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Hurricane Andrew
For the 1986 storm, see Tropical Storm Andrew (1986). Hurricane Andrew was, at the time of its occurrence in August 1992, the most destructive hurricane
Apr 20th 2017

Effects of Hurricane Andrew in The Bahamas
The effects of Hurricane Andrew in the Bahamas included three direct fatalities and $250 million (1992 USD) in damage. Forming from a tropical wave on
Feb 15th 2017

1986 Atlantic hurricane season
The 1986 Atlantic hurricane season officially began on June 1, 1986, and lasted until November 30, 1986. These dates conventionally delimit the period
Apr 10th 2017

1992 Atlantic hurricane season
of hurricane season. The most significant storm of the season was Hurricane Andrew, which at the time was the costliest United States hurricane. After
Apr 22nd 2017

Meteorological history of Hurricane Andrew
The meteorological history of Hurricane Andrew, the strongest tropical cyclone of the 1992 Atlantic hurricane season, lasted from mid to late August 1992
Jun 10th 2016

Atlantic hurricane season
tracks for the years 1851 to 1885. The second time was August 2002 when Hurricane Andrew was upgraded to a Category 5. Recent efforts into uncovering undocumented
Apr 20th 2017

List of Florida hurricanes
storms totaled over $115 billion in damage (2008 USD), primarily from Hurricane Andrew and hurricanes in the 2004 and 2005 seasons. Tropical cyclones have
Apr 7th 2017

Effects of Hurricane Andrew in Florida
The effects of Hurricane Andrew in Florida proved to be the costliest disaster in the state's history, as well as the then-costliest on record in the United
Apr 5th 2017

Hawker Hurricane
The Hawker Hurricane is a British single-seat fighter aircraft of the 1930s–1940s that was designed and predominantly built by Hawker Aircraft Ltd for
Apr 16th 2017

Hurricane Camille
20th century (the others being 1935's Labor Day hurricane and 1992's Hurricane Andrew), which it did near the mouth of the Mississippi River on the night
Apr 20th 2017

List of Category 5 Atlantic hurricanes
ISSN 1040-6182. Retrieved 2010-11-25.  Rappaport, Edward N. "Addendum Hurricane Andrew". National Hurricane Center. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Apr 21st 2017

Hurricane Georges
season after Hurricane Mitch, the costliest Atlantic hurricane since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, and the deadliest since Hurricane Gordon in 1994. Georges
Apr 6th 2017

Hurricane Allen
The name Andrew was subsequently retired after the 1992 season's Hurricane Andrew. The dissipating storm precipitated the end of the heat wave of 1980
Apr 6th 2017

Hurricane Katrina
$108 billion (2005 USD), roughly four times the damage wrought by Hurricane Andrew in 1992 in the United States. The eleventh named storm and fifth hurricane
Apr 6th 2017

National Hurricane Center
Pacific Hurricane Center in San Francisco was decommissioned. In 1992, Hurricane Andrew blew the WSR-57 weather radar and the anemometer off the roof of NHC's/the
Apr 5th 2017

Hurricane Felix
the same day; the previous occurrence was on August 23, 1992, when Hurricane Andrew hit the Bahamas on the same day Hurricane Lester hit Mexico's Baja
Apr 18th 2017

Hurricane Frances
warnings that damages from Frances could exceed the insured losses of Hurricane Andrew. These damage estimates were in anticipation that Frances would strike
Apr 6th 2017

Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy (unofficially referred to as "Superstorm Sandy") was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season
Apr 17th 2017

Hurricane Matthew
(170–200 km/h); buildings constructed after 1992, when Category 5 Hurricane Andrew struck the Miami area, are built to withstand 130 mph (210 km/h) winds
Apr 22nd 2017

Hurricane-proof building
destructive power of very high winds, and high-speed debris. After Hurricane Andrew in 1992 caused $16 billion in insured damage, the state of Florida
Feb 12th 2017

Hurricane Irene
seventh costliest hurricane in United States history, only behind Hurricane Andrew of 1992, Hurricane Ivan of 2004, Hurricanes Wilma and Katrina of 2005
Apr 21st 2017

1980 Atlantic hurricane season
The 1980 Atlantic hurricane season was tied with 1932, 1969, and 1994 for most named storms in Atlantic Ocean during the month of November – only to be
Apr 10th 2017

Hurricane preparedness for New Orleans
(1985) prompted a large evacuation from the city but did little damage. Hurricane Andrew threatened the city in 1992. Clearly a major killer storm which had
Apr 6th 2017

1998 Atlantic hurricane season
$6.2 billion (1998 USD) in damage. The season was the first since Hurricane Andrew in the 1992 season to feature a Category 5 hurricane on the SaffirSimpson
Apr 22nd 2017

1947 Fort Lauderdale hurricane
measured wind speed recorded in the state of Florida until 1992, when Hurricane Andrew produced a gust of 177 mph (285 km/h) at Perrine. The station also
Apr 3rd 2017

1992 Pacific hurricane season
extratropical cyclone, and subsequently merged with the remnants of Hurricane Andrew. Hurricane Lester produced heavy rainfall across its path with a peak
Apr 11th 2017

1950 Atlantic hurricane season
The 1950 Atlantic hurricane season was the first year in the Atlantic hurricane database (HURDAT) that storms were given names in the Atlantic basin. Names
Jan 8th 2017

Hurricane Iniki
on record in the eastern Pacific. The storm struck just weeks after Hurricane Andrew, the costliest tropical cyclone ever at the time, struck Florida. The
Feb 16th 2017

1926 Miami hurricane
King International Headquarters near Cutler in Dade County during Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The hurricane's high storm surge swept into Miami and Miami
Feb 20th 2017

Hurricane Gilbert
"Hurricane!" that featured Gilbert (later modified in 1992 to reflect Hurricane Andrew and Hurricane Iniki).[citation needed] On September 13, Hurricane Gilbert
Apr 6th 2017

Hurricane Ivan
Not to be confused with Typhoon Ivan. This article is about the Atlantic hurricane of 2004. For other storms of the same name, see Tropical Storm Ivan
Apr 17th 2017

1928 Okeechobee hurricane
940 mbar (27.76 inHg), the others being the 1926 Miami hurricane and Hurricane Andrew of 1992. In addition to the human fatalities, 1,278 livestock and 47
Apr 18th 2017

Hurricane Wilma
buildings built before the implementation of stricter building codes after Hurricane Andrew. The glass facades in a number of downtown buildings, notably the Templeton
Apr 22nd 2017

The Sound of the Golden Hurricane Marching Band
The-SoundThe Sound of the Golden Hurricane is the school marching band for the University of Tulsa, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The band is currently under the direction
Mar 6th 2017

1926 Atlantic hurricane season
The 1926 AtlanticAtlantic hurricane season featured the highest number of major hurricanes at the time. At least eleven tropical cyclones developed during the
Feb 28th 2017

List of United States hurricanes
Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale; the others were Hurricane Camille in 1969 and Hurricane Andrew in 1992, which had a landfalling pressure of 900 mbar and 922 mbar
Apr 4th 2017

Hurricane Gustav
This article is about the Atlantic hurricane of 2008. For other storms of the same name, see Hurricane Gustav (disambiguation). Hurricane Gustav /ˈɡʊstɑːv/
Apr 15th 2017

2004 Atlantic hurricane season
hurricanes in the United States at the time, respectively, behind only Hurricane Andrew. With $57.37 billion in damage, this was the costliest season at the
Apr 22nd 2017

1935 Labor Day hurricane
20th century (the other two being 1969's Hurricane Camille and 1992's Hurricane Andrew). After forming as a weak tropical storm east of the Bahamas on August
Feb 3rd 2017

1979 Pacific hurricane season
Retrieved July 3, 2010.  United Press International (June 5, 1979). "Hurricane Andrew Hits". The Bryan Times. p. 2. Retrieved July 3, 2010.  Staff Writer
Apr 9th 2017

Cape Verde hurricane
track through the Bahamas and into Florida in the manner of 1992's Hurricane Andrew. Many of these storms passing through the center of the Caribbean will
Mar 15th 2017

2005 Atlantic hurricane season
by far the costliest hurricane in U.S. history, surpassing 1992's Hurricane Andrew, and the deadliest hurricane in the U.S. since 1928. Hurricane Rita
Apr 15th 2017

1959 Mexico hurricane
The 1959 Mexico hurricane is the deadliest eastern Pacific tropical cyclone on record. First observed south of Mexico on October 23, the cyclone tracked
Apr 14th 2017

Hurricane Hugo
the costliest hurricane in U.S. history, but was exceeded in 1992 by Hurricane Andrew, and by seven other storms since then. It remains the eleventh costliest
Apr 12th 2017

1944 Great Atlantic hurricane
The 1944 Great Atlantic hurricane was a destructive and powerful tropical cyclone that swept across a large portion of the United States East Coast in
Jul 28th 2016

Atlantic hurricane reanalysis project
significant tropical cyclones. In 2002, for the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Andrew, the reanalysis was completed for the hurricane, which upgraded the
Nov 14th 2016

1951 Atlantic hurricane season
The 1951 Atlantic hurricane season was the first hurricane season in which tropical cyclones were officially named by the United States Weather Bureau
Apr 22nd 2017

Hurricane Dean
make landfall in the Atlantic basin at Category 5 intensity since Hurricane Andrew on August 24, 1992. Dean's Category 5 landfall was in a sparsely populated
Apr 6th 2017

2006 Pacific hurricane season
The 2006 Pacific hurricane season was the most active since 2000, which also produced 19 tropical storms or hurricanes. Eighteen developed within the National
Apr 13th 2017

1969 Atlantic hurricane season
States as a Category 5, other than the Labor Day hurricane in 1935 and Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Project Stormfury had some of its most successful seeding
Apr 6th 2017

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