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List of highways numbered 31
Highway-31Highway 31 British Columbia Highway-31Highway 31 Manitoba Highway-31Highway 31 Ontario Highway-31Highway 31 Quebec Autoroute 31 Saskatchewan Highway-31Highway 31 part of I/31 Highway; Czech:
Jul 15th 2016

British Columbia Highway 31
Highway 31 is a slightly minor north-south highway through the Selkirk Mountains in British Columbia, Canada. The highway first gained its number in 1973
May 5th 2017

Oklahoma State Highway 31
State Highway 31 (abbreviated SH-31) is a state highway in Oklahoma. It runs 132.6 miles in an irregular west-to-east pattern in the southeastern part
Oct 21st 2016

Wisconsin Highway 31
State-Trunk-Highway-31State Trunk Highway 31 (often called Highway 31, STH-31STH 31 or S-31">WIS 31) is a state highway in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. It runs north–south as a suburban
Oct 2nd 2016

Texas State Highway 31
State-Highway-31State Highway 31, or SH-31SH 31, runs from U.S. Highway 84 northeast of Waco via Corsicana, Athens, Tyler, Kilgore to U.S. Highway 80 in Longview. SH-31SH 31 was
Jun 14th 2016

Saskatchewan Highway 31
Highway 31 is a highway in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It runs from Highway 4 to Highway 14. Highway 31 is about 195 km (121 mi.) long. The
Apr 16th 2016

Iowa Highway 31
Iowa-Highway-31Iowa Highway 31 (Iowa-31Iowa 31) is a diagonal state highway which runs from Iowa-Highway-141Iowa Highway 141 (Iowa 141) in SmithlandSmithland to U.S. Route 59 (US 59) east of Quimby
Dec 28th 2016

Arkansas Highway 31
Highway 31 (AR 31, Ark. 31 and Hwy. 31) is a north–south state highway in Central Arkansas. The route of 75.34 miles (121.25 km) runs from U.S. Route 79B
Nov 16th 2016

M-31 (Michigan highway)
This article is about a former MichiganMichigan state trunkline highway numbered M-31. For the U.S. Highway, see U.S. Route 31 in MichiganMichigan. M-31 was a state trunkline
Apr 12th 2017

Alberta Highway 31
Alberta-Provincial-Highway-NoAlberta Provincial Highway No. 31, commonly referred to as Highway 31, is a north–south highway in central Alberta, Canada. Highway 31 begins at Highway 16
Jan 30th 2017

Manitoba Highway 31
Provincial Trunk Highway 31 (PTH 31) is a provincial highway in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It is a short highway that runs from PTH 3 to the U
Dec 21st 2016

Nebraska Highway 31
Nebraska-Highway-31Nebraska Highway 31 is a highway in Nebraska. The southern terminus is near Louisville at an intersection with Nebraska Highway 50. The northern terminus
Jan 6th 2017

Louisiana Highway 31
Louisiana-Highway-31Louisiana Highway 31 (LA 31) is a 54.6-mile-long (87.9 km) north–south state highway in Louisiana that serves Iberia, St. Martin, and St. Landry parishes
May 15th 2017

Oregon Route 31
For the unsigned Highway 31, see Albany-Corvallis Highway. Oregon-Route-31Oregon Route 31 is a state highway in the U.S. state of Oregon that runs between the Central
Sep 6th 2016

South Carolina Highway 31
South Carolina Highway 31 (SC 31), also known as the Carolina Bays Parkway, is a six-lane, limited-access highway that parallels (in most cases) the Intracoastal
Oct 28th 2016

Provincial Highway 31 (Taiwan)
Provincial Highway 31 (Chinese: 台31線) is a 17.876-kilometre-long (11.108-mile) provincial highway in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. An elevated section of the Taiwan
Nov 2nd 2015

C-31 highway (Spain)
C-31 or Eix Costaner is a Catalonia's primary highway. It is the result of merging several sections of previously existing roads, autopistas and autovias
May 8th 2013

U.S. Route 31
U.S. Route 31 or U.S. Highway 31 (US 31) is a long north–south highway connecting southern Alabama to northern Michigan. Its southern terminus is at an
May 18th 2017

Georgia State Route 31
State Route 31 (SR 31) is a 166.9-mile-long (268.6 km) state highway that travels south-to-north through portions of Lowndes, Lanier, Clinch, Atkinson
Jan 20th 2017

National Highway 31 (India)
Highway 31, see National Highway 10 (India), National Highway 17 (India), National Highway 20 (India), National Highway 27 (India), National Highway 31
Mar 2nd 2017

U.S. Route 31 in Michigan
US-HighwayUS Highway 31 (US 31) is a part of the United States Numbered Highway System that runs from Alabama to the Lower Peninsula of the US state of Michigan
May 19th 2017

Missouri Route 31
Route 31 is a highway in northwestern Missouri. Its northern terminus is at U.S. Route 169 in northwestern De Kalb County; its southern terminus is at
Apr 24th 2017

U.S. Route 31 in Indiana
the K&I Bridge) of the highway originally served as part of the Dixie Highway. US-31US 31 was the Jackson Highway from Indianapolis to Seymour. US 31 replaced
May 10th 2017

Maryland Route 31
This article is about the numbered road. For the MTA bus route, see Route 31 (MTA Maryland). Maryland Route 31 (MD 31) is a state highway in the U.S. state
Feb 24th 2017

New Jersey Route 31
County Transportation Projects". Hunterdon County.  "Award of MeritHighway-Route-31Route 31 Dualization". New York Construction News. Retrieved 2008-12-11.  "Route
May 15th 2017

Massachusetts Route 31
Route 31 is a state highway in the U.S. state of Massachusetts. Route 31 begins at the Connecticut border in Dudley, where a short (less than 50 yards
Apr 2nd 2017

Wyoming Highway 31
Wyoming-Highway-31Wyoming Highway 31 (WYO 31) is a 22.09 miles (35.55 km) Wyoming state highway known locally as Cold Springs Road. Located in southern Big Horn County,
Nov 10th 2016

Highway 31 (Israel)
Highway 31 is an inter-city highway in southern Israel. It begins at Zohar junction south of Neve Zohar, where it meets Highway 90 just west of the Dead
Feb 16th 2016

West Virginia Route 31
West Virginia Route 31 is a north–south state highway in the northwestern portion of the U.S. state of West Virginia. The northern terminus of the route
Jul 1st 2014

Minnesota State Highway 200
State-Highway-116State Highway 116 (from the North Dakota state line to U.S. 75.) State Highway 31 (from U.S. 75, later the North Dakota state line to State Highway 92;
Apr 8th 2017

Ohio State Route 31
State Route 31 (SR 31) is a 32.12-mile-long (51.69 km) Ohio-State-RouteOhio State Route that runs between the Marysville and Kenton in the US state of Ohio. The southern
Jan 4th 2017

Special routes of U.S. Route 31
SeveralSeveral special routes of U.S. Route 31 exist. In order from south to north they are as follows. U.S. Route 31A exists between Nashville and Pulaski
May 3rd 2017

Vermont Route 31
Vermont-RouteVermont Route 31 is a short state highway in Vermont in the United States. Located entirely in Rutland County, it runs from the New York state line in
Nov 10th 2016

Virginia State Route 31
State-Route-31State Route 31 (SR-31SR 31) is a primary state highway in the U.S. state of Virginia. The state highway runs 24.56 miles (39.53 km) from U.S. Route 460 (US
Nov 17th 2016

National Highway 31 (Myanmar)
National Highway 31 is a major highway of central/northeastern Burma. It starts in Mandalay at the rim of the Mandalay Palace area from National Highway
Jan 30th 2016

U.S. Route 31E
parallel routes for U.S. Highway 31 from Nashville, Tennessee, to Louisville, Kentucky. (At one time, it split with U.S. Highway 31W at Sellersburg, Indiana
Feb 22nd 2017

Business routes of U.S. Route 31 in Michigan
seven business routes of US-Highway-31US-Highway-31US Highway 31 in the state of Michigan. All of the business routes are former sections of US-Highway-31US-Highway-31US Highway 31 (US 31). They connect the
Jan 5th 2017

State Highway 31 (Rajasthan)
State Highway 31 ( RJ SH 31) is a State Highway in Rajasthan state of India that connects Jalore in Jalore district of Rajasthan with Raniwara in same
Sep 15th 2013

Washington State Route 31
State Route 31 (SR 31) is a Washington state highway located entirely in Pend Oreille County. The highway, which is 26.79 miles (43.11 km) long, starts
May 12th 2017

State Highway 31 (Kerala)
State Highway 31 (SH 31) is a State Highway in Kerala, India that starts in Cherkala and ends at the state boundary at Adkasthala, Perla. The highway is
Nov 28th 2016

U.S. Route 31W
U.S. Route 31W (US-31W) is the westernmost of two parallel routes for U.S. Route 31 from Nashville, Tennessee to Louisville, Kentucky. At one time, it
Feb 22nd 2017

Rural Municipality of Storthoaks No. 31
The-Rural-MunicipalityThe Rural Municipality of Storthoaks-NoStorthoaks No. 31, Saskatchewan was originally called Storkoaks and is now named Storthoaks as of March 15, 1912. The original
Mar 27th 2017

Illinois Route 31
Illinois-RouteIllinois Route 31 (IL 31) is a north–south state road in northeastern Illinois, United-StatesUnited States. It travels from U.S. Route 34 (US 34) in Oswego north to
Apr 4th 2017

the English Opening in the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings List of highways numbered 31 A31 motorway (Canada), a road in Quebec connecting Joliette and
Nov 3rd 2016

New York State Route 31
New York State Route 31 (NY 31) is a state highway that extends for 208.74 miles (335.93 km) across western and central New York in the United States.
Jan 17th 2017

National Highway 17 (India)
For the old National Highway 17, see National Highway 66 (India). National Highway 17 (NH 17) is a National Highway in India running from Sevoke in West
Feb 26th 2017

Utah State Route 31
State-Route-31State Route 31 (SRSR-31) is a state highway in SanpeteSanpete and Emery Counties in the U.S. state of Utah. It runs for 47.746 miles (76.840 km) from US-89 at Fairview
Nov 17th 2016

Crowsnest Highway
The Crowsnest Highway is an east-west highway in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. It stretches 1,161 km (721 mi) across the southern portions of both
Feb 13th 2017

Idaho State Highway 31
Idaho-State-Highway-31Idaho State Highway 31 is a 21.025-mile (33.84 km) north-south state highway in the eastern part of the U.S. state of Idaho. SH-31 runs from U.S. Route
Apr 12th 2017

C31C31 or C-31 may be: C-31 highway (Spain), a primary highway in Catalonia HMS C31C31, a 1909 British C class submarine PRR C31C31, an American PRR 0-8-0 wheel
Apr 1st 2016

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