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Roman Britain
RomansRomans The Romans in Britain - A website dedicated to RomansRomans The Romans in Britain consisting of over 445+ pages of information on the Romans in Britain,Roman Life
Apr 26th 2017

Great Britain
Kingdom of BritainBritain Great Britain. For other uses, see BritainBritain Great Britain (disambiguation) and Britain (disambiguation). BritainBritain Great Britain, also known as Britain, is a large
Mar 25th 2017

Britain usually refers to: United Kingdom, a sovereign state Great Britain, an island National sports teams of the United Kingdom Britain may also refer
Apr 22nd 2017

Kingdom of Great Britain
communities, and implemented governmental systems similar to those employed in Great Britain, with the intention of asserting imperial authority and not allowing
Apr 26th 2017

Battle of Britain
was "amateurish". By 1940, there were few German agents operating in Great Britain and a handful of bungled attempts to insert spies into the country
Apr 20th 2017

Prehistoric Britain
dates of these changes demonstrated in Britain are generally different from those of Continental Europe. Britain has been intermittently inhabited by
Apr 27th 2017

Little Britain
Britain Little Britain season four". The show debuted on HBO at 10:30 pm EST Sunday 28 September 2008, then the following week on BBC One in Britain. It also
Apr 4th 2017

Tour of Britain
British version of the Tour de France. The first multi-day stage race in Britain was the Southern Grand Prix in Kent in August 1944. It was won by Les
Apr 21st 2017

End of Roman rule in Britain
end of Roman rule in Britain was the transition from Roman Britain to post-Roman Britain. Roman rule ended in different parts of Britain at different times
Mar 16th 2017

Captain Britain
Comics. Created by Chris Claremont and Herb Trimpe, he first appeared in Captain Britain Weekly #1 (October 1976). The character has been used in stories through
Apr 18th 2017

New Britain, Connecticut
1843 Frederick Trent Stanley established Stanley's Bolt Manufactory in New Britain to make door bolts and other wrought-iron hardware. In 1857 his cousin
Apr 24th 2017

British Empire
controlled the economies of many regions, such as Asia and Latin America. In Britain, political attitudes favoured free trade and laissez-faire policies and
Apr 23rd 2017

Parliament of Great Britain
interested in governing his dominions in continental Europe rather than in Britain. He thus entrusted power to a group of his ministers, the foremost of
Feb 16th 2017

Peerage of Great Britain
The Peerage of Great Britain comprises all extant peerages created in the Kingdom of Great Britain after the Act of Union-1707Union 1707 but before the Act of Union
Aug 22nd 2016

Britain First
direction of the Party and running all its affairs". The principal figures in Britain First, Dowson and Golding, launched a new political party in Northern
Apr 24th 2017

Sub-Roman Britain
survival in Britain. The Roman villa system, represented by some five hundred archaeological sites, did not survive either; unlike Gaul, in Britain not a
Apr 2nd 2017

Battle of Britain Monument, London
Not to be confused with Battle of Britain Memorial, Capel-le-Ferne. The Battle of Britain Monument in London is a sculpture on the Victoria Embankment
Apr 4th 2017

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
finance, in which Britain largely dominated the world economy. Outward migration was heavy to the main colonies and to the United States. Britain also built
Apr 22nd 2017

Roman conquest of Britain
their territory. Knowing the terrain from his prior military service in Britain, he was able to move quickly to defeat and virtually exterminate them
Apr 27th 2017

British people
created a "particular sense of nationhood and belonging" in Great Britain and Ireland; Britishness became "superimposed on much older identities", of English
Apr 27th 2017

Slavery in Britain
general protective laws against child labour, the Factory Acts, passed in Britain. Main articles: Arab slave trade and Barbary corsairs From the 16th
Feb 26th 2017

New Britain
island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea. For the city in Connecticut, see New Britain, Connecticut. For other uses of the name, see New Britain (disambiguation)
Mar 10th 2017

Great Britain at the Olympics
Great Britain or Team GB is the team that sends athletes from the United Kingdom (UK), all but three of its overseas territories, and the three Crown
Apr 22nd 2017

Britain (place name)
The term Britain is a linguistic descendant (reflex) of one of the oldest known names for Great Britain, an island off the north-western coast of continental
Jan 23rd 2017

Matter of Britain
The Matter of Britain is the body of Medieval literature and legendary material associated with Great Britain, and sometimes Brittany, and the legendary
Apr 13th 2017

Irish migration to Great Britain
who live outside Ireland. This article refers to those who reside in Great Britain, the largest island and principal territory of the United Kingdom.
Apr 20th 2017

Tate Britain
Tate Britain (known from 1897 to 1932 as the National Gallery of British Art and from 1932 to 2000 as the Tate Gallery) is an art museum on Millbank in
Mar 10th 2017

List of roads zones in Great Britain
A roads are numbered routes in Great Britain. See the article Great Britain road numbering scheme for the rationale behind the numbers allocated. Depending
Jan 6th 2017

Pride of Britain Awards
challenging situations and are presented by Carol Vorderman. The Pride of Britain Award winners are chosen by a panel of celebrities and well-known figures
Jan 13th 2017

Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain
became England from Romano-British to Germanic. The Germanic-speakers in Britain, themselves of diverse origins, eventually developed a common cultural
Apr 20th 2017

Hillforts in Britain
Hillforts in Britain refers to the various hillforts within the island of Great Britain. Although the earliest such constructs fitting this description
Apr 27th 2017

Early modern Britain
1989, Vol. 14 Issue 3, pp 53–61 Bruce Lenman, The Jacobite Risings in Britain, 1689–1746 (1980) Eveline Cruickshanks, "Jacobites, Tories and James
Apr 1st 2017

House of Commons of Great Britain
Elections in Great Britain Unreformed House of Commons List of ParliamentsParliaments of Great Britain 1st Parliament of Great Britain 2nd Parliament of Great Britain List
Oct 16th 2015

Great Britain and Ireland
Britain Great Britain and Ireland or Britain and Ireland may refer to: Britain Great Britain and Ireland, the two biggest islands in the British Isles The United Kingdom
Apr 27th 2017

British Iron Age
diverse cultural phase. The British Iron Age lasted in theory from the first significant use of iron for tools and weapons in Britain to the Romanisation of
Dec 27th 2016

Great Britain national rugby league team
54,567. It was the first time that an AustralianAustralian team had been beaten in Britain for twelve years and 37 matches. Australia made eight changes for the
Apr 14th 2017

British GAA
Ireland, and is responsible for Gaelic games in Great Britain. The board is also responsible for the British Gaelic football, hurling, camogie and ladies'
Nov 8th 2016

Battle of Britain (film)
the 1943 Frank Capra documentary, see Battle The Battle of Britain. Battle of Britain is a 1969 British Second World War film directed by Guy Hamilton, and produced
Apr 19th 2017

Festival of Britain
South Bank buildings were International Modernist in style, little seen in Britain before the war. The architecture and display of the South Bank Exhibition
Apr 3rd 2017

Apostolic Nunciature to Great Britain
The Apostolic Nunciature to Great Britain is an ecclesiastical office of the Roman Catholic Church in Great Britain. It is a diplomatic post of the Holy
Apr 27th 2017

British English
Geordie might say, £460,000 is a "canny load of chink". Most people in Britain speak with a regional accent or dialect. However about 2% of Britons speak
Apr 15th 2017

History of the British Isles
which removed the most substantial restrictions on Roman Catholics in Great Britain and Ireland. The Whigs became champions of Parliamentary reform. They
Apr 6th 2017

English, the English language as spoken and written in Great Britain or, more broadly, throughout the British Isles Celtic Britons, an ancient ethno-linguistic
Apr 12th 2017

British Isles
collided with the terrane Avalonia to form the mountains and hills in northern Britain and Ireland. Baltica formed roughly the northwestern half of Ireland
Apr 18th 2017

List of Little Britain characters
from where she stole the Mona Lisa. She did not, however, appear in Little Britain USA. Anne likes poo. She painted a picture using poo, and wrote "Merry
Apr 25th 2017

Great Britain Olympic football team
football team. The Great Britain Olympic football team is the men's football team that represents the United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
Apr 21st 2017

Caesar's invasions of Britain
pattern of intrusion. The earliest Gallo-Belgic coins that have been found in Britain date to before 100 BC, perhaps as early as 150 BC, were struck in Gaul
Feb 4th 2017

Horseracing in Great Britain
sport in Great Britain, and one of the longest established, with a history dating back many centuries. It generates over £3.7 billion for the British economy
Apr 11th 2017

Lists of insects of Great Britain
bugs recorded in Britain-ListBritain List of heteropteran bugs recorded in Britain----ChineryBritain Chinery, M. (1977). A Field Guide to the Insects of Britain and Northern Europe
Apr 13th 2017

List of British monarchs
List of British consorts List of monarchs in Britain by length of reign List of British monarchs by longevity List of monarchs of the British Isles by
Apr 20th 2017

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