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Hugh is a given name. Hugh may also refer to: Hugh I, Count of Angouleme (c. 1183[1] or c. 1195 – c. 1249) Hugh II, Count of Angouleme (1221 – 1250)
Apr 27th 2017

Hugh Jackman
Jackman Hugh Michael Jackman (born 12 October 1968) is an Australian actor, singer, and producer. Jackman has won international recognition for his roles in a
Apr 21st 2017

Hugh Hefner
Hefner Hugh Marston Hefner (born April 9, 1926) is an American men's lifestyle magazine publisher, businessman, and a well-known playboy. Hefner is a native of
Apr 26th 2017

Hugh Laurie
James Hugh Calum Laurie OBE (/ˌhjuː ˈlɒri/; born 11 June 1959) is an English actor, writer, director, musician, singer and comedian. He first became known
Apr 27th 2017

Hugh of Lincoln
to be confused with Hugh Little Saint Hugh of Lincoln. Hugh of Lincoln (1135/40 – 16 November 1200), also known as Hugh of Avalon, was a French noble, Benedictine
Apr 18th 2017

Little Saint Hugh of Lincoln
adult saint, see Hugh of Lincoln. Hugh of Lincoln (1246 – 27 August 1255) was an English boy whose death was falsely attributed to Jews. Hugh is sometimes
Apr 17th 2017

Hugh Capet
Capet Hugh Capet (c. 941 – 24 October 996) was the first King of the Franks of the House of Capet from his election in 987 until his death. He succeeded the
Apr 15th 2017

Hugh Grant
For other people named Hugh Grant, see Hugh Grant (disambiguation). Hugh John Mungo Grant (born 9 September 1960) is an English actor and film producer
Apr 21st 2017

Hugh O'Brian
Hugh O'Brian (born Hugh Charles Krampe; April 19, 1925 – September 5, 2016) was an American actor and humanitarian, best known for his starring roles
Apr 18th 2017

Hugh of Cluny
see Hugh-IIHugh II of Cluny. Hugh of Cluny (May 13, 1024 – April 28, 1109) was an Abbot of Cluny, who is sometimes referred to as "Hugh the Great" or "Hugh of
Apr 14th 2017

Hugh de Puiset
For other uses, see Hugh de Puiset (disambiguation). Hugh de Puiset (c. 1125 – 3 March 1195) was a medieval Bishop of Durham and Chief Justiciar of England
Apr 6th 2017

Hugh Thomas
Hugh Thomas may refer to: Hugh Thomas (actor) (born 1949), Welsh actor Hugh Thomas, Baron Thomas of Swynnerton (born 1931), British historian Hugh Thomas
Sep 20th 2016

Hugh Grant (business executive)
For other people named Hugh Grant, see Hugh Grant (disambiguation). Hugh Grant (born March 23, 1958) is a Scottish business executive, and CEO of Monsanto
Apr 20th 2017

Hugh Myddelton
Sir Hugh Myddelton (or Middleton), 1st Baronet (1560 – 10 December 1631) was a Welsh clothmaker, entrepreneur, mine-owner, goldsmith, banker and self-taught
Apr 18th 2017

Hugh of Wells
Hugh of Wells (died 7 February 1235) was a medieval Bishop of Lincoln. He began his career in the diocese of Bath, where he served two successive bishops
Apr 10th 2017

Hugh Masekela
Hugh Ramopolo Masekela (born 4 April 1939) is a South African trumpeter, flugelhornist, cornetist, composer and singer. He is the father of American television
Apr 26th 2017

Hugh Casson
Sir Hugh Maxwell Casson CH KCVO PRA RDI (23 May 1910 – 15 August 1999) was a British architect, interior designer, artist, and writer and broadcaster on
Mar 27th 2017

Hugh Carey
For the Battle of Gettysburg Medal of Honor recipient, see Hugh Carey (soldier). Hugh Leo Carey (April 11, 1919 – August 7, 2011) was an American politician
Apr 5th 2017

Hugh III of Cyprus
Hugh III of Cyprus (1235 – 24 March 1284), born Hugues de Poitiers, later Hugues de Lusignan (he adopted his mother's surname de Lusignan in 1267), called
Jan 6th 2017

Hugh of Italy
Hugh of Arles (or Hugh of Provence) was King of Italy from 924 until his death in 947. He was a Bosonid. During his reign, he empowered his relatives at
Apr 14th 2017

Hugh Hewitt
Hugh Hewitt (born February 22, 1956) is an AmericanAmerican radio talk show host with the Salem Radio Network and a lawyer, academic, and author. A conservative
Apr 23rd 2017

Hugh Scott
For other people named Hugh Scott, see Hugh Scott (disambiguation). Hugh Doggett Scott Jr. (November 11, 1900 – July 21, 1994) was an American lawyer
Mar 30th 2017

Hugh Magnus
For other uses, see Hugh the Great (disambiguation). Hugh Magnus (French: Hugues le Grand) (1007 – 17 September 1025) was co-King of France under his
Mar 18th 2016

Hugh, Count of Vermandois
Hugh (1057 – October 18, 1101), called the Great (Latin Hugo Magnus), was a younger son of Henry I of France and Anne of Kiev and younger brother of Philip
Jan 25th 2017

Hugh the Great
For other uses, see Hugh the Great (disambiguation). Hugh the Great (898 – 16 June 956) was the Duke of the Franks and Count of Paris. He was the son
Apr 9th 2017

Hugh of Châteauneuf
Saint Hugh of Chateauneuf (1053 – 1 April 1132) was the Bishop of Grenoble from 1080 to his death. He was a partisan of the Gregorian reform and opposed
Apr 1st 2016

Hugh of Saint Victor
Hugh of Saint-VictorSaint Victor, C.R.S.A. (c. 1096 – 11 February 1141), was a Saxon canon regular and a leading theologian and writer on mystical theology. As with
Feb 11th 2017

Hugh d'Avranches, Earl of Chester
Hugh d'Avranches (c. 1047 – 27 July 1101), also known as Hugh the Fat (French: Hugues le Gros) or Hugh the Wolf (Latin: Hugo Lupus), was the second Norman
Apr 15th 2017

Hugh de Grandmesnil
Hugh de Grandmesnil (1032 – 22 February 1098), also known as Hugues or Hugo de Grentmesnil or Grentemesnil, is one of the very few proven Companions of
Feb 14th 2016

Hugh Jones
Hugh Jones may refer to: Hugh Jones (bishop) (1508–1574), bishop of Llandaff Hugh Jones (priest) (c. 1816–1897), British religious leader Hugh Jones (athlete)
Feb 13th 2017

Hugh Aston
For other people named Hugh Aston, see Hugh Aston (disambiguation). Hugh Aston (also spelled Asseton, Assheton, Ashton, Haston; c. 1485 – buried 17 November
Nov 29th 2016

Hugh Allan
For other people named Hugh Allan, see Hugh Allan (disambiguation). Sir Hugh Allan, KCMG (September 29, 1810 – December 9, 1882) was a Scottish-Canadian
Apr 21st 2017

Hugh S. Legaré
Legare Hugh Swinton Legare (local /lᵻˈɡriː/ LA-gree; January 2, 1797 – June 20, 1843) was an American lawyer and politician. Legare was born in Charleston,
Feb 14th 2017

Hugh Taylor
Hugh Taylor may refer to: Hugh Taylor (American football) (1923–1992), American NFL football player Hugh Taylor (priest) (died 1585), English Catholic
Feb 3rd 2017

Hugh Dalton
Edward Hugh John Neale Dalton, Baron Dalton PC (16 August 1887 – 13 February 1962) was a British Labour Party economist and politician who served as Chancellor
Apr 7th 2017

Hugh Lane Gallery
The Hugh Lane Gallery, officially Dublin-City-Gallery-The-Hugh-LaneDublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane and originally the Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, is an art gallery operated by Dublin
Dec 27th 2016

Hugh Huxley
Hugh Esmor Huxley MBE FRS (25 February 1924 – 25 July 2013) was a British molecular biologist who made important discoveries in the physiology of muscle
Oct 25th 2016

Hugh Clifford
Clifford Sir Hugh Charles Clifford, GCMG GBE (5 March 1866 – 18 December 1941) was a British colonial administrator. Clifford was born in Roehampton, London,
Apr 1st 2017

Hugh Candidus
Not to be confused with Hugh of Remiremont. Hugh Candidus (c. 1095 – c. 1160) was a monk of the Benedictine monastery at Peterborough, who wrote a Medieval
Oct 14th 2016

Hugh X of Lusignan
Hugh X de Lusignan, Hugh V of La Marche or Hugh I of Angouleme (c. 1183 or c. 1195 – c. 5 June 1249, Angouleme) succeeded his father Hugh IX as Seigneur
Oct 15th 2016

Hugh McDonald
Hugh McDonald may refer to: Hugh McDonald (Australian musician) (1954-2016), Australian musician Hugh McDonald (politician) (1827–1899), member of the
Nov 19th 2016

Hugh Curwen
Hugh Curwen (died 1 November 1568) was an English ecclesiastic and statesman. He was a native of Westmorland and educated at Cambridge, afterwards taking
Mar 25th 2017

Hugh MacDiarmid
Murray Grieve (11 August 1892 – 9 September 1978), known by his pen name Hugh MacDiarmid, was a Scottish poet, journalist, essayist and political figure
Apr 5th 2017

Grayson Hugh
Grayson Hugh (born in Hartford, Connecticut on October 30, 1950) is an American singer-songwriter, pianist, Hammond B3 organ player and composer. He is
Feb 23rd 2017

Hugh Percy, 1st Duke of Northumberland
"Hugh Smithson" redirects here. For other uses, see Hugh Smithson (disambiguation). Hugh Percy, 1st Duke of Northumberland KG, PC (c. 1714 – 6 June 1786)
Apr 22nd 2017

Hugh Walpole
Sir Hugh Seymour Walpole, CBE (13 March 1884 – 1 June 1941) was an English novelist. He was the son of an Anglican clergyman, intended for a career in
Apr 24th 2017

Hugh Despenser the Younger
Hugh le Despenser, 1st Lord Despenser (c. 1286 – 24 November 1326), also referred to as "the younger Despenser", was the son and heir of Hugh le Despenser
Apr 23rd 2017

Hugh Fraser
Hugh Fraser may refer to: Mary Crawford Fraser (1851–1922), aka Mrs. Hugh Fraser, American expatriate writer and wife of diplomat Hugh Fraser Hugh Fraser
Mar 29th 2017

Hugh Willoughby
For other people named Hugh Willoughby, see Hugh Willoughby (disambiguation). Sir Hugh Willoughby of Risley, Derbyshire (died 1554) was an early English
Apr 19th 2016

Hugh MacDonald
Hugh MacDonald may refer to: Hugh MacDonald (poet) (born 1945), Canadian poet Hugh MacDonald (Vicar Apostolic of the Highland District) (1699–1773), Roman
Dec 19th 2015

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