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Interscope Records
Interscope Records is an American record label. An imprint of Interscope Geffen A&M Records, its parent company is Universal Music Group, a subsidiary
May 25th 2017

Interscope Geffen A&M Records
created by combining the PolyGram-owned A&M Records, and the MCA labels Interscope Records and Geffen Records. The label operated as one of the newly formed
Mar 22nd 2017

List of current Interscope Records artists
formerly with Interscope Records, see List of former Interscope Records artists. This is a list of artists who currently record for Interscope Records. Listed
Apr 15th 2017

A&M Records
ceased in January 1999 when it was merged with Geffen Records and Interscope Records to form the record company Interscope Geffen A&M Records. In 2007
May 18th 2017

Interscope Communications
production company founded in 1982 by Ted Field. Its divisions included Interscope Records (which was founded in 1990 as a joint venture with Atlantic Records)
Mar 31st 2017

List of former Interscope Records artists
This is a list of former artists who have recorded for Interscope-RecordsInterscope Records. Listed in parentheses are names of Interscope affiliated labels, under which
Mar 11th 2017

Geffen Records
Geffen Records, along with A&M Records, was subsequently merged into Interscope Records. Although Geffen would continue to exist as a brand, it was downsized
May 23rd 2017

A&M Octone Records
Michael-Tolcher-Miss-Willie-Brown--A Daylight Paper Tongues Michael Tolcher Miss Willie Brown A&M-Records-Interscope-Records-Geffen-Records-InterscopeM Records Interscope Records Geffen Records Interscope-Geffen-A&M "Interscope Geffen A&M Acquires
Mar 12th 2017

G-Unit Records
subsidiary of, and was distributed through, Universal Music Group's Interscope Records. In-August-2010In August 2010, the label added another distribution with EMI. In
May 5th 2017

DreamWorks Records
record company. Geffen-RecordsGeffen Records distributed DreamWorks until 1999, when Interscope-RecordsInterscope Records took over distribution duties (meanwhile, as Interscope and Geffen
May 25th 2017

Tennman Records
record label created as a joint venture between Justin Timberlake and Interscope Records. The label was announced in a press release dated May 28, 2007.
Jul 30th 2016

Suretone Records
joint venture by Jordan Schur, former CEO of Geffen Records, and Interscope Records, to release alternative rock music. Several high-profile bands such
May 1st 2017

made available to stream for free on the band's website prior to Interscope Records signing the band. The song "Wat Pomp?" had a music video released
Dec 30th 2016

DGC Records
past catalog items. In 2007, the label was revived as a brand for Interscope-RecordsInterscope Records, inheriting many alternative acts signed to Interscope-Geffen-A&M
May 20th 2017

MySpace Records
subsidiary of Myspace, operating as a joint-venture between MySpace and Interscope Records. Distribution is contracted to Universal Music Group's Fontana Distribution
May 17th 2017

Interscope Records discography
The following is a partial list of albums released through Interscope Records. Any additional record labels involved are specified in brackets. Gerardo
May 20th 2017

Trauma Records
a Joint Venture Agreement with Interscope Records that included financing and distribution through Interscope Records. Trauma Records signed and developed
Mar 13th 2017

Shady Records
interview, Obie opened up on the topic, admitting having issues with Interscope-RecordsInterscope Records chairman Iovine">Jimmy Iovine which was Trice's fault, clarifying "I was kind
May 13th 2017

Aftermath Entertainment
subsidiary of, and is distributed through, Universal Music Group's Interscope Records. Current acts include Dr. Dre himself, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Anderson
May 24th 2017

List of songs recorded by U2
edition booklet). U2. Interscope Records. 2008. B0010946-02.  War (2008 edition) (Deluxe edition booklet). U2. Interscope Records. 2008. B0010949-02. 
May 20th 2017

Flip Records (1994)
of record labels Flip Records "JORDAN SCHUR IN PARTNERSHIP WITH INTERSCOPE RECORDS LAUNCHES SURETONE RECORDS". Universal Music. Retrieved 15 May 2016
Jul 21st 2016

List of songs recorded by Gwen Stefani
notes). Gwen Stefani. Interscope Records. 2006. B0008099-02 IN02Together as One (CD liner notes). Elan Atias. Interscope Records. 2006. B0006384-02. 
May 10th 2017

Polydor Records
from its 1960s and 1970s heyday. However, starting in the 2010s, Interscope Records has been signing acts such as Azealia Banks and Lana Del Rey jointly
Apr 2nd 2017

Vincent Herbert
record executive and founder of Streamline Records, an imprint of Interscope Records. He has worked with artists such as Aaliyah, Tatyana Ali, Toni Braxton
May 14th 2017

Dreamville Records
producer J. Cole and Ibrahim Hamad, the label is distributed through Interscope Records. There are currently six artists signed to the label, including Ari
May 25th 2017

List of songs recorded by Mýa
albums and charity singles. After signing a record contract with Interscope Records at the age of 16, Harrison began to work with producer Darryl "Day"
May 23rd 2017

Prawn Song Records
released the Frizzle Fry album the same year. Primus then signed to Interscope Records, who released the band's third album Sailing the Seas of Cheese in
Jun 22nd 2016

Conglomerate (record label)
Dre's Aftermath Entertainment, a subsidiary of powerhouse label, Interscope Records. He celebrated the new distribution deal by cutting off his trademark
Mar 8th 2017

Full Surface Records
Music Entertainment's J Records and through Universal Music Group's Interscope Records, Motown Records and Universal Motown. However, the label also had
Jan 12th 2017

Live at Independent Records
American rock band Imagine Dragons, released on April 20, 2013 through Interscope Records. The album, produced by Alex da Kid, was recorded at Independent Records
Apr 28th 2017

Ruff Ryders Entertainment
success, the management company started its own label imprint through Interscope Records, and had success with releases from female rapper Eve, former Bad
May 8th 2017

RedOne Records
Island Records. Priyanka Chopra Zander Bleck are distributed via Interscope Records and 7Lions and Porcelain Black are distributed independently. In February
Nov 23rd 2016

East West Records
Elliott and MC Lyte. EastWest also distributed other imprints, such as: Interscope Records, Motor Jams Records, Mecca Don Records and The Gold Mind Inc.
May 9th 2017

Kickball Records
Kickball Records was a subsidiary record label of Interscope Records. Giant Drag A Thorn for Every Heart Simian Mobile Disco love List of record labels
Feb 11th 2015

List of songs recorded by the Pussycat Dolls
California: A&M, Interscope Records. 2005.  Doll Domination (Compact Disc). Pussycat Dolls. Santa Monica, California: Interscope Records. 2008.  Stack
May 23rd 2017

Bad Boy Records
Warner Music Group, inking a new deal with Universal Music Groups's Interscope Records. Under the terms of the new deal, Combs rebooted the Bad Boy Records
May 23rd 2017

Epic Records
registered under the Epic imprint, with OneRepublic to remain with Interscope Records. On January 30, 2015, it was announced that Mariah Carey had left
May 24th 2017

List of songs recorded by Lana Del Rey
commercial success of the track, Del Rey signed a recording contract with Interscope Records and Polydor Records for the release of her major-label debut Born
May 24th 2017

Zone 4 (record label)
created as a joint venture between the producer Polow da Don and Interscope Records. The label was launched in Atlanta, Georgia, on July 16, 2007.[citation
Jan 10th 2017

List of songs recorded by Nicole Scherzinger
Scherzinger. Interscope Records.  |access-date= requires |url= (help) Doll Domination (Media notes). The Pussycat Dolls. Interscope Records.  |access-date=
Mar 13th 2017

Ted Field
Panavision was sold to Lee International. In 1990, he co-founded Interscope-RecordsInterscope Records. After abruptly leaving Interscope in January 2001, he formed ARTISTdirect
May 21st 2017

LaSalle Records
LaSalleLaSalle records) new album Give The Drummer Some with head company Interscope records. In 2015, La-SalleLa Salle signed Prayers, the San Diego cholo-goth duo. La
Jul 23rd 2016

Verve Records
Verve Records is an American record company operating under the newly-founded Verve Label Group distributed by Interscope Geffen A&M Records. It was founded
Feb 2nd 2017

Caroline Records
Not In This Alone Keith Nelson Jr (2014-02-20). "50 Cent Leaves Interscope Records, New Album Coming June 3rd". Retrieved 2014-08-05. 
May 20th 2017

List of songs recorded by No Doubt
Lanham, Tom. "Ex-Girlfriend". The Singles 1992-2003 (liner notes). Interscope Records. November 25, 2003. "Excuse Me Mr." Montoya, Paris and Lanham, Tom
May 23rd 2017

List of songs recorded by Lady Gaga
Sony/ATV Music Publishing, where Akon helped her sign a joint deal with Interscope-RecordsInterscope Records and his own label KonLive Distribution. After signing with Interscope
Apr 17th 2017

N.E.E.T. Recordings
English">Sri Lankan English hip hop recording artist M.I.A. as an imprint of Interscope Records in 2008. N.E.E.T. is an acronym for "Not in Education, Employment
Apr 29th 2016

List of former Atlantic Records artists
This is a list of artists who formerly recorded for Atlantic Records. Listed in parentheses are names of affiliated labels for which the artist recorded
Apr 22nd 2017

List of songs recorded by Rise Against
continued to grow when they switched labels once again to DGC and Interscope Records. Their last three albums—Appeal to Reason (2008), Endgame (2011),
May 29th 2017

SRC Records
2003 debut. The label was instantly hailed as the second-coming of Interscope Records[citation needed], due to the obvious similarities. The hit single
May 5th 2017

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