 2017

Promised Land (Chuck Berry song)
For the Bruce Springsteen song, see Promised-Land">The Promised Land (Bruce Springsteen song). For the song by Vesuvius, see The Rocker (film) § Promotion. "Promised
Mar 22nd 2017

DFS Records
DFS-RecordsDFS Records is a record label founded in 2003 by record producer Dan "DFS" Johnson. The independent label was the former home to award-winning Canadian
Dec 4th 2016

Julius Excluded from Heaven
Julius Excluded from Heaven (Latin: Iulius exclusus e coelis) is a dialogue that was written in 1514, commonly attributed to the Dutch humanist and theologian
May 19th 2017

Dozakh in Search of Heaven
Dozakh in Search of Heaven (English: Hell in Search of Heaven) is an Indian Urdu film written and directed by Zaigham Imam, which premiered at the Kolkata
Jan 20th 2017

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven
JoJo's-Bizarre-AdventureJoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven (Japanese: ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 アイズオブヘブン, Hepburn: JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken Aizu Obu Hebun?) is an action video game for the
May 13th 2017

The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber
The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, also translated as The Sword and the Knife, is a wuxia novel by Jin Yong (Louis Cha). It is the third instalment in
May 18th 2017

Stairway to Heaven (Philippines TV series)
Stairway to Heaven is a Philippine drama adapted from a Korean drama with the same name; directed by Joyce E. Bernal and developed by Dode Cruz, their
May 19th 2017

List of 7th Heaven episodes
7th Heaven is an American television drama series created by executive producer Brenda Hampton, and co-executive produced by Aaron Spelling and E. Duke
May 16th 2017

Gakuen Heaven
Gakuen Heaven (Japanese: 学園ヘヴン?, Hepburn: Gakuen Hebun, lit. "Academy Heaven") is a media franchise originating from the PC game Gakuen Heaven: Boy's Love
Apr 3rd 2017

Maharishi Heaven on Earth Development
Maharishi Heaven on Earth Development Corp. (MHOED) is a for-profit real estate developer associated with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his Transcendental
Dec 17th 2016

Days of Heaven
Days of Heaven is a 1978 American romantic drama film written and directed by Terrence Malick and starring Richard Gere, Brooke Adams, Sam Shepard, and
Apr 24th 2017

Pennies from Heaven (1936 film)
Pennies From Heaven is a 1936 American musical comedy film directed by Norman Z. McLeod and starring Bing Crosby, Madge Evans, and Edith Fellows. Based
Sep 24th 2016

Kiss of Heaven
Kiss of Heaven is the first solo album released in 10 years by Hillsong Church's worship pastor, Darlene Zschech. While Kiss of Heaven has been credited
Aug 19th 2013

Heavenly host
Heavenly host (Hebrew: צבאות‎‎ sabaoth, "armies") refers to the army (Luke 2:13) of angels mentioned both in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, as well as
Jan 29th 2017

Heaven Is
"Heaven Is" is a 1993 single by British hard rock band Def Leppard from their 1992 multi-platinum album Adrenalize. The single reached number 13 in the
Apr 28th 2017

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