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rock band "Higher" (Creed song), 1999 "Higher" (Peter Joback song), 2000 "Higher" (Erik Gronwall song), 2009 "Higher" (Game song), 2005 "Higher" (Gloria
May 2nd 2017

Higher education
Higher education, post-secondary education, or third level education is an optional final stage of formal learning that occurs after completion of secondary
May 20th 2017

Times Higher Education
Times Higher Education (THE), formerly the Times Higher Education Supplement (THES), is a weekly magazine based in London, reporting specifically on news
May 10th 2017

Higher and Higher
Higher and Higher may refer to: Higher and Higher (musical), a 1940 Broadway musical Higher and Higher (film), a 1943 film adaptation of the musical "Higher
Mar 25th 2016

Higher (Scottish)
"Higher level" redirects here; not to be confused with Higher consciousness. In the Scottish secondary education system, the Higher is one of the national
Jan 20th 2017

The Chronicle of Higher Education
The Chronicle of Higher Education is a newspaper and website that presents news, information, and jobs for college and university faculty and Student Affairs
Feb 19th 2017

(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher
"(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher" is an R&B song, originally performed and made a Top 10 Pop, #1 R&B hit by Jackie Wilson in 1967. As
May 26th 2017

Higher education in China
Higher education in China is continuously growing, changing and developing. There are over 2,000 universities and colleges, with more than six million
Apr 2nd 2017

Inside Higher Ed
Inside Higher Ed is a media company and daily online publication that provides news, opinion, resources and jobs focused on college and university topics
Apr 24th 2017

Higher education in Canada
SK MB ON QC NB PE NS NL YT NT NU Higher education in Canada describes the constellation of provincial higher education systems in Canada and their
Apr 2nd 2017

Council for Higher Education Accreditation
The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) is a United States organization of degree-granting colleges and universities. It identifies its purpose
May 26th 2017

Advanced Higher
The Advanced Higher is an optional qualification which forms part of the Scottish secondary education system. It is normally taken by students aged around
May 21st 2017

Governance in higher education
Governance in higher education is the means by which institutions for higher education (tertiary or post-secondary education) are formally organized and
Mar 23rd 2017

Higher education in Portugal
For a broader coverage related to this topic, see Education in Portugal. Higher education in Portugal is divided into two main subsystems: university and
May 7th 2017

Higher Education Act of 1965
The Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA) (Pub.L. 89–329) was a legislation signed into United States law on November 8, 1965, as part of President Lyndon
Apr 2nd 2017

Higher Ground
Higher Ground may refer to: Higher Ground (film), a 2011 drama starring Vera Farmiga Higher Ground (TV series), a 2000 Canadian drama/adventure series
Jan 21st 2017

Higher Education Academy
The Higher Education Academy (HEA) is a British professional institution promoting excellence in higher education. It is jointly owned by Universities
Apr 5th 2017

Ministry of Higher Education
A Ministry of Higher Education is a government department that focuses on the provision or regulation of institutions of higher education. In some countries
Jun 1st 2016

Higher category theory
In mathematics, higher category theory is the part of category theory at a higher order, which means that some equalities are replaced by explicit arrows
Mar 24th 2017

Higher Education Commission
Commission A Higher Education Commission or Commission on Higher Education is a private or government agency charged with Higher Education. Commissions responsibilities
Mar 22nd 2017

Higher Preparatory Examination (HF)
The Higher Preparatory Examination (in Danish: Hojere Forberedelseseksamen or HF) is a 2-year general upper secondary programme building on to the 10th
Sep 14th 2016

Higher Certificate
The Higher Certificate (Ardteastas in Irish) is an award that has replaced the National Certificate in Ireland The Higher Certificate is awarded by various
May 10th 2017

Higher self
Higher self is a term associated with multiple belief systems, but its basic premise describes an eternal, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being
May 10th 2017

Higher alkanes
The term higher alkanes is sometimes used literally as "alkanes with a higher number of carbon atoms". One definition distinguishes the higher alkanes
Apr 29th 2017

Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education
Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) is the independent body that checks on standards and quality in UK higher education. It conducts quality
Nov 2nd 2016

Diploma of Higher Education
A Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE) is a higher education qualification in the United Kingdom. It is awarded after two years of full-time study at a
Apr 28th 2017

Higher education in the United States
Higher education in the United States is an optional final stage of formal learning following secondary education. Higher education, also referred to
May 28th 2017

Higher education in the Philippines
The higher education in the Philippines is offered through various degree programs (commonly known as courses in the Philippines) by a wide selection of
May 9th 2017

Higher Secondary Examination
Higher Secondary Examination (also known as SSC or 12th board examination) is a centralized examination for class 12 students in India, Bangladesh, Nepal
May 27th 2017

Higher-order function
In mathematics and computer science, a higher-order function (also functional, functional form or functor) is a function that does at least one of the
May 17th 2017

Higher education in Hong Kong
See also: List of higher education institutions in Hong Kong Higher Education in Hong Kong means any education higher than secondary education, including
Mar 16th 2017

Ministry of Higher Education and Highways (Sri Lanka)
The-MinistryThe Ministry of Higher Education and Highways is the central government ministry of Sri Lanka responsible for higher education and highways. The ministry
Mar 6th 2017

Ministry of Higher Education (Malaysia)
Higher Education (Malay: Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi), abbreviated MOHE, is ministry of the Government of Malaysia that is responsible for higher education
Apr 4th 2017

Arab Higher Committee
The Arab Higher Committee (Arabic: اللجنة العربية العليا‎‎) or the Higher National Committee was the central political organ of the Arab Palestinians in
May 26th 2017

Higher-order logic
In mathematics and logic, a higher-order logic is a form of predicate logic that is distinguished from first-order logic by additional quantifiers and
May 27th 2017

Times Higher Education World University Rankings
Times Higher Education World University Rankings is an annual publication of university rankings by Times Higher Education (THE) magazine. The publisher
May 7th 2017

Council of Higher Secondary Education, Odisha
Council of Education Higher Secondary Education, OdishaOdisha (OdiaOdia: ଉଚ୍ଚ ମାଧ୍ୟମିକ ଶିକ୍ଷା ପରିଷଦ, ଓଡ଼ିଶା) (abbreviated as CHSE (O)) is a Board of Education imparting Senior
May 25th 2017

Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder song)
"Higher Ground" is a funk song written by Stevie Wonder which first appeared on his 1973 album Innervisions. The song reached number 4 on the Billboard
May 26th 2017

1940–41 Latvian Higher League
The 1940–41 Latvian Higher League season was a season of the Latvian Higher League. It was interrupted by the Soviet Union invasion. Rīgas FK Rigas Vilki
Feb 22nd 2015

Should Be Higher
"Should Be Higher" is a song by the English electronic band Depeche Mode from their thirteenth studio album, Delta Machine. The song was written by Dave
Apr 9th 2017

1944 Latvian Higher League
Statistics of Latvian Higher League in the 1944 season. It was not completed because of the Red Army attack. RSSSF
Mar 21st 2017

Higher Education (journal)
Higher Education: The International Journal of Higher Education Research is a bimonthly peer-reviewed academic journal covering educational developments
May 28th 2017

1943 Latvian Higher League
Statistics of Latvian Higher League in the 1943 season. It was contested by 7 teams, and ASK won the championship. RSSSF
Mar 21st 2017

Higher consciousness
Higher consciousness is the consciousness of a higher Self, transcendental reality, or God. It is "the part of the human being that is capable of transcending
May 26th 2017

Universities and higher education in Brazil
schools with that designation in Brazil. Nevertheless, they created several higher and secondary learning schools which provided a level of education comparable
Feb 15th 2017

European Higher Education Area
The European Higher Education Area (EHEA) was launched along with the Bologna Process' decade anniversary, in March 2010, during the Budapest-Vienna Ministerial
May 5th 2017

Higher than the Sun (song)
"Higher than the Sun" is a song by English alternative rock band Keane, released on 28 September 2013 as the first single from their first compilation
Mar 6th 2017

Higher-dimensional algebra
This article is about higher-dimensional algebra in generalized category theory, super-category theory, and also its extensions in nonabelian algebraic
May 13th 2017

Journal of Higher Criticism
The Journal of Higher Criticism was an academic journal covering issues "dealing with historical, literary, and history-of-religion issues from the perspective
Jan 2nd 2016

Higher-order differential cryptanalysis
In cryptography, higher-order differential cryptanalysis is a generalization of differential cryptanalysis, an attack used against block ciphers. While
Apr 13th 2016

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