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battle) – The Battle of Kinsale ends the siege of Kinsale, Ireland (begun in autumn 1601). Dutch troops attack the Portuguese in Malacca. The Jesuit Matteo
May 20th 2017

Act for the Relief of the Poor 1601
"Elizabethan-Poor-LawElizabethan Poor Law", "43rd Elizabeth" or the "Old Poor Law" was passed in 1601 and created a national poor law system for England and Wales. It formalised
May 28th 2017

Russian famine of 1601–03
The Russian famine of 1601–1603 was Russia's worst famine in terms of proportional effect on the population, killing perhaps two million people, a third
May 2nd 2017

1601 (Mark Twain)
[Date: 1601.] Conversation, as it was by the Social Fireside, in the Time of the Tudors. or simply 1601 is the title of a short risque squib by Mark Twain
Nov 14th 2016

Treaty of Lyon (1601)
Lyon was signed on January 17, 1601 between France and Savoy, to bring an end to the Franco-Savoyard War of 1600–1601. Based on the terms of the treaty
Aug 28th 2016

Anthony Bacon (1558–1601)
Earl of Essex'sEssex's supporters at this time. In 1597 Bacon was MP for Oxford. In 1601, Essex was accused, and then convicted, of high treason, with Bacon's brother
Apr 14th 2017

1601 in Ireland
Events from the year 1601 in Ireland. JanuaryNine Years' War: John Oge Burke is captured, and later executed. October 2Siege of Kinsale begins
May 24th 2017

1601 in Norway
Events in the year 1601 in Norway. Isak Lauritsson Falck, merchant (died 1669). Rian, Oystein. "Isak Lauritsson Falck". In Helle, Knut. Norsk biografisk
Jan 24th 2015

William Jackson (fl. 1601–1604)
William Jackson (fl. 1601–1604), was an English politician. He was a Member (MP) of the Parliament of England for Guildford in 1601 and for Haslemere in
Mar 29th 2017

1601 in Sweden
Events from the year 1601 in Sweden 23 June - Battle of Kokenhausen, in which Polish forces defeated the Swedish relief force and captured the besieging
Dec 4th 2016

Charitable Uses Act 1601
Act The Charitable Uses Act of 1601 (known as the Statute of Elizabeth) is an Act (43 Eliz I, c.4) of the Parliament of England. It was repealed by section
May 30th 2016

1601 Vine Street
include a public garden space and improve traffic flow on Wood Street. 1601 Vine was originally to host a building unrelated to the temple complex, but
May 29th 2017

USS Fierce (AM-97)
a submarine chaser, PC-1601 on 1 June 1944, and reclassified as a control submarine chaser PCC-1601 on 20 August 1945. PC-1601 was decommissioned in December
Apr 26th 2017

Nord 1601
The-Nord-1601The Nord 1601 was a French aerodynamic research aircraft designed and built by Nord Aviation. The aircraft was designed to investigate the aerodynamics
Jun 23rd 2015

Siege of 's-Hertogenbosch (1601)
long and bloodiest Siege of Ostend. After having captured Rheinberg in July 1601, Prince Maurice in October mobilized seventy-three companies of infantry
Jan 26th 2017

1601 in art
Events from the year 1601 in art. (unknown) Caravaggio, Crucifixion of St. Peter Caravaggio, Supper at Emmaus Caravaggio, The
Apr 25th 2015

List of battles 1601–1800
301–1300 – 1301–1600 – 1601–1800 – 1801–1900 – 1901–2000 – 2001–current See also: List of American Revolutionary War battles 1601 – Battle of Bantam Dutch
Apr 19th 2017

1601 in literature
This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 1601. January 6The Children of the Chapel give their first theatrical performance
Apr 13th 2017

List of United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1601 to 1700
This is a list of United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1601 to 1700 adopted between 31 May 2005 and 10 August 2006.
Sep 20th 2015

Siege of Rheinberg (1601)
Rhine campaign of 1601 was the siege of the towns of Rheinberg (Old Dutch: Rijnberk) and Meurs from June 12 to 2 August 1601, 1601 during the Eighty Years'
May 26th 2017

1601 in France
Events from the year 1601 in France MonarchHenry IV 17 JanuaryTreaty of Lyon Florimond de Beaune, mathematician (died 1652). Henriette
Sep 29th 2015

Stephen Báthory (1553–1601)
Bathory of Somlyo (Hungarian: somlyoi Bathory Istvan; 1553 – 21 February 1601) was a Hungarian nobleman, closely related to four princes of Transylvania
Dec 27th 2016

1601 in science
The year 1601 CE in science and technology included many events, some of which are listed below. January 1Retrospectively the epoch reference date
Sep 12th 2015

List of MPs elected to the English parliament in 1601
in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in 1601. The Parliament met on 7 October 1601 and lasted until 29 December 1601 when it was dissolved.
Mar 12th 2017

William of Nassau (1601–1627)
Lek (also Willem van Nassau-LaLecq, or in French Willem LaLecq; 18 August 1601 – 18 August 1627) was a Dutch soldier from 1620 until 1627. He was the illegitimate
Feb 8th 2017

Battle of Wenden (1601)
Battle of Wenden (also known as Battle of Kieś) took place on January 7, 1601, during the PolishSwedish War (1600–1611). Polish-Lithuanian forces were
May 28th 2017

John Poole (died 1601)
John Poole (died 1601), of Capenhurst, Cheshire, was an English politician. He was a Member (MP) of the Parliament of England for Liverpool in 1586.
May 7th 2017

List of state leaders in 1601
list of heads of state, government leaders, and other rulers in the year 1601. Ethiopian EmpireYaqob (1597–1603 and 1604–1606) China (Ming dynasty)
Dec 28th 2016

Thomas Crompton (died 1601)
Thomas Crompton (died 1601), was an English politician. He was the second son of John Crompton of Prestall in Deane, Lancashire. He was elected an MP for
Nov 27th 2016

1601 in music
unknown – Girolamo Dalla Casa, composer Le nuove musiche was published in 1601 per the Julian calendar. Some sources list 1602 as the publication date
Apr 21st 2015

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1601
United Nations Security Council Resolution 1601, adopted unanimously on 31 May 2005, after recalling resolutions 1529 (2004), 1542 (2004) and 1576 (2004)
Mar 11th 2017

Franco-Savoyard War (1600–1601)
encouraged Henry to accept offers of peace in early 1601, and the conflict was brought to an end on January 17, 1601 by the Treaty of Lyon. Savoy was compelled
Jun 27th 2016

List of UN numbers 1601 to 1700
See also: List of UN Numbers The UN numbers from UN1601 to UN1700 as assigned by the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous
Oct 1st 2016

Thomas Fanshawe (remembrancer of the exchequer)
Fanshawe Thomas Fanshawe (1533–1601), was the Queen's remembrancer of the exchequer and a Member of Parliament. Fanshawe was the eldest son of John Fanshawe of
May 25th 2017

Françoise d'Orléans-Longueville
Francoise d'Orleans (5 April 1549 – 11 June 1601) was the second wife of Louis de Bourbon, Prince of Conde, a "Prince du Sang" and leader of the Huguenots
Apr 11th 2016

Five Penn Center
per square foot, a marketing ploy for the building based on its address, 1601. Today, major tenants include The Neat Company, KPMG and The Radian Group
May 29th 2017

Richard Onslow (parliamentarian)
other people called Richard Onslow, see Richard Onslow. Sir Richard Onslow (1601 – 19 May 1664) was an English politician who sat in the House of Commons
Mar 16th 2017

Anne of Austria
Anne of Austria (22 September 1601 – 20 January 1666) was queen consort of France and Navarre, regent for her son, Louis XIV of France, and a Spanish and
May 25th 2017

1600s in archaeology
constellations of the southern hemisphere. 1609: A Dutch VOC ship built in 1601 or 1602, and loaded with 18000 zinc ingots, is wrecked in 1609 off Gabon
May 17th 2017

Buildings at 1601-1830 St. Paul Street and 12-20 E. Lafayette Street
Buildings at 1601-1830 St. Paul Street and 12-20 E. Lafayette Street is a national historic district in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. They are a
Nov 27th 2016

Henri, Count of Harcourt
HenriHenri de Lorraine (20 March 1601 - 25 July 1666, Royaumont Abbey), known as Cadet la Perle, was a French nobleman. He was count of Harcourt, count of Armagnac
Feb 23rd 2017

1601 to 1725 in sports
1601 to 1725 in sports describes the period's events in world sport. Sport becomes increasingly popular in England during this period. Boxing is revived
Oct 8th 2016

Capture of Portobello (1601)
booty. Parker, set sail for England. Parker then returned to Plymouth in May 1601 where he distributed his prize money and in September of that year became
Jan 26th 2017

Maria Dolgorukova
Maria Vladimirovna Dolgorukova (Мария Владимировна Долгорукова in RussianRussian) (1601 – 17 January 1625) was a TsaritsaTsaritsa of Russia as the first spouse of Tsar
Mar 24th 2017

1600s in architecture
Construction (by year): 1601 Jeronimos Monastery at Belem (Lisbon) in Portugal is completed after 100 years. In Naples (Italy), the fountain La Fontana
Apr 9th 2016

List of solar eclipses in the 17th century BC
list of solar eclipses in the 17th century BC. During the period 1700 to 1601 BC there were 230 solar eclipses of which 75 were partial, 71 were annular
May 29th 2016

Battle of Guruslău
(1603): Different flags captured in 1601 by Michael and Basta The representation of Guruslau battle: 3 August 1601 Dinu C. Giurescu, Stephen Fischer-Galaţi
Nov 21st 2016

Meletius I Pegas
Μελέτιος Πηγάς) served as Greek Patriarch of Alexandria between 1590 and 1601. Simultaneously from 1597 to 1598 he served also as locum tenens of the Ecumenical
Sep 15th 2016

List of 17th-century lunar eclipses
Royal Society. Retrieved 2013-05-22. Espenak, Fred. "Lunar Eclipses: 1601 to 1700 (1601 CE to 1700 CE)". NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Archived from the
Sep 10th 2016

Henry Norris, 1st Baron Norreys
Henry Norris (or Norreys), 1st Baron Norreys (1525 – 27 June 1601) of Rycote in Oxfordshire, belonged to an old Berkshire family, many members of which
Jun 19th 2016

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