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Jewish feminism
and feminine language for God can be a positive thing, but reminds her Reform Jewish readership that God is beyond gender (Is God male, female, both or
Apr 25th 2017

Jewish Encyclopedia
Not to be confused with Encyclopaedia Judaica. The Jewish Encyclopedia is an English encyclopedia containing over 15,000 articles on the history,
Feb 16th 2017

Jewish views on marriage
provide his wife with this minimum, he should be compelled to divorce her; other Jewish rabbis argued that a man should be compelled to hire himself out,
Apr 21st 2017

Jewish ethics
Jewish ethics is the moral philosophy particular to one or both of the Jewish religion and peoples. Serving as a convergence of Judaism and the Western
Feb 12th 2017

Jewish wedding
Jewish A Jewish wedding is a wedding ceremony that follows Jewish law and traditions. While wedding ceremonies vary, common features of a Jewish wedding include
Apr 21st 2017

Jewish culture
Jewish culture is the culture of the Jewish people from the formation of the Jewish nation in biblical times through life in the diaspora and the modern
Apr 21st 2017

Jewish Publication Society
The Jewish Publication Society (JPS), originally known as the Jewish Publication Society of America, is the oldest nonprofit, nondenominational publisher
Dec 6th 2016

2006 Seattle Jewish Federation shooting
Jewish-Federation">The Seattle Jewish Federation shooting occurred on July 28, 2006, at around 4:00 p.m. PT, when Naveed Afzal Haq shot six women, one fatally, at the Jewish
Mar 27th 2017

Jewish dance
Jewish dance refers to dance associated with Jews and Judaism. Dance has long been used by Jews as a medium for the expression of joy and other communal
Apr 21st 2017

Jewish humour
Jewish humour is the long tradition of humour in Judaism dating back to the Torah and the Midrash from the ancient Middle East, but generally refers to
Apr 30th 2017

Homeland for the Jewish people
For the ongoing debate as to the nature of the State of Israel, see Jewish state. A homeland for the Jewish people is an idea rooted in Jewish culture
Dec 25th 2016

Jewish assimilation
Jewish assimilation (Hebrew: התבוללות‎ , Hitbolelut) refers to the gradual cultural assimilation and social integration of Jews in their surrounding culture
Apr 21st 2017

Jewish holidays
For the Gregorian dates of Jewish holidays, see Jewish and Israeli holidays 2000–2050. Jewish holidays, also known as Jewish festivals or Yamim
Apr 21st 2017

Stereotypes of Jews
"Jewish-American princess" redirects here. For other uses, see Jewish-American princess (disambiguation). "Jewish mother" redirects here. For the issue
Apr 13th 2017

Jewish state
For the book written by Theodor Herzl with the same name (in translation), see Der Judenstaat. For the concept of a national Jewish homeland, see Homeland
Mar 27th 2017

Jewish Theological Seminary of America
The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) is located in New York. It is one of the academic and spiritual centers of Conservative Judaism, and a major center
Apr 21st 2017

Secular Jewish music
Since Biblical times, music has held an important role in many Jews' lives. Jewish music has been influenced by surrounding Gentile traditions and Jewish
Apr 12th 2017

Jewish education
"Chinuch" redirects here. For the book, see Sefer ha-Chinuch. Jewish education (Hebrew: חינוך, Chinukh) is the transmission of the tenets, principles
Mar 21st 2017

Jewish Renewal
Jewish Renewal (Hebrew: התחדשות יהודית‎‎), is a recent movement in Judaism which endeavors to reinvigorate modern Judaism with Kabbalistic, Hasidic, and
Apr 21st 2017

Jewish Book Council
The-Jewish-Book-CouncilThe Jewish Book Council (Hebrew: הפרס הלאומי לספרים יהודיים‎) founded in 1944, is an organization encouraging and contributing to Jewish literature. The
Mar 3rd 2017

Jewish Museum (Manhattan)
For the children's museum, see Jewish Children's Museum. For other uses, see Jewish Museum. The Jewish Museum is an art museum and repository of cultural
Apr 21st 2017

The Jewish Chronicle
This article is about the London-based newspaper. There is also a Jewish-ChronicleJewish Chronicle of Pittsburgh. The Jewish-ChronicleJewish Chronicle (The JC) is a London-based Jewish
Mar 21st 2017

Jewish nose
Jewish nose or Jew's nose is a racial stereotype that refers to a hooked nose with a convex nasal bridge and a downward turn of the tip of the nose that
Apr 19th 2017

Jewish News of Greater Phoenix
Jewish-NewsJewish News of Phoenix Greater Phoenix is an independent weekly Jewish newspaper published in Phoenix, Arizona. The newspaper reports on local, national, and international
Apr 21st 2017

Jewish Telegraph
The Jewish Telegraph is a British Jewish newspaper. It was founded in December 1950 by Frank and Vivienne Harris, the parents of the current Editor, Paul
Mar 21st 2017

First Jewish–Roman War
The First JewishRoman War (66–73 CE), sometimes called the Great Revolt (Hebrew: המרד הגדול‎‎ ha-Mered Ha-Gadol), was the first of three major rebellions
Mar 28th 2017

Jewish Community Center
"YWHA" redirects here. For the ICAO code, see Whyalla Airport. A Jewish Community Center or Jewish Community Centre (JCC) is a general recreational, social
Apr 24th 2017

Baghdad Jewish Arabic
Baghdad-Jewish-Arabic Baghdad Jewish Arabic is the Arabic dialect spoken by the Jews of Baghdad and other towns of Southern Iraq. This dialect differs from the dialect spoken
Sep 26th 2016

Timeline of Jewish history
This is a timeline of the development of Jews and Judaism. All dates are given according to the Common Era, not the Hebrew calendar. See also Jewish history
Apr 20th 2017

List of Jewish actors
This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries
Apr 12th 2017

A Jewish Girl in Shanghai
A Jewish Girl in Shanghai (Chinese: 犹太女孩在上海) is a 2010 Chinese animated family film written by Wu Lin and based on his graphic novel of the same name.
Jan 7th 2017

Jewish exodus from Arab and Muslim countries
Jewish The Jewish exodus from Arab and Muslim countries or Jewish exodus from Arab countries was the departure, flight, expulsion, evacuation and migration, of
Apr 28th 2017

Washington Jewish Week
Washington Jewish Week (WJW) is an independent community weekly newspaper whose logo reads, "Serving the nation's capital and the greater Washington Jewish
Dec 25th 2016

List of Jewish American authors
This is a list of notable American Jewish American authors. See separate lists for playwrights and poets. For other notable American Jewish Americans, see Lists of American
Apr 24th 2017

Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion
The Hebrew Union College-Jewish-Institute Jewish Institute of Religion (also known as HUC, HUC-JIR, and The College-Institute) is the oldest extant Jewish seminary in the
Mar 30th 2017

Old Jewish cemetery, Hebron
The old Jewish cemetery in Hebron, is located to the west of the Tomb of Machpela on a hill and has been used as a Jewish cemetery for hundreds of years
Nov 6th 2016

Jewish art music movement
The Jewish art music movement began at the end of the 19th century in Russia, with a group of Russian Jewish classical composers dedicated to preserving
Jun 19th 2016

Boston Jewish Film Festival
Jewish-Film-Festival">The Boston Jewish Film Festival (BJFF) is a non-competitive annual festival that screens the best contemporary films on Jewish themes from around the world
Nov 24th 2016

Contemporary Jewish religious music
This article is about contemporary Jewish religious music. For the main article on religious Jewish music, see Religious Jewish music. For the purposes
Apr 16th 2017

Connie Francis Sings Jewish Favorites
Connie Francis sings Jewish-FavoritesJewish Favorites is a studio album of Jewish songs recorded by U. S. entertainer Connie Francis. After the success of her 1959 album
Dec 23rd 2015

Feminist Jewish ethics
role as non-hierarchical, Plaskow aims to provide a resolution within her Jewish feminist theology. Main article: Rachel Adler In her 1971 article entitled
Apr 22nd 2017

Jewish resistance in German-occupied Europe
Jewish resistance under the Nazi rule took various forms of organized underground activities conducted against German occupation regimes in Europe by Jews
Apr 26th 2017

Jewish cemetery in Währing
The Jewish Cemetery in Wahring, opened in 1784, was the main burial site for members of the Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Wien. Besides the St. Marx Cemetery
Feb 16th 2017

Jewish Defense League
"JDL" redirects here. For the Indian distiller, see John Distilleries. Jewish-Defense-League">The Jewish Defense League (JDL) is a Jewish far-right religious-political organization
Apr 21st 2017

UK Jewish Film Festival
Jewish-Film-Festival">The UK Jewish Film Festival (UKJFF) is an annual film festival dedicated to world cinema that focuses on Jewish life, history and culture worldwide. It
Jan 6th 2017

Christian–Jewish reconciliation
ChristianJewish reconciliation refers to the efforts that are being made to improve understanding and acceptance by Christians of the Jewish people and
Apr 1st 2017

Jewish Museum, Berlin
Jewish-Museum-Berlin">The Jewish Museum Berlin (Jüdisches Museum Berlin) is one of the largest Jewish Museums in Europe. In three buildings, two of which are new additions specifically
Apr 21st 2017

Jewish geography
Jewish geography is a popular "game" sometimes played when Jews meet each other for the first time and try to identify people they know in common. The
Mar 8th 2017

Galicia Jewish Museum
Jewish-Museum">The Galicia Jewish Museum (Polish: Żydowskie Muzeum Galicja) is located in the historic Jewish district of Kazimierz in Krakow, Poland. It is a photo exhibition
Mar 31st 2017

Academy for Jewish Religion (California)
The Academy for Jewish-ReligionJewish Religion, California (AJR-CA), is a Jewish seminary located in Los Angeles, trains rabbis, cantors and chaplains to serve congregations
Feb 16th 2017

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