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city in the U.S. state of Indiana. For other uses, see Indianapolis (disambiguation). Indianapolis (pronounced /ˌɪndi.əˈnapəlᵻs/), is the capital and largest
Apr 27th 2017

Indianapolis metropolitan area
SeeSee also: Geography of Indiana-IndianapolisIndianapolis Indiana IndianapolisIndianapolis–CarmelAnderson or IndianapolisIndianapolis metropolitan area is an 11-county metropolitan area in the U.S. state of Indiana
Apr 17th 2017

Indianapolis Public Library
Indianapolis-Public-Library">The Indianapolis Public Library (formerly known as the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library) is the public library system serving the citizens of
Apr 21st 2017

History of Indianapolis
For more details on this topic, see Indianapolis. The history of Indianapolis spans three centuries. Founded in 1820, the area where the city now
Apr 20th 2017

The Indianapolis Star
IndianapolisIndianapolis-Star">The IndianapolisIndianapolis Star is a morning daily newspaper that began publishing on June 6, 1903 in IndianapolisIndianapolis, Indiana, United States. It has been the only
Apr 4th 2017

Indianapolis Union Station
The Indianapolis Union Station was the first union station in the world, opening on September 20, 1853, by the Indianapolis Union Railway within the Wholesale
Dec 28th 2016

Downtown Indianapolis
IndianapolisIndianapolis Downtown IndianapolisIndianapolis refers to the central business district of IndianapolisIndianapolis, Indiana, United States. The boundaries of downtown IndianapolisIndianapolis have varied
Apr 8th 2017

Indianapolis 500
For the 2017 race, see 2017 Indianapolis-500Indianapolis 500. The Indianapolis-500Indianapolis 500 is an automobile race held annually at Indianapolis-Motor-Speedway Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana
Apr 24th 2017

Indianapolis Colts
Indianapolis-Colts">The Indianapolis Colts are an American football team based in Indianapolis. The Colts compete in the National Football League (NFL) as a member club of
Apr 25th 2017

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis
The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis is a division of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States. When it was originally erected as the Diocese
Apr 20th 2017

List of mayors of Indianapolis
following is a list of 49 mayors of IndianapolisIndianapolis, Indiana. The mayor is the chief executive in the Government of IndianapolisIndianapolis, and is elected to a four-year
Oct 9th 2016

Timeline of Indianapolis
The following is a timeline of the history of the city of IndianapolisIndianapolis, Indiana, USA. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular
Mar 26th 2017

Indianapolis International Airport
For other uses, see Indianapolis Airport (disambiguation). Indianapolis International Airport (IATA: INDICAO: KINDFAA LID: IND) is a public airport
Apr 20th 2017

List of Indianapolis 500 winners
The-Indianapolis-500The Indianapolis 500 is an annual automobile race, held each year typically on the last weekend in May in correspondence with Memorial Day weekend. The
Apr 22nd 2017

Sports in Indianapolis
Indianapolis is the home to 10 professional sports teams. The city is also the home to two National Collegiate Athletic Association collegiate teams. Two
Jan 31st 2017

Indianapolis motorcycle Grand Prix
Grand Prix of Indianapolis. The Indianapolis Grand Prix was a motorcycling event held on the combined road course at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Jun 26th 2016

Flag of Indianapolis
The flag of Indianapolis was adopted on May 20, 1963. It was designed by Roger Gohl, at the time a student at the Herron School of Art. The white star
Oct 9th 2016

List of tallest buildings in Indianapolis
This list of tallest buildings in IndianapolisIndianapolis ranks skyscrapers and high-rises in the U.S. city of IndianapolisIndianapolis, Indiana, by height. Majority of the skyscrapers
Apr 8th 2017

Indianapolis Greyhounds
IndianapolisIndianapolis-Greyhounds">The IndianapolisIndianapolis Greyhounds (also UIndy Greyhounds) are the athletic teams that represent the University of IndianapolisIndianapolis, located in IndianapolisIndianapolis, Indiana
Jan 30th 2017

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Children's Museum of IndianapolisIndianapolis is the world's largest children's museum. It is located at 3000 North Meridian Street, IndianapolisIndianapolis, Indiana, United States
Oct 9th 2016

Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Indianapolis-Motor-Speedway The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is an automobile racing circuit located in Speedway, Indiana, (an enclave suburb of Indianapolis) in the United States
Apr 12th 2017

Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis
Episcopal-Diocese">The Episcopal-DioceseEpiscopal Diocese of IndianapolisIndianapolis, formerly known as the Episcopal-DioceseEpiscopal Diocese of Indiana, is a diocese in Province V (for the Midwest region) of the Episcopal
Oct 31st 2016

Wholesale District, Indianapolis
districts in IndianapolisIndianapolis, Indiana. Located on the southern fringe of Downtown IndianapolisIndianapolis, the Wholesale District contains many of IndianapolisIndianapolis's premier
Apr 2nd 2017

Indianapolis in the American Civil War
During the American Civil War, IndianapolisIndianapolis, the state capital of Indiana, was a major base of support for the Union. Governor Oliver P. Morton, a major
Jan 10th 2017

St. Louis Maroons/Indianapolis Hoosiers
For other uses, see Indianapolis Hoosiers. The-St The St. Louis-MaroonsLouis Maroons were a professional baseball club based in St. Louis, Missouri, from 1884–1886. The
Oct 10th 2016

Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis
Indianapolis campus of Indiana University. For other uses, see Indiana University (disambiguation). Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis
Mar 19th 2017

Indianapolis (balance)
IndianapolisIndianapolis (balance) is a statistical entity defined by the United States Census Bureau to represent the portion of the city of IndianapolisIndianapolis, Indiana
Apr 10th 2017

Indianapolis City-County Council
Indianapolis-City">The Indianapolis City-County Council is the legislative body of the combined government, known as Unigov, of the city of Indianapolis and the county of
Apr 26th 2017

Indianapolis Monthly
IndianapolisIndianapolis-MonthlyIndianapolisIndianapolis Monthly is a magazine published in IndianapolisIndianapolis, Indiana. Founded in 1977 the magazine was started as IndianapolisIndianapolis Home and Garden. The magazine
Feb 12th 2017

Indianapolis Jets
The-Indianapolis-JetsThe Indianapolis Jets were a Basketball Association of America team based in Indianapolis. The team lasted for one season and was later replaced by a
Oct 8th 2016

USS Indianapolis (CA-35)
IndianapolisIndianapolisIndianapolisIndianapolis USS IndianapolisIndianapolis. IndianapolisIndianapolisIndianapolisIndianapolis USS IndianapolisIndianapolis (CL/CA-35) was a Portland-class heavy cruiser of the United States Navy. She was named for the city of IndianapolisIndianapolis, Indiana
Apr 23rd 2017

LOVE (Indianapolis)
by American artist Indiana Robert Indiana, located at the IndianapolisIndianapolis-MuseumIndianapolisIndianapolis Museum of Art (IMA), in IndianapolisIndianapolis, Indiana, in the United States. It was created in
Oct 9th 2016

International Violin Competition of Indianapolis
International Violin Competition of IndianapolisIndianapolis is a classical violin competition which takes place once every four years in IndianapolisIndianapolis, Indiana. Since 1984, it
Feb 8th 2017

Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Western Railroad
Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Western-RailroadWestern Railroad (reporting mark CIWN) was established in 1915 as a reorganization of the Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Western
Mar 27th 2017

1916 Indianapolis 500
300-Mile Sweepstakes Race was the sixth running of the Indianapolis 500. It was held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Tuesday, May 30, 1916. The management
Dec 27th 2016

List of Indianapolis neighborhoods
limits of IndianapolisIndianapolis, Indiana. Some of these neighborhoods were unincorporated areas and incorporated towns that were annexed by IndianapolisIndianapolis. Others
Oct 20th 2016

Indianapolis streetcar strike of 1913
The-IndianapolisIndianapolis The IndianapolisIndianapolis streetcar strike of 1913 and the subsequent police mutiny and riots was a breakdown in public order in IndianapolisIndianapolis, Indiana. The events
Feb 8th 2017

1942 Indianapolis 500
The 1942 Indianapolis 500 was scheduled for Saturday May 30, 1942, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was to be the 30th annual running of the famous
Feb 26th 2017

Indianapolis Public Schools
IndianapolisIndianapolis-Public-SchoolsIndianapolisIndianapolis Public Schools, abbreviated locally as IPS, is the largest school district in IndianapolisIndianapolis as well as in the state of Indiana with 30,097
Oct 9th 2016

Haughville, Indianapolis
Haughville is a working-class neighborhood west of downtown Indianapolis. Its borders are roughly White River Parkway to the east, roughly Tibbs Avenue
Apr 25th 2017

List of outdoor artworks at the Indianapolis Museum of Art
artworks at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and List of public art in Indianapolis This is a list of works of art at the Indianapolis Museum of Art which
Feb 24th 2017

Indianapolis Zoo
IndianapolisIndianapolis-Zoo">The IndianapolisIndianapolis Zoo is located in White River State Park, in IndianapolisIndianapolis, Indiana, United States. IndianapolisIndianapolis-Zoo">The IndianapolisIndianapolis Zoo is an institution accredited by
Dec 16th 2016

Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis
confused with Indianapolis-Motor-SpeedwayIndianapolis Motor Speedway. Lucas Oil Raceway (formerly Indianapolis-Raceway-ParkIndianapolis Raceway Park and O'Reilly Raceway Park at Indianapolis) is a drag racing
Mar 15th 2017

Scottish Rite Cathedral (Indianapolis)
F. Schreiber, located in downtown IndianapolisIndianapolis, Indiana, United States. It is owned by the Valley of IndianapolisIndianapolis Scottish Rite, an affiliated body of
Dec 16th 2016

Indianapolis Recorder
The-Indianapolis-RecorderThe Indianapolis Recorder is an American weekly newspaper, which began publishing in 1895. The newspaper holds the distinction of being published longer
Oct 25th 2016

Indianapolis Prize
The Indianapolis Prize is a biennial prize awarded by the Indianapolis Zoo to individuals for "extraordinary contributions to conservation efforts" affecting
Apr 10th 2017

List of fatalities at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
The following is a list of 73 individuals killed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway: 42 drivers, one motorcyclist, 13 riding mechanics, and 17 others including
Apr 24th 2017

USS Indianapolis
named Indianapolis: USS Indianapolis (ID-3865) was a cargo ship commissioned 12 December 1918 and decommissioned 9 July 1919. USS Indianapolis (CA-35)
Apr 8th 2017

Jeffersonville, Madison and Indianapolis Railroad
Madison and Indianapolis-Railroad-Indianapolis Railroad Indianapolis and Madison Railroad 1866 Madison and Indianapolis-Railroad-1862Indianapolis Railroad 1862 Madison, Indianapolis & Lafayette Railroad
Apr 20th 2017

Transportation in Indianapolis
Indianapolis is served by many different kinds of transportation. Indianapolis was founded on the White River under an incorrect assumption that it would
Mar 31st 2017

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