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Punjabi language
spoken in India and the third-most spoken native language in the Indian Subcontinent. Punjabi is the fourth-most spoken language in the United Kingdom and
Apr 28th 2017

Lists of Indian Punjabi films
Indian Punjabi films after 2011 List of Indian Punjabi films between 2001 and 2010 List of Indian Punjabi films between 1991 and 2000 List of Indian Punjabi
Jan 5th 2017

List of Indian Punjabi films after 2010
Punjabi films List of Indian Punjabi films between 2001 and 2010 List of Indian Punjabi films between 1991 and 2000 List of Indian Punjabi films between 1981
Dec 27th 2016

people make 2.8% of India's population as of 2001. The total number of Indian Punjabis is unknown due to the fact that ethnicity is not recorded in the Census
Apr 27th 2017

Punjabi literature
Award 4 times, and has had his books transliterated into Gurmukhi for Punjabi">Indian Punjabi readers. Urdu poets of the Punjab have also written Punjabi poetry including
Apr 28th 2017

Punjabi Hindus
Punjabi-HindusPunjabi Hindus are a group of people that follow the Hindu religion and have their roots and origin in the Punjab region of the Indian-SubcontinentIndian Subcontinent. In
Apr 26th 2017

Punjabi Americans
Punjabi-Americans Punjabi Americans, are Americans whose ancestry originates wholly or partly in the Punjab, a region in northern South Asia. Sikhs have been a part of
Feb 27th 2017

Punjabi nationalism
in the revival of Punjabi nationalism, Indian Hindu Punjabi community of Punjabi nation and Indian Sikh Punjabi community of Punjabi nation is also required
Apr 28th 2017

Punjabi diaspora
among Pakistani expatriates are the PunjabisPunjabis. Among Hong Kong Indian adolescents, Punjabi is the most common language other than Cantonese. The PunjabisPunjabis
Feb 16th 2017

Punjabi cinema
This article is about cinema of Punjab. For the cinema of Pakistan, see Lollywood. For the cinema of India, see Bollywood. Punjabi cinema (Punjabi: ਪੰਜਾਬੀ
Apr 24th 2017

Punjabi cuisine
PunjabiPunjabi cuisine is associated with food from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. This cuisine has a rich tradition of many distinct and local ways
Apr 25th 2017

British Punjabis
Gujjars, Awans, Arains, Rajputs and several others. The population of Indian Punjabis in the UK has been estimated at 466,563 in 2011, based on an earlier
Apr 17th 2017

Punjabi dialects
Greater Panjabi is the series of dialects spoken in the region of Punjab in India and Pakistan. A distinction is usually made between Punjabi in the east
Apr 26th 2017

Punjabi Mexican Americans
The Punjabi Mexican American community, the majority of which is localized to Yuba City, California is a distinctive cultural phenomenon holding its roots
Oct 28th 2016

Western Punjabi
"LahndaLahnda" redirects here. It is not to be confused with Laṇḍā. This article is about the language cluster of western Punjab. "Western Punjabi" could also
Apr 15th 2017

List of Punjabi-language newspapers
PunjabiPunjabi language newspapers are published and circulated in India, Pakistan and some western countries. PunjabiPunjabi is a language of the Punjab region, which
Mar 10th 2017

Punjabi folk religion
PunjabiPunjabi folk religion refers to the beliefs and practices strictly indigenous to the PunjabiPunjabi people, of the Punjab region including ancestral worship,
Mar 18th 2017

Punjabi Tamba and Kurta
Punjabi-KurtaPunjabi Kurta and Tamba are traditional costume for men of Punjab. The tamba, which is also called tehmat is the Punjabi version of the lungi which
Apr 21st 2017

Punjabi Market, Vancouver
Punjabi-Market">The Punjabi Market (Punjabi: ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਮਾਰਕਿਟ) is a commercial district and ethnic enclave in Vancouver, British Columbia. Officially recognized by the city
Mar 29th 2017

For different styles, see Shalwar kameez. PunjabiPunjabi-Salwar">The PunjabiPunjabi Salwar is part of the PunjabiPunjabi suit which is the traditional attire of the Punjab region. It is known
Apr 21st 2017

Punjabi Rajputs
Punjabi-Rajputs">The Punjabi Rajputs are people of the Rajput ancestry found throughout the Punjab region that was divided between India and Pakistan in 1947. Their native
Mar 21st 2017

Punjabi Braille
Punjabi-BraillePunjabi Braille is the braille alphabet used in India for Punjabi. It is one of the Bharati braille alphabets, and largely conforms to the letter values
Apr 20th 2016

Punjabi ghagra
PunjabiPunjabi The PunjabiPunjabi ghagra (PunjabiPunjabi: ਘੱਗਰਾ) is a four-piece outfit known as tewar or 'ti-or' which was traditionally worn by PunjabiPunjabi women throughout the Punjab
Dec 17th 2016

Punjabis in Afghanistan
PunjabisPunjabis in Afghanistan are residents of Afghanistan who are of Punjabi ancestry. There is historically a small Punjabi community in the country, mainly
Mar 10th 2017

Punjabi culture
The culture of the Punjab encompasses the spoken language, written literature, cuisine, science, technology, military warfare, architecture, traditions
Apr 26th 2017

Punjabi dhaba
Punjabi A Punjabi dhaba is a roadside restaurant or cafe in either India or Pakistan featuring Punjabi cuisine. These are found on highways and on the outskirts
Jan 31st 2017

Channel Punjabi
This article is about the channel formerly called PTC Punjabi. For the channel currently called PTC Punjabi, see PTC Punjabi (Canada). Channel Punjabi
Mar 26th 2017

Punjabi Muslims
PunjabiPunjabi-MuslimsPunjabiPunjabi Muslims (PunjabiPunjabi: پنجابی مسلمان (Shahmukhi); also spelled Panjabi) are a linguistic, geographic and religious group living in the region of Punjab
Apr 23rd 2017

Ram Punjabi
Ram Punjabi (born 10 June 1928) is a former Indian cricket umpire. He stood in seven Test matches between 1978 and 1981 and two ODI games in 1982. List
Mar 29th 2016

Punjabi language in the United Kingdom
Over the twentieth century many communities have immigrated to the United Kingdom (UK), amongst them Punjabis from India and Pakistan. Many have brought
Apr 29th 2017

List of Pakistani Punjabi-language films
mark on the box office in Pakistan. List of Pakistani films List of Indian Punjabi films List of Urdu-language films Awan, M. Saeed (6 July 2014). "Cinemascope:
Nov 29th 2016

List of Punjabi media
This is a list of media from the Punjab region or published in the Punjabi language. Punjabi journalists have received many international awards for their
Jan 7th 2017

Dil Apna Punjabi
Punjabi Dil Apna Punjabi (English: Our Heart is Punjabi) is a Punjabi feature film. It is also the first Punjabi Film to be produced by any Bollywood Production
Nov 1st 2015

Punjabi Suba movement
See also: Punjab insurgency and Khalistan movement The Punjabi Suba movement aimed at creation of a Punjabi-majority subah ("province") in the erstwhile
Dec 11th 2016

List of Punjabi-language films
Punjabi language films are produced both in India and Pakistan. List of Pakistani Punjabi-language films List of Indian Punjabi films
Oct 22nd 2015

Music of Punjab
was Apache Indian. His song “Arranged Marriage,” produced by British Indian Punjabi brothers Simon and Diamond and released on the album titled No Reservations
Feb 27th 2017

Punjabi University
Punjabi-UniversityPunjabi University is a public university located in Patiala, Punjab, India. Punjabi-UniversityPunjabi University teaches and researches in science, engineering and technology
Apr 23rd 2017

Regional differences and dialects in Indian English
Indian English has developed a number of dialects, distinct from the General/Standard Indian English that educators have attempted to establish and institutionalise
Apr 28th 2017

Indian Indonesians
IndonesianIndonesians">Indian IndonesianIndonesians (IndonesianIndonesian: Indonesia Orang India Indonesia; Tamil: இந்தோனேஷியா இந்தியர்கள்) are a group of people who live in Indonesia and whose ancestors
Apr 29th 2017

Zee Punjabi
Zee Punjabi, formerly known as 'Alpha ETC Punjabi', is a pay television channel that is available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland
Feb 28th 2017

Punjabi calendar
The calendar used by the Punjabi people varies by religions. Historically, the Punjabi Sikhs and Hindus have used the Indian Bikrami (Vikrami) calendar
Apr 17th 2017

The jutti (Punjabi: ਜੁੱਤੀ) or Punjabi Jutti (Punjabi: ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਜੁੱਤੀ) is a type of footwear common in North India and neighboring regions. They are traditionally
Apr 3rd 2017

Punjabi Shaikh
Punjabi-Shaikh Punjabi Shaikh (Urdu: پنجابی شيخ‎) are prominent branch of Shaikh in South Asia. Sheikh (Arabic and Punjabi: شيخ ), is an Arabic word meaning elder of
Apr 29th 2017

DD Punjabi
Punjabi DD Punjabi (Punjabi: ਡੀ.ਡੀ. ਪੰਜਾਬੀ) is a state-owned Punjabi language TV channel, started in 1998, which is produced and telecasted from Doordarshan Kendra
Sep 12th 2016

List of Punjabi people
(Redirected from List of people from Punjab) This is a full spectrum list of notable Punjabi people from Pakistan, India and the emigrant Punjabi worldwide
Apr 24th 2017

Punjabi clothing
In the ancient Punjab region, people wore cotton clothing. The tops for both sexes reached to the knees. A scarf was worn over the tops which would be
Jan 7th 2017

List of Punjabi singers
This is an alphabetical list of notable PunjabiPunjabi singers. These vocal artists are from the Indian and Pakistani state of Punjab; some belong to the immigrant
Apr 11th 2017

33rd Punjabis
The 33rd Punjabis was an infantry regiment of the British Indian Army. It was raised in 1857, as the Allahabad Levy. It was designated as the 33rd Punjabis
Dec 29th 2016

List of Punjabi films
Main article: List of Punjabi films of the 1930s K.D. Mehra made the first Punjabi "talkie" film, Sheela, also known as Pind Di Kurhi, in 1935. Young Noor
Mar 31st 2017

British Indian
are several ethnic groups that number considerably more than others. Indian Punjabis account for about 45 per cent of Indians living in the UK, based on
Apr 7th 2017

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