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Howard Cosell
Howard William Cosell (/koʊˈsɛl/; born Howard William Cohen; March 25, 1918 – April 23, 1995) was an American sports journalist who was widely known for
May 16th 2017

William Cohen
Sebastian-Cohen William Sebastian Cohen (born August 28, 1940) is an American politician and author from the U.S. state of Maine. A Republican, Cohen served as both a
May 24th 2017

I. Bernard Cohen
Ierome Bernard Cohen (1 March 1914 – 20 June 2003) was the Victor S. Thomas Professor of the history of science at Harvard University and the author of
Mar 8th 2017

Dick Cohen
Richard J. "Dick" Cohen (born December 10, 1949) is a Minnesota politician and member of the Minnesota Senate. A member of the Minnesota Democratic–FarmerLabor
Dec 21st 2016

Henry Cohen (rabbi)
Henry Cohen (April 7, 1863 – June 12, 1952) was a British-American rabbi, scholar, community activist and writer who served most of his career at Congregation
Mar 31st 2017

Frank Cohen
Frank Cohen (born 15 October 1943) is a British entrepreneur, Art collector and Philanthropist. He was born and raised in Manchester where he worked on
Mar 25th 2017

Michael Howard
Michael Howard, Baron Howard of Lympne, CH, PC, QC (born 7 July 1941) is a British politician who served as the Leader of the Conservative Party and Leader
May 4th 2017

Lona Cohen
Lona Cohen (January 11, 1913 – December 23, 1992), born Leontine Theresa Petka, also known as Helen Kroger, was an American spy for the Soviet Union. She
May 22nd 2017

Christopher B. Howard
Christopher B. Howard (born February 12, 1969) is the 8th president of Robert Morris University in Moon Township, Pennsylvania where his term started on
Apr 13th 2017

Nathan Cohen (rower)
Nathan Phillip Cohen MNZM (born 2 January 1986) is a New Zealand rower. He is a two-time world champion, and won a gold medal in the Olympics. In 2006
May 24th 2017

John Howard
John Winston Howard, OM, AC (born 26 July 1939) was the 25th Prime Minister of Australia, serving from 11 March 1996 to 3 December 2007. Only Sir Robert
May 13th 2017

Arthur G. Cohen
Arthur George Cohen (April 23, 1930 – August 9, 2014) was an American businessman, philanthropist, and real estate investor and developer in New York City
Feb 5th 2017

Howard Hanson
Howard Harold Hanson (October 28, 1896 – February 26, 1981) was an American composer, conductor, educator, music theorist, and champion of American classical
Mar 8th 2017

Morris Cohen (spy)
Morris Cohen, also known in Britain by his alias Peter Kroger, (July 2, 1910 – June 23, 1995) was an 20th-Century American convicted of espionage for the
May 22nd 2017

Howard Fast
Fast Howard Melvin Fast (November 11, 1914 – March 12, 2003) was an American novelist and television writer. Fast also wrote under the pen names E. V. Cunningham
May 6th 2017

The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover
The-Private-FilesThe Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover is a 1977 film directed by Larry Cohen and starring Broderick Crawford and James Wainwright. The cast includes Jose
May 2nd 2017

Paul Cohen (saxophonist)
Paul Cohen is an American saxophonist. He is active as a performer, teacher, historian, musicologist, and author in areas related to the saxophone. He
Apr 12th 2017

List of Fellows of the Royal Society elected in 1911
This is a complete list of Fellows of the Royal Society elected in 1911. Evelyn Baring Howard Turner Barnes Adrian John Brown Julius Berend Cohen Walter
Jul 11th 2015

Gary Howard
For the football player, see Gary Howard (American football). Gary William Howard (born 16 June 1955) is a British musician and actor. Formerly best known
Dec 23rd 2016

Horrors of the Black Museum
Horrors of the Black Museum (1959) is a British-American horror film starring Michael Gough and directed by Arthur Crabtree. It was the first film in what
Jan 27th 2017

Cradle Snatchers
Cradle Snatchers is a 1927 silent film. The picture is based on the 1925 Russell Medcraft/Norma Mitchell stage play of the same name that starred Mary
Mar 1st 2017

Edward Lee Howard
Howard Edward Lee Victor Howard (27 October 1951 – 12 July 2002) was a CIA case officer who defected to the Soviet Union. Howard served as a Peace Corps volunteer
May 3rd 2017

Bob Johnston
Donald William 'Bob' Johnston (May 14, 1932 – August 14, 2015) was an American record producer, best known for his work with Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Leonard
Apr 9th 2017

List of people with surname Cohen
This is an alphabetical list of people with surname Cohen (or in a few cases, a double-barrelled surname that includes Cohen). For variant spellings of
May 18th 2017

Belafonte at The Greek Theatre
Belafonte at The Greek Theatre is a live double album by Harry Belafonte, released in 1963. It was his last album to appear in Billboard's Top 40. "Look
May 7th 2017

Maryland county offices elections, 2006
The election to choose all elected positions in the counties of Maryland occurred on Tuesday, November 7, 2006. The Maryland County Executive Election
Oct 6th 2016

Howard Da Silva
Howard Da Silva (May 4, 1909 – February 16, 1986) was an American actor, director and musical performer on stage, film, television and radio. He was cast
Mar 11th 2017

WolfBlock-LLPWolfBlock LLP (formerly Wolf, Block, SchorrSchorr & SolisSolis-Cohen) was a large U.S. law firm and lobbying group based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The National
Sep 10th 2016

William Albert Beller
William Albert Beller (19 July 1900 Burlington, Wisconsin – 20 February 1986) was an American concert pianist and professor of music at Marquette University
Oct 9th 2016

Rachel Howard (footballer)
Howard Rachel Howard (born 30 November 1977) is an association football goalkeeper who represented New Zealand at international level. Howard made her Football
Jan 31st 2017

Barnett Cohen
Cohen Barnett Cohen (1891–1952) was a Russian-born American bacteriologist who performed the first ultra-microscopic surgeries, including on amoeba. Cohen received
Feb 5th 2017

Meadowlands Country Club
Meadowlands Country Club is a private country club in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, founded in 1949. A flock of Jews, the founding members, led
Mar 17th 2017

Mark B. Cohen
Mark B. Cohen (born June 4, 1949) is a Democratic politician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has represented District 202 in the Pennsylvania House
May 25th 2017

Candidates of the New South Wales state election, 1968
This is a list of candidates of the 1968 New South Wales state election. The election was held on 24 February 1968. Note: The Liberal MLA for Bligh,
Jan 11th 2017

William James
William James (January 11, 1842 – August 26, 1910) was an American philosopher and psychologist who was also trained as a physician. The first educator
May 2nd 2017

Dave Cohen (American football)
David Marc "Dave" Cohen (born October 6, 1966) an is an American football coach. He is the defensive line coach at Wake Forest University. Cohen came to
May 20th 2017

William E. Paul
William Erwin Paul (June 12, 1936 – September 18, 2015) was an American immunologist. He and Maureen Johnson discovered interleukin 4, while an independent
Mar 3rd 2017

Prevention of Genocide Task Force
On 8 December 2008, the Genocide Prevention Task Force, co-chaired by Madeleine Albright, a former US-SecretaryUS Secretary of State, and William Cohen, a former US
May 20th 2014

Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research
The Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research is one of the prizes awarded by the Lasker Foundation for the outstanding discovery, Contribution and
Jan 22nd 2017

The General Died at Dawn
The General Died at Dawn is a 1936 American drama film that tells the story of a mercenary who meets a beautiful girl while trying to keep arms from getting
Feb 5th 2017

Aaron Cohen (Deputy NASA administrator)
For other people with the same name, see Aaron Cohen (disambiguation). Aaron Cohen (January 5, 1931 – February 25, 2010) was the Acting Deputy Administrator
May 9th 2017

2015 North Carolina A&T Aggies football team
The 2015 North Carolina A&T Aggies football team represented North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in the 2015 NCAA Division I FCS
Apr 30th 2017

Roadside Attractions
Roadside Attractions is an American production company and film distributor based in Los Angeles, California, founded in 2003 by Howard Cohen and Eric
May 19th 2017

I'm a Fool
"I'm a Fool" is a short story by American writer Sherwood Anderson. It was first published in the February 1922 issue of The Dial (followed the next month
Mar 1st 2017

William H. Steele (judge)
William Howard Steele (born 1951) is an American attorney and judge. He is a United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern
Apr 23rd 2017

The Social Lion
The Social Lion is a 1930 American-PreAmerican Pre-Code comedy film directed by A. Edward Sutherland and written by Octavus Roy Cohen, Joseph L. Mankiewicz and Agnes
Mar 3rd 2017

James Jude
James R. Jude (June 7, 1928 – July 28, 2015) was an American thoracic surgeon who was one of the developers of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). While
Mar 1st 2017

2016 North Carolina A&T Aggies football team
The 2016 North Carolina A&T Aggies football team represented North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in the 2016 NCAA Division I FCS
May 21st 2017

William A. Schnader
William A. Schnader (October 5, 1886 – March 18, 1968) was Attorney General of Pennsylvania and co-founder of the law firm Schnader, Harrison, Segal &
May 5th 2016

Satellite Award for Best Cast – Motion Picture
The Satellite Award for Best Cast (or Best Ensemble) in a Motion Picture is one of the Satellite Awards given by the International Press Academy since
May 19th 2017

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