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Hite may refer to: HiteJinro, a South Korean brewery Hite Brewery Hite (surname) Hite, California, former name of Hite Cove, California Hite, Utah, a
Nov 20th 2014

Hite Brewery
Hite Brewery Company Limited (/ˈhaɪt/; Korean: 하이트맥주; KRX: 000080) is a South Korean brewery company headquartered in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. Its main
May 13th 2017

Hite, Utah
Hite is a ghost town at the north end of Lake Powell along the Colorado River in eastern Garfield County, Utah, USA. Lake Powell, and all of its points
Apr 3rd 2017

Bob Hite
Robert Ernest "Bob" Hite (February 26, 1943 – April 5, 1981) was the lead singer of the American blues-rock band, Canned Heat, from 1965 to his death in
Apr 11th 2017

Shere Hite
Shere Hite (born November 2, 1942) is an American-born German sex educator and feminist. Her sexological work has focused primarily on female sexuality
Apr 1st 2017

Kenneth Hite
Hite Kenneth Hite (born September 15, 1965) is a writer and role-playing game designer. Hite holds an M.A. in International Relations from the University
May 22nd 2017

Robert Hite
For other people named Robert Hite, see Robert Hite (disambiguation). Robert J. Hite II (born January 12, 1984) is an American professional basketball
Nov 13th 2016

Wood Hite
Woodson">Robert Woodson "Wood" Hite (1850 – December 4, 1881) was an outlaw and cousin of Frank and James Jesse James. He was a member of the James-Younger gang, participating
May 11th 2017

Richard Hite
about the police officer. For the musician Hite Richard Hite, see Canned Heat. Richard A.J. "Rick" Hite is executive director of the Indiana Civil Rights Commission]
Apr 11th 2016

Les Hite
Les Hite (February 13, 1903 in DuQuoin, IllinoisFebruary 6, 1962 in Santa Monica, California) was an American jazz bandleader. Born in DuQuoin, Illinois
Mar 3rd 2017

Hite Crossing Bridge
The-Hite-Crossing-BridgeThe Hite Crossing Bridge is an arch bridge which carries Utah-State-Route-95Utah State Route 95 across the Colorado River northwest of Blanding, Utah, United States. The
Mar 20th 2017

Kathy Hite
Hite Kathy Hite-James (born September 8, 1948) is an American professional golfer who played on the LPGA Tour. Hite won once on the LPGA Tour in 1981. Hite-James
Dec 12th 2016

Robert Hite (artist)
Hite Robert Hite (born 1956 in Richmond, Virginia) is an American visual artist. Hite lives and works in Esopus, New York. Hite Robert Hite is inspired both by a
Dec 9th 2016

Cliff Hite
Cliff Hite (born September 4, 1954) is a Republican politician who has represented the 1st district of the Ohio Senate since 2011. Formerly he represented
Dec 20th 2016

Larry Hite
Lawrence D. Hite is a hedge fund manager who, along with Ed Seykota, is one of the forefathers of system trading. Hite co-founded Mint Investments in
May 10th 2017

Henry Hite
Henry Hite (May 1, 1915 – May 26, 1978) born Henry Marion Mullens, was a giant who was well known in his day for making personal appearances promoting
Dec 15th 2016

Hites Cove, California
Hites Cove (also called Hite's Cove, less commonly Hite Cove) is an unincorporated community in Mariposa County, California. It is located on the South
Mar 20th 2017

Silas Hite
Hite Silas Hite, (born March 30, 1980), is an American multi-instrumentalist, composer, record producer, and visual artist. Hite began playing drums when
Jan 8th 2017

Hite (surname)
Hite is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Bob Hite (1943-1981), American singer Bob Hite (announcer) (1914-2000), American announcer
Sep 11th 2014

Mabel Hite
Mabel Hite (May 30, 1883 – October 22, 1912) was a vaudeville comedian and musical comedy actress. Mabel Hite was born in Ashland, Kentucky on May 30
Jan 27th 2017

products. Rite-Hite is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Rite-Hite was founded in 1965 by Arthur K. White, the father of Rite-Hite’s current owner
Dec 5th 2016

Charles J. Hite
Charles Jackson Hite (June 7, 1876 – August 21, 1914) was an American businessman and film producer of the early 20th century, most importantly the president
Apr 28th 2016

Mattie Hite
Mattie Hite (sometimes spelled Matie Hite; c. 1890 – c. 1935) was an African-American blues singer in the classic female blues style. Little is known
Nov 6th 2016

Carl Hite
Dr. Carl Hite is the current President of Cleveland State Community College. He received his bachelor's degree from Florida State University, and his Doctorate
Nov 15th 2016

David Hite
David L. Hite (September 25, 1923 – January 18, 2004) was an American clarinetist, teacher, and designer of clarinet mouthpieces. Born in New Straitsville
Aug 27th 2015

Marcia Shallcross Hite
HiteMarcia Shallcross Hite (1877 - July 13, 1946) was an American watercolor artist. Marcia S. Hite began painting around age 40 after participating in psychological
Mar 22nd 2017

John Hite House
John Hite House, also known as Springdale, is a historic home located near Bartonsville, Frederick County, Virginia. The original house was built in 1753
Jan 25th 2017

Jacob Hite
Hite Jacob Hite (1717-1778) was one of the wealthiest men in Berkeley County, West Virginia. Hite had come to the Valley with his father in the early 1730s
Apr 7th 2016

Bob Hite (announcer)
about the radio and television announcer. For the musician, see Bob Hite. Bob Hite, Sr. (February 9, 1914 in Decatur, IndianaFebruary 18, 2000 in West
Nov 19th 2016

the Starcraft II player who goes by the alias Jinro, see Jonathan Walsh. HiteJinro Co., Ltd. (Hangul: 하이트진로; Hanja: 眞露; Korean pronunciation: [tɕilo])
Mar 19th 2017

Robert Hite (disambiguation)
Robert-HiteRobert-HiteRobert-HiteRobert Hite (born 1984) is an American basketball player. Robert-HiteRobert-HiteRobert-HiteRobert Hite may also refer to: Robert-HiteRobert-HiteRobert-HiteRobert Hite (artist) (born 1956), American visual artist Robert
Mar 29th 2015

John Jacob Hite Farm
John Jacob Hite Farm, also known as the Jason Hite Place, is a historic home and farm located near Lexington, Lexington County, South-CarolinaSouth Carolina, U.S.A
Jun 21st 2016

Hite House
Hite House is a historic hotel building located at Stoystown, Somerset County, Pennsylvania. It is a 3 1/2-story, "L"-shaped, wood frame building with
Nov 28th 2016

Hite Store
Hite Store, also known as Riverview, is a historic general store located at Lowesville, Amherst County, Virginia. It was built in 1869, and is a two-story
Nov 29th 2016

Canned Heat
original artists. It was launched by two blues enthusiasts, Alan Wilson and Bob Hite, who took the name from Tommy Johnson's 1928 "Canned Heat Blues", a song
May 2nd 2017

Katherine Hite
Katherine Juliet Roberts Hite (born 1962). is an American author and academic whose fields of expertise are social movements and Latin American politics
Apr 18th 2016

Becoming The Beach Boys: The Complete Hite & Dorinda Morgan Sessions
Becoming The Beach Boys: The Complete Hite & Dorinda Morgan Sessions is a Beach Boys compilation album released in 2016. It was originally recorded in
Apr 26th 2017

Hite-Finney House
Hite-Finney House was a historic building at 183 North Jefferson Street in Martinsville, Morgan County, Indiana. It was built in 1855, and was a two-story
Mar 13th 2017

Hite v. Fairfax
Hite v. Fairfax, (Original Case Citation: 4 Call 42) 8 Va. 42 (1786) was a case decided by the Supreme Court of Virginia that upheld the original title
Mar 8th 2017

Beer in South Korea
news.  HiteJinroHiteJinro, HiteJinroHiteJinro (2016-11-18). "Hite". hitejinro.com.  HiteJinroHiteJinro, HiteJinroHiteJinro (2016-11-18). "Max". hitejinro.com.  HiteJinroHiteJinro, HiteJinroHiteJinro (2016-11-18)
May 19th 2017

Hallelujah (album)
Fito De la Parra - drums "Canned Heat" (Robert Hite, Jr. – actually by Tommy Johnson) – 4:22 Bob Hite - lead vocals Alan Wilson - guitar Henry Vestine
Oct 30th 2016

Flying Padre
referred to Flying Padre as "silly". The film is narrated by CBS announcer Bob Hite. Joseph Gelmis "An Interview With Stanley Kubrick (1969), excerpted from
Mar 30th 2017

Utah State Route 95
Canyon; and crosses the Colorado River and the northeast end of Lake Powell at Hite Crossing Bridge, near the confluence of the Dirty Devil River, which it crosses
Feb 20th 2017

2011 Korean Baduk League
Shinan Chunil Salt v Yeongnam Ilbo Hite Jinro v Posco LED Kixx v Hangame Netmarble v TBroad Shinan Chunil Salt v Hite Jinro "2011 Korean Baduk League"
Sep 25th 2016

The New Age (album)
its release. "Keep It Clean" (Hite Bob Hite) - 2:46 "Harley Davidson Blues" (James Shane) - 2:38 "Don't Deceive Me" (Hite) - 3:12 "You Can Run, But You Sure
Jul 10th 2015

James M. H. Beale
Beale James Madison Hite Beale (February 7, 1786 – August 2, 1866) was a U.S. Representative from Virginia. Born in Mount Airy, Virginia, Beale pursued preparatory
May 29th 2016

Hitesville, Illinois
town in Coles County, Illinois. It was abandoned in 1879. In 1835, James Hite, an immigrant from Kentucky who moved to Coles County in 1831, created a
Mar 20th 2017

Dick Liddil
was shot. Liddil and Bob Ford killed Hite later that year, and Liddil was wounded in the fight. After killing Hite, Liddil hid, worrying that Jesse James
Feb 15th 2017

Black Merda (album)
VeaseyVeasey, C. Hawkins, T. Hite) – 2:31 Cynthy-Ruth (V. VeaseyVeasey) – 3:03 Over and Over (A. Hawkins, V. VeaseyVeasey, C. Hawkins, T. Hite) – 5:29 AshamedAshamed (A. Hawkins
Oct 30th 2016

Uncanned! The Best of Canned Heat
° "Rollin' and Tumblin'" (McKinley Morganfield) – 3:05 "Bullfrog Blues" (Hite, Jr., Wilson, Taylor, Vestine, Cook) – 2:17 "Evil Is Going On" (Willie Dixon)
Feb 9th 2015

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