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120 Indonesia (i/ˌɪndəˈniːʒə/ IN-də-NEE-zhə or /ˌɪndoʊˈniːziə/ IN-doh-NEE-zee-ə; Indonesian: [ɪndonesia]), officially the Republic of Indonesia (Indonesian:
Apr 24th 2017

Puteri Indonesia
Indonesia Miss Indonesia or Indonesia Miss Earth Indonesia. Indonesia Puteri Indonesia (literally translates into "Princess of Indonesia"), or also known as Miss Universe Indonesia, is
Apr 20th 2017

Piala Indonesia
Indonesia Piala Indonesia (English: Indonesian-CupIndonesian Cup) is the professional annual cup competition for football clubs in Indonesia. Originally, it started from the amateur
Feb 17th 2016

Garuda Indonesia
Garuda-Indonesia Garuda Indonesia (PT Garuda-Indonesia Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk IDXGIAA) is the national airline of Indonesia. Named after the holy bird Garuda of Hinduism from
Apr 27th 2017

Bank Indonesia
Indonesia Bank Indonesia (BI) is the central bank of the Republic of Indonesia. Agus Martowardojo, formerly the finance minister, is the current governor. The last
Sep 8th 2016

Indonesia Raya
anthem. For other uses, see Indonesia-RayaIndonesia-RayaIndonesia Raya (disambiguation). "Indonesia-RayaIndonesia-RayaIndonesia Raya" has been the national anthem of Indonesia since the proclamation of independence
Mar 25th 2017

President of Indonesia
Republic of Indonesia (Indonesian: Presiden Republik Indonesia) is the head of state and head of government of the Republic of Indonesia. The President
Apr 7th 2017

History of Indonesia
See also: Timeline of IndonesianIndonesian history The history of Indonesia has been shaped by its geographic position, its natural resources, a series of human
Apr 25th 2017

Time in Indonesia
The Indonesian archipelago geographically stretches across four time zones from UTC+6 in Aceh to UTC+9 in Western Papua. However, The Indonesian government
Apr 13th 2017

Buddhism in Indonesia
Buddhism in Indonesia has a long history, with a considerable range of relics dated from its earlier years in Indonesia. Buddhism is recognized as one
Feb 5th 2017

Languages of Indonesia
spoken in Indonesia. Most belong to the Austronesian language family, with a few Papuan languages also spoken. The official language is Indonesian (locally
Apr 9th 2017

Politics of Indonesia
See also: Government of Indonesia-The-PoliticsIndonesia The Politics of Indonesia take place in a framework of a presidential representative democratic republic, whereby the
Mar 7th 2017

List of Indonesia-related topics
a list of topics related to Indonesia. Indonesia List of regencies and cities of Indonesia List of cities in Indonesia including population statistics
Mar 8th 2017

Geography of Indonesia
Indonesia is an archipelagic island country in South east Asia, lying between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. It is in a strategic location astride
Mar 16th 2017

Liga 1 (Indonesia)
formerly known as the Indonesia-Super-LeagueIndonesia Super League (ISL), is the highest professional level competition for football clubs in Indonesia. Liga 1 is contested
Apr 25th 2017

Indonesian National Armed Forces
Indonesian-National-Armed-Forces">The Indonesian National Armed Forces (Indonesian: Tentara Nasional Indonesia, TNI); in 2016 comprises approximately 395,500 military personnel including
Apr 19th 2017

Indonesia–United Kingdom relations
The United Kingdom and Indonesia have maintained strong relations since formal relations were established in 1949. Indonesia has an embassy in London
Apr 10th 2017

Indonesian language
language of Indonesia. For an overview of all languages used in Indonesia, see Languages of Indonesia. Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia [baˈhasa indoneˈsia]) is
Apr 10th 2017

Provinces of Indonesia
IndonesianIndonesian territory is composed of 34 provinces. A province (IndonesianIndonesian: provinsi) is the highest tier of the local government divisions of Indonesia
Apr 4th 2017

China–Indonesia relations
ChinaIndonesia relations refer to the foreign relations between China and Indonesia. The relations between two nations have been ongoing for centuries
Apr 7th 2017

Economy of Indonesia
Indonesia has the largest economy in Southeast Asia and is one of the emerging market economies of the world. The country is also a member of G-20 major
Apr 25th 2017

Australia–Indonesia relations
AustraliaIndonesia relations refers to the foreign relations between Australia and Indonesia, which began as early as 1640 with contact between Indigenous
Apr 27th 2017

Tourism in Indonesia
Tourism in Indonesia is an important component of the Indonesian economy as well as a significant source of its foreign exchange revenues. The vast country
Apr 27th 2017

Indonesia AirAsia
with AirAsia. PT. Indonesia AirAsia (operating as Indonesia AirAsia) is a low-cost airline based in Tangerang, Indonesia. It operates scheduled domestic
Apr 23rd 2017

Prime Minister of Indonesia
Indonesia, in its various incarnations, had the position of Prime Minister (Indonesian: Perdana Menteri Republik Indonesia) from 1945 until 1966. During
Oct 5th 2016

Communications in Indonesia
Communications in Indonesia has a complex history due to the need to reach an extended archipelago of over 17,500 islands. The once important non-electronic
Feb 29th 2016

Belgium–Indonesia relations
BelgiumIndonesia relations refers to the bilateral relations of Belgium and Indonesia. Belgium has an embassy in Jakarta and an honorary consulate in
Feb 10th 2017

Demographics of Indonesia
The population of Indonesia according to the 2010 national census was 237.64 million, and it was estimated to reach 255.4 million in 2015. 58% live on
Mar 26th 2017

Indonesia–United States relations
IndonesiaUnited States relations are bilateral relations between Indonesia and the United States. Relations between the two nations are generally strong
Apr 25th 2017

Indonesia–Russia relations
IndonesiaRussia relations (Indonesian: Hubungan Indonesia dengan Rusia, Russian: Российско-индонезийские отношения) refers to bilateral foreign relations
Apr 24th 2017

Indonesia–Syria relations
IndonesiaSyria relations was officially established in 1949, and it was among earliest international recognitions on Indonesian sovereignty. Both nations
Sep 20th 2016

Indonesia–Mexico relations
IndonesiaMexico relations refers to the bilateral relations of Indonesia and Mexico. Both nations view their counterpart as strategic partners in each
Mar 8th 2015

National Hero of Indonesia
National Hero of Indonesia (Indonesian: Gelar Pahlawan Nasional Indonesia) is the highest-level title awarded in Indonesia. It is posthumously given by
Mar 31st 2017

Brazil–Indonesia relations
BrazilIndonesia relations refers to the bilateral relations of the Republic Federative Republic of Brazil and the Republic of Indonesia. Both are large tropical
Jul 12th 2016

Afghanistan–Indonesia relations
AfghanistanIndonesia relations refers to the bilateral relations of Afghanistan and Indonesia. The relationship between two nations is mostly founded
Nov 7th 2015

India–Indonesia relations
IndianIndian-IndonesianIndonesian relations refers to the bilateral relations of India and Indonesia. India and Indonesia are neighbours. India's Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Apr 10th 2017

Telkom Indonesia
Indonesia Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk, commonly named as Telkom-IndonesiaTelkom Indonesia or Telkom, is the largest telecommunications services company in Indonesia. Telkom is a
Mar 31st 2017

France–Indonesia relations
FranceIndonesia relations are foreign bilateral relations between the Republic French Republic and the Republic of Indonesia. The indirect relation between France
Nov 25th 2016

Football Association of Indonesia
Association of Indonesia, commonly called PSSI (Indonesian: Persatuan Sepakbola Seluruh Indonesia) sometimes translated as All-Indonesian Football Association)
Apr 20th 2017

Bangladesh–Indonesia relations
BangladeshIndonesia relations refers to the bilateral relations of Bangladesh and Indonesia. Indonesia is the world's largest Muslim country, whereas
Jan 26th 2017

Culture of Indonesia
The culture of Indonesia has been shaped by long interaction between original indigenous customs and multiple foreign influences. Indonesia is centrally-located
Apr 11th 2017

University of Indonesia
Indonesia Universitas Indonesia (UI) is a state university in Depok, West Java and Salemba, Jakarta, Indonesia. Indonesia Universitas Indonesia is the oldest tertiary-level
Apr 27th 2017

Ethiopia–Indonesia relations
EthiopiaIndonesia relations were established in 1961, followed by the opening of Indonesian embassy in Addis Ababa in 1964. Indonesia have an embassy
Sep 23rd 2016

Indonesia–Myanmar relations
IndonesiaMyanmar relations are foreign bilateral relations between Indonesia and Myanmar Diplomatic relations were established on 27 December 1949. Indonesia
Jan 14th 2017

Denmark–Indonesia relations
DenmarkIndonesia relations refers to the current and historical relations between Denmark and Indonesia. Denmark has an embassy in Jakarta, and Indonesia has
Mar 13th 2017

Bahrain–Indonesia relations
BahrainIndonesia relations was officially established in 1976. Bahrain sees Indonesia as an important market in ASEAN, while Indonesia sees Bahrain as
Apr 27th 2017

Dance in Indonesia
Dance in Indonesia (Indonesian: Tarian Indonesia) reflects the country's diversity of ethnicities and cultures. There are more than 700 ethnic groups
Feb 7th 2017

Algeria–Indonesia relations
AlgeriaIndonesia relations refers to the bilateral relations of Algeria and Indonesia. The relationship between two nations is mostly founded on common
Nov 25th 2016

Indonesia–Spain relations
IndonesiaSpain relations refers to the bilateral relations of Indonesia and Spain. Spain identifies Indonesia as their natural ally and has named Indonesia
May 6th 2015

Geology of Indonesia
the geology of Indonesia. The tectonics of Indonesia are very complex, as it is a meeting point of several tectonic plates. Indonesia is located between
Mar 19th 2017

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