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Henry VIII of England
"Henry VIII" redirects here. For other uses, see Henry VIII (disambiguation). Henry VIII (28 June 1491 – 28 January 1547) was King of England from 21
Apr 17th 2017

Henry VIII (disambiguation)
Henry VIII normally refers to Henry VIII of England (reigned 1509–1547). It may also refer to: Henry VIII, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel from List of
Mar 6th 2017

Children of Henry VIII
Henry-VIIIHenry VIII of England had several children. The best-known are the three legitimate children who survived Henry and succeeded him as monarchs of England
Mar 8th 2017

The Six Wives of Henry VIII
Wives The Six Wives of Henry VIII may refer to: Wives of Henry VIII, the spouses of King Henry VIII of England Wives The Six Wives of Henry VIII (BBC TV series),
Apr 5th 2015

Wives of Henry VIII
is about the wives of Henry VIII. For a more complete list of consorts, see List of English consorts. The wives of Henry VIII were the six queens consort
Apr 28th 2017

The Private Life of Henry VIII
The Private Life of Henry VIII is a 1933 British film, directed and co-produced by Alexander Korda and starring Charles Laughton, Robert Donat, Merle Oberon
Apr 6th 2017

Henry VIII and His Six Wives
Henry-VIIIHenry VIII and His Six Wives is a 1972 British film adaptation, directed by Waris Hussein, of the BBC 1970 six-part miniseries The Six Wives of Henry
Apr 20th 2017

Will of Henry VIII of England
The will of Henry VIII of England was a significant constitutional document, or set of contested documents created in the 1530s and 1540s, and affecting
Jan 5th 2017

Henry VIII (play)
Henry VIII is a collaborative history play, written by William Shakespeare and John Fletcher, based on the life of King Henry VIII of England. An alternative
Mar 29th 2017

Portrait of Henry VIII
Portrait of Henry VIII is a lost work by Hans Holbein the Younger depicting Henry VIII. It was destroyed by fire in 1698, but is still well known through
Dec 23rd 2016

King Henry VIII School
King Henry VIII, including: King Henry VIII School, Coventry, Coventry, England King Henry VIII Preparatory School, Coventry, England King Henry VIII Grammar
Aug 16th 2013

Letters and Papers of the Reign of Henry VIII
Letters and Papers of the Reign of Henry VIII (full title: Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, of the Reign of Henry VIII: preserved in the Public Record
Jun 2nd 2015

The Six Wives of Henry VIII Live at Hampton Court Palace
The Six Wives of Henry VIII: Live at Hampton Court Palace is a live album from English keyboardist and composer Rick Wakeman, released through Eagle Records
Apr 1st 2017

Henry VIII (TV serial)
Henry VIII is a two-part British television serial produced principally by Granada Television for ITV from 12 to 19 October 2003. It chronicles the life
Feb 26th 2017

Henry VIII: The Mind of a Tyrant
Henry VIII: The Mind of a Tyrant is a history documentary series on Henry VIII of England presented by David Starkey. It premiered on Channel 4 from 6
May 26th 2016

Henry VIII, Count of Waldeck
Henry-VIIIHenry VIII (1465-1513) was a count of Waldeck and the founder of the older line of Waldeck-Wildungen. He was also temporarily governor of the County of
May 19th 2016

Pope Clement VIII
Not to be confused with Antipope Clement VIII. Pope Clement VIII (Latin: Clemens VIII; 24 February 1536 – 3 March 1605), born Ippolito Aldobrandini, was
Jan 29th 2017

The Six Wives of Henry VIII (BBC TV series)
The-Six-WivesThe Six Wives of Henry VIII is a series of six television plays produced by the BBC and first transmitted between 1 January and 5 February 1970. The series
Apr 15th 2017

Henry VIII (opera)
For the play, see Henry VIII (play). Henry VIII is an opera in four acts by Camille Saint-Saens, from a libretto by Leonce Detroyat and Armand Silvestre
Mar 12th 2017

King Henry VIII School, Abergavenny
51°49′53″N 3°01′02″W / 51.8313°N 3.0173°W / 51.8313; -3.0173 King Henry VIII School Abergavenny (Welsh: Ysgol y Brenin Harri VIII) is an English-language
Apr 3rd 2017

Pope Benedict VIII
Pope Benedict VIII (Latin: Benedictus VIII; ca. 980 – 9 April 1024) reigned from 18 May 1012 to his death in 1024. He was born Theophylactus to the noble
Dec 18th 2016

Cultural depictions of Henry VIII of England
Family of Henry VIII Hans Eworth: Henry VIII (c. 1545) Hans Holbein the Younger: Portrait of Henry VIII, The Dynasty Portrait, and Henry VIII and the Barber-Surgeons
Mar 14th 2017

Mistresses of Henry VIII
The Mistresses of Henry VIII allegedly included many notable women between 1509 and 1536. They have been the subject of biographies, novels and films.
Mar 25th 2017

Henry VIII the Sparrow
VIII">Henry VIII (VI) the Sparrow (Polish: Henryk VIII Wrobel) (c.  1357 – 14 March 1397) was a Duke of Żagań–Głogow during 1368–1378 (as a co-ruler with his
Mar 30th 2017

The Six Wives of Henry VIII (documentary)
The Six Wives of Henry VIII is a 2001 documentary miniseries about the wives of King Henry VIII presented by historian David Starkey from historic locations
Feb 25th 2017

Louis VIII of France
Louis VIII the Lion (French: Louis VIII le Lion) (5 September 1187 – 8 November 1226) was King of France from 1223 to 1226. He also claimed the title King
Apr 20th 2017

King Henry VIII School, Coventry
King Henry VIII School is a coeducational independent school located in Coventry, England, comprising a senior school (ages 11–18) and associated preparatory
Mar 9th 2017

The Six Wives of Henry VIII (album)
The Six Wives of Henry VIII is the first studio album by the English keyboardist Rick Wakeman, released in January 1973 on A&M Records. It is an instrumental
Apr 28th 2017

Louis VIII, Duke of Bavaria
Louis-VIIILouis VIII of Bavaria (German: Ludwig VIII der Hockrige, Louis the Hunchback) (1 September 1403 – 7 April 1445) was Duke of Bavaria-Ingolstadt from 1443
Mar 2nd 2016

Psalter of Henry VIII
The Psalter of Henry VIII is a 16th-century illuminated psalter that belonged to Henry VIII of England. It is now in the British Library as MS Royal 2
Sep 25th 2015

Pope Urban VIII
"Maffeo Barberini" redirects here. For his great-nephew, see Maffeo Barberini (1631-1685). Pope Urban VIII (Latin: Urbanus VIII; baptised 5 April 1568 –
Mar 31st 2017

Henry FitzRoy, 1st Duke of Richmond and Somerset
was the son of Henry-VIII">King Henry-VIIIHenry VIII of England and his mistress, Elizabeth Blount, and the only illegitimate offspring whom Henry-VIIIHenry VIII acknowledged. He was
Apr 21st 2017

King Henry VIII Preparatory School
King Henry VIII Preparatory School (KHPS) is an independent school in Coventry, England with 210 pupils (approx) aged from 5 to 11 years old. It also has
Feb 11th 2017

Alfonso VIII of Castile
Alfonso VIII (11 November 1155 – 5 October 1214), called the Noble (El Noble) or the one of the Navas (el de las Navas), was the King of Castile from 1158
Apr 20th 2017

Hours of Henry VIII
The Hours of Henry VIII is a 15th-century illuminated book of hours, painted by Jean Poyet in Tours. Its-400Its 400 pages contain 55 full-page miniatures. It
Jan 2nd 2017

Spanish Chronicle
Chronicle of King Henry VIII. of England, commonly known as the Spanish Chronicle is a chronicle written during the reigns of Henry VIII and Edward VI by
Oct 1st 2016

Adolphus VIII, Count of Holstein
Adolphus XI of Schauenburg (German Low German: Alef or Alv, German: Adolf von Schauenburg, Danish: Adolf 8. af Holsten-Rendsborg) (1401 – 4 December 1459), as
May 20th 2016

Henry VIII (film)
Henry VIII is a 1911 British silent historical film directed by Will Barker and starring Arthur Bourchier, Herbert Tree and Violet Vanbrugh. It is based
Jun 10th 2016

Charles VIII of France
Charles VIII, called the Affable, French: l'Affable (30 June 1470 – 7 April 1498), was a monarch of the House of Valois who ruled as King of France from
Apr 12th 2017

Henry VII of England
after a reign of nearly 24 years, he was peacefully succeeded by his son, Henry-VIIIHenry VIII. Henry can also be credited with a number of commendable administrative
Apr 14th 2017

Henry VIII of Legnica
Henry VIII of Legnica (Polish: Henryk VIII legnicki) (ca. 1355 – 12 December 1398) was a Duke of Legnica since 1364 (nominally and together with his brothers)
Apr 2nd 2017

Pope Boniface VIII
Pope-Boniface-VIIIPope Boniface VIII (Latin: Bonifatius VIII; c. 1230 – 11 October 1303), born Benedetto Caetani, was Pope from 24 December 1294 to his death in 1303. He
Apr 22nd 2017

Henry VIII Novices' Chase
The Henry VIII Novices' Chase is a Grade 1 National Hunt chase in Great Britain which is open to horses aged four years or older. It is run at Sandown
Apr 26th 2017

John VIII, Count of Nassau-Siegen
  24. Philip I, Count of Waldeck               12. Henry VIII, Count of Waldeck                       25. Johanna
Apr 25th 2017

Henry Tudor
Henry-VIII">Tudor Henry VIII of England, d.1547 Henry, Duke of Cornwall, son of Henry VIII, d.1511 Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond and Somerset, son of Henry VIII and
Nov 9th 2013

Henry Carey, 1st Baron Hunsdon
mistress to King Henry VIII of England, some historians have speculated that he might have been an illegitimate child of Henry VIII. Henry Carey was
Feb 25th 2017

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard, the second and fifth wives of King Henry VIII. Born in Hunsdon, Hertfordshire, Henry Howard was the eldest son of
Apr 2nd 2017

Bogislaw VIII, Duke of Pomerania
Bogislaw-VIIIBogislaw VIII (c. 1364 – 11 February 1418) was Duke of Pomerania in Pomerania-Stolp from 1395 until 1418. The reign of Bogislaw was influenced by the contemporary
Sep 23rd 2016

I'm Henery the Eighth, I Am
"HeneryHenery I'm Henery the Eighth, I Am" (also "HeneryHenery I'm Henery the VIII, I Am" or "I'm Henry VIII, I Am"; spelled "Henery" but pronounced "'Enery" in the Cockney style
Apr 21st 2017

King Henry VIII Grammar School
King Henry VIII Grammar School, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire was one of a series of schools founded during the Reformation in England and Wales in 1542 from
Jan 13th 2016

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