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history and contemporary situations Indonesian language or Bahasa Indonesia, the official language of Indonesia Indonesian languages, overview of some of the
Oct 27th 2016

Indonesian language
communication, are conducted in IndonesianIndonesian. The IndonesianIndonesian name for the language is Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia (literally "the language of Indonesia") or sometimes simplified
Apr 10th 2017

Indonesian National Armed Forces
Indonesian-National-Armed-Forces">The Indonesian National Armed Forces (Indonesian: Tentara Nasional Indonesia, TNI); in 2016 comprises approximately 395,500 military personnel including
Apr 19th 2017

Indonesian Americans
IndonesianIndonesian-AmericansIndonesianIndonesian Americans (IndonesianIndonesian: Indonesia-Amerika">Orang Indonesia Amerika) are migrants from the multiethnic country of Indonesia to the United-StatesUnited States, and their U.S
Apr 25th 2017

Indonesian cuisine
See also: List of Indonesian dishes Indonesian cuisine is one of the most vibrant and colourful cuisines in the world, full of intense flavour. It
Apr 21st 2017

Indonesian Canadians
IndonesianIndonesian-CanadiansIndonesianIndonesian Canadians are Canadian citizens of IndonesianIndonesian descent or Indonesia-born people who reside in Canada. They are one of the smaller Asian minorities
May 3rd 2016

Indonesian Navy
Indonesian-Navy">The Indonesian Navy (Indonesian: Tentara Nasional Indonesia-Angkatan Laut, TNIAL) was founded on 10 September 1945. Its role is to patrol Indonesia's lengthy
Apr 27th 2017

120 Indonesia (i/ˌɪndəˈniːʒə/ IN-də-NEE-zhə or /ˌɪndoʊˈniːziə/ IN-doh-NEE-zee-ə; Indonesian: [ɪndonesia]), officially the Republic of Indonesia (Indonesian:
Apr 24th 2017

Proclamation of Indonesian Independence
The Proclamation of Indonesian-IndependenceIndonesian Independence (Indonesian: Proklamasi-Kemerdekaan-IndonesiaProklamasi Kemerdekaan Indonesia, or simply Proklamasi) was read at 10.00 a.m. on Friday, 17
Apr 4th 2017

Indonesian National Awakening
Indonesian-National-Awakening">The Indonesian National Awakening (Indonesian: Kebangkitan Nasional Indonesia) is a term for the period in the first half of the 20th century, during
Jan 15th 2017

Indonesian National Revolution
Indonesian-National-Revolution">The Indonesian National Revolution or Indonesian-WarIndonesian War of Independence (Indonesian: Perang Kemerdekaan Indonesia, Dutch: Indonesische Onafhankelijkheidsoorlog)
Apr 19th 2017

Indonesian Australians
IndonesianIndonesian-AustraliansIndonesianIndonesian Australians are Australian citizens and residents of IndonesianIndonesian origin. In the 2011 Australian Census, 48,836 Australian residents stated their
Apr 26th 2017

Chinese Indonesian cuisine
Chinese-Indonesian Cuisine Chinese Indonesian cuisine (Indonesian: Masakan Tionghoa Indonesia) is characterized
Mar 22nd 2017

Time in Indonesia
The Indonesian archipelago geographically stretches across four time zones from UTC+6 in Aceh to UTC+9 in Western Papua. However, The Indonesian government
Apr 13th 2017

Indian Indonesians
term can be regarded as a blanket term for not only Indonesian Indian proper, but also Indonesian Pakistanis. According to the Indian Ministry of External
Apr 18th 2017

Indonesian Army
Indonesian-Army">The Indonesian Army (Indonesian: Tentara Nasional Indonesia-Angkatan Darat, TNIAD), the land component of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, has an
Apr 26th 2017

Native Indonesians
of the country. The term native IndonesiansIndonesians should not be confused with the more generic term IndonesiansIndonesians or Indonesian citizens. The latter might apply
Apr 9th 2017

Indonesian Idol
Most people of Indonesia claimed that Season 1 was the best season and Joy Tobing is the best Indonesian Idol winner ever. See Indonesian Idol#Controversies
Feb 12th 2017

Indonesian Air Force
Indonesian-Air-Force">The Indonesian Air Force (Indonesian: Tentara Nasional Indonesia-Angkatan Udara, TNIAU) is the air force branch of the Indonesian National Armed Forces
Apr 25th 2017

Indonesian Wikipedia
Indonesian-Wikipedia The Indonesian Wikipedia (Indonesian: Wikipedia-IndonesiaWikipedia Indonesia) is the edition of Wikipedia in the Indonesian language. Indonesian-Wikipedia The Indonesian Wikipedia is the fifth-fastest-growing
Apr 10th 2017

Arab Indonesians
descent as wishing to purge IndonesianIndonesian-IslamIndonesianIndonesian Islam of its indigenous religious elements. IndonesianIndonesian critics of Arab influence in Indonesia point to the founding of
Feb 28th 2017

Indonesian names
Indonesian names and naming customs reflect the multicultural and polyglot nature of over 17,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago. The world's fourth
Apr 9th 2017

Politics of Indonesia
article: Indonesian presidential election, 2009 Main article: Indonesian legislative election, 2009 The Indonesian Supreme Court (Indonesian: Mahkamah
Mar 7th 2017

Culture of Indonesia
throughout IndonesianIndonesian archipelago. Centuries of tribal wars in IndonesianIndonesian history had shaped silat as it was used by the ancient warriors of Indonesia. Silat
Apr 11th 2017

Indonesian rupiah
the official currency of Indonesia. Issued and controlled by the Bank of Indonesia, the ISO 4217 currency code for the Indonesian rupiah is IDR. The name
Apr 10th 2017

Indonesian National Party
political party, see Indonesian-National-Party-MarhaenismIndonesian National Party Marhaenism. Indonesian-National-Party">The Indonesian National Party (Indonesian: Partai Nasional Indonesia, PNI) is the name used
Mar 20th 2017

Languages of Indonesia
spoken in Indonesia. Most belong to the Austronesian language family, with a few Papuan languages also spoken. The official language is Indonesian (locally
Apr 9th 2017

Indonesian National Police
IndonesianIndonesian-National-Police">The IndonesianIndonesian National Police (IndonesianIndonesian: Indonesia Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia, "POLRI") is the national police force of Indonesia. It was formerly a
Apr 27th 2017

History of Indonesia
See also: Timeline of IndonesianIndonesian history The history of Indonesia has been shaped by its geographic position, its natural resources, a series of human
Apr 25th 2017

Indonesian Ulema Council
Indonesian-Ulema-CouncilIndonesian Ulema Council (Indonesian: Majelis Ulama Indonesia - MUI) is Indonesia's top Muslim clerical body. The council comprises all Indonesian Muslim
Feb 15th 2017

Chinese Indonesians
notable IndonesianIndonesiansIndonesianIndonesiansIndonesianIndonesians">Chinese IndonesianIndonesians, see List of IndonesianIndonesiansIndonesianIndonesiansIndonesianIndonesians">Chinese IndonesianIndonesians. IndonesianIndonesiansIndonesianIndonesiansIndonesianIndonesians">Chinese IndonesianIndonesians (IndonesianIndonesian: Orang Tionghoa-Indonesia), are IndonesianIndonesians descended from
Apr 24th 2017

Indonesian mass killings of 1965–1966
Indonesian mass killings of 1965–1966 (also variously known as the Indonesian massacres, Indonesian genocide, Indonesian Communist Purge, Indonesian politicide
Apr 10th 2017

Garuda Indonesia
and Indonesian flag. In the 1960s, Garuda introduced a red and white color scheme in accordance to the Indonesian national identity and the Indonesian flag
Apr 27th 2017

Indonesian slang
on a casual basis with very formal IndonesianIndonesian, the use of proper or 'good and correct' IndonesianIndonesian ("bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar") is abundant
Apr 19th 2017

Piala Indonesia
sponsor of Piala Indonesia 2005–2009 Soeratin Cup Indonesian Independence Cup Indonesian Community Shield Aqua Cup "PT Liga Indonesia Batal Gelar
Feb 17th 2016

Indonesian Red Cross Society
IndonesianIndonesian-Red-Cross-Society">The IndonesianIndonesian Red Cross Society (IndonesianIndonesian: Indonesia Palang Merah Indonesia) is a humanitarian organization in Indonesia. It is a member of International Federation
Jul 27th 2016

Overseas Indonesians
some Indonesian ancestry may be up to millions more. Main article: Indonesians in the United Arab Emirates There are about 39,000 Indonesian citizens
Mar 31st 2017

Architecture of Indonesia
of Bank Indonesia by Silaban MPR/DPR building in Indonesia The 1970s saw the Indonesian government promote indigenous Indonesian forms. Constructed
Apr 21st 2017

Chinese Indonesian surname
(1942–1945) well into Indonesian independence (1945) and sovereignty acknowledgment by the Dutch government (1949). Since the independent Indonesian government inherited
Apr 5th 2017

Indonesian occupation of East Timor
self-determination, Indonesia declared the territory a province of Indonesia (Timor Timur). For twenty-four years the Indonesian government subjected
Apr 10th 2017

Comparison of Standard Malay and Indonesian
IndonesiansIndonesians. In Malaysia, the national language is Malaysian; in Indonesia, it is Indonesian. Malaysians tend to assert that Malaysian and Indonesian
Apr 24th 2017

Buddhism in Indonesia
reasserted as the official Indonesian policy on religion to only recognise monotheism . As a result, founder of Perbuddhi (Indonesian Buddhists Organisation)
Feb 5th 2017

List of islands of Indonesia
Indonesia Sudarso Indonesia portal List of IndonesianIndonesian islands by area List of IndonesianIndonesian islands by population "Hanya ada 13.466 Pulau di Indonesia". National
Apr 25th 2017

President of Indonesia
President leads the executive branch of the Indonesian government and is the commander-in-chief of the Indonesian National Armed Forces. On 20 October 2014
Apr 7th 2017

Liga 1 (Indonesia)
"15 Klub Ikuti Liga Primer Indonesia" (in Indonesian). Retrieved 3 April 2015.  "ISL dan IPL Akhirnya Bersatu" (in Indonesian). Retrieved 3 April 2015
Apr 25th 2017

Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle
Indonesian-Democratic-Party">The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (Indonesian: Partai-Demokrasi-Indonesia-PerjuanganPartai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan, PDIPDI-P) is an Indonesian political party, and the party
Apr 7th 2017

IndonesianIndonesiansIndonesianIndonesians (IndonesianIndonesian: Indonesia Orang Indonesia) are people identified with the country of Indonesia, regardless of their race, ethnicity or religious background
Apr 10th 2017

Flag of Indonesia
Jack of Indonesia is reserved for sole use by the Indonesian Navy. It flies from every active Indonesian war ship mast. The design of the jack is described
Apr 27th 2017

Government of Indonesia
For politics in Indonesia, see Politics of Indonesia. The term Government of Indonesia (Indonesian: Pemerintah Indonesia) can have a number of different
Mar 7th 2017

Music of Indonesia
Indonesian pop musicians Culture of Indonesia Music of Java Indonesian popular music recordings Indonesian hip hop Rock music Pop music Indonesian
Mar 24th 2017

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