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IAP may refer to: Information Age Publishing, Charlotte, Islamic-Association">North Carolina Islamic Association of Palestine, an Islamic organization shut down by the United
Apr 6th 2017

IAPS may refer to: International Affective Picture System, a set of affective/emotional images used in psychological research International Association
Apr 22nd 2014

Baculoviral IAP repeat-containing protein 3
Baculoviral IAP repeat-containing protein3 (also known as cIAP2) is a protein that in humans is encoded by the BIRC3 gene. cIAP2 is a member of the Inhibitor
Jan 30th 2017

Inhibitor of apoptosis domain
apoptosis proteins (IAPs), or BIR-containing proteins (BIRPs or BIRCs), and include BIRC1 (NAIP), BIRC2 (cIAP1), BIRC3 (cIAP2), BIRC4 (xIAP), BIRC5 (survivin)
May 31st 2016

Baculoviral IAP repeat-containing protein 2
Baculoviral IAP repeat-containing protein 2 (also known as cIAP1) is a protein that in humans is encoded by the BIRC2 gene. cIAP1 is a member of the
Jan 30th 2017

Integrated Applications Promotion
ARTES 20 Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) is a European Space Agency programme that supports the development of services utilizing two or more
Jan 18th 2017

IAP Meteorological Tower
The IAP Meteorological Tower is a 325-metre-tall (1,066 ft) guyed tower for meteorological measurements, studies of air pollution and studies of the atmospheric
Dec 13th 2016

Pittsburgh IAP Air Reserve Station
Pittsburgh IAP Air Reserve Station is a United States Air Force base, located at Pittsburgh International Airport, Pennsylvania. It is located 12.1 miles
Dec 22nd 2016

Inhibitor of apoptosis
IAP homologs have been identified in numerous organisms. The first members of the IAPs identified were from the baculovirus IAPs, Cp-IAP and Op-IAP,
May 6th 2017

InterAcademy Panel
The InterAcademy Panel: The Global Network of Science Academies (IAP) is a global network consisting of over 106 national science academies. Founded in
Aug 8th 2016

Independent American Party
The Independent American Party (IAP) is a constitutionally based political party in the United States. It began as the Utah Independent American Party
May 17th 2017

Sequence: NG_029069.1 Survivin is a member of the inhibitor of apoptosis (IAP) family. The survivin protein functions to inhibit caspase activation, thereby
Oct 26th 2016

Yugorsk Sovetsky (air base)
located 11 km southwest of Yugorsk. The 763rd Fighter Aviation Regiment (763 IAP) was formed here in 1952. From 1970 to 1983 it flew Yak-28 aircraft and from
Aug 17th 2016

List of Soviet Air Force bases
(Estonia). 6 PVO, 366 IAP & 655 IAP. MiG-23, 42 MiG-23. Tallinn Airport (Estonia). 6 PVO, 384 IAP. MiG-23. Haapsalu (Estonia). 6 PVO, 425 IAP. 38 MiG-23. Feskov
Nov 26th 2016

5-(2-Aminopropyl)-2,3-dihydro-1H-indene (5-APDI), also known as indanylaminopropane (IAP), IAP (psychedelic), 2-API(2-aminopropylindane), indanametamine, and, incorrectly
May 7th 2017

protein (IAP XIAP), also known as inhibitor of apoptosis protein 3 (IAP3IAP3) and baculoviral IAP repeat-containing protein 4 (BIRC4), is a protein that stops apoptotic
Jun 7th 2016

Islamic Association of Palestine
Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP, also known as Islamic Association for Palestine) was an organization accused of raising money in the United States
Apr 15th 2017

Institut d'astrophysique de Paris
the 14th arrondissement of Paris, adjacent to the Paris Observatory. The IAP was created in 1936 by the French ministry of education under Jean Zay, initially
Mar 18th 2016

Cellular Inhibitor of Apoptosis Protein 1
cIAP1 (also named BIRC2) is the abbreviation for a human protein, cellular inhibitor of apoptosis protein-1. It belongs to the IAP family of proteins
Jan 1st 2017

Escuela Mier y Pesado
school in Coyoacan, Mexico City operated by the Fundacion Mier y Pesado, IAP. As of 2014 it has over 1,370 students in preschool through high school (preparatoria)
Sep 23rd 2016

International Association of Prosecutors
The International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) is the only global non-governmental organisation of prosecutors, established by the United Nations
Apr 11th 2017

Dzyomgi Airport
Regiment (60 IAP) was active at this airfield from 1945, flying Su-27 aircraft from June 1985. In 2000-2001 it was merged with the 404 IAP at Orlovka to
Aug 17th 2016

Afrikanda (air base)
interceptor aircraft role. From-1953From 1953, the 431st Fighter Aviation Regiment (431 IAP) was stationed at the base, which became the 431 Regiment PVO in 1960. From
Apr 30th 2017

Yevgeny Pepelyaev
1943 he was still an instructor with the 162nd IAP. In 1945 he was deputy commander of the 300th IAP, and participated in operations against Japan in
Aug 29th 2016

Orlovka (air base)
IAP (404th Interceptor Aviation Regiment) equipped with MiG-23P and then Su-27. It was commissioned in 1974 and decommissioned in 2000. The 404 IAP was
Jul 27th 2016

Kursk Vostochny Airport
from 1979. Disbanded 1 May 1998. The 472nd IAP-PVOIAP PVO was Military Unit No.61364. It is currently home to: 14 IAP (14th Interceptor Aviation Regiment) flying
Apr 30th 2017

Institution of Analysts and Programmers
IAP The IAP works with the Trusted Software Initiative (TSI) to promote good software development practices. With a worldwide membership, the IAP is a
Apr 11th 2017

Bezrechnaya-2 (air base)
may be an erroneous identification of 22 IAP listed above. http://www.ww2.dk/new/air%20force/regiment/iap/22iap.htm "Aviatsiya PVO". Aviabaza KPOI
Jul 27th 2016

List of Hawker Hurricane operators
GvIAP 20 GvIAP 9 IAP 27 IAP 46 IAP 145 IAP 157 IAP 180 IAP 191 IAP 197 IAP 246 IAP 287 IAP 436 IAP 438 IAP 485 IAP 609 IAP 743 IAP 814 IAP 831 IAP 832
Nov 15th 2016

Bratsk Airport
Bratsk airport serves as a diversion airport on Polar route 2. The 350 IAP (350th Interceptor Aviation Regiment) arrived in 1984 with a number of Tupolev
May 21st 2017

Institute of Atmospheric Physics AS CR
Physics AS CR, also designated as the IAP, is part of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (AS CR). Within the IAP research institutions are combined
Nov 29th 2014

Baculoviral IAP repeat-containing protein 6 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the BIRC6BIRC6 gene. This gene encodes a protein with a BIR (baculoviral
Jan 30th 2017

Algerian Petroleum Institute
Institut Algerien du Petrole), IAP spa specializes in the training of highly skilled trades in Petroleum industry. IAP is based in Boumerdes, Algeria
Jan 20th 2017

Baculoviral IAP repeat-containing protein 7 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the BIRC7 gene. The protein encoded by this gene is a member of
Jan 30th 2017

Campinhos State Park
de CampinhosIAP, Biodiversidade. Parque Estadual de CampinhosIAP, Atrativos e Atividades. Parque Estadual de CampinhosIAP, Informacoes aos
May 1st 2017

Intern Architect Program
The Intern Architect Program (IAP), or sometimes the Internship in Architecture Program, is a national program in Canada that documents and evaluates
Jun 16th 2014

Independents of Popular Action
populaire, IAP) was a French parliamentary group in the 16th Chamber of Deputies of France during the French Third Republic between 1936 and 1940. The IAP was
Jun 21st 2016

Diablo homolog
a mitochondrial protein that in humans is encoded by the DIABLO (direct IAP binding protein with low pI) gene on chromosome 12. DIABLO is also referred
Apr 29th 2017

Nikolay Sutyagin
He then went to pilot school, graduating in 1942, and was sent to the 5th IAP in the Far East. He remained in the Far East until the end of the war, acquiring
Apr 8th 2017

Indian Academy of Pediatrics
and claims to have 23, 000 members, as of the year 2013 The head office of IAP is in Mumbai while Delhi is the seat of its official publication - Indian
Feb 11th 2017

the intellitar, or "intelligent avatar". The Intelligent Avatar Platform (IAP) allowed a user to create and utilize an intellitar. Although there were
Aug 19th 2016

International Academy of Pathology
1907. In 1955, the IAMM was rename as the International Academy of Pathology (IAP). http://www.iapcentral.org/home/history/early-years IAP website
Feb 19th 2016

Rafiq Jaber
Association for Palestine (IAP) National from 1996 to 1998, and then again from 1999 to at least 2003, and as the President of IAP Texas from 2002 to at least
Oct 16th 2016

Talagi Airport
степени истребительный авиационный полк (Military Unit Number 42192), 518 IAP) flying Tupolev Tu-128 from 1966 onward. It received MiG-31 aircraft during
Apr 30th 2017

Institute of Applied Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
initiative belongs to Volodymyr Yu. Storizhko, the current director of the IAP NAS Ukraine, academician of NAS Ukraine and co-scholars from the National
Sep 22nd 2015

Vaiņode Air Base
District after 1990. The 54th IAP-PVO">Guards IAP PVO was activated in May 1941 as the 237th Fighter Aviation Regiment (IAP) equipped with the Yak-1. On 3 February
Aug 22nd 2015

Mohamed H.A. Hassan
Mohamed H. A. Hassan (محمد حاج علي حاج الحسن ) is co-chair of IAP, the Global Network of Science Academies, and chairman of the Council of the United
Sep 9th 2016

Dombarovsky (air base)
include: 412 IAP (412th Interceptor Aviation Regiment) flying Su-9 aircraft in the early 1970s and MiG-23M aircraft in the late 1970s. The 412 IAP disbanded
Jan 30th 2017

List of regiments of the Russian Air Force
Helicopter Regiment 'IAP-PVO' indicates the regiment was part of the Air Defence Forces before 1998, and is air defence dedicated. 'IAP-VVS' indicates that
May 24th 2017

Ionian Adriatic Pipeline
The Ionian Adriatic Pipeline (IAP) is a proposed natural gas pipeline in Southeast Europe. It would run from Fier in Albania through Montenegro, and Bosnia
Apr 1st 2017

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