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other uses, see Home (disambiguation) and Homes (disambiguation). For the front page of the Wikipedia site, see Main Page. A home or domicile is a
Apr 19th 2017

HOME Investment Partnerships Program
"HOME" redirects here. For other uses, see Home (disambiguation). The HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) is a type of United States federal assistance
Mar 22nd 2016

The History of Middle-earth
The History of Middle-earth is a 12-volume series of books published between 1983 and 1996 that collect and analyse material relating to the fiction of
Feb 4th 2017

The Home Depot
The-Home-DepotThe Home Depot, Inc. is an American home improvement supplies retailing company that sells tools, construction products, and services. The company is headquartered
Apr 23rd 2017

Home computer
to mid-1980s. See home server and home automation or desktop computer for other uses of a computer in a home. Home computers were a class
Apr 4th 2017

Home run
HomerunHomerun (film). For other uses, see Home run (disambiguation). In baseball, a home run (abbreviated HR, also "homer", "dinger", "dong", "bomb", "blast"
Apr 23rd 2017

Home Secretary
Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Home Department, normally referred to as the Home Secretary, is a senior official as one of the Great
Apr 23rd 2017

Home Office
department. For a working room or study in a domestic dwelling, see home-office. The Home Office (HO) is a ministerial department of the Her Majesty's Government
Apr 18th 2017

Home video
band, see Home-VideoHome Video (band). For motion pictures made by amateurs, see Home movies. "Home entertainment" redirects here. For other forms of home entertainment
Mar 19th 2017

Home (sports)
and scoring base in baseball, see Home plate. "Home team" redirects here. For the film, see Home Team (film). "Home ice" redirects here. For the XM Satellite
Feb 22nd 2017

Home improvement
see Home improvement (disambiguation). Home improvement, home renovation, or remodeling is the process of renovating or making additions to one's home. Home
Mar 29th 2017

Old soldiers' home
An old soldiers' home is a military veteran's retirement home, nursing home, or hospital, or sometimes even an institution for the care of the widows and
Dec 10th 2016

Irish Home Rule movement
The Irish Home Rule movement was a movement that agitated for self-government for Ireland within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. It was
Feb 3rd 2017

Home page
with home screen. For other uses, see Home page (disambiguation). "Start page" redirects here. For the search engine, see Ixquick. For Wikipedia's home page
Apr 6th 2017

Home network
A home network or home area network (HAN) is a type of computer network that facilitates communication among devices within the close vicinity of a home
Mar 22nd 2017

Home automation
see Demotic. Home automation or smart home (also known as domotics) is building automation for the home. It involves the control and automation
Apr 23rd 2017

Home advantage
sports, the term home advantage – also called home ground, home field, home field advantage, home court, home court advantage or home ice advantage – describes
Apr 4th 2017

Warner Home Video
Warner-Home-VideoWarner Home Video is the home video distribution arm of Warner-BrosWarner Bros., a subsidiary of Warner Time Warner. Founded in 1978 as WCI Home Video (standing for Warner
Apr 23rd 2017

Home cinema
Home cinema, also called home theater or home theatre, refers to home entertainment audio-visual systems that seek to reproduce a movie theater experience
Apr 9th 2017

Home Nations
"Home-CountryHome-CountryHome Country" redirects here. For the book by Ernie Pyle, see Home-CountryHome-CountryHome Country (book). "Home countries" redirects here. It is not to be confused with Home
Apr 4th 2017

Mobile home
see Mobile home (disambiguation). "Static Caravan" redirects here. For the record label, see Static Caravan Recordings. A mobile home (also trailer
Apr 20th 2017

Minister of Home Affairs (India)
The Minister of Home Affairs (or simply, the Home Minister) is the head of the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of India. One of the senior-most
Apr 6th 2017

Home Alone
the 1990 film. For the series, see Home Alone (franchise). For other uses, see Home Alone (disambiguation). Home Alone is a 1990 American Christmas comedy
Apr 16th 2017

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment
Pictures Home Entertainment (formerly Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Universal Studios Home Video, MCA-Universal Home Video, MCA Home Video, MCA
Apr 15th 2017

Home care
care assistant Home care (also referred to as domiciliary care, social care, or in-home care) is supportive care provided in the home. Care may be provided
Apr 18th 2017

Retirement home
A retirement home – sometimes called an old people's home or old age home, although this term can also refer to a nursing home – is a multi-residence
Apr 8th 2017

Ministry of Home Affairs (India)
The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) or Home Ministry is a ministry of the Government of India. An interior ministry, it is mainly responsible for the maintenance
Apr 2nd 2017

Home Sweet Home
Home-Sweet-Home Sweet Home may refer to: Home, Sweet Home (1914 film), a film about the life of John Howard Payne Home, Sweet Home (1933 film), a British film
Apr 18th 2017

Home and Away
For other uses, see HomeHome and AwayAway. HomeHome and AwayAway (often abbreviated as H&A) is an Australian television soap opera. It was created by Alan Bateman and
Apr 21st 2017

Home rule
Home rule is the power of a constituent part (administrative division) of a state to exercise such of the state's powers of governance within its own administrative
Mar 26th 2017

PlayStation Home
Home PlayStation Home (which was also marketed and referred to as Home) was a virtual 3D social gaming platform developed by Sony Computer Entertainment's
Dec 27th 2016

Paramount Home Media Distribution
Paramount Home Media Distribution (formerly Paramount Home Entertainment, Paramount Home Video and Paramount Video) is the home video distribution arm
Apr 14th 2017

Home inspection
A home inspection is a limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home, often in connection with the sale of that home. Home inspections
Apr 17th 2017

Home economics
Home economics or domestic science, now known as family and consumer sciences (FCS), is the profession and field of study that deals with the economics
Apr 17th 2017

Home video game console
A home video game console or simply home console is a video game device that is primarily used for home gamers, as opposed to in arcades or some other
Apr 4th 2017

Home counties
Not to be confused with Home countries. The home counties are the counties of England that surround London (although several of them do not border
Apr 21st 2017

Home Farm F.C.
Home Farm Football Club is an Irish association football club based in Whitehall, Dublin. It was founded in 1928. The club joined the League of Ireland
Apr 4th 2017

Lionsgate Home Entertainment
Lionsgate-Home-EntertainmentLionsgate Home Entertainment (formerly Lions Gate Films Home Entertainment and Lions Gate Home Entertainment) is the home video distribution arm of Lionsgate
Mar 19th 2017

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment (incorporated as Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Inc. since 1997 and formerly known as Walt Disney Telecommunications
Apr 21st 2017

Alec Douglas-Home
"Douglas-Home" redirects here. For other people with this name, see Douglas-Home (surname). Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home, Baron Home of the Hirsel
Apr 14th 2017

Earl of Home
Alexander Home, 1st Lord Home (d. 1490) Alexander Home, 2nd Lord Home (d. 1506) Alexander Home, 3rd Lord Home (d. 1516) George Home, 4th Lord Home (d. 1549)
Mar 7th 2017

SETI@home ("SETI at home") is an Internet-based public volunteer computing project employing the BOINC software platform, hosted by the Space Sciences
Mar 28th 2017

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Sony-Pictures-Home-EntertainmentSony-PicturesSony Pictures Home Entertainment (abbreviated as SPHE) is the home video distribution division of Sony-PicturesSony Pictures, a subsidiary of Japanese company Sony
Apr 22nd 2017

Home Ministry
to be confused with Ministry of Home Affairs (Japan). For related topics, see Minister for Home Affairs. The Home Ministry (内務省, Naimu-shō?) was a
Jun 14th 2016

Nursing home care
A nursing home, convalescent home, skilled nursing facility (SNF), care home, rest home or intermediate care provides a type of residential care. It is
Feb 9th 2017

Home Inn
Homeinns Co.,Ltd, doing business as Home Inns Group or Home Inns & Hotels Management Inc. (S: 如家酒店集团, T: 如家酒店集團, P: Rujiā Jiǔdian Jituan; Nasdaq: HMIN)
Mar 7th 2017

Coming Home
Coming Home or Comin' Home may refer to: Coming Home (1962 film), a South Korean film starring Choi Moo-ryong Coming Home (1978 film), an American drama
Feb 11th 2017

FoldingFolding@home (FAHFAH or F@h) is a distributed computing project for disease research that simulates protein folding, computational drug design, and other
Apr 17th 2017

Home (disambiguation)
Home may also refer to: Home button, a user interface element of most web browsers Home directory, a file directory on an operating system Home key
Apr 23rd 2017

WWE Home Video
WWE-Home-VideoWWE Home Video is a video distribution and production company that distributes WWE programming, now run by Warner Home Video. A division of WWE formed
Apr 2nd 2017

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